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Gino vs. Logan - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the sixth part of the Gino and Jayden series written by our reader Jimmy. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.  

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Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Gino watches his brother nervously put on his wrestling singlet for the Barlett High School team.

“I can’t believe our High School, allowed you to do a transfer program with their High School,” Gino scoffs.

“It’s only a few courses. There school has a really great science program, and it’s the only way that I could get onto the team and meet Logan Kruger. He’s well known for Ballbusting, and I know that you’ll find him hot, I sure do,” Jayden teases.

“I’m really appreciative that you did this for me Jayden, really;” Gino surprisingly hugs his little brother, surprising Jayden. “You are the best little brother that I could ever have.”

“Wow, Gino, your welcome. I never imagined this,” Jayden blushes smiling, hugging his brother back.

“You’re a pretty good brother all things considered,” and Gino playfully smacks his kid brother right in the gonads, with his knuckles.

“Dick,” Jayden laughs grabbing his junk, and adjusting himself. “Okay, put your singlet on and let’s head upstairs this place still smells like a wet jockstrap covered in piss.”

“Already wearing it,” Gino smiles yanking off his sweats.

“You,” Jayden gapes at his brother. A large singlet was the perfect size for him and Gino did look stunning. Gino’s perfect skin shone beneath his chiseled, sculpted body, with muscles bulging; especially between his mighty thighs. “You look just as good if not better than Logan, and he’s eighteen,” Jayden marvels staring at Gino.

“I’ll be eighteen in three weeks Jayden,” smirks Gino running a hand up and down the tight singlet, grabbing his junk and giving it a shake. “I’m going to have fun roughing him up.”

“Wait, I’m confused,” Jayden says with a perplex look on his young face. Jayden raises one eye brow, then knits them together in thought. “I thought this was your moment, you know to be busted. Trust me he’s good at it,” Jayden nods for emphasis, grabbing his nuts briefly from the memory of Logan Kruger and what he did to him.

“Jayden,” Gino picks up his brother so he could see him eye to eye, “He made you cum in front of the whole wrestling team. My kid brother. I’m going to fuck him up.”

“Gino,” Jayden breathes out. “You don’t...”

“Yes, I do. Let’s go,” and he puts Jayden back on the ground and he starts towards the stairs leaving Jayden his kid brother to catch up on his heels.

Upstairs, Logan is laughing at a recently told joke told by one of his friends and spots Gino. Logan almost does a double take. For a guy, Gino is gorgeous and the rest of the team thinks so too, he can tell. Gino has darker features, a strong jaw, and more importantly his oversized swimmers body is ripped. Logan glances down to stare at Gino’s very prominent bulge between his legs. Logan’s gay friend Cody says, “Logan you better hold on tight to Ashley. When she sees him she may rethink who she dates.”

“So you’re Gino, my names Logan. Jayden has nothing but good things to say about you. I’m looking forward to seeing what you got on the mat,” Logan comes forward his forearm outstretching in greeting, palm open towards Jayden’s brother Gino. Only Jayden seems aware that Gino has other plans. Gino sneakily uses the opportunity of a greeting to toe kick Logan’s nuts. The bulge in Logan’s singlet squashes in as Gino’s right foot power kicks between his muscular thighs hitting both of Logan’s nuts unexpectedly. Logan’s friends gasp as Logan’s mouth falls open in surprise and pain.

Gino smirks, “I’m Gino, and you’re in a world of trouble,” as he rushes forward and knees Logan so hard in the balls that Logan believes that they almost burst out of his body; but more than likely he feels that they are up somewhere lost in his throat. Logan screams in agony as Gino grasps onto Logan’s ripped biceps tightly to support himself as he places his knee against Logan’s bulge measures and hammers Logan again, and again getting into a steady rhythm of busting a much larger set of testicles. Gino continues to hammer blow poor Logan until the hunky tyrant of the wrestling mat crumples to his knees holding his balls.

“Man, that’s not how it’s done here,” echoes Logan’s friend Cody as he reaches forward to try and stop this onslaught to his friend only to have Gino turn on him and kick him in the nuts. The boy bends forward and Gino knees him in the face knocking him right out. “Everyone stay out of this, and I promise you can walk away after. I’ve got a score to settle with Logan here.”

“Talk to me dude. I’ll listen, just give my balls a break,” Logan suggests groaning.

“No, I don’t think so,” Gino says as he grabs both of Logan’s ankles and stomps down on Logan’s abs causing all the breath to leave his lungs. Logan grabs his abs in pain, and more importantly his hands move away from Gino’s targets. Gino takes the opportunity of Logan’s vulnerability he needs to stomp down on Logan’s balls crashing his boot into Logan’s bloated boys.

Logan grabs onto Gino’s boot, “Just get it out man, and tell me what I did wrong! Ugh, my nuts! I have a date tonight! What did I do to you?” Logan grimaces holding onto Gino’s ankle trying to lift up Gino’s foot and free his aching nuts from the testicular abuse.

“You messed with my brother!” Gino shouts stomping his foot over and over again until Logan screams like an opera singer.

“It won’t happen again!” Logan promises, his eyes crossing. “Fuck, my balls. You’ll break them that way!”

“That’s what I am trying to do!” Gino stops stomping, changes tactics and kicks Logan in the balls. Just as Logan is trying to process the latest change, Gino knee drops the teen wrestler. Gino’s knee falls forward and he ends up kneeing Logan perfectly in-between Logan’s thighs. Logan’s sad nuts are smooshed underneath Gino’s kneecap and Logan can feel them flattening as Gino presses his knee deeper into Logan’s groin.

“Fuck me!” Logan cries out.

“Gino you’re taking it too far!” Jayden rushes forward to stop Gino. Gino feels a threat coming his way and a male body coming forward and as a boy rushes towards him he throws back his elbow super low and ends up elbowing Jayden so hard in the nuts he spins around and falls flat on his back next to Logan.

“Funny meeting you here,” Logan gasps trying to get Gino off of his nuts.

“My balls!” Jayden agonizes curling up in a fetal position. “Gino!”

“I...I didn’t mean that!” Gino pulls his leg out from between Logan thighs allowing the captain to curl up into a ball. “Shit! I’m sorry Jayden.”

Gino rubs Jayden’s back, listening to Jayden moan in gut wrenching pain, “I don’t think I will ever move again bro, they feel shattered.”

“Shit, Jayden,” Gino pushes Jayden’s hair from his eyes rubbing his hairline. “I’m sorry.”

“You should be apologizing to me,” Logan groans getting onto to all fours and with a surprising amount of force charges Gino like a linebacker knocking both of them to the ground. Logan has experience of so much testicular trauma that he is able to overcome a lot of abuse to his testicles, “You surprised me but this ends now, I’m the wrestling captain dammit!”

Logan’s strong upper body pins Gino to the mat, “See you have already lost to me, I’ve got you pinned,” Logan explains holding Gino’s chest against the mat.  “That’s how wrestling works, one point for me.”

“Who say’s this was a wrestling match?” Gino asks. “This is simple revenge for humiliating my brother,” Gino’s eyes narrow as he moves his knee into position between Logan’s thighs and knees the eighteen year old stud in crotch again finding the familiar targets.

“No!” Logan whines his strength sapping from his limbs as Gino knees him again. The sad smack of Gino’s knee crashing into his Logan’s bulge is heard around the gym as Gino’s knee bone clicks against Logan’s tailbone with poor Logan’s balls caught somewhere in between. Logan rolls off of Gino grabbing his nuts in defeat, “Fuck man. You’re good at this.” Gino rolls with Logan ending up on top, and punches Logan in the face in righteous anger, slamming Logan’s head against the mat dazing him.

Then Gino stands up and grabs Logan in an air lift dragging him from the mat with one hand grabbing Logan’s throat and the other hand the 18 year olds balls. Logan’s heart hammers in his chest as both his air flow and sperm count drop as he is airlifted high up. Gino squeezes Logan’s oversized balls, but finds in difficult to hold onto both of Logan’s balls at the same time. Gino stretches his fingers wide to capture both nuts before he closes his fingers around Logan’s nuts and jabs his thumb deep into Logan’s right ball.

“Oh shit...” Jayden gazes upwards at Logan watching Gino owning the wrestling star. Logan’s eyes find Jayden and he pleads for mercy as Gino’s nut claw crush both of his balls. Logan’s flimsy singlet gives Gino easy access to Logan’s nuts and he uses that opportunity to really dig deep into Logan’s ballbag.

Logan feels himself twist in the air as Gino lines up the wrestler to drop him. Logan panics, unsure of what is going to happen next until Logan looks down as Gino extends his right knee and brings the Wrestling champ’s body straight down. Logan screams as he falls knowing where his body is going to end up, but not being able to do anything about his descent.  Logan can see it happening, watching his balls doom as his body gets closer and closer to Gino’s awaiting kneecap, and thinks ‘I guess it was nice to have nuts.’

Logan’s eyes bulge out of his head, he tries to scream realizes that he can’t as his balls make contact with Gino’s knee. Logan’s body is unable to comprehend with what is happening, the pain is unimaginable and Logan’s body gives up as Logan blacks out and he falls against Gino’s chest. Gino shoves Logan’s muscular body off of him and the boy dully falls to the mat just as Jayden gets up onto shaky legs.

“Jesus,” Jayden looks at Logan prone form on the mat. “You knocked him out.”

“That was so fucking sexy,” Cody says getting up from where Gino knocked him down earlier. “You’re going to fuck him now, right?”

“You better believe it,” and Gino grabbing Logan’s singlet and tears it apart watching as the blonde stud becomes naked in front of him. “Anyone got any lube? Logan will appreciate it,” Gino says.

“Sure thing,” and Cody falls to his knees waiting for Gino to take off his singlet so he can suck his cock. Gino smirks and he rubs himself in front of Logan’s friend.

“This happen to him before?” Gino asks.

“He can be a dick sometimes, and I heard what he did to your brother. Good for you Logan deserves this,” and he leans forward and licks Gino’s obvious erection in his singlet. Gino moans as Cody sucks on his Popsicle over his singlet.

“Want to help me,” Gino asks Jayden. Jayden rolls his eyes and comes over to help him peel off his brother’s singlet.

“The sweat makes the singlet stick,” Jayden informs Gino, as he slowly rolls the singlet down over Gino’s chest. “You get used to it.” Jayden helps pulls the material away exposing Gino’s chest, his erect nipples pointy and erect as Jayden continues to roll the material down to his waist. Jayden backups allowing Cody to finish the rest, which he does willingly.

Gino winks at his younger brother and mouths the words, ‘Thanks.’ Cody only has eyes for Gino’s penis which springs up to Gino’s navel hitting his tiny black treasure trail below his belly button. “Impressive,” Cody says. “Now let’s get you wet,” and Cody dives on-top of Gino’s cock. Gino groans in pleasure as Cody sucks him down quickly from the top to the bottom of Gino’s cock. Cody wastes no time in constructing his throat and sucks on Gino’s cock with his nose buried in Gino’s neatly trimmed black pubes.

“Don’t go too far, this load is for Logan,” Gino groans in warning. Cody unwillingly pulls himself off of Gino’s now very red throbbing penis, ending his cock sucking with a swirl of his tongue.

“Maybe you’ll let me do that again later,” Cody winks.

“Sure,” Gino smiles as he gets onto all fours crawling over to Logan. Logan still unconscious is unaware of the danger he is in. Gino rears back his fists and begins to pummel the stud’s balls with lefts and rights, popping them against the bottom of Logan’s abs sickeningly. Logan unable to defend himself lays prone until a very powerful left hook awakes him and he groans leaning forward to protect his balls. “You’re done for,” and Gino shoves Logan’s chest throwing him onto the mat as Gino pulls Logan’s thighs towards his groin and leans his cock forward until he presses himself against Logan’s hole.

“Oh man,” Logan groans. “You’re not... fuck!” Logan’s head rolls as he feels Gino’s thick, large cock pushing past his entrance into his butthole. Gino lines himself up so he can easily pound Logan’s hole repeatedly.

“You deserve this, you know it,” says Gino as he thrusts deep into Logan’s ass. Gino begins to pick up the pace as he drives his cock deep into Logan’s tight hold, he reaches down to pick up Logan’s erect cock. Logan couldn’t help but to get hard as his little nut inside was stimulated by Gino’s constant thrusting. “If you are lucky, maybe I can make you cum as I fuck you. Squeezing these should help I think,” and with his free hand Gino reapplies the nutclaw to Logan’s throbbing ball basket.

“Fuck,” Logan groans. Logan was looking forward to having sex with Ashley tonight, which will have to be postponed. He’s tried before to have sex with his girlfriend after an afternoon of ball busting and forcibly being fucked and the only thing that happens is Ashley getting pissed at him and her taking it out on his already aching nuts. “Ugh!” Logan watches as his dick rises, knowing that everyone is staring at him and the best thing for him to do in this situation is to cum, and get it over with just to try to make Gino finish quickly. So Logan begins to work with Gino using his hips to meet Gino’s thrusts. Every time Gino thrusts forward Logan tries to squeeze his ass cheeks together periodically to give his partner the extra suction and restriction.

Gino now groans in pleasure, which is evident as he fucks Logan, and Jayden can’t help but get hard watching his older brother fucking Logan. Jayden reaches down not even realizing that he is doing so, and slowly rubs his own growing cock as he can’t help but marvel at Gino owning the wrestling champ. “That’s so hot,” whispers Jayden. “Squeeze his balls harder bro.” Jayden gets down next to them encouraging Gino.

Logan seeing Jayden, noticing him for the first time looks over at the younger brother and reaches out a hand and sneakly grabs onto Jayden’s nuts with his free hand yanking the younger brother towards his face and out of Gino’s easy rescue position. “If your brother gets to squeeze mine, than I get to squeeze yours!” Logan emphasizes by crushing Jayden’s balls in his hand.

“Oh fuck!” Jayden moans, “My balls.”

Jayden tries to pull Logan away from his balls but cannot. Logan is not completely out of the fight and since Gino is unable to get at Gino he does the next best thing for his younger brother. “Gino, help me.” Jayden pleads with a groan.

“I thought that I told you that Jayden was off limits to you?” And Gino twists Logan’s balls so hard that he causes the wrestling star to see stars in his vision. Logan’s grip loosens, allowing Jayden to roll away behind Gino, getting away from Logan’s reach.

“Thanks for the save,” Jayden says gratefully holding onto his boynut’s. Jayden pats Gino on the back, resting his hand on Gino’s muscular shoulder blade for a moment before grabbing onto his sore nuts.

“Jayden, I don’t think that Logan is learning his lesson. Don’t worry, I can keep pounding away until he gets it,” Gino promises winking at his brother behind him. Gino flips Logan onto his stomach and rides him harder, pounding his dick deep inside of Logan, crushing his balls as he does so.

Kim, one of Logan’s buddies, knows how much trouble that Logan is in and can’t stand watching this debacle anymore. He rushes forward and grabs Jayden in a chock hold, restricting his airflow. Jayden is behind Gino’s back and his older brother cannot see his younger sibling in trouble again. Jayden grabs onto the arm twisted around his neck trying to pull it free as he is lifted off of the ground.

“Logan is our captain and I cannot stand for this to transpire anymore,” whispers Kim, the muscled Asian wrestler. Kim was one of Logan’s closest friends and although he never shied away from busting his captains balls he can’t stand to see Logan dominated in this way. “First I’ll make sure that you won’t interfere,” and Kim’s free hand sneaks between Jayden’s spread out legs that dangle in the air. Kim is a tall 18 year old stud, and can easily lift the 110 pound fourteen year old in the air by his neck with one hand. Jayden’s feet couldn’t reach the mat, and his balls have become lost in Kim’s fist. Jayden is in trouble again, he’s unable to breathe and what’s worse is the nutclaw crushing his nuts.

Gino unaware of the new threat to Jayden keeps fucking Logan. By now most of the wrestlers are gathered around Logan, happy that Logan is getting it up the ass. Cody in particular rubs his own ragging erection was hoping to get some action after Gino is finished with Logan. Leroy, Gary, and Dash three of Logan’s wrestlers cheer on Gino. “Gino’s going to fit right in with our team,” Gary says patting Gino’s naked back.

“Actually, if he can mess up Logan more regularly I think that we can all attest that we wouldn’t mind our captain getting humbled, as he usually is one humbling us on the mat,” Dash agrees.

“Word,” Leroy grins. “Make him suffer.”

“You’ve got it guys,” Gino says causing the team to cheer. “After all the big stud is still willing to mess up Jayden. I’m the only one that gets to do that, he’s my younger brother which makes him my property.”

Jayden still struggling begins to black out, his grip on Kim’s elbow around his neck slackens, and his legs stop kicking out. Jayden needs air, and he isn’t getting any. Slowly Kim lowers Jayden’s limp body to the mat, thinking that Jayden is completely out of it and let’s go. Jayden’s vision blurs, then clears as Kim stands up, cracking his knuckles as he gets into a crouching stance ready to rush at Logan and complete his plan of rescue. Kim’s wide spread legs shows Jayden his bulbous package, although not as large as Logan’s, Gino’s, or even Jayden’s; but still respectable. Jayden waits until Kim starts to run and twists his left foot knocking the larger man’s ankles together causing him to twist his feet together which lands him flat on his stomach, causing all the air to rush out of him.

Kim quickly climbs up on all fours as Jayden leaps onto his back encircling him with his arms and legs. The wrestling team is oblivious as they cheer on Gino, Logan groans underneath his own massive dick super hard.

“Cody,” Gino growls. “Suck it. Make Logan cum as I do,” Gino orders. “I know how good you are at it.” Gino humps Logan with fever, Logan’s hole is so tight. Gino feels so good dominating him, busting his big balls. “You know you want to.”

“No...Don’t,” Logan mumbles and is ignored as Gary pulls Logan’s hands away from his cock.

“He’s open now!” Gary says stretching Logan’s arms behind him, pinning them to the mat.

“Well if you insist,” says Cody licking his lips as he sucks down Logan’s cock to the hilt.

“Oh fuck,” Logan groans staring at the ceiling, “Fuck you all.”

The team laughs, watching as Cody devours Logan’s huge cock, and Gino fucking Logan in the ass.

Jayden is still gasping for breath on top of Kim, as Kim reaches up and grabs Jayden’s waist and drops purposely backwards. Jayden tries to scream but what little air he was able to replace in his lungs is quickly lost as Kim knocks the precious life energy out of him as Kim’s head lands on his stomach. In a daze Jayden limbs uncurl from Kim’s stomach as Kim stands up. Jayden tries to breathe again, trying to remember how his lungs work as Kim sees his team all turning on Logan, and he knows that his recuse attempt is not going to work, Logan is far too gone. The team want to see Logan bust a nut. With that knowledge Kim turns back to Jayden sprawled on the mat. The boy’s brown eyes are glossy, his lips parted as he tries to take in deep shuttering breaths his arms and legs splayed open in surrender. Kim grabs Jayden’s outstretched legs lifting them in the air and feeling no resistance from Jayden. Jayden is barely aware of the danger he is locks eyes with Kim just as the wrestler stomps his foot into his groin.

“I hate that your balls are already bigger than mine,” Kim whispers angrily. “You are four years younger than me! Why are my nuts the smallest on the team? Remember your initiation and how I held your arms so Logan could make you cum in your singlet? Since I can’t save our dear captain, I will make Gino’s trip here worthless and do the same thing to you all over again.” And with that Kim uses his toes to rub Jayden’s cockhead, as he crushes Jayden’s balls under his heel. “This is the tactic that Logan used on you right?”

Jayden rolls his head in pain to the side, and across the mat Logan’s eyes find his. They share a painful stare and Logan finally seeing his opportunity to get Gino off of him turns toward Gino trying to get his attention. Logan says, “Your brother...Jayden...” and at the mention of Jayden’s name, Gino sees a flood of memories of him punting Jayden in his sack, giving Jayden his first orgasm and sharing their first ball busting experience. Logan sees Gino ready to shoot and is too late to stop him as Gino’s penis hits Logan’s inner nut for the last time causing both boys to cum simultaneously. Logan and Gino holler in ecstasy as they cum together.

Jayden groans and shouts with finally enough breath, “Gino, he’s got my balls! He’s trying to make me cum!”

Gino hears Jayden calling for him but he’s in Logan’s ass so deep, he thinks that it’s a memory of him crushing Jayden’s nuts, which actually gives Gino a second orgasm right after the first. Logan’s hole sloshes with jism and Gino keeps on cumming. Logan’s hole feels so full and he feels the dripping of Gino’s cum running out of his ass as Gino fucks him some more.

Cody slurps up every ounce of Logan’s cum, his cheeks puff out, and he makes sure that not a drop of the salty mixture drips from his lips. The guys cheer around them. Leroy, Gary, and Cody high five each other and finally Logan is able to grab his aching manhood and curl up. “Kim’s got your brother Gino, I thought that you should know.” Logan groans from his fetal position on the floor.

Gino pulls out of Logan’s hole, his dick making a large pop as he stands up looking for Jayden and sees him on his back with a large foot in between his thighs.

Gino runs over, his dick slapping against his thighs and lower abs as he sees Jayden, his balls are being crushed under foot as Kim rubs his toes against Jayden’s very erect cock. From the look on Jayden’s pain filled face, and his eyes growing wider Jayden is on his way to orgasming in Barlett High School gym again, and this is something Gino will not allow. Gino aims and punts his foot at Kim as hard as he can in between the Asian wrestlers legs from behind. Kim’s smaller package has nowhere to go and smooshes against his smaller dick as Kim continues to hold Jayden’s outstretched legs stupidly. Gino punts him from behind again, this time he is kicked so hard Kim loses his balance and falls down onto Jayden. One of Kim’s knees falls directly on top of Jayden’s already aching balls causing him to shriek, his voice bounces around the gym, “My boynut’s!”

“You are going to pay for that,” and Gino picks Kim up and shouts to Gary, Cody, and Leroy: “Help me.” Which they do coming to his aid as each take an arm or a leg. “See that balance beam,” Gino nods to the other side of the gym.

“Yeah,” the guys say in unison. “That’s where this guy is going. Drop him on that balance beam a few times.”

“Let’s do it!” Leroy says and they run together taking Kim with them. Gino allows Kim to get his balls crushed without him. He hears Kim’s protests of “No, please.” And “Don’t.” Kim’s please accomplish nothing as the sickening crunch of his packaged on the wooden beam echoes out moments later. Kim continues to shriek filling the gym as Gino rushes to his brother side, sinking down to his knees.

“I’ve got you bro,” Gino says. Gino lifts Jayden tenderly into his arms cradling him as if he was a superhero and saving a helpless victim and carries his younger sibling over to Logan.

Gino forcibly rolls Logan onto his back with a foot. Gino stares daggers at Logan until he looks up at him, as he addresses his adversary: his conquest. “You see those?” And Gino shuffles Jayden in his arms and grabs Jayden’s nuts with one hand making Jayden grimace. “Those are my nuts. Mine. Fuck them up, and I will fuck up yours. I’m on the team now. I am going to keep a good eye on you. Got it?” Gino emphasis his point by crushing both of Logan’s balls together and twists them underneath his other foot that he forces between Logan’s legs. “You’ve been warned,” and Gino twists his heel causing Logan to gasp, his empty balls aching. Gino releases him watching him curl up at his feet.

Gino carries Jayden down to the changing room saying. “Let’s hit the showers, we are done here.”

“Gino...” Jayden covers himself with his hands.

“We can talk later,” Gino says pulling him along towards the showers while the wrestling team cheers as Kim’s pain does not seem to be ending anytime in the future as the team lifts him up and drops him on the balance beam, again and again ignoring Kim’s pleas for mercy.


In the showers the two naked brothers clean themselves off. “Gino, thanks for rescuing me. Kim really nailed me in my boybits.”

“Boybits,” laughs Gino

 “That’s what Caleb and Junior call them. Their Logan’s cousins,” laughs Jayden.

“You forgot to tell me, how was babysitting?” Ask Gino.

“You don’t want to know. I’m surprised I still have boybits; if anything Caleb and Junior, Logan’s cousins are worse ballbusters than he is. I don’t need a part time job that badly,” Jayden informs him.

“Your ridiculous, and I love you,” Gino pulls Jayden into a wet soapy hug. Gino kisses the top of Jayden’s wet head as he hugs his brother around the waist rubbing his belly button and his hands travel lower and grabs onto Jayden’s very tender nuts.

Jayden gasps as Gino lowers his other hand to his cock, the latter is the one that scares him most as it clutches his boybits. “You never got to cum upstairs. I saw to that. You were really into me fucking Logan earlier,” Gino teases whispering in Jayden’s ear.

“Fuck,” Jayden groans breathing deeply. “If you keep doing that...”

“Yeah, I know what will happen,” and Gino pumps his hand feeling Jayden stiffening up. Jayden’s breathing gets more labored as Gino manipulates his growing cock. “I didn’t want Kim to take this load from me, or anyone else.”

“Fuck,” Jayden lays his back against Gino’s chest looking at the mirror across the showers as Gino his ballbusting brother plays with his body. “Gino the whole point of me getting onto this team was to get you to go after different conquests. Why are you still interested in me?” Jayden asks.

“That’s easy bro, you got me into this ballbusting thing. You were my first pair of nuts that I ever got the chance to hit. This is really all your fault, and I am so glad that you decided to listen in on that phone call between Francisco and I. I can’t imagine what would have happened to us if you didn’t do that. Now lay back against my chest, this is going to be fun. I love making you cum.”

Jayden shakes his head, “No Gino, no. You can’t, what if they come down and see?”

“So what? You’re my brother, and I’m just going to make you feel good. Well, mostly. I promise to be gentle,” Gino’s mouth twists into a grin as he starts to roll Jayden’s balls painfully in their sac.

“Gino!” Jayden gasps while his brother laughs in his ear, nibbling Jayden’s earlobe.

“You’ve got the best big brother ever, right?” Gino adds as he rubs his thumb over Jayden soapy cock head, twists his nuts playfully, and pulls his brother tight against him, as he begins to bone up again. Gino smiles to himself as he plans on never letting Jayden go, but for now he concentrates on his sibling. He’s a big brother and he has a job to finish.  


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Anonymous said...

Simply wonderful! I expected Gino to get his ass kicked if he wrestled Logan, but he made a smart move by going straight for Logan's nuts! I love the brotherly affection between the boys. I can't wait for the next installment and if that bad boy, Chase, comes back for revenge it will be the icing on the cake !!! Reg

Nud said...

Still no interesting story with Logan. When are you going to break the old dull, stale and boring mold of Logan get busted. Logan always lose. It fun for a while but it's not interesting anymore.

Hopefully we can get more new ideas. I like your story but it get boring reading the same story pretending to be a new story over and over again.

Mickey said...

Again you delivered another great story on this website!!
I cannot say how much I love this story, it's so thrilling in every way and I dearly hope that Gino could perhaps once more decimate Logan - Perhaps one where Logan gains a lead before the nut shots sends him literally pummeling down (I love it when Logan fails after a moment of cockiness)
I absolutely love the scene where Logan said goodbye to his balls before gravity guided them down to be smashed on Gino's knees. <333

Anonymous said...

Agree the whole Logan always beat and busted is getting old. He's supposed to be a wrestling super-stud so let's let him reign victorious at least once in a while. Starting, of course, with him getting even with Gino and punishing the team (along with Kim) for helping Gino out.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! Usually I let the guest writers reply to the comments on their stories but this is getting out of hand.

@ Anonymous (1):
I understand you are fighting for a good cause but this is an m/m blog and we will not be able to bring femaledom back. I was a member for years and I‘m sad that they are gone. But if you leave another comment about femaledom on my blog I will have to delete it.

@ Nud & Anonymous (3):
Please show a little respect for our guest writers! Your unhappiness with certain storylines is duly noted, and you know that I try to mix things up. But you can‘t expect every story to be to your liking, and I won‘t let you talk to my guest writers like that.

@ Anonymous (2) and Mickey:
Thanks for your feedback! I‘m very happy that you enjoyed Jimmy‘s story! :-))

Buster said...

@ Alex. Preach! Your blog A) is the most extensive collection of original busting stories written by a single author (and a few guests) I've ever encountered B) ergo if someone doesn't like a particular type of story, thread, character, scenario, etc. they just need to wait literally a few days and BAM! there'll be a new one. If a character is always doing something a reader doesn't enjoy yet they keep reading those stories anyway...

I appreciate that you give a platform to writers who may not want to deal with maintaining a whole blog or website to publish a few stories or may not feel like their material is 'good enough' to try. Frankly, given the lack of quality M/M CBT erotica online, any non-constructive bashing (no pun intended) that would stifle its creation is unwelcome.

PS: If someone has a link that contradicts point A above please send ;)

Alex said...

Thank you, Buster! Your words mean a lot to me! :-))

Anonymous said...

Does Kim have a smaller dick than Jayden too? Does he have a small package because he's Asian? ��

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

First I want to say thank you so much for all of your comments, both positive and negative. I love our community, and having this forum to express our thoughts is wonderful. As always, tips hat on Alex’s direction for giving us this space. He is a wonderful person. On to the responses.

@anonymous I’m not interested in writing any stories that are not M/M, sorry it’s just not my thing.

@ Hi anonymous,

Thank you so much for your comment. I had to work really hard to write a story in which Gino, could realistically win. He’s not a wrestling star, he’s a swimmer. He may wrestled with his brother Jayden, but really he lacks the experience Logan has. It was truly the hardest part to write. I see this story as a big finale to what to an arch for the brother’s. The Gino and Jayden tale went from who at would seem a one time busting, to unfortunately for Jayden turned into a regular event. Jayden discovers Gino’s fetish in the second story, tries to scare Gino into not busting him again. That didn’t work. Gino decided to up the ante in the following story by bringing in Jayden’s swim team to torture his brother. At the end of the story Jayden realizes that he has to give his brother an outlet (other than himself) to bust.

Which is how Logan enters the picture. Jayden sneaks onto Logan’s team, discovers that he is the buster and is perfect for Gino. All Jayden has to do is get a coveted spot of Logan’s wrestling team. He manages to amuse Logan enough to keep him, which leads into this story where Gino finally meets a fellow buster. Clearly, Jayden’s clever idea did not ban our exactly how he intended.

This is really a great wrap up to that arc Reg and I’m glad that you enjoyed it. The story will go in a different direction now and I hope that people enjoy it!

@ Hi anonymous,

Sorry this story was not to your liking. It is actually my third story using Logan. If you want a story involving Logan as the victor and owning his title as the wrestling champion check out the first story that I used with him it is called Christmas Break Ends. He really owns Jayden in that story. Logan is in Brothers and Cousins but really he only has a cameo. I agree with you that in order for a story to be good it shouldn’t do the same thing. That’s why I didn’t have Logan win in this story.

@Hi Nud,

Your comment is slightly the same as anonymous so please read above. I know that you consider all stories in which Logan loses to be similar, I illustrated above how it differs in flavor. Really Logan is used as a catalyst for a story arc that had six parts, this being the dramatic conclusion of you will. Not every story is for everyone, and I’m sorry that you not anonymous did not enjoy this one. My story Christmas Break Ends might be right up your ally!

@Hi Mickey,

I’m so glad that you enjoyed this story! I can confirm that Gino is in the next story, but it’s very different than ones that I have done in the past with the series. Alex LOVES it. I think that it might be my favorite that I have written so far, and that is a huge endorsement! Gino’s character really needed this win, but Logan now knows how dirty of a fighter Gino is. He won’t be surprised the next time! If they ever end up wrestling again, it will be a huge battle of epic proportions!

@Hi Alex,

You are like a super hero flying in to save the day! Really though, I can take a few negative comments. I love that you stepped in, you have such a big heart my friend!

Just so everyone knows I really respect him. Alex is easily the best writer in our very small community. I choose to write for his blog to give him a break. To be honest, it’s not easy to write a good ballbusting story every Friday. You, and i along with every other person that visits his blog especially on Friday’s for new content. By having guest writers such as myself we give Alex a bit of a break, which allows him to do other things, or work on stories for more than a few days before cranking out another classic.



Anonymous said...

@Hi Buster,

You and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to Alex, he really is a rockstar! No one can say enough good things about him, as they are all true and his gift to all of us deserves praise constantly.

In addition, I love your comment about readers who claim to be continually read the same thing, but yet continue to read them.

Good ball busting stories are hard to find, and Alex gives opportunities to so many guest writers which is amazing. He brought me back from when I used to be a writer on Kramtoad (if you were around back then, it was a fantastic site), if not it was really the first ballbusting site of it’s kind. It was a thing of beauty. Alex gave all writers that used to write for Kramtoad a new home.

@Hello to everyone that just clicked like,

Thank you all so much, I’m glad that you read and enjoyed the story!

@Hi Anonymous,

Kim only had smaller balls, it’s been a topic in that I have brought up in many of my stories: Jayden’s nuts are just large for his age, so he stands out. Kim’s pointed it out, Gino has, Logan, his cousin’s, and Chase was really unhappy when he realized that his balls were indeed smaller (at least according to Gino); Chase thinks differently. Jayden simply has large testicles, it might be one of the many reasons that they get him into trouble. We all know Gino just can’t seem to get his hands off of them for instance, maybe that has to do their size.



Anonymous said...


So hot dude! Jayden always manages to get his 'boynuts' messed up pretty good. First his brother, than Logan, followed by Kim. Jayden's lucky to still have his twig and berries by the end of this cool story. Can't wait for more! Thanks Alex for bringing on some cool new writers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you so much for your kind words! Jayden usually does have unfortunate things happen to him. I can never say enough good things about Alex, but I am so lucky and fortunate for him to give me a platform to be so creative. Not only that but he allows me to play with all of his toys in his toy box. This is something that most writers would not do. He’s just that kind!



Anonymous said...

anonymous 3 here, I apologize for the tone of my comment. It was not in any way meant to be a slam on a guest writer. The stories in this series have been very good. I was trying to simply agree that I'd like to see Logan exert the dominance I assume he's capable of. I do see how my words were not well thought out though.

Nud said...

Again. I've said this before. I do NOT expected every story to be to my liking. Most of the story have Logan being the loser. And I simply express that I wish the reverse of that happened. An as I do not expected every story to be to my liking, you should not expect that I will simply enjoy all the stories unconditionally either.

Logan always get busted. Logan always lose. It is getting stale. I do not apologize for saying that. I even said here that I like the story. I did not attack the story itself. Nor do I attack the writer. Just the trope that Logan is always on a losing side. My comment are over staleness or repetitiveness is directed to the Logan's a loser trope.

And Jimmy, that was a hyperbole. I don't hate your story. Just the trope that Logan always get put into. I'm sorry if I said it in a wrong way. I read this blog for many years. This trend of Logan being the ultimate loser of the gang started before your contribution. There used to be a variety on the outcome involving Logan. But those are dwindling. I'm sorry I used your story to air my grievance with to boring direction of Logan. And It seems like I only attacking you. I love Alex's stories. I like your stories. I just hate seeing Logan being a loser over and over again.

I'm not saying that Logan should never ever lose. I'm not saying that Logan get busted stories should never be written. I just what the other way around as well.

Nud said...

How about Logan getting even with Gino as well? Logan was established quite early on, in this blog, to be skilled at wrestling and use dirty fighting to dominate his opponent. Maybe he got caught off-guard here, but let him get the last laugh and re-established his dominance over Gino. Make Gino realize that he just got lucky in this chapter.

Also, since Jayden idolized Logan to certain extend, there could also be a minor betrayal. In a heat of the moment, he could surprise Gino and help Logan. We do know that despite being a good boy to Gino, Jayden can be a mean buster. I'm sure Gino will make him regret it later.

This will also break the trope of Logan seems to always gave up and just accept his defeat after losing a fight. Logan rarely ever seem to try to regain his dominance after he got dominated once. He's a star athlete. He should be used to the idea of win some, lose some. And use what he learned from his lose to get him a win. Even in your story he still have yet to be the one dominating his cousin. You make him the loser in your story as well. He never got the last laugh. Even when he is winning, it is only to set up the story for him to be a loser. He's always in fear of his cousin. He should be motivate and succeed in re-establish his dominance for a change.

That's my problem about this "Loser Logan" trope. he started out as a star stud. Busting others and dominating them. It WAS fun seeing him get busted from time to time. But that's no longer the case. He's a constant loser now. If he's in the story, I can guess that he's gonna be a loser and I will be right most of the time. It's not fun anymore seeing loser keep losing. He is no longer a Goliath he once was, that we will enjoy seeing him get defeated. He has became the David of the blog. And I just want to see David, like Logan, start winning more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anonymous 3,

Thank you for your apology. I really appreciate it. Alex takes comments very seriously and I don’t know how long you’ve been following on Alex’s blog but there was at one point a lot of readers commented on Logan’s winning streak and how often he won. Alex listened to those comments and made changes. I’m sure that Alex has heard readers now asking for more stories in which Logan wins. Most of the time Alex, along with every other writer writes what they enjoy, and what ideas spark a good story. I’m sure that Alex can write more stories with Logan winning. He has won a lot of battles. He is a character that has a lot of history. I have not counted all of his wins, but I am sure that his wins are quite high.

I have written Logan in a story in which he dominated. That story is Christmas Break Ends, and Logan owned Jayden. He played with him, both literally and figuratively. If you have not read that one, please let me know what you think!



Anonymous said...

Hi Nud,

Thank you for your comments, really I appreciate them. I know that I have mentioned that for this story to work, Logan had to lose. The only reason that Gino won, was a combination of luck, and surprise. Gino was unexpected, going forward I cannot see Gino ever really winning against Logan again. Logan is a star athlete. Gino is a swimmer, he enjoys wrestling (obviously) with his brother and boys that are younger than him. If Logan ever fights with Gino again, he would destroy him. I love your idea for a story. I have the next three planned out, but a rematch could be a lot of fun to write. I don’t think Logan would need Jayden’s contribution, but I think that Jayden would personally like to get a bit of revenge against his brother.

I’m glad that you are liking my stories, but I can guarantee you that I won’t be writing anymore stories in which Logan loses. That does not mean Logan will make it out any story that I write unscathed but Logan will always show his prowess in the future.

You mentioned something about cousins Ned that I didn’t quite understand. Do you mind clarifying your point? I just want to understand what you wrote.



Nud said...

Hey Jimmy.

Again I must apologize for how brash I was with my first comment. As I said, this Logan situation has been going for a few years, way before your story began, and I tried to point it out now and again with not much result. I definitely notice my comment being more and more aggressive.

I was talking about Logan's 2 younger cousins. And how Logan seems to be afraid of them, like he was completely helpless against them. I don't mind Logan got busted some. But he acts like a bullied boy, afraid of his bullies around the two. Again I don't mind Logan getting caught off guard now and then. It just that his reaction seems like someone that gave up and would let people push him around. I'm don't think you intended that, but it came off like that in the story.

I'm just throwing ideas. I want to see Logan standing up for himself after a loss. Every time he is defeated, it always seem like an ultimate result of the conflict. In a back and forth situation, he rarely ever finish on top. Like I said, on the rare occasion that he won, it is only to be a set up for his loss. Like this one; he dominated Jayden(Gino's bro) in Christmas Break Ends was a setup for Gino to dominate him in this chapter. It was never his victory to begin with. Logan hasn't had a true win for quite a while.

I'm a broken record at this point, but it is not Logan loses that I have a problem with, just the fact that he rarely ever wins anymore. There's not really a satisfaction to be had, watching someone who's usually lose keep losing. You could help reestablish Logan reputation and that would make a story where he loses more fun. He used to be a scary guy to fight because of his skills and dirty tricks. Now he is just cocky and incompetent loser in most of his stories.

And I think Logan having the upper hand against Gino; then Jayden, couldn't resist the opportunity to bust Gino and maybe score some favor points with Logan, joins n against Gino. I think that would be an interesting rationale for Jayden betraying Gino. After all, Little kids usually want to impress the bigger kid they think are cool. That could also result in Jayden getting in trouble with Gino afterward. Where Logan is not around to help.

Thank you for being willing to, at least, trying to see my point.

Mickey said...

Hi, just chipping in here.
I personally feel that Logan isn’t afraid of his cousins busting him per say, but he’s more afraid of hurting his cousins if he retaliates so he lets them do as they want - I think it is this point that makes Logan so popular and charming, in that he’s very skillful but refrains from hurting other too much, that he gets taken advantage of.
Ofc there is also a sense of cockiness in his that causes him to fail in a number of stories (written by Alex and the many guest writers) and the numbers of them just shows how popular this theme is. I feel there is a quiet implication that Logan wins most of his matches and the ones we’re reading are just his moments of mishaps, making them so fun.
The final point is that I believe we should enjoy all the stories written by Alex and everyone in this blog. If one story isn’t to your liking I’m sure another will pop up soon. Or better yet, write one and send it to Alex so we can all enjoy for fantasies.
Since Anonymous 3 and Nud aren’t fans of Loganfails, I’m sure they didn’t enjoy the stories I sent to Alex but that’s fine since we all have difference preferences. But I don’t believe pushing your wants to others is the right way to do things.

Mickey said...

I also apologize for being rash for my words but Alex and all the guest writers are writing for the love of the characters And the scenarios they like. No one is getting anything other than the fun of writing and fun from the readers.
It’s fine if you don’t like the stories but the criticisms shouldn’t be so hard. If you don’t like a story just skip or skim it and wait for the next one you enjoy (Alex posts are so many anyway). Ball busting is such a niche that you don’t really tell other people (at least for me) and to have a scenario you like criticized on hurt, especially on Alex blog where everyone more or less share the common enjoyment for it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mickey,

Thank you for your comment, and your love of all things busting. You are correct in that people like Alex, myself or any other writer gets nothing out of this. What we do get is the enjoyment of writing, posting a story, and seeing what you and everyone else thinks of our work. I know Alex puts in quite a bit of time in every story. I think that for me it’s about 5 hours or so per story. That doesn’t count the edits, the time spent spinning ideas around, or replying to messages. But really, we do it because as you said Mickey, it’s a niche and there is not a lot of really good story content. That’s where Alex and so many other writers step in to fill that void! It’s a pleasure to do so. I know that the more that we write, the more it inspires others to do so. Plus Alex will let you play with all of his toys in the toy box which is so great!



Anonymous said...

Well, I think it's the greatest compliment to Alex that us readers get so passionate about his amazing characters! My advise to any disgruntled readers : why not try penning a story yourself? Get creative! The best way to get the outcome you want is to own the narrative :-) Also i think it's a great help to Alex to have a pool of guest writers to ease his burden and share his creative passion. And no, i'm not being a hypocrite...I have a 3 part story that i hope to see published here in April :-) all the best, fellow BB enthusiasts! Reg

Anonymous said...

Hi Reg!

I cannot wait for his stories to be posted. I have gotten a sneak peek and they are amazing and will rock everyone’s world! I’m so glad that Reg wrote stories for Alex’s Blog!

In addition, Alex is the best for letting guest writers come onboard. I think that guest writers actually reinvigorates him as a writer. Good writers feed off of each other, and the sharing of ideas and concepts; such as a writers room is great for everyone involved.

Can’t wait until April Reg!