Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Video links: Animated agony

You know how much I love real life ballbusting, comedy crotch crunching and game show groin slamming. Recently, I have discovered that I enjoy cartoon spud smashing as well. :-))

There's something very hot about a nice animated nutshot. There's usually an exaggerated reaction, a hilarious sound effect, and it's almost always played for comedy, which is always a plus.

Here are some of my favorite berry bashing scenes from animated TV shows and web series.

First up we have Total Drama, a Canadian TV show that has had a bunch of nutshots in its five seasons. Here's a little compilation of some of those, in a clip appropriately titled Courtney Doesn't Want Duncan To Have Kids.

Here's another one with one of the characters landing crotch first on a hurdle. I love the soprano scream! 

Skip to 6:30

Adult Swim's The Venture Bros. has featured quite a few instances of testicular agony. Here's a little compilation of nuts getting crunched and balls getting busted.

Okay, some of those nutshots were a bit over the top (Have you ever had your nuts caught in a moving stairway?) so let's go for a more realistic depiction of male pain. These two kicks are from the Japanese show Asobi ni Iko yo! (Cat Planet Cuties). Listen to the voice-over-actor's award-worthy performance after the first kick. I'm sure he had his co-stars kick him in the nuts again and again at the recording studio until he got it right. 

We're a bit heavy on f/m ballbusting, right? Well, here's a wonderful m/m scene from One Punch Man. Our humble hero knocks his vicious assailant out with a single fist to the nuts. The connection is a pretty bold depiction of a fist meeting a pair of nuts in close-up, with the contents of the poor villain's scrotum sloshing back and forth in slow motion. There's a pretty hilarious visual of the pain reaction, too. The screen is filled with a beautiful sky and a rainbow, the caption reading "We are experiencing technical difficulties. Please stand by." I love it!

In today's final scene we have a couple of kids playing cops and robbers or samurais and bandits or something. One valuable advice if you're next to play the bandit: Don't leave yourself open...

What's your favorite animated ballbusting scene? Let me know by sending me an email ( or leaving a comment!

Thank you!


Jimmy said...

What a fun group of videos! Thank you for sharing Alex, I think that I have already said this but I'm going to again; soglad that you are back!



Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Jimmy! I'm glad you enjoyed this little post. :-))

Anonymous said...

Hey, great job of compilation. I give you a pair of links from series in spanish. Two scenes from a spaniard and argentine series (f-m):
And one scene from another serie from Spain (soccer bust m-m):
(min. 19:30)


Alex said...

Thanks for those links! Unfortnately, the last one seems to work only in Spain... :-/