Friday, May 21, 2021

Breaking me in (Andrew meets Kev and Alex)

Special thanks to Andrew for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who likes to see this narrator in pain!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Kev and me (click for pictures)

Warning: Can contain traces of cum - and maybe even permanent damage...
“Oh”, I said with a smile. “I think that’s a misunderstanding. I am the director. I don’t take part in the…” I cleared my throat. “…in anything that happens in front of the camera.”
I was met with two cocky grins.
One belonged to Kev, a 20 year old jock, handsome and muscular, and one of our most popular models. He was wearing nothing but a pair of loose sweat pants and sneakers. His bare chest  and abs were chiseled and well-defined. He was one of the hottest guys in our very impressive roster of hot guys.
The other one belonged to Andrew, a new guy who had emailed me asking for an audition. 22 years old, with brown hair and a slim but athletic body, he was attractive but not super-hot – until you saw his genitals. His dick and balls were huge!

Despite my very professional work ethics I had jerked off several times to Andrew’s application. The thought of seeing those big, fat balls get busted had sent me over the edge several times in the past few days. Truth be told, my balls were absolutely drained. I was pretty sure that there was not a drop of cum left in my nuts – just because of Andrews’s spectacular equipment.
He was dressed just like Kev, with sneakers and sweat pants that sat a little too loose on his lanky frame. It was only because his extraordinarily gigantic genitalia that kept his pants from slipping down: the waistband was resting on the root of his fat cock, allowing us – well, mostly me… - to get a good look at his bushy pubic hair.
I felt like I was about to cream my pants – even though my nuts were so empty that they felt sore…
“You know”, I continued, “I’m the guy in charge. But technically, I’m not one of the Ballbusting Boys.”
It was true: I didn’t see myself as part of the group. I was the founder of, the writer and director and producer of the fetish porn clips that we published on our site. But I wasn’t one of the boys.
“You don’t say”, Andrew said. “I thought you’d jump at the chance to get in front of the camera.”
He adjusted his crotch.
My dick was hard as rock.
“No, I--- Actually, I don’t---” I cleared my throat. “I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to---”
“I think it’s a great idea”, Kev interrupted me, a wicked grin on his face. “It’s fresh and new, and I think our audience would love it.”
I glared at him.
Kev and Andrew shared a brief smile. Then they stood on either side of me, putting their arms around me.
Kev said in a low voice: “You know you want it.”
I gulped.
“Yeah, you know you want it”, Andrew chimed in.
I smiled nervously. “No, actually, I don’t.”
“You know what…” Andrew said slowly as he and Kev each placed on hand on my chest.
“I think deep down…” Their hands ran down my chest, making me shift uncomfortably.
“Deep, deep down in your…” Their hands reached between my thighs and each one grabbed one of my sore, empty balls, making me gasp.
“…heart you know that you want it, too.” With that, they simultaneously gave my nuts a hard, mean squeeze.
I let out a groan as the pain washed through my body.
“Stop it, guys, enough”, I croaked as Kev and Andrew squished and squashed my balls with their bare hands.
“I think we should ask the team”, Kev suggested, turning to my cameraman and my assistant without letting go of my nuts. In fact, it felt like he twisted my ball a bit while Andrew was going in the different direction with my other nut, making my vision blur as I squealed in pain.
As expected, my cameraman Chad and my assistant Erik sided with Andrew and Kev. Frankly, that was no surprise since both of them had testicular issues that made them antagonistic toward a healthy, unharmed scrotum with a complete set of contents.
“Okay”, I whimpered in what must have sounded like a pathetic falsetto voice. “Okay, okay, okay. Let go of my nuts, please, you are crushing them...”
Andrew and Kev looked at each other and grinned as they withdrew their hands, allowing me to double over and cover my nuts.
“Here’s what we’ll do”, Andrew said. “Now that you want to be part of the team we’ll have to see if your balls are up for it.”
“What?!” I whispered incredulously, cupping my aching nuts.
“That is an excellent idea, man”, Kev chuckled. “How are we gonna do that?”
“We need a pair of benchmark balls”, Andrew said with a smile.
Kev let out a laugh. Then he dropped his pants, revealing his perfect pair of testicles. Then he looked at me.
“Damn”, I mumbled and took off my clothes. I was by no means small – but I had to admit that my equipment looked almost tiny in comparison to Kev’s impressive set of tools. It was like comparing a pair of nail scissors with a pair of garden shears. I gulped. No idea why my mind sprung to sharp objects for that comparison. That thought made my genitals shrink even further…
We stood side by side, Kev and me, the well-endowed adventurer and the innocent layperson with personal shortcomings, the professional ballbuster and the nervous novice, the cocky jock and the---
My thoughts were rudely interrupted when Andrew kicked me in the nuts. It was a nasty kick, quick and hard and right on target. He hit my sack with his instep, flattening my gonads like pancakes.
A wet smack echoed through the room, and I saw my cameraman Chad and my assistant Erik crack a smile before my vision blurred and my mind was fogged by the incredible pain that was radiating from my genitals.
I heard Andrew deliver a kick to Kev’s nuts, and I heard Kev laugh and taunt him: “You’ll have to go harder than that! I barely felt a thing!”
Then it was my turn again, and Andrew – encouraged by Kev’s words – went even harder, lifting me off the ground with a powerful kick that felt like it popped my nuts and my dick at the same time.
“You popped them!” I shrieked. “You popped my fucking nuts!”
Whimpering and moaning, I grabbed my genitals, fully expecting them to be gone, turned to mush, nothing but nut sludge sloshing inside my sack.
I thought I was going to pass out.
They were still there, thank god, swollen and bruised, but whole.
Andrew kicked Kev’s nuts, barely prompting a reaction from him, and turned back to me, motioning for me to spread my legs.
I groaned and complied, and the third kick was even harder than the first two.
Andrew’s foot slammed into my crotch, crunching my nuts and making me scream in agony.
Andrew went back and forth between Kev and me, kicking out nuts harder and harder each time.
Much to my embarrassment, my dick grew harder and harder as well.
It was utterly humiliating, but there was nothing I could do.
Every one of Andrew’s kicks made my dick twitch and throb, and I noticed with dismay that Andrew was very, very close to literally kicking the cum out of me.
Just before I thought I was about to shoot, Andrew stopped.
“They are tougher than I thought”, he said with an appreciative grin. “Not quite as tough as Kev’s, but not bad. Not bad at all. I thought you would have passed out by now, or shot your load.” He chuckled and grabbed a piece of rope, winking at me. “I think we’re ready to move on to the main event: a game of tug-of-war.”
Before I had a chance to say anything, Andrew delivered a surprise kick into my unsuspecting nuts.
“Ughghghghg”, I groaned as my vision turned black and my nuts released their load. My knees were shaking, my hips were trembling and my dick was shooting jet after jet of creamy cum.
Andrew, Kev, Chad and Erik roared with laughter as I was frozen in pain, caught in a violent, brutal orgasm, shooting spurt after spurt of cum from my screaming, aching balls.
My orgasm ended, and Andrew delivered another vicious kick to my empty, sore, swollen gonads.
“Just trying to make sure that you got it all out of your system”, he quipped, eliciting another round of laughter from the other guys.

I thought my torment was over, but Andrew had other plans and I found myself standing opposite of Kev with a rope that was tied around the necks of our sacks. Our hands were tied behind our backs, and between us was a white line on the ground.
My nuts were ridiculously swollen, beet red and bloated, and they felt squishy and soft, probably due to their recent draining.
“Oh god”, I moaned as I looked into Kev’s cheerful face and was met with a cocky smile.
“Sack against sack”, Andrew announced with a mischievous grin. “Only one will survive…”
I gulped.
“Ready, steady”, Andrew raised his hands. “Go!”
The rope tightened immediately as both Kev and I were leaning back, trying to pull each other over the white line.
“Urghghghghghghghghgaghghghgrghgggh!” I was grunting and groaning as my swollen nuts were yanked away from my body.
I heard Kev, and he sounded just like me.
We were both yanking and pulling back, trying to un-man each other with the power of our own manhood.
I visualized the spermatic cords inside my sack, connecting my testicles to my body.
In my mind’s eye, they were stretched thinner and thinner as my nuts were swelling larger and larger.
“Urghghghghghghghghgaghghghgrghgggh!” I roared, every fiber of my body alight with pain.
I opened my eyes to look at Kev, and his anguished expression was exactly like I pictured mine.
We were both grunting and groaning, our scrotums stretched to the maximum, our balls bulging at the bottom of our sacks.
I couldn’t help but think about the size of our balls. Even in their swollen, bruised and bloated state my nuts were considerably smaller than Kev’s.
My thoughts were interrupted by a horrible sound.
My heart sank. It sank right into my nutsack where one of my nuts had just freed itself from my body.
My right nut.
I had heard it snap, and I had felt it snap. It felt like a hot knife stabbing into my intestines.
“Oh no!” I cried out.
Kev sensed he was on the road to victory, and he brought his hips back violently, yanking on the rope, and on my semi-functioning nutsack that was attached to it.
The cord of my left nut ripped apart, leaving both of my testicles detached inside my sack.
“Looks like we have a winner!” Andrew yelled.
“My nuts!” I squealed from the top of my lungs.
I felt it.
They were gone.
Free from my body.
Utterly useless.
A thought popped into my head: Maybe a doctor could re-attach them?
Andrew answered that question with a hard kick to my testicles.
The kick was extra-devastating because my nuts were held in place by the rope, and Andrew’s foot hit them dead on.
I watched in horror as my sack burst apart and my nuts exploded out of it, tiny chunks of nut flying every.
Everything went red.
When I re-gained consciousness, I looked into Kev’s and Andrew’s grinning faces.
”What happened?” I whispered.

“You passed out”, Kev chuckled.
“I---“ I cleared my throat. “What?”
“You yelled something about your nuts being popped”, Andrew grinned. “And then you passed out.”
Kev laughed. “You popped zem!” he yelled, imitating my voice and mocking my German accent. “You popped my fucking nuts!”
My eyes widened and I reached between my thighs, reached for my empty sack – but it wasn’t empty!
I felt two testicles, swollen and sore, but intact!
I blinked. “But I--- It was so real! I had an orgasm and then---” I looked down at my crotch. My nuts were swollen and red, and my dick looked sore.
“Yeah, you had an orgasm while you were passed out”, Kev said with a grin.
I looked up at him, confused.
Andrew, Kev and the camera crew were laughing.
“I may or may not have stomped out a load while you were out cold”, Andrew shrugged.
“That’s what happens when you pass out with your nuts full of cum”, Kev winked at me.
The guys burst out laughing, high-fiving each other as I groaned in pain and curled up in a ball.
“Hey, we’re not done yet”, Andrew said with a grin, waving the rope at me. “It’s time for a game of tug-of-war…”


007Fox said...

Nice work! Was a cool change of pace seeing you get your junk kicked in Alex! Hope we get to see a follow up. Maybe Andrew's audition? Being the guy in charge of such things i'm sure you could arrange some appropriate payback! Enjoyed this one, thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

I loved! Don't you think it's time for a revenge? Give to Andrew what he deserves in a second story please, maybe this time with real castration or not

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))