Friday, April 17, 2020

Free-for-all (Ricardo meets Logan and Parker)

Special thanks to Ricardo for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who loves wrestling!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ
Featured in this story: Logan and Parker (click for pictures)

“We’ll be famous”, Parker grinned, adjusting his crotch. The 21 year old athlete was wearing a tight-fitting leopard print wrestling singlet and flaming red wrestling shoes that matched the color of his dyed hair. He was a flamboyant young man, a professional gymnast and circus acrobat who had some experience wowing a crowd.

“Oh yeah”, Ricardo chimed in, chuckling. He was 20 years old, a handsome young man with a mixed Latino/white heritage, with deep brown eyes and dark hair. His blue wrestling singlet and matching shoes  contrasted nicely with his tanned skin, and he was sporting a very impressive bulge showcased the outline of his meaty dick and fat, plump pair of balls.

The wrestling trio was completed by 18 year old high school wrestler Logan, an All-American boy, blond and blue-eyed, muscular and athletic. His singlet was orange, his shoes white.

And indie wrestling studio had come to town for a couple of days, looking for local wrestlers for the opening match, and the three studs had seized the chance. They were sure that their contrasting styles and their differing experiences – Ricardo was experienced in both technical wrestling and rougher brawling, Parker was a showman and high flyer, and Logan was somewhere in between – had the potential for a great show.

They had never wrestled each other before, and they had agreed to a free-for-all with no rules, no alliances and no holds barred.

They were standing backstage, hearing the sound of the audience that was chanting and clapping rhythmically, looking forward to an entertaining, fun-filled opening act.

Over the loudspeaker, the announcer started introducing the three wrestlers. 

Ricardo turned to Logan and Parker, a serious expression on his face. “No low blows”, he said sternly.

There was a moment of silence.

Then all three burst out laughing.

“Put your hands together for Parker the Proud, ‘Ocho Inches’ Ricardo and Lucky Logan!” the announcer’s voice echoed through the hall.

“Ocho Inches?” Parker said with an incredulous laugh.

Ricardo grinned, grabbing his crotch. “You know what they say: When you got it, flaunt it…”

Parker and Logan let out a laugh.

A moment later, the door opened and the three wrestlers entered the arena, greeted by thunderous applause from hundreds of wrestling fans.

Waving and posing, they made their way into the ring.

There was no ref because there were no rules to enforce, and the match started immediately.
Parker and Ricardo started strolling back and forth, making the crowd go wild, flexing their muscles and posing for them.

Logan decided to take advantage of the situation and take them down one by one. He crept up on Ricardo from behind, dropping onto his knees and throwing an uppercut between Ricardo’s thighs, eliciting a surprised yelp from the Latino stud as his eyes crossed, his knees met and he sank to the ground.

“Ocho Inches”, Logan quipped. “More like Oucho Inches…”

Meanwhile, Parker had climbed onto the ring corner, waving to the crowd and eliciting hoots and cheers.

Logan interrupted his narcissistic performance by kicking the goal post and making Parker drop down, nuts-first.

A true showman, Parker let out a soprano wail that elicited cheers and laughter from the crowd. “My nuuuuuuts!”

Logan grinned and grabbed Parker by the hair, pulling him into the ring.

“I hope you like scrambled eggs”, Logan grinned.

Before Parker had a chance to reply, Logan planted a hard, mean snap kick in Parker’s groin, eliciting an anguished wail. “Cause I’ll give you two hands full”, Logan completed the joke as Parker doubled over, grabbing his nuts.

The crowd roared with laughter.

Ricardo had recovered from Logan’s sack attack just in time to prevent the handsome blond from delivering another batch of scrambled eggs.

Creeping up from behind, Ricardo slipped his hand into the leg opening of Logan’s singlet. He wrapped his hands around Logan’s testicles.

Logan’s eyes widened. “Uh-oh.”

A second later, Logan’s handsome face turned into a mask of pain as Ricardo pressed his fingers together, making Logan scream in utter agony.

The crowd went wild with cheers and laughter as Ricardo yanked Logan across the ring by his balls, making him hop backwards, grimacing and whimpering as Ricardo squished and squashed the handsome blond’s balls.

After a few rounds of nut-crunching humiliation for Logan, Parker stepped in, taking on both Ricardo and Logan at the same time.

A mean kick found Ricardo’s huevos, making him scream in pain and squeeze Logan’s balls even harder, eliciting a simultaneous scream from the blond stud.

The audience roared with laughter at Parker’s hilarious trick, and the flamboyant redhead repeated it with a cheeky grin, sending another nut-crushing kick between Ricardo’s thighs that elicited a soprano wail in two voices as Ricardo’s testicular trauma made him squeeze Logan’s nuts at the same time.

“All good things come in threes”, Parker quipped before sending his foot up between Ricardo’s thighs once again.

But this time, Ricardo managed to avoid another huevo-scrambling foot-to-sack contact, stepping out of the way and shoving Logan’s into the path of Parker’s foot.

“Nooo---!” Logan squeaked, his voice going up a notch as Parker’s foot found his testicles. “---oooooooughoughugh!”

Parker was stunned for a brief moment – just long enough for Ricardo to grab him, turn him around and deliver a hard knee into Parker’s nuggets, ramming them into his body and flattening them like pancakes.

Parker let out a howl, falling to his knees, and Ricardo took a victory lap, laughing and posing for the audience as Parker and Logan nursed their battered balls.

Logan was the first one to recover, and he was out for revenge.

Ricardo was posing for the audience, completely oblivious to the threat from behind until it was too late.

Logan kicked him in the nuts from behind, interrupting him mid-pose.

The audience went wild with cheers and laughter as Ricardo’s face changed in slow motion: the cocky, confident smile turned into a confused, surprised stare that turned into an anguished, pained grimace as the pain sank in and Ricardo sank to his knees.

Logan waited behind him, a satisfied smile on his face, plotting his next move, passing the time by making a victory pose.

Unfortunately, Parker took a page from Logan’s book and kicked him in the nuts from behind, interrupting him mid-pose.

The audience went batshit crazy with cheers and laughter as Logan’s face mimicked what had happened to Ricardo’s just moments earlier: it changed in slow motion, and the cocky, confident smile turned into a confused, surprised stare that turned into an anguished, pained grimace as the pain sank in and Logan sank to his knees.

Parker made a point of looking back and double-checking that nobody was creeping up on him before making a victory pose, laughing and smiling for the audience.

The funny little scene took another painful yet hilarious as Ricardo turned and punched Logan in the nuts.

Logan wailed in agony. Then he turned and punched Parker in the nuts.

Parker’s face changed in slow motion, and the cocky, confident smile turned into a confused, surprised stare that turned into an anguished, pained grimace as the pain sank in and Parker sank to his knees.

With all three studs on their knees, clutching their gonads and making funny faces as the pain washed through their bodies, the crowd went wild with cheers and applause.

Ricardo was the first one to find his voice again. It sounded raspy and throaty when he announced, “Time-out, time-out.”

Logan and Parker looked at him.

“Let me do a quick sperm count”, Ricardo said with a weak grin. The crowd laughed as he slipped one hand into his singlet, his lips moving as he pretended to count. After a moment of silence, he said. “Twenty-two.” He shrugged his shoulder, grimacing. “Could have been worse…”

Logan and Parker followed Ricardo’s lead, reaching inside their singlets.

“Thirty-three”, Parker said to great laughter from the audience.

“I win”, Logan announced, grimacing in pain. “Two hundred and eighty-one.”

Ricardo and Parker looked at each other.

“Recount?” Parker chuckled.

“Recount!” Ricardo laughed.

Logan blinked. “Wha---“

A moment later, Parker and Ricardo had slipped one hand each into Logan’s singlet. Each hand found a nut, and judging from Logan’s face the recount was very, very thorough.

In fact, both Ricardo and Parker were squeezing the hell out of Logan’s individual nuts, and the audience witnessed it first-hand since the movement of the two hands inside Logan’s singlet was very clearly visible through the flimsy fabric.

“This nut is definitely not a high-achiever”, Parker quipped, pressing his thumb deep into the tender tissue of Logan’s testicle. “At least not anymore…” He smiled at Ricardo.  “What about yours?”

“Damn, now I lost count”, Ricardo muttered.

The crowd roared with laughter as Parker and Ricardo squished and squashed Logan’s fat plums, making him moan and groan and grimace in agony.

After what seemed like an eternity, they pulled their nuts out of Logan’s singlet.

Logan sank to the ground, cupping his crotch.

“One hundred”, Parker said with a grin.

“One hundred and eighty-one”, Ricardo added.

“That’s two hundred and eighty-one. Huh.” Parker chuckled. “Funny! Looks like you were right all along…”

The crowd roared with laughter that grew even louder when Logan brought both of his fists up, delivering a four-nut uppercut that made Ricardo and Parker howl in agony.

They sank to the ground, and – finally – Logan’s wrestling experience proved to be an advantage. The handsome blond put Parker in a headlock and threw a mule-kick at Ricardo’s nuts. Then he reversed the positions, kicking Parker in the nuts as he choked Ricardo in a very well-administered headlock.

Moaning in pain and clutching their crotches, Logan grabbed them by their necks and rammed their heads together.

The crowd roared with approval as Parker and Ricardo stumbled through the ring, dizzy and confused.

Logan took them down one by one.

First, he grabbed Parker, lifting him up, only to bring him crashing down, nuts-first onto his knee. Parker screamed in pain, his handsome face contorted in agony. Logan finished him off with by throwing him out of the ring.

Yodeling in pain, Parker crashed into the audience that made quick work of his leopard print leotard, ripping it to pieces that they kept as memorabilia, stripping him naked. Some of the audience members made sure to slap his junk and knock him in the nuts, of course, and Parker’s squeals and screams were a fitting soundtrack to the destruction of Ricardo in the middle of the ring.

Logan grabbed Ricardo’s singlet and pulled it down, almost Ricardo’s eponymous “ocho inches” and his impressive pair of pelotas, but instead of stripping him naked, Logan used the singlet’s straps to immobilize Ricardo and tie his hands behind his back.

“Dios mio!” Ricardo blurted out as Logan knelt down in front of him.

The crowd roared with laughter as Logan pulled Ricardo’s nutsack though the leg opening, letting the big bag of balls dangle between his thighs before going to town, punching his nutsack like a speedbag.

“Noooo-o-o-o-o-o-o!” Ricardo screamed, his voice cracking as Logan threw punch after nut-crunching punch at his gonads, speedbagging his previous huevos to roaring laughter and applause from the audience.

“Stop!” Ricardo screamed from the top of his lungs. “Please, stop it!”

Logan didn’t stop for another minute and a half, cheerfully punching Ricardo’s nuts with both of his fists.

When he was done, Ricardo’s nuts were bright red and considerably swollen.

The crowd went wild with cheers applause as Logan took a bow, showing off his muscles.

Ricardo and Parker received a round of applause as well, but they weren’t able to enjoy it as much as Logan.

Parker was stark naked, wearing nothing but his shoes, covering his crotch with both of his hands, and Ricardo’s balls were to sore to be stuffed back into the singlet. They dangled out of his singlet like two bright red warning signs.

Logan strutted off-stage, slapping hands with audience members.

Unfortunately, the same audience members tried to slap Parker’s and Ricardo’s nuts, so their way backstage was considerably more painful than Logan’s…

When they arrived in the locker rooms, all three of them sat down and examined the damage to their testicles.

“Damn, you got me really good a couple of times”, Logan chuckled. “I bet I’m going to be feeling that when I’m with Ashley tonight…”

Ricardo and Parker looked up from their own damaged goods.

“How can you think about sex?” Parker whispered, cupping his sore testicles. “These are out of order for at least a couple of days.”

Ricardo nodded emphatically, grimacing as he touched his tender testicles. “A week I’d say”, he moaned. “Boy, you did a number on my sack.”

Logan let out a laugh. “I was aiming for two weeks, so I guess there is some room for improvement…”

The boys chuckled.

“By the way I told the manager that we’ll come back next week”, Logan grinned. “So I guess we’ll have another chance.”

There was a moment of silence.

Then Parker and Ricardo burst out laughing.

“Hell yeah!” Parker roared. “I’m going to crush your fucking nuts!”

“Ocho Inches all the way!” Ricardo yelled, getting up, pulling his singlet down and shaking his hips.

His balls slapped against his thighs, immediately bringing back the pain in his nads and causing him to groan in pain and sit back down.

His eyes widened. Then they twitched. Then he let out a wheezing groan. “Oh no”, he whispered.

“Did you sit on yourself?” Logan asked, a sympathetic smile on his face.

“Dios mio”, Ricardo said in a toneless voice.

“I guess that’s a yes”, Parker chuckled.

The boys roared with laughter.

Logan grinned. “Ocho Inches all the way!”


Anonymous said...

Awesome story. I just love Parker. He's always so enthusiastic to put his nuts on the line. Sure, he doesn't often win but that just gives him an excuse to try again

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex,

That was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed Ricardo’s character. I would personally love to see him again.
Great story, well done!



Gino and Jayden Author

MxMachoNuts said...

I’d like to be in Ricardo’s shoes, freestyle wrestling or boxing getting my nuts rocked wild. I’d like to meet these ballbusting boys to bust me up.

Mickey said...

Can I just say how much I LOVE seeing Logan dragged by the balls, jumping backwards around the ring <3

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I‘m glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

Nud said...

Oh I missed this story somehow.

Nice change of pace with Logan. More of this dominant, victorious side for once. Even more fun when you have people trying to put down Logan and have him turn it around.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Nud! I'm glad you found this story, and I'm even more glad that you enjoyed it! :-))