Friday, February 29, 2008

Second committee meeting

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

Yesterday I had planned to go to the second meeting of the official Ballbusting Olympics Committee (BOC). Jockboy Kev and his buddies Ben and Colin had had the idea for an all-out nutcracking competition and had asked me to come on board to care for the media coverage. But then I had witnessed a cruel but funny prank that Ben and Colin had played on Kev that resulted in the drawing of two smiley faces on his ample privates. In the end I had joined in on the fun and had kicked Kev’s poor balls in, leaving him sore and beaten on the ground. At that point we decided to reschedule the meeting…

So today I went to the BOC headquarters again. They were situated at the basement of the guys’ dorm building and were otherwise known as ‘the leisure room’.

When I entered the basement I saw Kev with his pants down at his ankles, showing his genitals to his to Ben and Colin and a five or six of other guys that were gathering around him to have a look at the hilarious image of Kev’s balls with the drawn faces on them…

I heard Kev complain: “… look at them! Nick is all red and Nack is swollen and …” I couldn’t hear the rest of his sentence because his friends laughed so hard. “… try and explain that to Sally when I was …” Again the guys laughed loudly. I walked over to them.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

A week ago I had met with Kev, the cocky college jock, and his good-looking dorm buddies Ben and Colin to discuss their ideas for “The Ballbusting Olympics”, an event that would consist of several competitions. They had been pretty vague about the shape of the contests, the only thing certain being that all of them would have the target of cracking the nuts of the athletes involved.

Kev and his buddies had suggested a nutball competition and a weightlifting contest. The object of the latter was that the contestants were hanging increasingly heavy objects at their genitals.

Since the last committee meeting several users of our website had committed their suggestions via email: a wrestling competition, a Roshambo match, a ballbusting tug-of-war and a game called “Ballbreaker” (the contestants try to break pieces of wooden crossbars by jumping on it nuts first).

Now I was on my way to the second meeting of the official Ballbusting Olympics Committee (BOC) at Kev’s dorm.

When I entered the basement of the dorm – the building’s leisure room that served as BOC headquarters – Kev, Ben and Colin were indulging in their usual horseplay. It was pretty warm in the room and all of them were shirtless.

Colin had Kev in a headlock while Ben was pulling down his loose sweat pants. Kev was yelling obscenities at them and tried to put up a fight but he had no chance against the combined efforts of his buddies. The sweat shorts were stripped of the cursing hunk and revealed his well filled jock strap that was bulging with Kev’s oversized equipment and especially his large, meaty nuts.

Ben laughed at Kev. “Oooh, big boy…” He slapped Kev’s bulge hard.

Kev yelled in pain. “Bastard!”

Colin grinned at Ben and encouraged him to pull down Kev’s jockstrap, too. “Let’s have a look at his meat and two vegs!”

Monday, February 25, 2008

And the winner is...

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The Academy Awards ceremony was about to begin.

We had assembled some chairs around the couch so everyone had a seat. Some time earlier every one of us had drawn four films (six for Danny) and throughout the show the Oscar winners would get kicks in their nuts. It was a simple premise but I was sure it would allow for some nice action…

Kev, Ben and Colin, the three cocky jockboys, were sitting on the couch. Each of them had a can of beer in his hand and they were talking about the films. Neither of them had ever watched the Oscars so they were assuming it'd be a pretty boring night. Perhaps the game would add some excitement for them...

The twins Will and Michael sat next to them and were talking to their indie friend and fellow acrobat Parker. The twins were wearing identical outfits - jeans and t-shirts - and they looked quite stunning with their blond hair, their perfect bodies and their winning smiles. Parker’s hair was dyed flaming red and he was wearing bright green jeans and a colourful t-shirt. He had his legs spread wide apart as he sat in his chair and the bulge in his crotch looked pretty inviting. I had seen the twins’ sets of genitals and I knew they had pretty huge dicks and large, low hanging balls – but from this perspective it looked like Parker could rival them…

Skaterboys Leo and Tristan – as always dressed in baggy jeans and t-shirts – were sitting on the other side of the couch.

Jesid and Simon, both of whom had gained some experience in the gay porn biz although they had never worked with each other, were laughing and having a good time. There definitely was some chemistry between the two of them. I wondered if they’d decide to leave early and spend the night together…

Danny, our struggling actor and – with ‘No country for old men’ being only one of his six films for tonight – the undisputed frontrunner, was sitting next to Jesid and Simon. A painful expression was visible on his cute face and he was rubbing his nuts that had been kicked a few minutes ago by his brother David.

David, the successful dancer, was wearing black trousers and a white shirt. He looked very attractive and I couldn’t believe this nice, polite looking young guy was such an arrogant asshole. He was talking to my cameraman Chad. Both of them were drinking a beer.

I decided to get one for myself and went to the kitchen. When I came back, Danny announced: “Come on, sit down, the show is about to begin!”

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The nominees

Featured in this story: BenChadColinDannyDavidKevLeoParkerSimonTristan and the twins (click for pictures)

A few days ago Danny had called and suggested an Oscar party at our studio. We had invited all of our models and asked them to bring their friends as well.

So our studio was packed. We were 13 guys, including my cameraman Chad and me.

The blond twins Michael and Will had brought their friend Parker, a young indie looking guy with flaming red hair. Leo, our skater boy, had invited his buddy Tristan, a fellow skater that I had met during the casting of Jesid, our new boy, who had come as well. Then there was the Ballbusting Olympics Committee president Kev and vice presidents and dorm buddies Colin and Ben. Simon, the geeky but decidedly kinky bespectacled cutie had come on his own.

Danny, our cute struggling actor, was alone, too, although I had suggested that he bring his brother David, a cocky, self-centered dancer whose idea of fun was humiliating his brother.

Chad and I had bought some beverages and snacks and I had made sure to prepare everything for our ballbusting party game.

“I have made slips of paper with the name of every film that is nominated for an Oscar tonight”, I explained. “There are 24 categories and 58 films. We are 13 people so everyone gets 4 films and our 6 models will get 5 films . And the winner gets a nutshot by one of the losing nominees.”

The guys cheered and clapped.

“Okay”, I started, “let’s---“

I was interrupted by a voice behind me: “Sorry I’m late.”

I turned around and grinned. “That’s David, everyone. He’s Danny’s brother.”

“Hi everyone”, David said.

I heard Danny moan.

“Hello, dear brother”, David grinned. “Happy to see me?”

Friday, February 22, 2008

Committee meeting

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

The address that Kev had given me was a large, rather ugly dorm building. It was one of several buildings that looked exactly alike. He had told me that the leisure room was in the basement and that we’d meet there.

A few days ago Kev had called me and told me that he and two of his buddies from the dorm had an idea for a competition. He called it “The Ballbusting Olympics”. I was pretty intrigued and today he and his buddies were going to tell me their ideas.

When I came into the basement I saw that Kev and the two guys he was with had already emptied a few cans of beer. They were a rough bunch.

“Hey”, Kev yelled and came over to bearhug me. “My man…”

I smiled at him.

“That’s Colin and this is Ben”, Kev introduced his friends to me. Colin had dark blond hair and Ben was black-haired. They were all roughly the same height and were dressed in sweat pants and t-shirts.

I shook their hands and said to Kev: “I had a look at your website. You know, the dorm’s site. I found the photos.”

Kev laughed. “Yeah. Did you see the one with me passed out on the couch? Minus my bush?”

I grinned. “Looked like a nice party…”

“Our parties always end like that. Someone lies naked on the couch and the others write something on his ass or do other things”, Colin chuckled.

“Sounds like fun”, I said.

Ben shrugged. Then his face lit up. He grinned and me and asked: “What’s the capital of Bangkok?”

I looked at him. Colin and Kev looked at him, too.

Ben grinned at me. “Come on, what’s the capital of Bangkok?”

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Richard and Paul 2

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

More than a month had passed since Richard had sent me an email with a few video clips. Richard is a rave DJ who has filmed a few of his encounters with blond, big-dicked surfer dude Paul and sent them to me. 
Paul is 6 inches taller and two years older than Richard (who is 21 years old) and they both seemed to be cocky, fun-loving guys.

The video clips that Richard had sent me showed him kicking Paul in the nuts, making fun of him in front of his friends and forcing him to suck his thick cock. Paul wasn’t happy with the situation – but apparently Richard was quite successful in making him do whatever he liked…

He had told me he would send me some more clips but after six weeks I had expected he had had second thoughts.

But yesterday I got another email from him.
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 10:23:41
From: "Richard ******"
To: "Alex"
Subject: Clips


here are some more clips with paul.
hes a real bitch.


I opened the first attachment. It was the second part of the blowjob video I had already seen.

Richard was sitting in a chair, his thick 6 inch cock protruding from the open fly of his baggy jeans. Paul was on his knees next to him and sucking away at Richard’s thick, hard cock.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Oscar Night ahead

Featured in this story: Danny (click for pictures)

Today I got a phone call from Danny.

“How are you?” I asked.

“Fine, thanks”, he replied politely.

“What about that short film of yours ‘Rocks/Off’? It’s been a while since the workshop…”

“Yeah, but we haven’t even started filming. It’s a bit… well, I don’t know. Let’s talk about something else, okay?”

“Sure”, I said.

“You know, it’s the Academy Awards show on Sunday. I thought maybe we could get together and watch it on your beamer”, he suggested. “I’m in the mood for a bit of light entertainment…”

“Well, yeah, why not?” I said.

“Oh, and we could do a drinking game. I’ve done it with a few buddies last year. It was fun!”

“Erm, okay”, I replied. “What kind of game?”

“Everybody gets one film. And when that film wins an Oscar that person has to drink a shot”; Danny explained.

I thought about it. “Why don’t we change the rules and adjust the game to our website?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, instead of drinking a shot, the winner gets a hit in the nuts from one of the losing nominees”, I said.

Danny was silent. “Ouch”, he said. “I wouldn’t want to get ‘No country for old men’…”

I laughed. “Yeah, that’s gonna be the jackpot…”

Danny chuckled. “Okay, let’s do it. I’m gonna call the other guys. Maybe they have a few friends they want to invite, too.”

“The more the merrier”, I said.

“Great. I’m gonna make the calls.”

“Don’t you want to invite your brother David, too?”

Danny was silent again. “Erm, I don’t think he’ll be in town. They are touring with ‘The nutcracker’ at the moment.”

“Ah, yes, you are right. Well, perhaps he is gonna come another time”, I said.

“Yeah. I’m gonna call Kev, Simon, Leo and the twins, now. Do you have the phone number of that new guy?”

“You mean Jesid? Yeah, wait a moment”, I gave him the number.

“See you on Sunday, then”, Danny said.

“Yeah, see you”, I replied and looked into my address book to search for David’s telephone number.  Perhaps he had a day off on Sunday…

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

After Kev’s early morning phone call I had managed to get another few hours worth of sleep until I woke up and immediately remembered his and his dorm buddies’ idea. They had proposed some sort of “Ballbusting Olympics” but hadn’t specified. Some weeks ago Kev had told me that he and his friends had put up a website for their dorm so I searched the internet and found it quite quickly.

I tried to remember the names of the guys he had been with. It took me a coffee and some fresh air to come up with the names: Colin and Ben.

The dorm’s website consisted mostly of party pictures that were organized in various galleries. Each picture had a more or less witty caption written underneath. In the “Beer Pong 2008” folder I found various a pictures of the three of them entitled “Colin, Kev and Ben – abs-solutely gay...”. All of them were obviously drunk. Kev was lifting his shirt up to his neck while Colin and Ben – both of them shirtless – stood on either side of him and pretended to lick his nipples with their outstretched tongues. The picture showed off Kev’s muscular abs and his face was an comically exaggerated grimace of pleasure. Some people had commented below the image but most of the comments came down to “That’s gay.” or something similarly inventive.

Colin and Ben looked the same age as Kev and they were equally muscular and athletic. Colin had dark blond hair, Ben’s hair was black and both of them had their hair cut short. They had handsome features and killer smiles – they were exactly the types that were popular in highschool, successful in sports, but not quite as successful when it came to writing essays or crunching numbers… I suspected all three of them had bedded an impressive number of cheerleaders because of their looks and their well-known stamina.

The next picture – entitled “Colin, Kev and Ben presenting their jam-packed gift bags” – showed another potential reason for popularity with girls. Now all of them were shirtless and showing off their nice abs and smooth chests. Kev was standing in the middle and had a large arrow painted on his upper body that faced down and pointed towards his nether region. The guys wore short sweat pants and grinned at the camera. All three of them framed their private area with their hands, putting their nice, ample genitalia on display.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Middle of the night

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

Kev’s voice was buzzing with excitement when he called me. It was six o’clock in the morning and he hadn’t called the studio but my private number. He didn’t even greet me or say who he was. His first words after I had picked up the phone were: „Ben and Colin have a great idea for a new sport event!“

Then he waited for my reaction. He had interrupted me in the middle of a heavenly dream – so I wasn’t very receptive to his breaking news.

I yawned. “Who are Ben and Colin?” I asked, looking out of the window and verifying that it was still dark outside.

“Some of my buddies at the dorm”, he said quickly. “And they have a great idea for a sport event!”

“Erm, that’s great, Kev”, I yawned. “Can we talk about it tomorr--- toda--- well, later?!”

I started to put the phone down.

“Alex!” I heard him yell.

I sighed and put the phone up to my ear again. “What?” I said.

“Well, it’s perfect for you! Perhaps you’d like to cover it?” Kev was really excited.

“Cover it?” I didn’t understand.

“You know, get your cameras into our dorm, shoot the competition, have some in-depth interviews with the competitors, the whole package”, Kev explained. “We have a college TV channel that we’re approaching for live coverage but they are a bit short of staff so we thought that you could work with them. You know, synergize…”

“Perhaps you could tell me what it’s all about?” I tentatively suggested.

“The Ballbusting Olympics.” Dramatic pause. “At our dorm.”

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I know what you did last year

Previous parts:
Birthday plans 

Featured in this story: Parker and the twins (click for pictures)

Jimmy, the twins’ older brother who I got to know during our “Soccer balls” kicking competition, has asked me to organize the birthday party for Michael and Will. He has emailed me the telephone numbers of a few of the twins’ friends so I could get into contact with them.

Yesterday I met Parker for a drink. He is a 21 year old aerial acrobat and knows Michael and Will from their time at the gymnast school. He has a decidedly indie look on him, with flaming red hair, bright green eyes and very tight jeans. I couldn’t help but notice the impressive bulge that was neatly outlined in his crotch.

We ordered our drinks and I told him about our website.

“Oh”, Parker said, “that sounds… well, to be true, it sounds a bit bizarre… But I guess it’s right up Will’s alley. I’m a bit surprised you got Michael to participate, though. He was the butt of many of his brother’s jokes at the school and his balls have taken quite some abuse from Will’s hands.”

“And they continue to do so”, I chuckled.

Parker laughed.

“I have thought a lot about the party and I want to make it special. So I thought you could help me with that”, I said.

“Sure. The twins’ birthday parties have always been… well, special…” Parker cleared his throat.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Casting Jesid

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Leo and Tristan (click for pictures)

Today was the day of Jesid’s casting. Jesid is a cute 22 year old Mexican boy. The application he sent to us included numerous photographs (both in the nude and with skimpy clothing) and a long list of websites and DVDs with appropriate titles like "Cum swallowing bitch boys", "Willing holes 11" or "Slutty and proud of it". This boy had gained quite a lot of experience in the field of gay porn and he had decided to broaden his horizon by responding to one of our casting calls. In the letter that accompanied his resume Jesid had told us that he enjoyed getting his balls busted while having sex.

We had let our members decide on who was the appropriate sex partner for Jesid. Leo, our skater boy, had volunteered to do the honor and our members had decided to take him up on his offer.

Before Jesid arrived, my camera man Chad said something I hadn’t thought of before: “Do you speak Spanish?”

I looked at him.

“He is Mexican. I suppose he speaks Spanish. I don’t. Do you?” Chad asked.

“Actually, no”, I said.

Chad grinned. “Maybe we’ll need an interpreter. Wouldn’t that be something?”

I laughed. “We’re not having a literature convention. It’s about sex. The universal language of love, eh?”

A few moments later Jesid arrived. It turned out that his mother was an English teacher and he spoke with a cute, thick accent but all in all no worse than I did.

He looked fantastic. He wore tight jeans and a tight t-shirt that accentuated his lean, fit body. His brown hair was cut short and he had beautiful brown eyes. Even Chad – an out and proud heterosexual – was smitten with this cute and slightly lascivious guy.

After we had introduced ourselves and had made a bit of small talk Jesid took of his t-shirt and revealed his lean, smooth chest.

He kneaded his genitals that were bulging inside his jeans and looked at us. “So – who’s gonna fuck my brains out?”

I looked at Chad.

He gulped and I noticed a slight twitching at the crotch of his jeans.

I grinned. “One of our models should be here any minute. But if he doesn’t show up I’m sure Chad will gladly step in…”

Chad cleared his throat and adjusted his crotch. “I think I’m gonna check on the camera equipment…” He stood up and went over to the camera.

“He likes you”, I grinned.

“Everybody does”, Jesid grinned back and rubbed his clothed crotch that did little to conceal the outline of his massive cock and equally impressive balls that I had seen on his photos. Additionally I had done some research on the internet – only for professional reasons, of course… - and I had been able to view some quite amazing footage of Jesid sinking his rod into some eager mouths and equally eager holes. There had been some nice clips of him devouring other guy’s cocks, occasionally two at a time… This guy clearly loved to fuck and get fucked. And he was pretty sure of himself and the effect he had on other people. Normally I didn’t like those obviously hot guys or girls because they tend to be pretty arrogant towards ordinary people with less godlike features. But Jesid didn’t seem arrogant at all. He was just plain horny. I liked him.

Before we could continue our conversation, Leo stormed into the room.

“Sorry I’m late”, he said. Behind him, another guy appeared in the door.

“That’s Tristan, one of my buddies”, Leo introduced him to us.

Tristan was roughly the same age as Leo and he sported the same skater outfit that Leo wore: sneakers, sagging jeans that hung so low that you could see the boys’ boxer shorts and two t-shirts, one with long sleeves and another one on top of that with short sleeves. Leo’s t-shirt sported some band logo that I didn’t recognize while Tristan’s had the “MTV’s Jackass” skull printed on the front. The only notable difference between the two was their hair. Both of them had similar hair cuts – slightly curly and middle length – but while Leo was black haired, Tristan was dusty blond. He had piercing blue eyes and a killer smile.

“Hi”, I said to the two of them and looked at Leo.

“I thought maybe Tristan could help us?” Leo grinned.

“Okay, right, great idea”, I said.

Then Leo and Tristan saw Jesid who had stripped down to his underwear. The bright green color of his classic briefs contrasted nicely with the bronze complexion of his skin. Jesid’s hard dick was clearly visible through the colourful fabric and he stroked it through his briefs. Jesid smiled at the two skater boys.

Leo was speechless.

Tristan whistled and patted Leo’s back. “Nice one”, he grinned and adjusted his crotch.

Leo regained his senses and slowly walked over to Jesid.

He cleared his throat. “Hi, I’m Leo.”

“I’m Jesid. So you’re gonna fuck me?” Jesid looked deep into Leo’s eyes.

“Yeah”, Leo said. He gulped and looked back at his buddy. “Yeah.”

I tapped Tristan’s shoulder. “You don’t have a problem with watching your buddy have sex with a guy?”

Tristan grinned. “Nope. We are very close. We have jerked off a couple of times and I have given him a blow job once or twice. It’s fun. And Leo has told me about that cumshot contest you had. I wish I could have seen it…”

“I can give you the video”, I offered.

“Yeah, that’d be nice”, Tristan smiled.

“And today you’re gonna bust a few balls?”

“Yep. Leo asked me to come with him for moral support. But I told him that I’d only come if I could join in…” Tristan explained and rubbed his crotch.

“Great”, I said. I looked over to Jesid and Leo. “Let’s start.”

We decided to let the action take place on the couch. Leo and Jesid sat next to each other and Chad stood behind the camera.

“Whenever you’re ready”, Chad said.

“Perhaps you’d like to introduce yourself to the camera”, I said to Jesid.

Jesid grinned. “Hi, I’m Jesid. I’m 22 years old and I have a 10 inch dick.”

He looked at Leo who was still fully clothed. “Let me help you”, he said and started to peel off Leo’s shirt, exposing his skinny, hairless chest. Then he unzipped Leo’s fly and pulled down his jeans. Leo quickly got rid of his sneakers and threw away his jeans, too. Now Jesid and Leo were both stripped down to their underwear, tight briefs and boxer shorts respectively.

Jesid looked at Leo’s boxers and licked his lips. Then he gently touched Leo’s groin and softly rubbed his bulging manhood.

Leo moaned.

Jesid leaned over and kissed Leo’s naked chest. Then he lowered his head and dug his teeth into Leo’s shorts, slowly and gently pulling them down his thighs.

Leo’s rock hard dick slapped up against his belly when the waistband got past it. Jesid let go of the fabric and admired Leo’s proud member. He reached into his underwear and grabbed his own cock, freeing it from the confinement of his tight briefs. Both boys got rid of their underwear and were stark naked now.
Jesid’s cock was massive, 11 inches of beautiful, majestic meat, accompanied by two big, round balls that hung low in their shaven sac. Its length surpassed Leo’s cock’s by 2 inches and it was thicker than Leo’s elegant member, too.

Leo was awestruck.

“Let’s get it on”, Jesid grinned and and grabbed Leo’s dick. He gently stroked up and down with his right hand. Leo moaned.

“Do you want a taste?” Jesid pointed at his massive member.

Leo bent over and grabbed Jesid’s big cock. He extended his tongue and tentatively touched the tip of it.

“Yeah”, Jesid smiled. “Go ahead.”

Leo looked up at him and grinned. Then he opened his mouth wide and took the bell end in. He only managed to get one third of the huge rod into his mouth so he put his hands around the shaft and stroked the rest of the cock.

Jesid leaned back and enjoyed the treatment, while Leo made little moaning noises while sucking on his new friend’s cock. Then, all of a sudden, Leo let go and slapped Jesid’s big, bulging ballsack hard. The two balls bounced with the sudden impact and the tip of the cock twitched inside Leo’s mouth. Leo and Jesid both moaned.

“Yeah, do it again”, Jesid whispered and Leo made an affirmative noise while slobbering on Jesid’s cock. He did as he was told and slapped Jesids ripe balls again. Jesid moaned. Then Leo threw a playful little punch at the two orbs inside their bronze sac. Jesid’s balls bounced again and he let out a deep moan.

Leo slurped away at the large dick that filled his mouth and continued stroking its wide shaft.

After a while he came up for breath, his black hair tousled and drops of spit hanging from his lower lip. He grinned at Jesid and lifted his smooth, slightly muscular legs over his own shoulders so that his tongue was now directly in front of Jesid’s smooth hole. He looked up at Jesid for confirmation.

Jesid grinned and nodded.

Carefully, Leo’s tongue approached the Jesid’s hole, touching the inside of his ass cheeks first, but then he encircled his target. Tentatively Leo stuck his tongue into Jesid’s hole. It responded appropriately to the contact and opened a bit. Jesid moaned, which made Leo go a bit further. He licked around the hole again before he dove his tongue right into Jesid pulsating hole.

I looked at Tristan who was captivated by his buddy’s movements. He unconsciously began to stroke his own cock inside the sagging jeans. I grinned and looked over to Chad who was busy zooming in and out, catching close-ups of Jesid’s face and Leo’s tongue that penetrated the pliable orifice.

When I shifted my gaze back to the two lovebirds Jesid was in second heaven. His smooth hole was wide open and Leo was alternately sucking it and slapping it with the two fingers of his right hand. The room was filled with the sounds of his raunchy actions: the wet, slurping sound of his sucking alternated with the dull, hollow, slapping sounds.

“You sure this is his first time?” I whispered to Tristan.

Tristan didn’t turn to me. “I… don’t know…” he said slowly.

“He’s good at it!” I whispered.

Tristan was massaging his clothed crotch. “Yeah”, he said.

Then the two boys changed positions. Leo lay down on the couch and Jesid kneeled over him, his head at Leo’s crotch and his crotch at Leo’s head, so that they were in a 69 position. They both took each other’s dicks into their mouths and started sucking.

Leo had Jesid’s ballsac right in front of his eyes and he slapped it playfully but hardly, bringing a long, muffled moan from Jesid.

Another slap brought a similar reaction.

Then Jesid shoved his cock all the way down Leo’s throat.

Leo gagged. Then he threw a powerful punch at Jesid’s exposed nuts.

Jesid dove up and let Leo’s dick slip out of his mouth. “Ow”, he moaned. He moved his hip up a bit so that Leo could breathe.

“Fuck”, Leo spat and punched Jesid’s nuts once more.

Jesid tried to close his legs – but Leo held them apart. “Owww, stop”, he groaned.

Leo breathed heavily and punched Jesid’s ample balls again.

Jesid yowled. “Stop or I’m gonna cum…”

Leo looked at the monster cock in front of him. It was wet with his spit and leaking precum.

He punched Jesid’s juicy nuts once more, causing his dick to twitch violently. Leo grabbed it quickly and squeezed the base of it, interrupting Jesid’s building orgasm. Jesid let out a long, painful moan. Then he turned to Leo. “Fuck”, he said, “let’s fuck!”

He changed his position so that his gaping hole was directly over Leo’s rock hard dick.

Tristan quickly stepped to his buddy’s side. “Here is a condom”, he said and handed one over to Leo.

Leo grabbed the rubber and quickly unrolled it on his boner.

“Yeah”, Jesid moaned when he lowered his body and let Leo’s dick slip inside his hole. Leo’s rod fit in easily and Jesid sat down on it until his ass cheeks touched Leo’s loins.

“Fuck”, Leo shouted. His dick was buried all the way in Jesid’s hungry hole.

Jesid, being an expert on his field, bounced up and down, threw his head back and moaned with delight. “God, yeah!” His dick pointed to the sky as Leo’s rod pounded away at his ass. “Yeah!”

Tristan grinned at me. “I think that’s my cue…”

He walked over to the fucking couple and stood next to them. Both had their eyes closed and didn’t see him approaching.

Then Tristan hammered a powerful punch at Jesid’s exposed, bouncing nuts.

“Fuck!” Jesid screamed and continued to ride Leo’s dick. Leo opened his eyes and stared at

Tristan who dug his knuckles into Jesid’s balls once more.

“Fuck!” Jesid screamed again. He grabbed his balls and stopped moving, Leo’s cock buried completely in his ass.

Leo moaned loudly.

Then Jesid guided Leo to stand up, his ass still glued firmly to Leo’s loins.

They both stood in front of the couch, their legs spread, and Leo started to pound Jesid’s hole feverishly.

“Yes, yes, yes”, Jesid moaned and let go of his nuts.

Tristan grinned and positioned himself in front of the fucking couple. Then he kicked Jesid hard in the groin, his foot smashing those bronze balls and flattening them against Jesid’s bony crotch.

Jesid screamed and Leo continued to feverishly fuck his ass.

Tristan threw another kick between Jesid’s spread legs. His sneaker collided with Jesid’s boiling babymakers and his shin made contact with his hard, meaty cock.

“Fuck!” Jesid screamed and grabbed his manhood. “Stop! Stop!”

Leo stopped in the middle of his punding motion and quickly pulled his dick out of Jesid.

Tristan looked at him with fear in his eyes. Had he gone too far?

“Stop it or I’m gonna cum.” Jesid breathed heavily. He looked over his shoulder to Leo. “And I want to fuck your ass first!”

Leo gulped at the prospect of having his virgin ass fucked by that Mexican supercock. He slipped the used condom from his hard dick and said shyly: “Let’s give it a try…”

Jesid grinned at him and stoked his cock. “You won’t regret it…”

Tristan reached into his pocket and offered Jesid a condom.

“Sorry”, Jesid smiled at him. “Too small…”

He walked over to the pile of clothes and searched for his jeans. He reached into one of the pockets and held up one of his own condoms. “Extra large”, he explained and opened the package.

He came back and put it on his glistening dick. Then he rubbed his sore balls and grimaced at Tristan. “You got strong legs.”

Tristan grinned back at him. “You’ll see just how strong they are…”

Now Jesid turned Leo around so that he was leaning on the couch. He spread Leo’s legs and slapped his ass cheeks before he licked one of his fingers and massaged Leo’s tight hole. He slipped it into Leo’s ass, bringing a loud moan from Leo’s lips. Jesid’s finger moved in and out of Leo’s hole, loosening it and preparing Leo for the things to come.

After a second and third finger had entered Leo’s hole, Jesid whispered into his ear. “Ready?”

“Mmmhh”, Leo replied, the tone being somewhere in the middle between a clear “Yes” and a clear “No”.

Jesid softly bit Leo’s earlap, took his fingers out of Leo’s tight ass and slapped his cheeks.

Then he lined his cock up against the entrance and leaned in. The huge bell end of his dick pressed against Leo’s hole but didn’t go inside. Jesid leaned in some more until suddenly the tip of his cock entered Leo’s ass.

Leo screamed.

Jesid stroked his back and whispered into his ear: “I’ll be gentle…”

Tristan was standing behind Jesid. He turned to me and grinned. “I won’t…”

Then he aimed a powerful kick between Jesid’s legs that connected beautifully with his large, cum-filled plums. Jesid shrieked loudly and fell towards Leo, ramming his massive cock completely up into Leo and causing him to shriek, too.

Tristan looked at them and chuckled. “Now you’re all the way in. I just wanted to help you…”

“Thanks”, Jesid groaned.

“Fuck, thanks!” Leo whispered sarcastically.

“You’re welcome”, Tristan grinned.

Jesid started to move slowly, pulling his cock out a bit and then sinking it completely into Leo’s tight hole and pulling it out again. Leo moaned loudly. Jesid inserted his cock again and pushed until it was buried in Leo’s ass.

“Okay?” he whispered.

“Y—yeah”, Leo moaned.

Then Jesid started to move faster. He started to fuck Leo’s ass – and Leo seemed to like it. The moans of pain changed into moans of delight and ecstasy. Jesid put his hand against the wall to keep himself from falling onto Leo.

Tristan watched the two fuckers in amazement. Then he remembered the reason he was there and knelt down. He looked at the two pairs of big nuts and clenched his fist. He watched Jesid’s rhythm and then he hit them right when Jesid’s cock was completely inside Leo’s ass and his balls touched Leo’s. His knuckles dug into the soft flesh of the four balls and flattened them, making Jesid stop his fucking motion.

“Fuck!” he screamed. He tried to move his hands but he had to lean against the wall if he didn’t want to fall.

Leo whimpered. He was pushed down by Jesid’s weight and couldn’t bring his hands between his legs, either.

Tristan punched at the quartet of nuts again, this time grinding his knuckles into them and twisting.

“Ay!” Jesid screamed.

A third and a fourth time Tristan punched at Leo’s and Jesid’s poor nuts.

Then he quickly stood up and brought his sneaker-clad foot in between Jesid’s legs, kicking his nuts but sparing Leo’s.

Jesid screamed in pain. His cock was still buried deep inside Leo’s ass and the powerful kick drove it in further. Leo’s hole was filled with cock and he whimpered under Jesid’s weight and the mixed sensation of pain and pleasure.

The next kick caught both ballsacs again, bringing a duet of shrill screams from Leo’s and Jesid’s lungs.

“This is fun!” Tristan grinned as his foot pulverized Jesid’s and Leo’s tightly filled ballbags once more.

“I’m gonna cum!” Jesid screamed.

Tristan knelt down and clenched his fist again. He powered a mighty punch at Jesid’s juicy balls.

“Fuck!” Jesid screamed.

Tristan punched his nuts again.


Jesid’s balls tightened up against the base of his cock.

Tristan raised his eyebrows and punched Jesid’s balls again with a loud slap.

Jesid screamed as his cock exploded inside the condom inside Leo’s ass.

Tristan chuckled and stood up.

He watched Jesid spasm and scream on top of Leo and seemed very satisfied. Then he shrugged and threw in another kick, cracking both Jesid’s and Leo’s balls and raising the volumes of their screaming another nod.
Finally, Jesid was spent. He pulled his dick out of Leo’s ass, sank to the floor and grabbed his sore balls. Tears of exhaustion and pain were running down his beautiful face.

Jesid’s cock had left an impression on Leo. His hole was gaping open and his ass cheeks were red from the friction between the two bodies. Leo was torn between the pain in his balls and the pain radiating from his stretched hole.

“Fuck”, he whispered.

With his left hand he grabbed his crushed nuts and with his right hand he fondled his wide open hole, running his fingers around it and occasionally petting it and dipping a finger in to numb the pain.

“Fuck”, Leo repeated.

“Yeah”, Jesid sobbed. He caressed his tenderized nuts and removed the used condom from his big dick. He had shot a huge load of thick, white spunk that swam inside the transparent rubber.

Jesid held it up with one hand while the other continued rubbing his balls.

“Anyone need a sperm donation?” he asked.

Tristan laughed. “No, thanks.”

“Okay”, Jesid said. He licked his lips in anticipation and brought the condom to his mouth. He held it up and let the sticky mass of goo run into his mouth.

Tristan watched him with amazement and adjusted his crotch again.

Leo seemed to forget about the pain in his balls and his asshole and watched him, too. He looked down at his hard dick and squeezed his aching balls. “I have another load for you”, he said shyly.

Jesid looked at him and grinned. The last drops of cum landed on his lips.

Leo walked over slapped his dick against Jesid’s lips, making the drops of cum fly from Jesid’s lips to his chin. He stroked his cock with his right hand and moaned. His left hand caressed his swollen nuts.

Now Jesid moved one of his hands to Leo’s crotch. Leo let go and Jesid continued massaging Leo’s precious orbs.

The skater boy breathed heavily. His hand jerked his big dick while Jesid squeezed and kneaded his balls.

It only took a few moments for Leo to shoot. His cock erupted with a huge load of cum that found its way into Jesid’s mouth. Both of them were breathing heavily. Jesid eagerly swallowed Leo’s juice. He let go of Leo’s balls and nursed his own nuts that were still aching from the abuse they had taken, causing Tristan to see a nice opportunity to bring in one last powerful kick.

He calmly walked behind Leo who was in the middle of orgasm and sent his foot flying between his buddy’s legs, catching both pulsating balls between his sneaker and Leo’s bony crotch.

“Fuck!” Leo shrieked and collapsed on the ground. He grabbed his precious balls while his cock
continued to deliver spurts of hot semen that landed on the floor. Jesid licked his lips and brought his finger to his chin to collect the spilt semen and bring it to his mouth. He watched Leo and smiled.

Leo lay on the floor, his face contorted from the pain, his dick still hard and glistening with cum, and his mashed and spent balls held tightly in his hands. He whimpered softly and curled up into the foetal position.

Tristan walked over to me and grinned. “That was hot!”

I nodded. “I don’t know what Leo has to say, though…”

Tristan grinned. “I bet he’ll want me to suck his dick while we watch the video… He’s a kinky fella…”

I grinned at him.

Tristan shrugged. “Perhaps he’ll want me to suck his dick tonight…” He looked down at his skater buddy and continued: “Then again – I think I did a good job ruining his bits. He’ll probably take a few days to recover…”

Chad, Tristan and I took a few moments to watch Leo and Jesid lying on the ground and nursing their battered manhoods. Then we decided to let the two boys lick their wounds in private and went over to the kitchen for a coffee.

When we came back Leo was still lying on the ground, naked and spent.

Jesid had put his clothes back on. His balls had taken most of the abuse today but he seemed to be fine.

He shook my hand and grinned. “That was fun. Give me a call if you want me to come back…”

I smiled at him. “We will.”

Friday, February 8, 2008


Featured in this story: Danny and David (click for pictures)

I got a phone call from Danny’s brother David today. He is a dancer in a ballet group and he has a pretty strange relationship with his brother. The last time I saw David, he kicked the hell out of his older brother’s balls and had a lot of fun doing it, too.

He called me to announce that he was coming to town in March.

“I already told you that I'll be in town with our tour of Tchaikowsky's 'Nutcracker'. If can get you free tickets if you want to see it - but I'm supposed you wouldn't like it. I'm the best looking dancer in the troupe. The others don't even come near. So I'd be the only one you could ogle during the performance", David said, being his natural egocentric self.

I was a bit annoyed. "David, apparently he think I'm a mindless philistine who only has eyes for the male physique. In fact I---"

"Yeah, alright, stop it, I'll get you free tickets. Pearls befor swine. But who cares", he sighed.

"David", I started to get upset. "You---"

David interrupted me. "Will you calm down? You got what you wanted. Now shush!"

I swallowed my pride and said: "Thanks, David."

"You're welcome", he replied. "And I'm doing you another favor."

"Oh, you are?"

"Yeah", David continued. "I’m planning to pay you a visit with my brother. I think I'll practice a few of my kicks with him and I thought your studio will be the best place for that. I know you like to see my brother get beaten---”

I started to protest.

"Yeah, yeah, I know you and your kind. And I know my brother likes the way I treat him."
I doubted that. Danny hadn't seemed to happy about his brother's handling of his balls. But on the other hand - he hadn't stopped him, either.

"And it's a bit of stress relief for me. The tour is very strenuous and it's gonna be a welcome diversion to kick Danny's balls for a change. My ugly co-dancers' nuts aren't as sturdy as Danny's. And they are complaining all the time... So, can we use your studio?" David asked.

"Okay", I said.

“I thought so”, David replied. “Be sure to prepare the camera – I will give Danny’s balls a beating he won’t forget…”

“Does Danny know yet?” I asked.

“Why?” he asked back.

“Well, I don’t know, I could tell him---"

"You keep mum about it. I'll tell him when I think it's the right moment", David said.

"David, can I ask you something?" I said.

David didn't reply. I didn't know if that meant yes or no but a few moments later David said impatiently: "What are you waiting for? Go on, ask!"

I cleared my throat. "Erm, why do you treat your brother like that?"

David laughed. "None of your business!"

"Well", I continued, "you sound pretty determined to to pound Danny’s pouch. I just don't know why."

“Does a guy have to have a reason to smash his beloved brother’s marbles?” David asked impatiently.


“Listen”, David said. “Danny and I don’t see each other very often. And when we do I like to make the best of it. You know, catch up on the old times…”

“I see”, I said, utterly clueless about what David was trying to tell me. On the other hand I didn’t really have to know why he was so keen on ruining his brother’s manhood. All that mattered was that he was keen on doing it. And I was happy to do the camera work…

“So do we have a deal?” David asked.

“Yeah, sure”, I said quickly.

“Fine. If there are any changes in our schedules I’ll let you know. Otherwise we’ll meet on March the 5th. Okay?”

“Okay”, I replied.

Man, I'm happy he isn’t my brother…