Guest authors/Collaborations

Artwork created by Champ

Art by glamdring

I have been a longtime fan of Glamdring's awesome blog Nads destroyed, and I was thrilled to team up with him for a little story.

Paying debts 


Guest author: David

Our reader David contributed this fun little story.

Best buddy


Guest author: Riley

Furry ballbusting stories haven't been a regular feature of this site, but our reader Riley's awesome epic fills that gap!

King Rush defends the crown jewels
The Ballbusting Bandit
The king's trial 


Art by White Worm

White Worms hot, kinky art inspired me to write some short stories.

Happy Easter! 
Brett's new job


Guest author: Felix

Our reader Felix came up with a series of short stories featuring celebrities and their testicles.

Tom Daley's low hangers
Brandon Urie's voice trainer
Black Panther's weakness
Messi's footballs 


Guest author: Oscar

Oscar has sent me an awesome family story.

Daddy's boys: Camping trip


Guest author: Jimmy

Our longtime reader Jimmy has created some awesome stories.

Bittersweet dessert: A Chucky and Andy story

Gino and Jayden series
Christmas Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas week 
Christmas break ends
Brothers and cousins
Gino vs. Jayden
A boy's anatomy
Chase's revenge
Testicular examination
Chase and Jayden team up
The boyfriend debacle 


Collaboration with Jonathan

I teamed up with Jonathan (check out his twitter account) for a series of multimedia stories.

Jonathan's ballbusting adventures (1)
Jonathan's ballbusting birthday bash

And these are stories that Jonathan wrote himself:

Dominated by my big brother 


Guest author: Jason

Everybody would love to have a family like Jason's! Here's his awesome ballbusting debut story that he kindly allowed me to publish.

The games we are playing 


Guest author: Dominik

My friend Dominik (who has been writing German stories for our joint German blog Jungs mit Eiern for years has started writing in English, and I'm very proud that he chose some of my characters for his debut!

Pain by the pool


Guest author: Clemens

Our reader Clemens sent me this fantastic ballbusting story.

Give and take


Guest author: BostonBallbuster

Our reader BostonBallbuster wrote this awesome, superhot ballbusting story.

Taking a crack at Greg's plums


Guest author: Jonas

Our longtime reader Jonas made his ballbusting writing debut on this blog.



Guest author: Matty Steel

My friend Matty Steel isn't just an extraordinarily hot webcam artist (as if that weren't enough!), he's also an extraordinarily hot writer of ballbusting fiction.

Matty Steel's pressing situation


Guest author: Mickey

Our reader Mickey from Thailand has written a few hilarious stories about fan favorite Logan's whacky adventures.

Logan's luck - a ball bash beach fantasy
Logan's luck - a testicular train trash fantasy
Logan's luck - a sackwrecking superhero fantasy


Guest author: James @MosHadron

Our reader James (@MosHadron on is the author of these hot stories:

Friday night at the club
Pain train


Guest author: Harry

Our reader Harry has written what may be the best wrestling story I have ever read. It's a sequel to Fighting dirty (Damon meets Logan) and features our favorite high school wrestler Logan and his friends from Santos High.

Captain's Cradle
Captain's Crew - part 1: Monday is gonna be a bitch
Captain's Crew - part 2: Three falls
Captain's Challenge

Pankration - match 1: Tallus vs. Amun
Pankration match 2: Nico vs. Pollux


Guest author: Jason Ball

Our reader Jason Ball from Brazil (here's his Facebook profile) has sent me a wonderful little story about two young men and their painful encounter.

The meeting of two players


Guest author: Pat

Pat has written a fantastic series of stories introducing the Ballbusting Canucks, a Canadian BB porn studio much like Ballbusting Boys.

A letter from Canada
Show and tell - part 1
Show and tell - part 2
François's story
Triple threat
Testosterone overload
Lord of the thighs
Until next time
Bad Santa
O Cum, All Ye Faithful
The punk and the hockey player
Three falls and a crucifixion
Sammy the ball doctor: Treating François
Easter shenanigangs: Whips and chains
Easter shenanigangs: Eggs and paint


Guest author: ballboxing

Our reader ballboxing wrote an awesome sequel to Low blows and cum shots (Luis meets Leo and the twins) featuring Luis and the twins.

Brotherly boxing bout: Learning the ropes
Brotherly boxing bout: The Alpha twin
Brotherly boxing bout: Punching bag

More stories written by ballboxing:

The adventures of Red and Blue's Poke Balls: Poke Balls War
The adventures of Red and Blue's Poke Balls: Use Low Kick

Voltron ballbusting fiction: Wounded Lions' Pride
Voltron ballbusting fiction: Special Training at the Castle of Lions
Voltron ballbusting fiction: Easing the Pain
Voltron ballbusting fiction: More than Lion Brothers 


Art by Champ

Champ is an extraordinary artist and a good friend of mine. In 2017, he created a series of awesome portraits for the regular characters of this blog. In addition to that we collaborated on a couple of hot stories.

Hotdogs: Zach's ballbash barbecue (1)
Hotdogs: Zach's ballbash barbecue (2)
Hotdogs: Zach's ballbash barbecue (3)
Hotdogs: Zach's ballbash barbecue (4)
Hotdogs: Zach's ballbash barbecue (5)

Train 'im good, Coach!
You want Varsity, don't ya son?

First try
See what happens...?
Cheap shot
Under the hammer
Big balls at the beach
Two balls one strike
The juicer
Merry Christmas! 
to be continued


Collaboration with OMBStories

Man vs. nature is based on an original idea by my friend and fellow author OMBStories. It's a weird, wild tale of four hot and horny hunks who go on a camping trip and encounter all kinds of animals...

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Guest author: David Walker

Our reader David Walker sent me an epic multi-part story that I loved from the moment I read the first part. It's called My life as a nutcracker and it is a beautifully-written coming-of-age story filled with ballbusting and sex. Absolutely awesome!

Cast of characters
Part 1: I learn how to fight
Part 2: My introduction to ballbusting
Part 3: Vince? OMG!
Part 4: The games people Play
Part 5: Praciticing the moves, sort of
Part 6: Wear my work boots?
Part 7: My first time at the club
Part 8: My first time in the ring
Part 9: I improve steadily
Part 10: Balls, dicks, and CJ
Part 11: The ambush
Part 12: The main event


Guest author: Daniel

Our reader Daniel created a series of fantastic stories featuring a wonderful, kinky love story. He is an awesome writer, and I love the romance between Simon and Gareth (a new character created by Daniel). Great work!

Romantic risks
Countdown to cum
Painful payment
Recorded wrecking
Mechanical mayhem
Hero's hammering

Apprentice of agony
Handle with care - part 1
Handle with care - part 2
Carnival of karma
Crushed nuts and cocktails
Egos, emos and low blows
to be continued


Guest author: Lenny Bennu

Our reader Lenny Bennu contacted me and sent me a wonderfully twisted, nasty story filled with ball pain and betrayal. It's awesome!

Picture perfect


Guest author: Jacob

Our reader Jacob sent me a fantastic story featuring the twins Michael and Will in a story that's funny, romantic, painful and hot at the same time.

Love, pain and sibling rivalry


Guest author: Reg

Reg has been a longtime reader of this blog, and when he sent me his awesome story GoPros and low blows I was just blown away. It's an awesome story feat. Ben and Kev and a new character, Josh, that Reg created.

GoPros and low blows (Part 1)
GoPros and low blows (Part 2)
GoPros and low blows (Part 3)

Pride before the fall (Part 1)
Pride before the fall (Part 2)
Pride before the fall (Part 3)


Collaboration with Cal

Our reader Cal contacted me in 2016 and pitched a story featuring Logan, his father and some of his father's friends. We wrote the story together and I think it turned out really good (and a bit different from what I usually write).

Family affairs: Daddy's boy


Collaboration with Nicholas

I've been a fan of Nicholas's blog Nuts, Bursts and Ballbusting Stories for years. His awesome ballbusting stories (whether they are f/m or m/m) are some of the best you'll find on the internet. In November 2014, he published a wonderful story called Towel Boy. In January and February 2015 we have worked together on a sequel to that great story:

Lucky Charms (Towel Boy II)


Guest author: Yannis

Yannis contacted me via email and sent me an awesome story. It doesn't include any of the regular characters but I liked it so much that I published it on my blog.

Winning isn't everything


Guest author: BBustingFanboy

BBustingFanboy told me he is a huge fan of this blog. He wrote a great series of "fan fiction" stories featuring his favorite character Logan: "Logan's wrestling adventures"

Low-blowing audition
Hit me with your best shot
to be continued


Guest author: Martín

Martín is a long-time reader of this blog, and he sent me a couple of wonderful little stories.

My biggest weakness
My painful exam
Rutherford's balls in the locker room
Rutherford's balls on the tennis court
Rutherford's balls need a training session


Collaboration with Chadfan

From stud to dud is a spin-off from the popular Diagnosis Softballs stories (part 1part 2part 3part 4part 5). The main character, eponymous stud Rocco, has been introduced in the story House Call. Our loyal reader Chad Fan came up with the idea for the story, and we co-wrote it, working closely together to create a wild ride full of new, thrilling characters and brutal nut-crunching action.

Meet the characters
JUNK-A-BRO-LOOZA! (part 1)
JUNK-A-BRO-LOOZA! (part 2)
JUNK-A-BRO-LOOZA! (part 3)
Poll: What now?
Poll results: What now?
DUD! (part 1)
DUD! (part 2)


Guest authors 2009-2011

During my first hiatus from writing (April 2009-December 2011), a couple of talented authors took over the blog and created their own vision of the Ballbusting Boys. Ultimately, neither of them was able to carry on for long, but nevertheless I'm very grateful for their input and I thank them for their work.

Friendly takeover (introduction for Travis and Ray, February 2010)

written by Travis in March 2010
The tube
(For more stories by this author visit his blog Cracked Nuts: Brutal Ballbusting Stories. Warning: The title isn't exaggerating - those stories are brutal...)

written by Ray in February and March 2010
My arrival
The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Planning
The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Finding team 8
The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Opening ceremony
The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: Danny's interviews 1
The Ballbusting Olympics 2010: BOC meeting

Music is in the air (introduction for Jimmy, July 2010)

written by Jimmy in July and August 2010
Music school: The conception
Music school: Jimmy and Alex meet... per chance
Music school: Pianos and pink briefs
Music school: New beginning in a new studio
Music school: Zach, Sammy and a swollen sack
Music school: Discography for parts 1-5
Music school: Zach the man... and then some
Music school: Scrambled eggs and a secretary

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