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Pride before the fall - part 2 (written by Reg)

This is another awesome story written by our longtime reader Reg, author of the amazing story GoPros and low blows (part 1, part 2, part 3). I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!

Previous parts:
Part 1

Chris scowled and rubbed his manly bulge as the memory of his defeat at Kyle’s hands played back through his mind. He would never forgive himself for allowing a high-school kid to beat and humiliate him like that. Today, finally, he would get his revenge!

Two days earlier Chris had challenged Kyle to a rematch and, as he hoped, the cocky teenager was quick to accept. The two had agreed to settle their score in this same empty changing room where they had that first fight, a few months ago.

This time Chris knew exactly what to expect and had no doubts that he would make mincemeat of the teenager. He was far stronger now and he had no doubt that he could easily overpower the boy with his hunky muscles. Even if the kid fought dirty again, Chris was ready to respond in kind! In a battle of attrition, he had no doubt that Kyle’s fragile little boy eggs would be first to get scrambled.

Chris paced around the locker room impatiently. It was already several minutes after their agreed meeting time and he was starting to get pissed off that his juvenile rival had made him wait.

Finally, the door swept open and Kyle sauntered casually into the room, bearing the same cocky grin that had haunted Chris since their last encounter. He was wearing tight fitting shorts that bulged around his boyhood and a sleeveless shirt that revealed the toned muscles on his arms.

“You’re late, dick-head!” Chris snarled “I was sure you’d chickened out”

“No way, dude!” Kyle laughed “I can’t wait to kick your ass again! In fact, I even brought a friend along to watch the show!”

Chris raised his eyebrows in surprise, then his jaw dropped to the floor as Carla slipped quietly into the room. She looked even more gorgeous than he remembered, dressed in a tight black shirt that hugged her shapely breasts and a tiny mini skirt that left almost nothing to the imagination. Chris let out the faintest moan as he gazed across at her with a pleading, hurt expression on his handsome face.

“But … Carla...Why?” Chris stammered, lost for words. He stared, entranced at the girl and for a moment he forgot completely about Kyle. who was watching him with a smug grin.

“Why do you think, numb-nuts!” Kyle suddenly burst out laughing.

The cocky boy walked up to his girlfriend, wrapped one arm around her shoulder and placed her other hand over his swelling boy-bulge.

“Now this is what a chick needs, right girl?” he grinned at Carla “A juicy young cock and big set of balls to play with!”

Carla scowled at Kyle’s sexist comments, then she glanced up at Chris and gave him a sly wink. Suddenly Kyle yelped and his cocky grin evaporated. He looked down in horror to see the girl’s fingers had clamped tightly shut around his young jewels.

“Fuck! My nuts!” The boy gasped, closing his eyes and clenching his teeth. He grasped her hand frantically as she gave his vulnerable boy-toys a purposeful grope and squeeze.

Then, with a cheeky grin she released her grip, and slapped his tender bulge, leaving Kyle wincing in pain with an angry scowl on his young face. Having put the boy in his place, she strode forward and stood between the two combatants like the umpire of a wrestling match.

“So, you two studs came here to fight over me?” she asked with a bemused grin.

“Not really, you ditched that loser already!” Kyle frowned as he massaged his boyhood “I just want to kick his girly ass again.”

“Screw you!” Chris snapped back “I’m more of a man that you’ll ever be!”

“Oh, you still call yourself a man?” Kyle scoffed meanly “After I crushed your puny nuts last time!”

“Fuck you! You’re going to pay for that, dickhead!” Chris snarled. He felt outraged that this cocky kid would dare to question his manhood, especially in front of a girl. He clenched his teeth and looked ready to kill his young opponent.

“I don’t think so!” Kyle laughed meanly as he flexed his biceps “I’m stronger than you, remember?”

For a moment Chris stood dumbstruck by the boy’s insolence. Admittedly Kyle had quite impressive guns, but the moron clearly had no idea how much muscle Chris was now packing. Now there was a true alpha-male in the room!

“You call those muscles, wimp?” Chris laughed derisively “I’ll show you what a real man’s arm looks like!”

Chris casually stripped off his shirt and bounced his newly developed pecs a few times before flexing his impressive biceps with a confident grin.

“Now these are fucking biceps, boy!”

Kyle raised his eyebrows and gulped. He seemed genuinely impressed and even a little daunted by his rival’s transformation.

“Damn! You boys brought guns to a fist fight!” Carla laughed “How about you start off with an arm-wrestle?”

“Screw that!” Chris snarled “I came here to beat the hell out of him.”

He glared across at his rival and raised his fists aggressively

“What are you, chicken?” Kyle taunted him bravely as he kissed his hard young biceps.

After a brief exchange of insults the two rivals were soon both shirtless, with their hands locked together across a bench. Their sculpted muscles flexed as they arm-wrestled, each trying to prove their dominance to the girl. Meanwhile, Carla cheered them on with apparent impartiality.

“Wow, I love those peaks!” she purred, running her fingers over the jutting mound of Kyle’s biceps.

Kyle acknowledged the compliment with a manly grunt and tried to turn up the pressure. Meanwhile Carla sidled around to Chris and wrapped her finger’s around his slightly thicker arm, feeling the newly developed bulk of his muscles.

“Damn, you’re such a stud now!” she purred lustfully into his ear.

Chris flashed a confident smile then gritted his teeth as he mounted a powerful attack against his younger opponent. He glared at Kyle, furious that his younger rival had still not succumbed to his superior muscles. Both boys were sweating and groaning as they tried desperately to prove their superiority.

“Fuck!” Kyle suddenly gasped in alarm as a surge from Chris forced the youngster onto the defensive. The teenager’s biceps bulged and rippled defiantly but were slowly starting to be overwhelmed by the older man’s strength. He swore again, louder, staring in anger as he watched his proud arm getting slowly hauled downwards.

“Fuck yeah!” Chris yelled as he slammed his opponent’s hand against the table.

“This is bullshit!” Kyle yelled in indignation “How about best of three?”

His voice cracked, making him sound like a pubescent schoolboy and Chris couldn’t resist chuckling as he raised his arm again for a rematch.

Kyle eyes glistened with shame. He clenched his jaw and looked determined to get his revenge. He attacked with ferocity, jolting his opponent back but Chris was soon able to check his progress. With new-found confidence, Chris attacked with all his manly strength and within seconds Kyle’s beautiful biceps were once again wrenched backwards onto the defensive. The teenager shook his head in despair, his eyes were clamped shut and veins bulged from his neck as he focused all his strength against his rival’s imposing muscles. But all his efforts were in vain and moments later his hand was slammed once again against the table.

“Is that all you’ve got, kid?” Chris laughed and flexed his victorious biceps in his rival’s face.

“Damn Chris, your muscles have really grown!” Carla purred, rubbing her fingers over the older man’s arm. She glanced across at her boyfriend and raised her eyebrows.

“Yeah big deal!” Kyle frowned back at her “All those muscles and no fucking balls!”

The triumphant grin fell instantly from Chris’ face. He stared back utterly gob-smacked by the boy’s insolence.

“What the fuck did you say?” he snarled, as he stood up and clenched his fists.

To his astonishment, Kyle just grinned back fearlessly and casually rose to his feet. With a cocky grin the teenager slipped his hand into his briefs and began fondling his junk. The he boldly walked up to the blond hunk.

“You heard me! I bet I’ve got bigger balls than you, loser!” Kyle smirked.

Chris was fuming! He had come here with one purpose: to beat and humiliate a worthless rival, and now this juvenile cretin had the nerve to challenge his manhood. He had a strong desire to punch Kyle right in the face, but Carla’s heavy gaze held him back. Clearly, he would have to play along with this ridiculous charade to win her back. On the plus side, after humiliating the boy at armwrestling he could now put Kyle’s pathetic boyhood to shame too!

“You are so going to regret this!” Chris smirked

Carla bit her lip in excitement as her hunky ex-boyfriend slipped out of his boxers and spread his legs to reveal his male treasures. His slim, uncut cock hung proudly between his legs under a manly bush of dark hairs that made quite a contrast to his mostly smooth upper body. His virile balls dangled very low in their silky sack, just behind the tip of his flaccid schlong. Carla had seen his wedding tackle many times before, of course, but it still excited her to see the young hunk in his naked glory.

“Well boy? You still want to compare your little pips against my potent man-balls!” Chris grinned across at Carla who was still gazing lustfully at his junk.

He gazed down with a confident smile as he weighed the two globes in his hands, before letting them drop, one-by-one, like stones to the base of his swinging sack. He was immensely proud of his manhood and he could tell from Carla’s expression that she was pretty damn impressed too! Even if he wasn’t the biggest bull on the farm, he was certainly packing enough man-meat to put this flippant teenager to shame !

Kyle peered across at him blankly then, without a word, he suddenly pulled down his underwear too. His teenage cock and plump balls tumbled out and swayed between his solid thighs. Unlike Chris, his crotch was almost completely smooth with just a few wispy hairs sprouting above his prominent boyhood. His flaccid cock tapered delightfully into a long drooping foreskin. The teenager’s flaccid member did’nt quite match the length as his older rival’s but it did look a tad thicker. His pink, plump balls were strung up tightly in his taut nut-sack where they bulged outwards on each side of his pale cock. Overall his smooth package looked rather boyish compared to his rival’s hairy tackle, but he was clearly well developed for his age.

“Little pips? Not any more!” Kyle grinned proudly as he fondled his two rubbery orbs “Now they’re big juicy plums!”

Carla chuckled quietly at Kyle’s joke, even if his claim was rather fanciful. To her eyes, both guys looked hot as hell with their tackle out but neither was in the porn-star league. In her view, their toys were big enough to have fun with but some of the studs she had dated would put them both to shame. Still, she was enjoying the fierce rivalry between her two cock-sure admirers.

“You’ve got a nerve, flaunting your pathetic boy-bumps!” Chris smirked cruelly “Come back when your balls have dropped, kid!”

“They have dropped! Dickhead!” Kyle snapped back angrily “It’s just cold in here!”.

The older man’s taunts had clearly hit a nerve and Kyle looked utterly incensed. The fuming teenager wrapped his fingers round the neck of his tight ball sack and jerked his plump gonads firmly downwards to prove his point. Carla smiled across at her offended young lover. Kyle’s boyhood had undergone an impressive growth spurt recently and he had every right to be proud of his plump young jewels. She also knew how disappointingly fragile they were, and she wondered if he might soon regret flaunting his weakness so boldly.

Chris scowled angrily as he watched Kyle parading his boyhood in front of Carla. The teenager’s arrogance was really starting to piss him off now and, to make things worse, the boy’s gonads really did look meatier than he remembered. He still had no doubt that his own virile stud-balls would triumph, but the pesky teenager was not going to concede anytime soon.

“Pathetic!” Chris scoffed dismissively “There’s no way those boy-balls can match mine!”

Chris grabbed his dangling bag confidently and stretched his gonads far out in front of him so his rival could get an unrestricted view. A few stray dark hairs sprouted from his firm-looking stones which bulged proudly at the base of his sack.

“Admit it, boy! These are fucking man-balls!” Chris glared angrily back at the teenager “It takes a real alpha-male to grow big, hairy, low-hangers like these!”

“Alpha male my ass!” Kyle smirked “I mean look at those tiny marbles!”.

Chris clenched his fists in rage and exasperation. He would not tolerate anyone insulting his manhood, let alone a delusional, pubescent schoolboy.

“Alright calm down, guys, let me judge this !” Carla interjected enthusiastically.

With an excited grin she knelt down between the two naked adversaries. Both guys took a small step forward, each holding their prized exhibits until they were right in front of the girl’s face.

“Alright Carla, let’s finish this stupid charade!” Chris frowned angrily “Just tell him the truth and wipe that stupid smirk off his face!”

“I don’t think so, old man!” Kyle grinned “Your dried-up raisins will never beat my ripe young plums!”

“Fucking moron!” Chris scowled as he raised his balls up for the girl’s closer examination. A gaze down at his treasured man-orbs only seemed to stoke his ego further. His lips curled into a mean grin as he admired the two oval-shaped organs. They looked as virile and potent as ever, bulging at the end of his long silky sack. It was a classic case of man versus boy and he couldn’t wait to wipe the stupid grin from Kyle’s face.

“Yeah! What a set of stud balls!” Chris bragged as he fondled his wares “You’re way out of your league, boy!”.

Kyle frowned but still bluntly refused to submit to his older rival. Instead he lifted up his own tight young plums so both sets of nuts were at Carla’s eye level and nestling snugly against each other.

Chris rolled his eyes at the boy’s idiocy then glanced down to cherish his victory. He was grinning down with the assured look of an invincible champion. Then he blinked. He blinked again and his cocky grin slowly faded. He gulped and a tiny muscle began to twitch on his jawline.

“Something wrong, stud ?” Kyle smirked sarcastically as he shoved his young balls more firmly up against his rival’s.

“Fuck you!” Chris snapped back angrily.

He was now glaring down at his rival’s teenage gonads with a look of outrage and horror. He tried to focus his eyes, unable to believe the calamity he was witnessing. Kyle’s boy-buds had clearly blossomed spectacularly since their last encounter and he was now gazing at a pair of fully-fledged and rather hefty looking man-eggs. His own proud stud-balls bulged valiantly but, try as they might, couldn’t quite match the bulk of Kyle’s hefty globes. He bit his lip and groaned with a deeply wounded expression.

“Fuck this gay shit!” Chris suddenly blurted out angrily “So maybe it’s a draw! Whatever! I’ve still got a bigger cock than you, moron!”

Chris released his beloved balls and wagged his flaccid member in front of the boy to prove his point.

“Well not bad, but I’ve always been more of a grower!” Kyle smirked “Anyway, we still need a final verdict from my girl here!”

“Damn right!” Carla chuckled. Before Chris could escape, she reached up and grabbed him by his dangling balls. With a gentle tug, she pulled him towards his rivals and began to examine both rivals’ manly assets.

“Well, you guys are both seriously hung!” she exaggerated candidly “These cum tanks must be fully loaded!”

She wrapped her fingers around each set of balls causing both guys to inhale sharply. She weighed their ball-bags in her hands then began to massage their slippery male organs between her slender fingers. Chris and Kyle groaned in nervous pleasure as they felt their nerve-filled man parts being groped and fondled. With a cheeky grin she then ran her fingers along their flaccid members until both horny guys were sporting thick, swelling cocks that throbbed potently under her eager gaze.

“For fuck’s sake !” Kyle gasped, his voice betraying both pleasure and alarm “You’re only supposed to check out our nuts!”

Both rivals were now squirming awkwardly and trying to avoid eye contact with each other. Carla’s sensual touch was driving them delirious with pleasure but the firm grip around their ball-sacks left them in no doubt that they were totally under her control.

Carla could hardly hide her excitement as she toyed with the two uber-straight males. She grinned wickedly as their beautiful members began to swell, rising ever higher with each powerful throb until they were nudging against each other. The two firm cocks banged against each other as they pulsed and lengthened until both were pointing proudly skyward. The thick head of Kyle’s boner was now peaking out through his tight, pale foreskin while Chris’ purple bell-end had broken right through and was now proudly exposed and glistening with intent. Both boys’ erections towered side by side and Carla couldn’t resist clutching them together at the root to compare her toys.

Chris’s proud boner looked even more delicious than she remembered. It had a beautiful honey color and peaked proudly a good six inches above his furry crotch. Next to this manly beauty, Kyle’s dong had a smooth, rather boyish form, but it was certainly not lacking in size. Her teenage lover really was quite a grower! His pale shaft felt thicker in her hand and now, in it’s fully erect form, eclipsed it’s more mature rival in length too. Chris looked down with a wretched, defeated expression. His cheeks were now flushing red as his humiliation intensified.

“Yeah! Check out my big boy boner!” Kyle beamed smugly across at his dumbstruck rival “That’ll teach you to flaunt your little di…

“Shut up, Kyle !” Carla snapped, silencing the teenager with a cruel squeeze of his plums.

“Well said, girl!” Chris muttered and bit his lip nervously. A tiniest glimmer of hope still remained and he raised his eyes at the girl with a pleading expression. Carla could still save his manhood from the ignomy of defeat.

Carla just grinned back at him and gave a reassuring wink. Then, she turned her focus back to groin level and began rolling and squeezing both guys testicles even harder between her fingers like stress-balls. Kyle yelped in pain and was soon doubled over while Chris gritted his teeth and growled as he tried to tough it out. At least he could save some pride by proving how tough his manly nuts were.

“Get off my nuts!” Kyle gasped angrily “Look mine are clearly bigger, just say it!”

Carla laughed, making both boys yelp with a cruel twist of their tender spuds. The relentless ball pain had deflated their erections and when she finally relinquished her grip, both boys folded over as they nursed their aching junk.

“You really want a verdict?” She chuckled “Well it’s a close call ,guys, but I guess Kyle does have slightly bigger balls.”

Chris groaned dejectedly.

“Yes! Fucking bull balls!” Kyle gasped, still doubled over in pain “Eat your heart out, tiny-nuts!”

“Screw you! My balls are big too!” Chris scowled as he fondled his defeated testicles

“Yeah right!” Kyle laughed meanly as he rose to his full height and turned to Carla with a cruel grin.

“You tell him, girl! His little pips are a disgrace to mankind! That’s why you dumped him, right?”

Chris glared at him, his handsome face now bright red with shame and rage. His fists clenched until his knuckles shone white and his biceps bulged at his sides.

“Bastard !!!”

The blond hunk suddenly exploded in uncontrollable rage, hurling himself at his opponent. He burned with hatred as he launched his fists against the teenage boy. Now the young thug was really going to pay for all the pain and humiliation Chris had suffered at his hands.


The final part is coming tomorrow.


Felix said...

Oh I do hope Chris wins. I've never really liked arrogant people like Kyle.

Felix said...

Love it so far BTW

Anonymous said...


Part 2 might be my personnel favorite. I love the pairing of the two guys, and reading Kyle and Chris go at it is so much fun. It's a great story! It came out right in a row too which is pretty cool! No one has to wait for the dreaded "To be continued..."

Awesome work Reg!



Gino and Jayden Author

Anonymous said...

From the author :
Felix, so glad you are enjoying the story! No spoilers here so you will have to wait for tomorrow to find out the outcome! Yeah, Chris is no angel but Kyle is a real devil haha!

Jimmy, my dear friend. Your support means a lot to me and i feel so proud when i read your kind words. I enjoyed writing part 2, some of my favourite fetishes coming alive ! Let's write some kick-ass stories this year!