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Family affairs: Good sport

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Logan adjusted the boner in his loose sweat pants. The 18 year old high school wrestler was lying on his bed. He had just received a naughty picture from his girlfriend Ashley, and he felt his balls churning with pent-up sperm.

They hadn’t seen each other for a couple of days, and Logan had deliberately refrained from jerking off, saving his spunk for Ashley. She loved his cum, and Logan loved the sight of her cute face covered in it. Tonight, he was going to shower her in his salty jizz.

“Damn”, Logan chuckled, trying to calm down his raging erection that created a big tent in his pants.

Suddenly, the door to his room opened, and his father walked in.

“Dad!” Logan gasped, grabbing a book from his nightstand to cover his crotch. Unfortunately, the heavy book not only hid his erection, it also crushed it, bending the shaft and bashing it against his left nut.

Logan let out a dry cough, his eyes bulging as the pain rushed.

His father looked at him with an amused grin. He was 38 years old, a handsome, muscular man with dark blond hair. “Am I interrupting something?” He glanced at Logan’s crotch and chuckled.

“Ever heard of knocking?” Logan croaked, pressing the book against his crotch. His left nut was sending waves of pain through his body.

“Knocking one off, you mean?” Bradley chuckled. “Yeah, I’ve heard of that. Your mom is very cooperative, though, so I rarely feel the need to scour the tower of pow---“

“Daaaad!” Logan groaned, rolling his eyes.

Bradley let out a laugh. “Don’t let Ashley know you’re charming the purple snake or she’ll---“

“Dad!” Logan tossed the book at Bradley, hitting him squarely in the crotch.

Bradley let out a surprised yelp as the book fell to the ground. He doubled over, clutching his crotch and groaning in pain.

“Anything you wanted to tell me?” Logan said, jumping off his bed and adjusting his crotch. His boner was gone. The heavy book had done a good job of destroying his mighty erection. His balls were still tickling despite the pain – but that was to be expected after almost a week without release.

Bradley looked up, chuckling through the pain. “About Ashley?”

“No, dad”, Logan rolled his eyes again. He made sure to guard his crotch with both of his hands as he walked past his father. “You wanted to talk to me, right? That’s why you came in. Without knocking.”

Bradley’s fist shot up between Logan’s legs, hitting his hand and making Logan let out a laughing grunt.

Logan chuckled, rubbing his nuts.

Bradley grinned. “Your cousins are here. They are waiting downstairs. Apparently you invited them over for a video project?”

Logan stared at him. Then he let out a sigh, running his hands through his blond hair. “Shit, I totally forgot about that.”

His father grinned. “Logan?”

“Yeah?” Logan said.

Brandon glanced at Logan’s crotch.

His dick was growing hard again, tenting his sweat pants.

Brandon chuckled and threw a hard uppercut at his son’s nuts, crunching them into his body and making Logan let out a guttural grunt.

“You don’t want the boys to see your boner, right?” Bradley grinned as he turned around and left the room, whistling happily.

“Thanks, dad”, Logan croaked, rubbing his crotch as his boner faded.

“You’re welcome, son”, Bradley yelled as he walked down the stairs. “Happy to help.”


“Logaaaaaan!” Caleb and Jayden yelled in unison as Logan limped down the stairs.

Cheering and laughing, they jumped at him as soon as he had reached the floor.

Logan’s eyes widened “Easy, boys, eas---“

Jayden’s head bumped into Logan’s crotch as the ten year old slammed into him, throwing his arms around him.

“Oooof!” Logan’s eyes bulged and he let out an anguished grunt.

A split-second later, Caleb bumped into his brother, driving Jayden’s head into Logan’s unfortunate testicles once again.

Logan let out a high-pitched yelp and doubled over, wrapping his arms around his cousins as his face contorted in pain.

Caleb and Jayden loved their big cousin.

Caleb was 12, and his brother was 10 years old. Both of them were blond and blue-eyed, two hyperactive rascals with relentless energy and youthful vigor.

They loved to spend time with Logan, even if they only met him once or twice a month. He was a great playmate, funny and adventurous, far superior to their same-aged friends at school.

What they loved most about him was the funny faces and the hilarious noises he made for their entertainment.

“Great to see you, boys”, Logan said with a high-pitched voice.

Jayden and Caleb took a step back and looked at him.

“What’s with your voice?” Jayden said slowly.

“What about my voice?” Logan said in a soprano sing-song, a blank expression on his face.

“It’s funny”, Caleb giggled.

“Like Mickey Mouse”, Jayden added, snickering.

“Oh, that”, Logan said in a clear falsetto, nodding solemnly. “Well, it looks like you crunched my nuts, so…” He shrugged his shoulders.

Caleb and Jayden burst out laughing.

“Does that mean you’ll talk like this forever?” Caleb laughed.

“Well”, Logan said, scratching his chin with a thoughtful expression on his face. He lifted the waistband of his sweat pants and looked down. He shrugged his shoulders. “There’s nothing but peanut butter in my pants now, so I guess you are right.”

The boys laughed and clapped their hands in utter delight.

 “Maybe”, Caleb said, his eyes lighting up. “Maybe if we hit you in the boy bits again---“

“What?!” Logan said, his voice suddenly back to normal. “No, you---“

Caleb brought his leg back and sent it up between Logan’s thighs. It connected perfectly with Logan’s balls, ramming them into his body.

Logan folded like a camp-chair, falling to the ground and howling in pain as Caleb and Jayden convulsed with laughter.

“Anybody want some ice?” Bradley’s head peeked out from the kitchen, a huge grin on his face.

“Yeah!” Caleb and Jayden exclaimed.

“Chocolate with lots of sprinkles for Caleb and Jayden”, Bradley grinned as the boys ran past him. “And for you?”

“A bag”, Logan groaned, rubbing his sore testicles. “A bag of ice would be nice.”


“Okay, so what’s your project?” Logan said, hunkering down, his hands on his knees.

Caleb and Jayden smiled at him, their mouths smeared with dried chocolate ice cream.

“It’s for my school”, Caleb said. “We’re supposed to film a clip about sports.”

“What kind of sports?” Logan asked.

“Dunno”, Caleb said, shrugging his shoulders. “All kinds.”

Logan scratched his head. “Okay, are you sure you’ve got it right?”

“I know exactly what I we’re going to do”, Caleb said, his voice brimming with excitement. “I’ll be the director, and you’ll be the star.”

“Okay”, Logan chuckled.

“What about me?” Jayden mumbled, pouting.

“You’re too young”, Caleb said.

Jayden blinked, suddenly on the verge of tears.

“We’ll think of something”, Logan said, winking at Jayden. “Hey, I got an idea: You can be the cameraman.”

Jayden’s face lit up.

“No!” Caleb yelled. “It’ll be all shaky and stuff.”

Jayden looked at his feet.

“What about this: I’ll be the cameraman, and you’ll be the co-star”, Bradley suggested.

Caleb rolled his eyes. “But---“

“You need a co-star for your video, Caleb, right?” Logan interrupted him.

“I’ll be great!” Jayden said enthusiastically.

“Okay”, Caleb mumbled. “But don’t blow it.”

Logan and Bradley looked at each other and chuckled.

Caleb explained the plot. His vivid description made Jayden and Bradley laugh out loud while Logan was shifting uncomfortably.

“Okay”, Logan mumbled. “I better get my cup…”

“We brought one for you”, Caleb said, producing a tiny kid-sized protective cup.

Logan blinked.

His father chuckled. “Perfect! You thought of everything, Caleb!”

Caleb grinned proudly as he handed Logan the small plastic device.

Logan cleared his throat.

“What is it, son?” Bradley grinned.

Logan grimaced, inspecting the little cup. “Well, I’m thinking, maybe I should use my own---“

“Oh, come on”, his father interrupted him, patting his back. “Your cousin brought it just for you.” He turned to Caleb. “You want Logan to wear this one, right?”

Caleb nodded his head.

“See?” Bradley grinned. “You don’t want to disappoint him, do you?”

Logan raised his eyebrow. “Dad, if I wear this thing, I’ll have nothing but peanut butter in my pants when we’re done.”

“Well, that’s the point, isn’t it?” Bradley grinned, looking at Logan’s cousins for confirmation.

Caleb and Jayden broke out in cheers and laughter. “Peanut butter! Peanut butter!” they chanted, making Bradley laugh out loud.

Logan grimaced. “But---“

“If you don’t want to wear this one”, Bradley interrupted him with a grin, “feel free to wear no protection at all. I‘m sure your cousins would be fine with that as well…”

The boys’ cheers grew even louder.

“Okay, okay”, Logan said quickly. “This one’s fine…”

His father chuckled and put his hand on Logan’s shoulder. “If you’re lucky it’s big enough to protect one of your nuts and you’ll only have half a sack’s worth of peanut butter…”

Caleb and Jayden laughed as Logan changed into his jockstrap. He tried fitting his junk into the tiny cup but it was impossible to get everything in. Logan looked at his father and sighed.

“You gotta choose, son”, Bradley grinned. “Leftie or rightie.”

Logan let out a laugh. “Yeah. Well.” He shrugged his shoulders and adjusted the cup so it was encompassing his fat left nut. His jockstrap was bulging comically. He looked at his cousins and grinned weakly. “What are you waiting for? Let’s make some peanut butter!”

His father and the boys laughed as Logan grimaced comically and walked out into the garden in an exaggerated John Wayne swagger.

A couple of minutes later, they were filming.

“You’re not sure what kind of sport you’re into?” Logan smiled into the camera. “Well, I have a few suggestions for you!”

Logan’s father was holding the camera, chuckling as he watched his son stand on the lawn wearing nothing but his jockstrap, his legs spread wide apart, smiling into the camera as Jayden approached him from behind, carrying Logan’s baseball bat and snickering mischievously.

The wooden bat looked huge in Jayden’s hands, and he was having trouble holding it upright.

When it came to swinging it, though, Jayden was a pro.

“If you like hitting things – try baseball!” Logan said, his legs spread, his hands on his hips. “You have to hit as hard as you can, and----“

The baseball bat crashed into Logan’s crotch with a dull thud, making Logan’s eyes bulge as he doubled over, his face scrunching up as he let out a wheezing groan.

“Just like that”, Logan whispered in a toneless voice. “Just like that. You hit them right out of the park…”

Jayden, Caleb and Logan’s father burst out laughing as Logan fell to his knees, groaning in pain.

“How’s the cup working, son?” Bradley chuckled after switching off the camera.

Logan got up, groaning and rubbing his crotch. “Leftie is happy”, he grinned weakly.

“What about rightie?” Bradley looked at his son, an amused expression on his face.

“Not so much”, Logan chuckled, adjusting his crotch.

“Peanut butter!” Jayden yelled enthusiastically, wildly swinging the baseball bat, inadvertently hitting Logan in the crotch once again, causing Bradley to roar with laughter.

His son, despite the pain that was radiating from his precious jewels, joined in the laughter while massaging the contents of his jockstrap.

They resumed filming as soon as Logan was able to stand up straight again.

“If you have strong legs, maybe you should try football”, Logan said, smiling weakly into the camera. His legs were spread wide apart and his upper body was leaned forward, with his right hand touching the ground.

Jayden came running into the frame from behind, screaming a battle cry before kicking Logan’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Unfortunately, Jayden’s foot caught Logan’s unprotected right nut dead-on. The kick was right on target, and it lifted Logan off the ground, making him scream in pain as he collapsed on the ground, clutching his crotch and writhing in pain.

“Touchdown!” Jayden yelled enthusiastically. “Touchdown!”

Bradley and Caleb were laughing their asses off as Jayden ran in circles around Logan who was grunting and groaning in pain, his face contorted in agony.

“Aww, damn, we have to do it again”, Bradley grinned.

“What?!” Logan croaked, rubbing his aching gonads.

“Sorry, son”, Bradley chuckled. “I was laughing so hard that the camera was shaking.”

“No way, dad”, Logan moaned, his face contorted in agony.

“Let’s ask the director”, Bradley grinned, looking at Caleb.

Caleb pretended to think about it for a couple of seconds. Then he declared enthusiastically, “Do it again!”

“You gotta be kidding me”, Logan groaned as he got up, adjusting his crotch, grimacing, before spreading his legs and assuming his football position.

“Action!” Caleb yelled.

Logan looked into the camera. His smile was almost non-existant. “If you have strong legs, maybe you should try football”, he said flatly, bracing himself for the impact.

The sound of Jayden’s battle-scream sent shivers down his spine, and a second before Jayden’s foot made contact with his nuts, Logan’s eyes opened and he said, “Bad idea.”

A split-second later, his voice turned into a soprano wail. Jayden’s foot landed right in the center of Logan’s nutsack, squishing his unprotected right nut flat and driving the hard cup into his left nut.

Bradley and Caleb burst out laughing as Jayden did a little victory dance behind his older cousin who collapsed on the ground, squealing in agony.

“Oh my fucking god”, Logan groaned, curled up in a ball.

“Hey, watch your tongue”, Bradley chuckled.

“My fucking nuts are fucking killing me”, Logan whimpered, peeking into his shorts, only to close his eyes and let out a deep, guttural grunt.

“That’s not reason to swear, right?” Bradley said patiently, glancing at Jayden and Caleb who nodded solemnly.

“What do we do with people who use bad words?” Bradley smiled at Jayden and Caleb.

“We kick them in the boy bits!” Caleb yelled cheerfully.

Caleb and Jayden jumped at Logan and started kicking him, aiming for his balls. Logan grunted and groaned, curled up in a ball, trying to avert his cousins’ kicks, as his father roared with laughter.

“That’s right, boys”, Bradley chuckled. “We kick them right in the boy bits…”

This time, it took a little longer until Logan was ready to continue filming, and Bradley treated Jayden and Caleb to another round of icecream while they were watching Logan try to walk off the pain.

“Ready, son?” Bradley chuckled. “Now comes the best part.”

Logan looked at his father and rolled his eyes. “Not for me.”

“Or your boy bits”, Bradley mused, causing Logan to chuckle despite the pain that was radiating from his rapidly swelling nuts.

Bradley was sitting on top of a ladder, pointing his camera at the ground where his son was laying on the grass, looking up at him with an uneasy expression on his face.

“Action!” Caleb yelled.

He and his brother were standing on either side of Logan, slightly out of frame.

Logan looked into the camera and cleared his throat. “Or, if you don’t like ball games, you could try the trampoline”, he said. “It’s fun.”

As soon as Logan had stopped speaking, Jayden and Caleb jumped on top of him, their feet landing right on his crotch. They started jumping up and down, yelling and cheering enthusiastically as Logan’s nuts were squished under their feet.

There was a loud cracking noise as the protective cup shattered under the weight of the two boys – but Jayden and Caleb were too excited to notice.

Logan let out an ear-piercing shriek as his cousins jumped on his precious jewels, squashing them flat again and again with every jump, driving the splintered pieces of the useless protective cup into his hitherto unscathed left testicle, causing it to rapidly make up ground on its swollen companion…

Logan’s father was laughing in good-natured fun as he watched Jayden and Caleb use his son’s manhood as a trampoline, crunching his nuts, screeching with joy while Logan was shrieking in agony.

“Boys”, Bradley laughed. “I think that’s enough.”

“Nooooo!” Jayden and Caleb yelled in unison, driving their feet into Logan’s nuts again and again as the handsome hunk squealed in pain.

A minute or two later, when Logan had almost given up hope that his cousins would ever grow tired of jumping on his testicles, Jayden and Caleb descended their human trampoline, not without twisting their feet on Logan’s balls one last time, of course.

Bradley handed Caleb the camera.

“Nice”, Caleb grinned. “I bet this will be the best film of everybody in my class!”

“Yeah”, Bradley chuckled.

Logan had curled up in a ball, whimpering and moaning in pain.

Jayden and Caleb were picked up a couple of minutes later.

“Thanks, Logan”, Caleb said casually, rushing for his father’s car.

“Maybe I can make a film next time!” Jayden yelled, following his brother.

“See you, boys”, Logan croaked, still on the ground, cupping his aching nuts.

Bradley chuckled and knelt down next to his son. “Looks like the cup didn’t really work”, he grinned.

Logan pulled down his jockstrap, revealing his beet red, bruised, almost ridiculously swollen nuts. “Nope”, he whispered, tentatively rolling the tender orbs between his fingers.

“I hope you weren’t planning on making me any grandkids tonight”, Bradley chuckled.

“Oh, fuck”, Logan groaned. “I completely forgot about Ashley. She’s gonna be so pissed!”

His father burst out laughing. “Look at the bright side, son, I bet you won’t need to use a condom for the foreseeable future…”

“Daaaad!” Logan groaned, rolling his eyes.

Bradley laughed and smacked Logan’s swollen nuts playfully with the palm of his hand, causing him to shriek in pain and curl up in a ball.

Inside the house, the telephone rang.

Bradley got up and grinned. “If it’s Ashley I’ll tell her that the sperm factory is closed tonight.” He turned around and laughed.

“Dad!” Logan protested as his father walked into the house, whistling happily.

He looked at his severely damaged goods and groaned.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be discreet as usual”, Bradley shouted before disappearing inside the house.

Logan couldn’t help but chuckle.


Anonymous said...

At the beginning I hoped it was about Logan and his Dad ballbusting each other... but unfortunately it was not.
Any hope next chapter will be about their match with no little kids around? Hope so. Thanks

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'll see what I can do. :-))

Anonymous said...

Thanks For this story.the ones with logan and his cousins are the best.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, ballbuster XXL! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

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Thanks for the new chapter Alex,though I have to say there isn't much new here compared to the other cousins chapters. I'm hoping to Logan cream his pants next time his cousins bust his balls!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! This time poor Logan was spared the ultimate humiliation. I'm not sure he'll get through the next chapter without blowing his load, though... :-))

Anonymous said...

I really hope that's in your plans for him!

Jimmy said...

Dear Alex,

What a great story! The "video project" was a great idea for Logan's cousins to bust his balls again and both Jayden and Caleb were more than happy to oblige.

I see that you've gotten a few requests as to where the story could go next and maybe a "learning about a boys atonomy" would be a neat direction. I believe that Caleb and Jayden understand that they are hurting Logan's balls but they don't seem to understand what they are hitting I don't think. For instance when Caleb and Jayden started going for the strange bulge below Logan's cup when he tried to prevent the boys from hurting him but it came loose so they started to hit the strange bulge. Or not noticing that they were hitting a cup to begin with. The discovery of a Logan's nuts "maybe through a squeeze," could be vastly entertaining and could have unforeseen results from an eruption.

And for those fans looking for Logan's dad Bradly busting his nuts he certainly got a few hits in during this chapter and Bradlys is always clever in getting his son to fall prone to his knees. I'm sure we will see more busting from Bradly to Logan.

Thank you again Alex for always writing such great stories and characters that we all enjoy!


Alex said...

I'm sure you won't be disappointed... :-))

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Jimmy! I love your ideas and I'll think about them! :-))

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Next chapter? ;-)

Alex said...

No news. :-))

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex,

This story reminds me of myself and my cousin Bobby. We wrestle and, sometimes, balls get busted (usually his).

Cousins seem to have an unique relationship like that. I could share some stories if you wish. All I need to know is how. I can keep the balls broken around here...

Anyway, thanks for the story.

Jimmy D

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Jimmy! I appreciate your feedback! :-))