Monday, October 31, 2016

Video links: Right in the pumpkins!

Happy Halloween, everybody! Is there a better way to celebrate this wonderful holiday than hitting your buddy in the pumpkins?

Hitting a pair of testicles with a pumpkin obviously needs a lot of planning. I love the meticulous planning in this video... "This is gonna kill me", the designated testicle-provider says. Well, it's probably not going to kill you. Not sure about your future kids, though...

The guys in the following video have built a ramp to perform their "Rock melon nutshot". It takes five takes until they get it right. But then they nail the poor guy's nuts dead-on. "I think my balls went up into my arsehole", he says. Nice! Mission accomplished, I guess.

Skip to 2:42

The next clip is a straight-up nutshot. No nonsense. Pumpkin thrown from a tree into a pair of testicles. Well done, guys!

Leave it to Nasty The Horse to come up with a Halloween stunt that has to be censored to be on YouTube: The Boiling Teabag. It's part of Nub TV's 2013 Halloweed special. By the way, if you prefer your pumpkins mashed, not cooked, there are two pair of testicles later in the clip that'll be more to your liking...

The Boiling Teabag at 13:15
Pumpkin Nut Drop #1 at 16:55
Pumpkin Nut Drop #2 at 17:50

Finally, what would a Halloween blog post be without a butternut squash joke? Modern Family's Manny is at the receiving end of a classmate's mean joke in the following clip.

Again, happy Halloween everybody!

Do you know any holiday-themed nutshot videos? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email (! :-))



Jimmy said...

As always thanks for sharing Alex!


Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Jimmy! I'm glad you enjoyed the clips! :-))

Jimmy said...

I think that it's fun that you come up with themes for them, keep up the good work Alex!


Alex said...

Thank you very much, Jimmy! :-))