Sunday, April 26, 2020

Pride before the fall - part 3 (written by Reg)

This is another awesome story written by our longtime reader Reg, author of the amazing story GoPros and low blows (part 1, part 2, part 3). I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!

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Chris exploded in rage as he attacked Kyle, his teenage nemesis. The demon that had stolen his girl, nearly ruined his testicles and, just moments ago, defeated him in a comparison of their manly assets.

His powerful punch rocketed towards the teenager’s face, but Kyle was ready for it. The boy ducked fast, evading danger then countering with a punch deep into his rival’s unprepared abs. Chris grunted in pain and folded over but managed to charge forward trying to wrap his arms around Kyle’s waist and bring him to the floor. Kyle evaded him, slipping to the side and leaping onto his back, locking his arm around the older man’s neck.

Chris thrashed desperately, trying to dislodge his rival, but the teenager clung on like a limpet and Chris was soon gasping for breath. Kyle swung himself around his opponent until he was in front of him leaning over his back with his powerful arm still clenched tightly around his neck. Chris tugged desperately at the boy’s forearm trying to relieve the pressure on his neck. Then he looked up to see his rival’s naked boyhood. The hefty, semi-hard cock and plump young balls swayed provocatively before his eyes. He clenched his fist and roared in fury at this cruel reminder of the school-boy’s superior assets.

THUD! His fist powered up between the teenager’s legs and mangled Kyle’s blossoming boy buds with a satisfying crunch. His stricken rival howled in pain but to Chris’ horror the grip around his neck only tightened harder. In desperation he made a grab for the boy’s bobbing scrotum but he couldn’t close his fingers around the tight pouch as the slippery organs rolled up and out of his grip. As a final resort he grasped the boy’s cock like a handle and jerked down hard.

Kyle yelped out in pain. His big teenage balls were already in agony and now it felt like his beloved cock was being wrenched off. He tried to tighten his grip on his rival but the pain was now overwhelming. With an agonized scream his legs finally gave way, and he fell backwards, bringing his heavier opponent crashing down on top of him.

Clara had been watching avidly as her naked lover-boys grappled together. She clapped her hands in delight when Chris punched Kyle, right in his plump young balls then gasped as both naked boys fell to the deck right in front of her. Kyle landing first, sprawled helplessly on his back followed by a semi-conscious Chris who landed face-first, right between the boy’s open legs.


The handsome hunk would have shattered his designer glasses if his fall wasn’t cushioned by Kyle’s squishy baby-makers. The girl laughed hysterically as Kyle suddenly bolted upright, wailing in pain as he was headbutted right in his boy-balls. The poor teenager rolled onto his side, facing her as he writhed in agony, clutching his battered gonads.

“My balls!” he shrieked “Oh God! Not my balls!”

As her crippled boyfriend lay nursing his poor, tortured testicles he seemed oblivious to the threat from his muscle-bound opponent. Luckily for Kyle, Chris was in no condition to take advantage. He was slumped groggily on the floor, clutching at his throat as he gasped for air. His prized Armani glasses had skidded across the floor and lay abandoned and forgotten as the stricken hunk tried to get air in his lungs. Carla stood grinning over the two suffering boys, hoping to inspire them to continue their thrilling fight.

First, she gave Chris a mean slap to his firm, hairy balls making them jiggle in their sack. The blond stud gave a manly grunt then frowned back at her with a hurt expression.

“Get up, tough guy!” she shook his nuts roughly “Go and finish him off!”

Next, she moved over to Kyle. He was sitting on his butt, hunched over and moaning in pain as he inspected his battered genitals. It was so erotic watching him massage his traumatized boyhood that for a moment she just stood there biting her lip. The boy’s thick cock was flopped lazily across his thigh, it’s heart-shaped head still peeking through his foreskin as if on the lookout for another sneak attack.

Kyle was sobbing quietly as he nursed his battered balls like a child crying over his broken toys. His young baby-makers still looked pretty healthy and she was quite sure there was more fight left in them.

“Are those big balls alright, Kyle?” She consoled him, trying to suppress a smile.

“That fucking pedo!” Kyle grumbled angrily “He hit me in the fucking nuts!”

“Oh come on it was just a little tap !” she chuckled, ruffling his hair ”You can take it, right? Now get up and crack his little peanuts!”

“Yeah! I’m going to fucking castrate him!” Kyle growled defiantly then looked down and frowned “As soon as my big fucking balls stop throbbing.”

While Kyle sat on his butt, rubbing his scrambled eggs, Chris had managed to clamber back to his feet. He was still rubbing his sore neck but now posed a serious threat to the ball-busted teenager.

“Aww, did the nasty man hurt your goolies?” Chris laughed cruelly as he walked up to Kyle. He stood over his rival and flexed his biceps at Carla. Then he began rocking his hips to make his low hanging nuts swing provocatively between his thighs.

“Not so proud of your pathetic boy-nuts now, huh?” he smirked “Finally you can respect a real man’s balls !”

“Fuck you !” Kyle screamed in rage. His heel shot upwards and smashed into his oppressor’s hairy crotch, crushing his dangling balls and nearly lifting the blond stud clean off the ground.


For the briefest moment Chris stood frozen on the spot, still flexing his sexy biceps in a triumphant pose. Then his jaw dropped in a silent scream as the alarm bells began to blare in his brain. He knew immediately he had suffered a critical hit to both testicles. His big, virile man-glands had been crunched flat by the boy’s heel and he was paralyzed by the terror that his family jewels had shattered. A wave of stabbing pain suddenly flooded his guts, breaking his trance and turning his powerful muscles to jelly. He made a wheezing, croaking sound as his body slumped forward and his hands dropped to his groin. He then staggered backwards as his fingers fumbled in panic for his poor mangled gonads. The horrific ball-pain and Kyle’s delinquent laughter gave him a sickening feeling of deja-vu.

“For fucks sake!!!” Chris gasped in despair “Not my balls again!!!”

“Yes ! I fucking crushed them!” Kyle pumped his fist. This moment of joy seemed to ease his own pain.

Carla grabbed her crotch in empathy. She had been busy admiring the blond stud’s delicious dangling eggs when, out of nowhere, Kyle’s vertical stomp put an abrupt end to his cocky display. She watched his bouncy balls ricochet upwards only to be crunched flat when Kyle’s heel slammed them into his pelvis. It was a perfect stud-wrecker! The kind of strike that could bring a tough macho-men to his knees, shattering his dreams of ever fathering children. Poor Chris looked distraught as he staggered back from his merciless rival, whimpering as he nursed the ruins of his manhood.

“My man-balls!” he croaked in terror as his fingers fondled his mangled gonads.

Carla leapt to her feet and went to console him. Incredibly, her brave warrior was still on his feet, his muscular body flexing and sweating with his hands buried between his legs. He looked so fucking sexy as he gasped and groaned in testicular agony.

“Come on stud! Be strong!” she cheered him on.

His face was deathly pale and his mouth was wide open as he began coughing and retching.

“Yeah! Fucking puke!” Kyle cheered ironically from his place on the floor.

Carla grabbed Chris by his sturdy biceps, digging her finger into the hard muscles as she tried to keep the young hunk on his feet. If he collapsed now, his wounded balls would be at Kyle’s mercy and the thrilling fight would be over in seconds. She slid her hand around his slim waist, nudging his hand out of the way as she gently cupped his sagging jewelry bag. Chris whimpered as she explored the contents of his silky sack, first fondling his lower hanging left nut and then the right. To her relief, his sturdy gonads felt surprisingly firm and virile with no obvious swelling, like two sturdy walnuts.

‘Maybe not the biggest in the nut-bowl’ she thought to herself as she rolled his modest orbs between her fingers ‘but at least their pretty hard to crack!’

“So did I crush them yet?” Kyle grinned up at her.

Carla looked over to see Kyle was clambering slowly back up to his feet. The boy was clearly still hurting between the legs and looked more determined than ever to put his bigger wounded rival out of commission for good.

“Come on Chris, take it like a man!” Carla urged him again. She gave his left nut a gentle squeeze and felt his biceps flex rock hard like a tennis ball under her fingers. He growled, gritting his teeth in grim determination as he staggered groggily to face his young opponent.

Kyle approached purposefully and roughly swept Carla aside so he could finish off his crippled opponent. The hurting jock was clearly in no condition to continue the fight. He was grimacing in pain, folded over with his left hand shielding his traumatized manhood. The teenager laughed as he prepared for his coup-de-grace. Taking his time, he first kicked Chris in the ankle to make him spread his legs then swung his leg back.


Kyle blinked then looked down in confusion, then horror. He groaned deeply when he saw his opponent’s knee was now buried deep in his naked groin. The boy’s jaw dropped open in a silent scream and he doubled over, grasping his rival by the waist. He teetered on tip-toes, trying to relieve the terrible pressure on his teenage nuts then he howled in pain as he rocked on his rival’s knee like a seesaw. A revitalized Chris now grabbed Kyle’s head and prepared to break his nose with the same knee that had just smashed his teenage balls. Then, suddenly, Kyle’s hands shot out and grabbed Chris by his loose, dangling balls.

Chris let out a deep manly grunt, gritting his teeth in agony as he clawed desperately at the boy’s head.

“You’re going down with me, fucker!” Kyle yelled.

The teenager was still doubled over in agony but managed to tighten his lethal grip on the older stud’s juicy babymakers. Chris writhed in pain as his tough nuts were brutally squeezed and tugged. Then he felt a bony finger plunge deep into his left ball. It felt like a spear had pierced the very heart of his masculinity. He gave an ear-shattering scream then both boys collapsed on the ground clutching their tortured nuts.

“Oh God! My nut, my fucking nut!” Chris howled in anguish.

He writhed and thrashed in agony pawing at his poor wounded testicle. Then he arched his back and gave a savage, defiant roar like a wounded lion. The primal scream seemed to spur him on. He gritted his teeth and growled fiercely at his opponent, determined to salvage victory from the jaws of testicular defeat. Overcoming his agony he dug deep and managed to crawl over to his teenage tormenter.

Carla watched as the blond naked stud clambered over the boy’s chest , grabbing his wrists as he tried to trap him in a schoolboy pin. Every muscle flexed as he force the struggling boy’s arms under his own knees. Kyle bucked and squirmed, making his ample genitals jiggle and flop around between his smooth thighs. Reaching backwards, Chris suddenly slapped the teenager’s bouncing balls making the boy yelp in pain then he closed his hand around the plump organs and began to roll them roughly in his hands. He was clearly intent on humiliating the boy thoroughly and seemed in no great rush to finish him off. With a mean grin he squeezed the boy’s junk, just hard enough to make the teenager squeal and howl in distress.

“Dirty fucker!” Kyle gasped through gritted teeth “Get off my fucking balls!”.

With victory in his sights, Chris leaned forward, trapping the boy’s right arm under his knee and dangling his hairy low hangers over the boy’s cringing face. Grabbing his dangling scrotum Chris then proceeded to slap the youngster’s face with his solid balls. The tough stud cringed each time his sore nuts struck home, but his face bore a determined and triumphant grin. At last, the cocky teenager was being taught a life lesson from a real alpha male. Best of all, Chris now knew for sure he was going to win his bitch back.

“Not so cocky now, huh?” he yelled “That’s right kid, worship my superior man-balls! “

“Ugh! Fuuuuck!” Kyle spluttered and gagged in disgust as the sweaty man nuts pounded his face.

“Carla’s mine!” Chris snarled “If you go near her again, I’ll rip your worthless boy-nuts right off!”

Kyle growled and shook his head defiantly. His face had turned crimson and his teenage muscles flexed like crazy as he tried to break out of the pin. Despite all his efforts he was completely trapped by his stronger, heavier rival and his trained body eventually fell still, sweaty and broken.

“Please no more!” Kyle finally gasped in submission.

“Fuck yeah!” Chris smirked triumphantly “So admit now that your pathetic nuts are no match for my tough man-balls!”

Chris beamed triumphantly as he swung his solid gonads like a pendulum above the boy’s cringing face.

Kyle’s grimaced, took a deep breath and slowly opened his mouth to submit. Then suddenly his fingers shot upwards, fast as a lizard’s tongue, and made a grab for his rival’s weakened left gonad, right at the end of its swing. His slim fingers clamped shut around its prize then pulled it down into his palm as his fist clenched tightly around it.

“Tough man-balls, huh?” Kyle snarled “We’ll see about that”

“Fuuuuck! My left nut!” Chris howled, looking down in horror “Not again! Oh God! My fucking nut!!!”

He seized the boy’s wrist and tried to pull his hips backwards, but Kyle had an unbreakable grip on his tender gonad and he only succeeded in stretching his nut-cord to breaking point. Screaming in pain he reached both hands backwards, groping for the teenager’s bulging ball-bag but Kyle was even faster. In an instant the boy’s other hand reached up to grab Chris’ free testicle and began crushing the life out of both balls.

Chris raised his head and howled in despair. Thick veins stood out of his neck and his powerful muscles flexed and spasmed. With a final shriek his powerful frame listed over and curled up on his side. His legs were clamped shut to shield his man-hood, but Kyle’s grip had not wavered and he still had the young stud’s baby-makers in his slender hands.

“Well what have we here ?” the boys sniggered, rolling the two tough but battered orbs between his fingers.

“My balls!” Chris yelled in panic across at Carla “He’s got my fucking man-balls!”

The naked teenager tugged on the blond stud’s floppy scrotum, pinching and then slapping the firm, hairy nuts until Chris was yodeling in pain. Then Kyle grabbed his own nuts and slapped them against his rival’s battered jewels. The poor, macho stud was in a world of pain but still seemed determined to resist the assault on his gonads. To Carla’s surprise, his solid, hairy nuts still looked healthier than Kyle’s pink, swollen plums.

Chris looked down in despair to see the boy’s lethal grip on his scrotum. His poor crushed gonads were trapped at the end of his sack and looked about to burst through the thin skin. Worse of all, they now looked pathetically small next to Kyle’s big swollen plums.

“He calls himself a man!” Kyle laughed up at the girl “Look how fucking big my nuts are next to his! These little runts should be put down!”

“Fuck you !” Chris roared defiantly “Get off my fucking man-balls NOW!”

His face had turned bright red in shame and humiliation.

Kyle just grinned and tightened his grip around the neck of the older man’s scrotum so the two firm balls bulged obscenely through the stretched skin. Then he raised his fist and smashed it full force into his rival’s solid right ball, eliciting a long, strangled squeal from Chris. The young stud was writhing noisily but his protest was quickly silenced by another fist to the same sorry gonad.

“Ooooooof!” Chris grunted in agony, clutching uselessly at Kyle’s wrist while his other hand tried to shield his beloved testicles, but Kyle was remorseless. The teenager’s fist hammered down again and again. He smashed Chris’ fingers into his own mangled balls until the shield fell away. Then his fists continued their ruthless pounding. His Hard knuckles striking deep into the softer, fleshy orbs. Finally, with a triumphant grin Kyle drew his fist far back then powered his fist forward into the heart of the stud’s manhood.

“I give!!!” Chris suddenly howled in despair “Don’t break my man-balls!!! I fucking give!”

His body spasmed and writhed as Kyle pressed his fist deeper until the two sorry orbs were bursting at the seams. With a choking gargle the young stud’s eyes slid back into his skull and his muscular body slumped to the ground. Kyle pumped his fist in triumph as Chris lay motionless, his eyes closed with his tongue lolling from his open mouth.

“That was fucking awesome!” Kyle beamed triumphantly across at Carla.

He wiped the sweat from his brow and slowly stood up. Then he reached down and grabbed his broken rival by the ankles and hauled them upwards with a forceful jerk.

“Time to remove these worthless little pips from the gene pool”

The teenager laughed meanly as he raised his foot, ready to stomp the broken stud’s manhood into oblivion.

“No wait! Don’t break his balls!” Carla shouted anxiously and then added with a smile “Or we’ll never be able to crack them again!”

They both laughed meanly then Kyle shrugged and slowly lowered his foot. He gently placing his bare feet over the older man’s mangled spuds and rolled them under his toes making Chris moan and sob.

“Somehow, I don’t think this loser will want to mess with me again!” Kyle winked across at Carla “I’ll have a quick shower, then let’s go to your place.”

As soon as the teenager was out of sight, Carla knelt over her sobbing, hunky ex-boyfriend. He looked hot as hell, curled up as he pawed at his throbbing testicles.

“Come on, tough guy?” she massages his shoulders then grasped his powerful biceps. “You’re not really going to let a teenager beat you, are you?”

“I lost again!” Chris sobbed as he examined his aching nuts “Oh God! He really crushed my fucking balls. They’re so fucking swollen.”

“Let me take a look” Carla positioned herself between his legs and carefully moved his hands away from his sorry genitals. Chris whimpered as she stroked his aching balls and then rolled them gently between her fingers. His delightful, sturdy eggs did look a little reddened but if there was any swelling it seemed fairly minor. Poor Chris, she reflected with a grin, after so much abuse his hairy danglers were still rather average in size! Carla grinned as she caressed the firm orbs and wondered what it would take to finally pop them.

With a sly grin, she leant over and licked his tender low hangers then she opened lips and sucked his hairy left nut into her mouth. Chris whimpered in protest, then gasped as she sucked harder until his second nut joined it’s twin between her warm cheeks. To her surprise, his dick began to gently throb as she massaged his man-eggs with her tongue. One-by-one the girl then spat out his slippery orbs PLOP! PLOP! and began to fondle them between her fingers.

“Wow, what a fucking tough stud!” she purred “These big boys must be unbreakable!”

She licked his slippery gonads then opened her mouth and began to slurp on his throbbing member.

“Oh Fuuuuck!” Chris groaned in pain and pleasure as the girl devoured his rock-hard cock.

Carla gasped as she began to stroke his towering erection “Now Chris, if you want more of this, you’d better get up and win this fight!”

“I can’t! My fucking balls hurt so bad!” Chris groaned in dismay as the girl rolled off him and stood tapping her feet impatiently.

“OK,OK” Gritting his teeth, Chris took a few deep breaths and gave a determined growl. Then he bravely got onto his hands and knees where he crouched for a few seconds still breathing hard. His dangling ball bag swung back and forth with each labored breath until with a determined growl he rose to his feet.

“I’ll teach that kid to respect my fucking man-balls!” Chris snarled angrily. He clenched his fists, making his biceps bulge then staggered towards the steamy showers.

Chris turned the corner and saw the teenager’s athletic naked body through the misty screen. He was facing towards the wall, his smooth bubble butt clenched tightly as he boy leaned forward and rubbed shower gel over his aching privates. Chris could see the kid’s beefy balls and rubbery cock suspended between his smooth butt cheeks. One hard kick would put the little fucker out of commission for good, but that was just too easy. Chris was determined to teach this boy a lesson he would never forget.

“Hey dickhead, we’ve got a fight to finish!” Chris yelled out his challenge.

“What the fuck!” Kyle exclaimed. He turned with a look of disbelief towards his defeated opponent who was somehow standing on his feet. The blond stud looked terrifying as he snarled with his fists clenched and every muscle bulging. Kyle initial shock turned to bewilderment as he noticed his rival was now sporting a raging boner.

“Fuck me! You really are a pedo!” He burst out laughing, pointing at Chris’ groin “Or maybe you just enjoy getting those tiny balls busted?”

“Fuck you!” Chris roared in anger and fired a kick at the teenager’s ample ball sack. Kyle managed to twist his body just in the nick of time, receiving the full force of the punt right between his naked ass crack. He squealed in pain but managed to step forward and power his knee up between the blond hunk’s legs. Before he could follow up, Kyle’s foot slipped on the soapy floor and he fell sprawling to the wet, soapy floor. Tragically for Chris, his lethal knee had found it’s targets, striking the young stud right in his mangled balls. The blond stud howled in pain, clutching his wrecked manhood. He shook his head defiantly as he tried to stay on his feet but his strong thighs soon turned to butter and he slowly slumped to his knees. With a  roar of anguish, he clenched his muscles then hurled himself upon the boy that had just crushed his precious balls again.

The two athletic bodies thrashed and writhed around on the slippery floor. Fists and knees pounded furiously against hard flesh and fingers groped and clawed, seeking a soft vulnerable targets that would disable their opponent. Finally, a power-punch from Chris caught the teenager in the lower abs, just above his flailing cock. The winded boy cried out in pain, clutching his navel as he tried to crawl away.

“Not so fast, dickhead!” Chris snarled, shooting his hand out between the boy’s legs. The teenager’s strangled scream was music to his ears as his fingers closed around his prizes.

“My nuts! Fuck! Please don’t squeeze my nuts!”

Kyle pleaded but to no avail. Chris was reveling in the power he now had over the cruel teenager. He tugged and rolled the fat young testicles between his fingers making the boy howl and hammer his fists against the wet floor. With a broad grin, Chris squished the delicate orbs together, then stretched them apart, before pinching and slapping them to make Kyle shriek and howl in pain.

“So proud of your big boy balls, huh?” Chris snarled meanly “God, they’re so weak and pathetic!”

Kyle was writhing on his hands and knees. He clamped his legs tightly shut but to no avail. Chris simply wrenched the plump young balls between the boy’s smooth thighs until they bulged like water balloons between Kyle’s pert butt cheeks.

“Get off my big fucking nuts!” Kyle roared in anger “You fucking, impotent pedo!”

Kyle suddenly thrust his leg backwards in an act of pure desperation. It was a hopeless, last-ditch strike that had almost no chance of distracting such a powerful, dominating rival.

Well almost!

“HUUUGGGGHHHH !!!” Chris suddenly heaved as the air was expelled from his lungs. His cheeks puffed out and his eyes almost burst from their sockets. His muscular body quivered as he gasped and gagged, paralyzed by the explosion of pain in his balls. With a pitiful whimper he clutched his abs and cringed, then slowly his handsome face slumped forward. He peered down with dread to inspect the devastation between his legs. To his horror, his poor valiant testicles had been crushed flat as pancakes and were bulging obscenely at the sides of Kyle’s lethal heel.

Carla gasped in shock as the dramatic turn of events unfolded before her eyes. Fate had clearly sided with her schoolboy lover and his blind mule-kick had hit the bullseye. Dead fucking nuts! Poor Chris was finished! It was one ball crushing blow too many and the brave, blond stud was instantly turned into a sobbing wreck.

“You’re breaking my balls” he wailed in distress.

“Come on stud, take it like a man!” Carla cheered him on ironically. Her hand was buried in the front of her skirt as she rubbed herself in ecstasy.

“My man nuts!” he wailed pitifully, as he desperately grasped and tugged at Kyle’s ankle. His face was deathly pale as his weakened muscles tried to save the remains of his testicles from being pulverized.

“Man nuts, my ass!” Kyle laughed meanly “Now admit you’ve got tiny little balls or I’ll really pop them!”

Kyle laughed as he pumped his heel deeper into the young stud’s groin. Each thrust producing agonizing howls and grunts from the traumatized hunk as his low hangers were squished and pummeled. His sculpted body writhed and thrashed in agony. Every muscle flexed and strained but he was powerless to save his beloved gonads from the merciless crushing force.

“Oh God! Uuuuugh! Not the bawwwwlls!” Chris pleaded “Fuuuuck! I give!”

Kyle grinned as he released the crushing pressure but kept his foot firmly planted between his opponent’s thighs

“Now say it loser!” he snarled meanly.

“Fuck you!” Chris sobbed pathetically.

Then he shook his head and sniffed “Alright! Please…please don’t break my tiny balls!”

Kyle grinned triumphantly at Carla then thrust his foot full force into Chris’s mangled manhood. The young stud bolted upright, mouth wide-open in a silent scream. Then he made a choking, gagging noise, before his eyes rolled back into his head and he slumped, lifeless to the floor.

The teenage warrior winced as he rubbed his throbbing balls then he crawled over to inspect his dispatched foe. That final testicle crushing had sent the blond hunk over the edge into neverland. He lay sprawled on his side with his eyes closed like the victim of some kinky murder. Only the occasional twitch of his warm sculpted muscles revealed that he was alive. His beautiful, tanned cock was still semi hard and resting on his defeated testicles which had now swollen up like golf balls. Kyle grinned wickedly as he prodded the hunk’s swollen orbs with his finger before fondling them between his slender fingers.

“Wow! Looks like someone’s finally grown some balls” Kyle chuckled to himself.

As Kyle toyed with the spoils of his victory, Carla heard the entrance door creaking open and the sound of heavy thudding footsteps. In a panic she scampered away and concealed herself behind a nearby bench.

“What the fuck is going on in here?” a deep voice boomed as a towering silhouette filled the shower room entrance.

Kyle looked up in alarm and instantly released his rival’s mangled balls.

“Oh fuck!!!” Kyle suddenly exclaimed with a trembling voice.

“Kyle???” The booming voice filled the room.

The man stood with his hands on his hips, glaring down at the teenager with a look of anger and disgust.

“What the fuck, Kyle!”

“Coach. I, I can explain!” Kyle gulped nervously.

“Yeah? Well I can’t wait to hear this.” The man snorted sarcastically “So lets here how my star-player ends up stark naked and fondling some sleeping dude in the showers!”

Kyle managed to get to his feet and stood grimacing, covering his aching boyhood with his hands

“It’s not what you think, coach.” he stammered “That guy attacked me, and then I…”

Kyle paused, swallowing nervously before continuing his story.

The coach glared back impatiently, barely listening to the boy’s blatantly fabricated story. Suddenly he perceived a slight movement just behind Kyle. The other figure was beginning to stir, first twitching, then slowly writhing on the wet floor like a wounded snake. The mysterious figure looked a few years older and was a little more muscled than Kyle. His hands were glued to his groin as he squirmed in obvious agony. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what had happened, and Coach clenched his fists and stared daggers at the teenage boy.

“Did you kick him in the groin? You dirty little fucker!” Coach roared, interrupting Kyle’s story.

“But sir, he started it!” Kyle blushed and cupped his boyhood “My nuts are still bruised and swollen.”

“Oh really?” Coach sneered back with a sly grin “Show me boy! Or your parents will hear all about this!”

“Oh come on, sir!”

Kyle winced awkwardly, then reluctantly spread his legs. He was blushing with embarrassment as he moved his hands away from his groin to expose his naked boyhood.

“So those little nads are bruised huh?” the coach scoffed skeptically “Well, they don’t look very swollen to me. At least not yet.”

“Not yet?” Kyle stammered fearfully


Suddenly a fist powered upwards between the boy’s thighs, nailing his plump teenage balls.

“Take that! Fucker!” Chris gave a vengeful roar.

The blond stud was on his knees, his biceps bulging magnificently as his knuckles crushed his rivals dreams.

Kyle eyes nearly popped out of his head. His hands were clutching desperately at his mangled gonads as he howled in pain.

“I guess you deserve that, kid!” the coach roared with laughter as Kyle keeled over in agony.

Chris gazed up at the intruder, with a fierce, snarling grin as he ground his knuckles into the boy’s baby-makers. Then we winced and groaned as a sudden, crippling wave of pain flooded his guts. The sorry hunk dropped down onto his ass, his hands falling to his groin. He looked down miserably, cupping his poor swollen balls in his hands.

A moments later, Kyle’s legs also gave way and the stricken teenager collapsed to the floor. He tipped forward, his right knee dropping like a hammer with fateful consequences.

CRUNCH! Right into the blond hunk’s swollen gonads.

Carla gasped as she witnessed the incredible double-ballbusting knockout. The two athletic male bodies spasmed and thrashed, both clutching the ruins of their man-hoods. Suddenly Chris coughed deeply, his powerful muscles contracting as his body spasmed violently.

“My balls!” he croaked pitifully.

Then, with a final, tragic heave he leaned forward and puked, spewing his guts over the floor. Beaten and utterly defeated, the devastated stud turned miserably to meet the eyes of his tormentor, but Kyle was in no condition to gloat. Both combatants were looking deathly pale. Both were gasping and groaning miserably as they clutched their tortured testicles. Then suddenly both their cheeks puffed out suddenly and with perfect choreography they puked violently over each other before collapsing in the spreading pool of vomit.

Carla could contain herself no longer as she burst into applause. Her sudden outcry drawing the attention of the coach who turned quickly in her direction.

The girl froze!

Now she knew why Kyle had acted so fearfully. The guy looked huge; well over six foot with a broad powerful chest and veiny biceps that bulged like grapefruits under his sleeveless top. His dark hair had a military-style buzzcut and his handsome, angular face was darkened by a three-day stubble.

“Oh my!” the man gasped in surprise as Carla rose nervously to her feet.

His eyes widened involuntarily as he caught site of the deep cleavage above her low cut top and then his eyes darted down to the top of her smooth naked thighs. He moaned lustfully and Carla couldn’t help noticing the impressive swelling in his tight sweatpants. The un-mistakeable profile of his impressive schlong was stretching the soft fabric, it’s thick heart-shaped head creeping diagonally down his right thigh and throbbing like a wild beast. His manhood was clearly far too potent to be constrained by mere underwear. She bit her lip in excitement and gulped.

“So you, er, you know these guys?” The coach stammered in confusion.

He was pointing down at the entangled, groaning bodies in the shower as if he was indicating a dog turd on the sidewalk.

“Actually yeah. In fact they came here to fight over me!” Carla chuckled “I guess they really wanted to screw me!”.

“Seriously?” The coach raised his eyebrows and then burst out laughing “I thought you needed balls for that!”

On the word ‘balls’ he reached down and wrapped his fingers around the hefty bulge in his pants. He had a confident grin on his face as he flaunted the two beefy mounds beneath his boner.

“Well, you can forget these losers, girl” he smirked “I reckon I’m twice the man they are!”

she flashed a provocative smile and approached him with an excited grin.

“Twice the man, you say?” she purred, running her hand over his thick biceps. Before he knew what was happening her other hand had delved into the front of his shorts. He gasped in shock as he felt her fingers sizing up his thick, throbbing shaft before closing firmly around his big, virile balls.

“Well it looks like my afternoon has opened up now” she chuckled, glancing at the writhing bodies in the shower. “You know, maybe we can get to know each other better.”

Without releasing her controlling grip on his assets, she slipped her other arm around his waist and escorted the dumbstruck hunk towards the door.

The girl bore a triumphantly grin as she marched out the room, clutching her unforeseen prize in her hand like a jackpot winner.


Authors closing remark: My physical description of Chris is very close to the truth, with one notable exception. I applied some artistic license in my description of his manhood. In reality, the cute hunk is somewhat less endowed than I portray him here. I know for sure the real Chris would never brag about his “man-balls” nor dare to compare them, even against a teenage boy. His cute, hairy nuggets felt like a pair of small grapes in my hand and I have to agree with Kyle, they really do deserve to be removed from the gene pool.


Jonny Kramtoader said...

Really awesome read. Hope to see a pt. 4.

Anonymous said...

Dear Reg,

What a trilogy, and we got all of it in one weekend! How lucky are we?!

I think that everyone will agree that the characters are so well fleshed out, there are so many twists and turns, with an ending that came right out of left field, well done.

In addition, this story hit the mark for so many fetishes that there really is a little bit in here for everyone to enjoy.
On another note, I agree with Jonny, I would love to see the series continue in some form or fashion. In either case Reg, I am glad that this will not be the last story you write on here. Can't wait for more!



Anonymous said...

From the author:
Jonny and Jimmy, thanks so kuch for your kind words. I had a blast writing this story and it really was a kind if therapy for me (after my experience with the "real-life Chris" that the character is based on.
I have no immediate plans to continue this series but if there is a plot you propose i am all ears.
I also have to give credit where it's due...Alex suggested the twist at the end! I was at a complete roadblock, undecided which character should prevail. As Alex suggested neither of them deserved to win and this was a neat way to do it.
As Jimmy knows, i am working on some other stories now so you will hear more from me sometime soon��

Anonymous said...


Yes they will! ; )

Which will be pretty awesome indeed!



Gino and Jayden Author

Felix said...

Loved the surprise at the end!