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Living the legend - part 2 of 6 (written by Harry and Jimmy)

After last week's little teaser, things are starting to get serious in today's chapter of the fantastic crossover adventure written in a collaborative effort by Harry (author of the awesome Pankration series) and Jimmy (author of the awesome Gino and Jayden series). Harry and Jimmy - thank you so much, you are amazing! Now enjoy today's chapter with a cameo appearance by everybody's favorite high school wrestler Logan.

Previous parts:
Gino and Jayden

*** Discovery of the Legend of Pankration ***

Jayden Gomez kept glancing at his phone, counting down the minutes until the end of his last period. It’s a law of physics that time slows down during last period, and even a diligent student like Jayden could feel it drag. His new phone just added to his distraction. Jayden was not a tech guy by any means, but he still got a little thrill whenever he looked at it. It was the latest model—a gift from his boyfriend—and was literally the most expensive thing he’d ever owned.

A couple classrooms over, a much less diligent student was watching the clock too. He was a victim of the same last period time warp, except Gino Gomez wasn’t even pretending to pay attention to the math teacher. Or is this the chemistry guy? Gino wasn’t sure. But figuring out which class he was in was a problem for another day. Today’s problem was wrestling practice. The Bartlet High team had been struggling lately, trying to bounce back from a punishing match against Devil Boy and the defection of their veteran 145 pounder, Kim. Logan was guaranteed to be all over them to work harder. Would they be pushing tires up a hill? Boxing in the cafeteria freezer? Do your worst, Krueger, Gino thought, gritting his teeth as the final bell rang.

But whatever expectations the team had about the day’s practice, their Captain usually defied them. The team found Logan in the middle of the mats with Dash, discussing fashion of all things. Dash’s singlet was pulled down low so his pubic hair was almost visible, and Logan was admiring a fresh tattoo on his right shoulder blade. Dash turned his arm this way and that to get a good look at it.

“I don’t get it,” Logan said admiring the fresh ink. “Why is ‘Pankration’ underneath the two wrestlers? What does that mean?” He had a quizzical look in his sparkling, intelligent blue eyes and Gino, Jayden and the rest of the wrestlers approached the pair wondering what was going on.

“You have never heard of Pankration?” Dash, a sixteen year old veteran said aghast that this could be true. That his beloved captain has never heard the tale, of the legends of the warrior-princes of olden times.

“Nope,” Logan shrugged turning Dash this way and that. “Sounds kind of silly if you ask me.”

“You need to learn your history,” Dash said turning back to face the pack of wrestlers approaching but his eyes never left Logans’. “We need a field trip to the museum.”

“I don’t think we have…”

“Make it Captain, this is important!”

Logan shrugged, “We are all dressed, and it’s time to wrestle short stuff.” Logan laughed giving Dash a quick backhand.

The wrestlers all winced, and Jayden goes to cover his own nuts, feeling extra vulnerable all of sudden.

“Nervous?” Gino grinned, putting an arm over his shoulders.

“I would go with cautious,” Jayden said grinning back.

Dash bended over slightly, clutching his recently mangled nuts, his mouth ajar as a slow moan escaped his open mouth.

“Fuck,” Dash groaned.

“You’ll be fine. Consider it a ‘prank,’” Logan laughed turning back to his teammates. “Pair up, we are going to be practicing leg locks and…exploiting the openings that gives you. Now, I think that…”

“Take a seat Kruger,” Coach Johnson called out entering the gym to a series of groans from the team.

Logan stared back in object defiance. Ever since their championship match against Midtown Logan and Coach Johnson have been on shaky ground at best.

Not listening to Coach Johnson, Logan turned back to face him his blue eyes electric like an ice storm, his jaw rigid and his muscles straining in his tight red Bartlet singlet. “Johnson we have…”

“That’s Coach Johnson,” Coach Johnson emphasized as he strode past him to peer at Dash’s shoulder. “Well, I’ll be damned, how did you find out about this Daren?”

“My names Dash,” Dash said, rolling his eyes.

Coach Johnson laughed, his booming voice echoed around the gymnasium, but his laughter was alone none of the other guys joined in. This does not seem to bother the coach. “Right, of course. I knew that,” he laughed again. “Now tell me slugger how did you hear about Pankration?”

“Well,” Dash said on unsteady ground now. He thought it was really cool until his coach thought so too. “Back in olden times…”

“Olden times? Are you twelve?” Coach Jonson laughed again shaking his head before thumping Dash on the back causing him to stumble forward. “I think we best learn this history lesson by an actual teacher. Someone intelligent who thinks with this,” and Coach Johnson thumps Dash’s temple. “And not with this!” and he swung his fist into Dash’s junk slamming his nuts against his pubic bone hitting both too accurately for it to be an ‘accident’.

Dash dropped to his knees groaning, his brown eyes crossed as he keels to the side whimpering, “My nuts!”

“Such a faker,” Coach Johnson snorted again.

“Kim if you please, bring in the TV.”

“Kim!” All the wrestlers shout turning to the direction that Coach Johnson pointed.

There at the back of the gym is Kim, and he’s wearing a bright sky blue Midtown singlet. Leaning against the archaic television on wheels, his small smile seems smug as he glared out at his old teammates that he betrayed.

Logan started to rush forward, anger seeping off of him in waves when Coach Johnson grabs him by the back of his singlet and pulled him back. “Don’t be rude to our guest, Logan. He is hear by my special request. Now sit down,” stressed Coach Johnson. “I won’t tell you for a third time Krueger.”

Logan’s ice chip eyes seemed to borrow into Coach Johnson, but the older man holds to his authority and points first to the floor and then the locker room. “Take your pick, Krueger.”

Rushing up to him Jayden grabs his arm, “Sit with me, Logan. I’m sure we can get right to practice right after the video.”

Logan is about to say something, but he stifled himself allowing Jayden to pull him back to the mat, one of Jayden’s arms crossed his shoulders and the youngster squeezed his shoulder affectionately.

“At least your boyfriend has a brain between his ears, you could learn something from the fairy boy,” Coach Johnson laughed meanly making both Logan and Jayden freeze next to each other. Jayden isn’t sure who he should try to stop from pulverizing their coach first because both Logan and his older brother Gino look murderous. Coach Johnson shout for the lights to turn off dampening Logan and Gino’s righteous anger towards their wrestling coach, at least temporarily.

“I am going to murder him,” Logan said gnashing his teeth, the audible sound grinding in Jayden’s ears.

“Not if I get to him first,” Gino agreed his righteous anger fueling the fire building.

“I hate that we are stuck with him,” Dash said.

“For now,” Logan said. “We are stuck with him, for now. But that could change.”

The boys quiet down as the video starts ending their discussion of what they would like to do to their coach. The television shows an old black and white film, and immediately Jayden is taken in with the rich historic shots of wide open old coliseum from an ancient city, and he finds himself absentmindedly leaning against his brother’s side like they are home on the couch. Gino peered down at his younger brother and smiled, ruffling his hair and pulling him against his chest as the two stare together at a reenactment of warriors known as the Lost Princes.

Logan rolled his blue eyes at the Gomez brother’s being taken in so quickly by the video, but not for their obvious affection to each other. It may have been only a few short months since he has known Gino and Jayden but he feels such a strong kinship toward the pair, especially Jayden. If he had a little brother he wished that he would have been exactly like Jayden. Logan moved his blue eyes around the gym but as he does he saw that all around him his teammates all watched with fascination at the reenactment of Pankration began. Sulkily Logan, crossed his arms over his chest, but Jayden tugged him back gently and Logan allowed it with a quick smile that he and Jayden share. Logan leaned into Jayden as Jayden slips his arms around Logan’s chest, and the three of them now in this together gaze at the screen.

That’s when the video starts to get explicit. The wrestling changed as Pankration is introduced and the legendary battles of the princes start showing extraordinary groin hits, and finishing off their competitors with forceful low blows or causing their victim to orgasm in front of the crowd.

“Is this for real?” whispered Jayden to Gino and Logan, tilting his head up to his see both his brother’s Logan’s reactions, while still trying to keep watching what he assumes to be a blonde blue eyed prince with a dazzling smile and sculpted body laying into an opponent putting him into a move that he has never seen before.

“If it is…I want to try that move out on you,” Gino grinned musing up Jayden’s hair.

Jayden shuddered watching a defenseless prince laid out in front of the more athletic and powerful prince, the loin cloth gone from his opponent, lost in the battle. The blonde prince drops heavy punches fired deep into the scrotum of the one he holds in some type of rack. Occasionally he played with the glaring erection while the other princes in the stands go wild cheering him on.

Jayden ignored Gino’s comment, and hoped that he would forget his desire by the end of the video. He risked a gander around the gym and saw that his fellow teammates all seem to be sporting if not full erections, are getting closer to having them, at least the guys that he can see. Even Logan stopped making fun of the video and seemed to be into what is occurring on the screen. Jayden can’t tell from his angle of Logan laying across him, but he does wonder if his captain is as hard as he is. Jayden can’t imagine in what universe he would risk checking but he does wonder, and he hopes that Logan does not notice his own glaring one poking him in the back.

The video seemed to go on for hours and Jayden began to yawn, the gym seemed awfully warm and he felt so cozy against his older brother and with Logan’s weight on top of him that he felt his eye lids begin to droop down without him noticing. Jayden’s breathing began to change and he thought that he will just rest here for a while all cuddly, warm, and content against his older brother.

Gino glanced down at Jayden feeling his younger sibling breathing change, and the little noises that he always makes in his sleep. A smile creeps over his face as he gently brushed back a lock of hair that crossed his brother’s forehead. Jayden’s right foot trembled a bit but he remained still after. Gino looked up at the clock and is surprised at how much time has passed. They have been watching the video for over two hours. Gino yawned, stretched slowly before hunkering down with Jayden on his chest. The soft steady breathing of Jayden’s against his chest lulls him, and with the rise and fall of the rhythm of Jayden’s chest seemed to get to him. Gino is awake one second and gone the next. He barely remembered closing his eyes, but he distinctly remembered pulling Jayden closer. His heavy arm dropping across his abdomen pulling him in close in a protective position before his breathing matches his brother’s, and he too fell asleep in the gymnasium on the wrestling mat.


Part 3 is coming tomorrow!

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