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GoPros and low blows - part 2 (written by Reg)

This is a great piece of writing from our reader Reg. It's always amazing to see someone else take my characters and write a story with them. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did! Special thanks to Reg for this extraordinary story!

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Featured in this story: Ben and Kev (click for pictures)

“Time to wipe that smile off your face, Ben! How about a little Roshambo? Southpark style!” Kev grinned with obvious relish.

Ben’s smile faded and he bit his lip sullenly.

“Face facts Ben, I scramble your fragile eggs every single time!” Kev laughed “Dude you can kiss your love life goodbye right now.”

“Fuck you! I’ve got balls of steel! ” Ben responded with characteristic bravado but his quavering voice betrayed his concern.

“Yeah my money’s on you Ben!” Josh agreed enthusiastically “Now shorts off for this one!”

Ben seemed to be emboldened by Josh’ support and the two jock eagerly removed their tight shorts. They were both wearing skimpy briefs that clearly outlined their impressive genitalia. Kev looked more relaxed as he adjusted his heavy package while his room-mate anxiously rolled his beloved balls in his hands.

Ben had a strong record at Roshambo and had even won silver medal in the Ballbusting Olympics, but he seemed fully aware that it would take something special to defeat his nemesis.

“Right Ben, let’s see if I can make you puke this time!” Kev joked confidently.

“No way!” Ben scowled and tapped his bulge “These nuts are unbreakable!”

“We’ll see!” Kev laughed

“Now spread your legs, wimp!”

Ben seemed eager to take the advantage of first kick. He winked at the GoPro lens and made his heavy pecs bounce a couple of times before turning and booting his room-mate full force in the junk. The instep of his foot connected perfectly with both of Kev’s nuts, flattening them into his pelvis and making Kev grunt in pain.

Kev doubled over, clutching his aching nuts.

“Not so tough now, huh?” Ben laughed, giving a victory pose as Josh cheered wildly.

Kev winced in pain with one hand on his knee as he rubbed his balls. He took a few deep breaths but was soon ready to take his revenge.

“Hey, you’re not supposed to tickle them!” Kev forced a smile as he cupped his package.

Ben frowned, and carefully adjusted his tight fitting black briefs. His thick, flaccid cock was draped slightly to the right leaving his beloved balls bulging precariously between his powerful thighs.

Kev ambled up to him nonchalantly then casually slammed his shin between his room-mate’s legs. It was a less than perfect strike but enough to make an unhealthy dent in Ben’s man-bulge.

Ben grunted deeply and doubled over. He looked up at Kev and shook his head defiantly as he gradually regained his compose.

“You kick like a pussy!” He muttered derisively.

“Alright show me how it’s done!” Kev laughed and spread his legs.

Ben fired another powerful toe-punt into his room-mates groin, flattening his love spuds and making Kev yelp in pain.

The next few rounds passed and for once Ben seemed to have the upper hand. Each attack was more accurate and powerful than the last leaving Kev howling and groaning in agony.

Kev meanwhile seemed to be having an off day. His footwork was uncharacteristically sloppy; a series of  half-hearted kicks that rattled Ben’s beefy balls but lacked the potency to put him out of action. It was starting to look as if Ben’s brutal opening assault was taking its toll on the reigning champion.

“Yes! None of those cousins-once-removed for me!” Josh laughed after Ben landed another nut-shattering kick in his room-mates groin.

Kev cheeks puffed out as Ben’s foot almost drove his love-spuds up into his throat. The big stud staggered around comically and looked ready to collapse at any moment.

“Are your weak balls troubling you, buddy?” Ben laughed arrogantly.

“Fuck! You got me good that time!” Kev groaned, rubbing his crotch “But the warm up’s over now!”

To Ben’s dismay the pained expression quickly faded from Kev’s face, replaced by a more serious, determined expression. He stood up tall and cracked his knuckles. Clearly Ben’s opening barrage had done no meaningful damage to the champion’s sturdy testicles.

Swinging his leg back Kev powered his foot between Ben’s legs aiming just to the right of his thick cock. His bare foot struck with sickening force this time, flattening Ben’s bulging left gonad like a pancake. Ben jaw dropped as he made a strangled scream. Staggering backwards he clutched desperately at his tortured baby-maker.

“I think I nailed lefty!” Kev winked at Josh.

“Uuuugh! FUUUCCK!” Ben roared.

He was hunched over and grimacing  in pain. He carefully slipped his hands into his briefs and moaned as he massaged his aching gonad. With a determined growl he slowly raised himself to his full height to face his rival. He was fuelled by rage and looked determined to avenge the agony in his groin.

Seconds later he delivered a colossal kick to Kev’s crotch. Kev’s body was almost lifted off the ground as Ben’s foot struck like a sledgehammer, smashing into the jock’s precious sex organs. This time Kev’s scream was genuine as his hands clutched his mangled nuts.

“Fuck yeah! Peanut butter!” Josh yelled in excitement.

“On your knees now, wimp!” Ben barked at his opponent and pointed at the ground.

“No way!” Kev gasped “I can take it!”
Kev gritted his teeth and bounced on his toes a few times but was soon ready to continue. Ben frowned and looked decidedly nervous as he spread his legs to expose his vulnerable sex organs for more punishment. Biting his lip he peered down at his bulging package.

“Bring it on, man!” Ben growled pointing his thumbs at his bulge “These fuckers are invincible”

“We’ll see” Kev laughed. He slowly took three paces back then ran forward and placed another perfect,  nut-shattering kick into Ben’s pride and joy. The toes of his bare foot penetrated deep into the inviting bulge between his room-mates legs. 

Ben’s lip twitched and his eyes turned inwards. He groaned miserably and leaned forward as a wave of pain flooded his guts.

“Come on, stud! Balls of steel!” Josh yelled encouragingly and slapped Ben hard across the ass.

Ben whimpered, his eyes were moist with tears. He groaned miserably, pawing at his tortured testicles and as his body rocked on his wobbling legs. He staggered forward doubled over and moaning in pain. Finally he managed to raise his powerful frame and turn back to Kev looking pale but grimly determined to continue.

“Spread them now, fucker!” Ben croaked.

He took a few steps back and decided to try a different tactic. Charging forward he powered his knee full-force into Kev’s bulging basket, lifting his opponents body clean off the ground.

“Ugh! Fuck!” Kev grunted in pain as his sturdy nuts were crunched flat by Ben’s knee bone. He landed heavily on his feet, whimpering in pain before staggering into the corner. With one hand on the wall he slid the other inside his briefs and coughed deeply.

“Weakling! Your pathetic nuts can’t handle it, huh?” Ben yelled angrily.

He seemed to have forgotten the pain in his own balls as he mocked his roommate.

“Yeah, give up wimp!” Josh joined in. “Your puny nuts are no match for Ben’s balls of steel!”

Ben raised his arms and flexed his muscles for Josh. Then he grabbing his sore package and weighed it in his hands.

“Now these are a real man’s balls?” he bragged.

“Yeah!” Josh grabbed the Go-Pro for a close-up “Check out the biggest balls in the room!”

Ben slid his fingers into the sides of his briefs and slipped them down his thighs. His thick cock sprang out above a big set of slightly reddened balls. He dangled them proudly in front of the lens.

“No one beats these tough fuckers!” he bragged.

“Hey, are you done yet?”

Ben froze in his tracks as he felt an ominous tap on his shoulder.

“Put your cherries back in the basket, Ben!” Kev chuckled.

Ben seemed stunned by Kev’s quick recovery. He stood dumbstruck for a while with his hands on his hips while his naked genitals swung heavily between his thighs. With a despondent sigh he pulled up his briefs and carefully arranged his aching junk. He winced as his tender nuts were compressed by the fabric and cautiously spread his legs once again.

Kev glanced at Ben’s crotch and grabbed him roughly by the shoulders.

“Now I have a little riddle for you, Ben” Kev chuckled “What is small, flat and seedless?”

Kev took a deep breath then slammed his knee into the inviting target, hammering both of Ben’s plump testicles up against his pelvis.

Ben roared in pain as Kev kept his knee buried deep in his love spuds. Ben threw his head back with an agonized howling as he rose on tip-toe, his whole body perched precariously on his opponent’s knee bone. Slowly Kev withdrew his leg and Ben’s body folded until his face flopped forward against Kev’s hard muscular chest.

 “My balls!” Ben gasped as his fingers reached for his tortured testicles.

“Correct! Small, flat and seedless!” Kev laughed and ruffled Ben’s hair “Now, get on your knees.”

Ben coughed deeply with one hand on his stomach while the other cupped his balls. Then with a miserable groan his legs collapsed as the crippled jock slumped to his knees at Kev’s feet.

Ben’s eyes were clamped shut and his mouth gaped in a silent scream as he pawed pathetically at his mangled balls. His powerful muscles twitched uselessly as his body rocked back and forth. He looked on the verge of passing out from the overwhelming agony. With a pitiful groan his handsome face flopped forward straight into his opponents bulging basket.

“Yeah! Suck my big balls, buddy!” Kev laughed and winked at the camera.

Kev grabbed Ben’s head and pulled his mouth and nose deep into his sweaty crotch. With a sexy sneer, Kev rolled his hips, thrusting his heavy balls repeatedly into Ben’s senseless face.

Josh cupped his young bulge in empathy. His teenage cock was hard as a rock inside his shorts as he watched his crippled hero being dominated by his older cousin.

Josh finally pushed Kev away and leant over next to Ben

 “Get up, Ben! You’ve got balls of steel! Come on!”

“Balls of steel, my ass!” Kev chuckled.

Ben rocked forward until his lips kissed the ground. He was  gasping and sobbing while he pawed at his wounded manhood.

“Come on tough guy! Get up!” Josh insisted, slapping Ben hard in the face. Finally the big jock opened his eyes.

“My fucking balls hurt so bad!” Ben gasped weakly.

It took several minutes and a lot of encouragement from Josh before Ben bravely clambered back up on his feet. He was still hunched over, tenderly cupping his throbbing balls with one hand and holding his stomach with the other.

Kev was ready for him, he was hunched over in pain but stood confidently with his legs spread wide open.

“Feeling sick, buddy? It must suck having such weak, little balls!” Kev sneered.

“Fuck you!”

Ben turned, enraged and lashed out recklessly at his opponent. His weaker left foot flew upwards in the general direction of Kev’s groin but Josh was quick to spot his foolish error. He barged roughly into Ben causing his wild kick to sail harmlessly into open air.

“Focus, Ben!” Josh berated him like a boxing coach “Now make it count!”.

Ben nodded and gritted his teeth. He clenched his fists trying to ignore his pain as he rose to his full height. With a snarl like the incredible hulk, he approached Kev until their faces almost touched.

“We’ll see who’s got weak balls!” he hissed at Kev.

“Kick him from behind!” Josh advised him excitedly “That’ll finish him off!”

For the first time Kev looked really nervous as Ben stepped purposefully behind him. Ben touched his abused nuts one more time and grimaced in agony but the pain seemed to drive his lust for vengeance. Taking one step forward Ben booted his room-mate in the junk from behind. His toes crunched into Kev’s defenceless sex organs with a sickening thud.

Kev opened his mouth in a silent scream as he groped at his shattered testicles.  His face went deathly pale and he groaned weakly. For the first time he looked in serious trouble as he gasped for breath and groped desperately between his legs. 

“BALLS OF STEEL!!!” Ben roared in triumph, raising his arms in the air.

“Fuck! You broke my balls!” Kev croaked in horror. He coughed deeply as he doubled over, his face a mask of pain as he finally slumped to his knees and curled into a ball. His hands were thrust between his thighs as he writhed miserably on the floor.

“Yes! I WIN!” Ben yelled in triumph.

Ben’s victory grin faded as an aftershock of stabbing pain surged from his tortured balls. Ben slowly doubled over, clutching his stomach. He coughed deeply then gave a long, miserable groan before slowly folding over until his hands touched the floor.

Josh grabbed his Go-Pro to get a close up of the two crippled jocks. Kev looked to be out for the count; curled in a ball with his eyes closed but Ben wasn’t in great shape either. He was on all fours, dry retching and looking about ready to puke.

Kev’s eyes finally opened a crack as he glanced across at his opponent. He lips curled into a sly grin as he caught sight of his room-mate’s sorry condition. He watched Ben lower his shorts half way down his thighs and tenderly inspect his battered jewels. His face was red and contorted with pain.

“My fucking balls!” Ben groaned to himself as he lovingly caressed his tender baby makers.

“Hey Ben” Kev croaked weakly “Your little nuts hurt, huh?”

“What the fuck?” Ben glared back angrily “I just beat you, dumbass! I broke your pathetic balls.”

“You did?” Kev gasped in horror. He raised his eyes in mock alarm as he slipped his hands into his shorts.

“You’re such a retard!” Ben scowled.

Ben gingerly pulled his shorts back up over his aching junk. With a gargantuan effort he slowly got back on his feet but remained hunched over with one hand on his abs.

“Hey dude, I think my nuts survived!” Kev sighed with exaggerated relief.

“Yeah whatever, loser!” Ben smirked.

“So, I guess I have to continue?” Kev gasped weakly at Josh.

Josh shrugged and grinned.

“You think you’re so funny!” Ben stood over his room-mate, snarling down at him sarcastically.

 “Stand up like a man right now or admit that I defeated your puny balls”

“OK, OK!” Kev groaned

“What the fuck?” Ben’s jaw dropped wide open in disbelief as his room-mate slowly rose to his feet and stood with both hands on his knees.

Both jocks were hunched over in pain.

“Alright Ben, spread your legs!” Kev gasped.

“Dude, let’s just call it quits, OK?” Ben stammered, backing away and shielding his groin with both hands.

Kev shook his head slowly. 

Ben moaned as he slowly took his position. He was gasping and shaking as Kev approached and rested his hands on his muscular shoulders. Slowly Kev raised  his knee between Ben’s powerful thighs until his kneecap nudged Ben’s tender babymakers.

“FUCK! PLEASE NOT MY BALLS! I GIVE!” Ben blurted out suddenly, cringing in terror.

For a few seconds the jocks stood face to face as Kev considered his next move. Ben whimpered then sighed deeply as his room-mate slowly lowered his threatening knee.

BAM! With a dull thud, Kev’s knee powered back up into Ben’s valuables, crushing his fragile plums against his bony pelvis.

Ben’s eyes crossed and he let out a strangled scream. His hands reached down towards his shattered balls as his jaw dropped wide open.

Kev folded his arms and watched him with a knowing smile.

“Take it like a man!” Josh screamed  in vain

“I said I give!!!” Ben sobbed. His whole body shivered and with a pitiful whimper he collapsed on the ground, cupping his mangled balls and coughing hoarsely. One hand massaged his muscular stomach as crippling waves of pain surged up into guts.

Kev raised his hands in triumph as he reveled in another victory over his cocky room-mate

Josh bit his lip in disappointment as he gazed down at his fallen hero. Ben was consumed by agony, his muscular frame writhing in pain as he groped at his crushed testicles. Suddenly his body convulsed and he began to dry retch as he clutched his abs.

“Yes! Come on puke!” Kev cheered him on excitedly.

Kev could hardly contain his glee as he watched Ben writhing and heaving on the ground. Ben’s nausea slowly faded however and he soon rolled unto his back with his eyes closed and his hands clutching his nuts.

“Kev wins! That’s one point each” Josh announced.

Ben groaned miserably as he pawed his defeated balls and watched Kev celebrate his win. It took several minutes before he was able to stand up for the next challenge.

“Come on tough guy, you’ll bounce back!” Josh slapped Ben on the back.

The big jock was still reeling from his defeat and his proud balls felt like they had been run over by a bus. He bit his lip as he tried to think of a challenge to defeat his room-mate without causing further havok to his sorry genitals.

to be continued

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Your story is so good I'm really enjoying it. So glad that you dipped you pen in ink to share with us this tale. Im hoping Josh gets some punishment in the next one!