Monday, February 4, 2008

The workshop

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Danny and Vince (click for pictures)

The film crew arrived at nine in the morning and consisted of six people.

Danny introduced me and my cameraman Chad (who had volunteered to take care of the coffee flow because he didn’t want to miss this strange convention) to the guys. All of them were in their early twenties and pretty attractive, especially the actors, of course. They all were casually dressed in jeans, t-shirts and sneakers.

The three actors that were going to star alongside Danny were Lance, George and Taylor. Lance was a tall dark haired muscular guy, while George and Taylor were blond and slim. George was the smallest at 5’8” and he had wild curly hair. Taylor’s hair was straight and he had a perky glimmer in his bright green eyes.

Additionally there were the prop designer Vince and the director Patrick.

Patrick had a long ponytail of stick-straight brown hair and frameless glasses. He was around 27, the oldest of the lot.

Vince, at 20 years, was the youngest. He sported a goatee, which was slightly ridiculous since his growth of beard wasn’t too impressive. Vince carried two large boxes with him, put them down on the ground and opened one of them. He produced a variety of objects and positioned them in a neat line on the floor: a raw wooden slat, an ancient looking telephone receiver, a plastic baseball bat and two bar magnets.

I looked at the items on the floor and raised my eyebrows.

“We want to make it as real as possible”, Patrick explained.

Apparently I didn’t look very satisfied with this explanation, so Patrick continued: “In the film, the guys keep getting it in the balls. They are kicked, punched and hit with various…”, he pointed to the floor, “…objects.”

“Oh, I see”, I said.

Chad grinned.

The four actors looked determined and eager to begin.

Lance kneeled down and grabbed the wooden slat. Vince frowned at him and slapped his hand, prompting Lance to lay it down again.

Lance pointed towards the slat and grinned at the others: “Fuck, thank God I’m not the one to get sacked by that thing… It’s yours, Danny, isn’t it?”

Patrick looked at him and said casually. “You know, Lance, we want to study reactions, so it’ll be best if you all experienced each of the blows.”

Lance had a blank expression on his face. “You mean we’ll all get hit by these things?”

All the other guys nodded.

Lance gulped.

“That’s what we’re here for, remember?” George said.

“Let’s get to work, there’s a lot to be done”, Patrick shouted and clapped his hands. “Let’s start with Danny.”

Danny stepped forward.

“You have the most experience with nutshots, right?”

Danny nodded and grinned.

“So why don’t you show us an appropriate reaction?” Patrick asked.

Danny straightened himself and shook his arms and legs in preparation. He breathed in and closed his eyes, concentrating on his performance. Then he mimed getting hit in the balls, grabbed his crotch and grimaced.

The others looked at his face, then down at his groin with genuinely interested expressions.

Patrick nodded slightly and said: “Okay, that’s not bad. But perhaps it would be better if we saw the real thing, if you don’t mind.”

Danny shrugged.

Patrick looked around and addressed me: “Would you do the honor? Then we can all get a view at the result.”

“Okay”, I said and walked in front of Danny.

The others positioned themselves so that they had an unobstructed view of Danny’s crotch and his face.

Patrick nodded at me.

I looked Danny in the eyes and kicked hard at his crotch, crushing both balls with my instep.

Danny groaned and squeezed his eyes shut. He grabbed his nuts and grimaced.

The others clapped.

“Yeah”, Patrick smiled, “that’s better. But perhaps you could keep your eyes open? It’s funnier if we see them.”

Danny groaned again, nodded and moved his hands away from his nuts.

I kicked him again and scored another direct hit.

Danny groaned louder and grabbed his nuts, bending at the waist and looking at Patrick, his eyes slightly watering.

Lance grabbed his own crotch in sympathy, while George and Taylor chuckled.

But Patrick wasn’t pleased. “I don’t know, something’s missing.”

He shoved me aside and took my position in front of Danny.

Danny moaned in pain but moved his hands so that Patrick had a clear shot.

Patrick had a very determined look on his face and punted Danny’s balls with his sneaker-clad foot.

Danny screamed and grabbed his agonized balls again. He doubled over and let out a loud “Owwww.”

“Yeah, that’s it!” Patrick shouted. He looked at Danny’s face and pointed at his eyes. “That’s it. The crossed eyes. That’s perfect!” Lance, George and Taylor leaned forward to get a good look. “Memorize this look! Internalize it!”

Danny was still groaning in pain.

I chuckled. Patrick was right: It looked funny, indeed. I saw Chad laugh, too. The actors had very serious expressions on their faces as they studies their role model. Vince hadn’t even bothered paying attention and was busy setting up some weird kind of trestle.

“Good”, Patrick shouted and clapped his hands. “Lance, George, Taylor, now it’s your turn. A kick each and don’t forget the squint.”

Lance walked in front of Danny who was standing with wobbling knees, moaning softly and nursing his battered balls. Lance prepared to launch a forceful kick at Danny’s privates but he was interrupted by Patrick.

“Lance, Danny’s done for now. It’s your turn taking a kick now.”

Lance looked uneasy. “Oh.”

“Yeah, so get your ass over here. You’ll be the first”, Patrick shouted. He walked over to Danny, who was still doubled over, and put his hand on his shoulder. He bend down to him and said:

“Good work, Danny. That expression was priceless.”

Danny managed a painful smile. “Thanks”, he whispered and continued rubbing his smashed orbs.

“Do you want to kick the others?” Patrick asked.

“Give me minute”, Danny moaned.

“Okay, then I’ll hand out the first kicks”, the director replied and walked towards Lance.

Lance broke out in a sweat. Patrick ordered him to spread his legs apart and threw a vicious kick at Lance’s balls.

Lance doubled over and grabbed his groin with a loud groan.

“Don’t forget the squint!” Patrick shouted and Lance’s eyes crossed. “Yeah, good.” He waved at Taylor“Next one!”

Taylor gulped and spread his legs.

Patrick didn’t waste any time and kicked at Taylor’s nuts with unrestrained force. Taylor wailed and doubled over. He did the predictable: He grabbed his aching balls.

“Squint!” Patrick shouted.

Taylor complied and his eyes crossed ridiculously.

“Nah, that’s too much”, Patrick intervened.

Taylor moaned and uncrossed his eyes a bit.

Patrick looked at George. “Next one!”

Taylor stumbled away, making room for George who stood in front of his director and spread his legs, the crotch of his jeans bulging with his apparently rather profuse equipment.

Patrick glanced at George’s bulge and clicked his tongue disparagingly. “No padding, George.”

George flushed and lightly patted his groin. “Erm, I don’t have---“

“Oh”, Patrick said. Then he smiled appreciatively and nodded at George who’s facial colour turned into a glaring red.

Patrick focussed on the target area and delivered a powerful kick into George’s apples. I could see one of the big orbs trying to escape to the side but the jeans were too tight to allow such a merciful movement. Patrick’s foot squashed George’s manhood and ground them into his crotch with a dull thud that echoed through the studio.

The sound of the impact made Danny, Lance and Taylor shift their attention from their mangled manhood to George’s. Chad and I watched with our mouths open. Even Vince, who was still working on building that trestle, paused to look at George.

Then the pain settled in on him. The eye-crossing seemed to come natural to him. His hands found the center of the pain and his fingers grabbed lightly at his obscenely big ballbag as though he was afraid to hurt his nuts even further by touching them. He had stopped breathing. A dry sound escaped his throat.

“Perfect!” Patrick shouted and clicked his fingers at Vince who hurried to grab a photo camera from one of his boxes. He stood up, ran over to his director and gave him the camera.

In the meantime George’s pitiful expression hadn’t changed.

“Don’t move!” Patrick shouted – a bit unnecessary as George didn’t look like he was going anywhere – and looked at the camera display. He took a step back and zeroed in on George who still stood frozen.
Patrick shot a few pictures, then he zoomed in on George’s face and shot a few more.

“Thanks”, he said and grinned. “That was perfect!”

George gasped and doubled over. He let out a heartbreaking moan, fell down and curled up in the foetal position.

“Wow”, Patrick smiled and took a few more pictures. “Perfect…”

George’s moan changed into a soft whimpering sound and he writhed around on the floor and cradled his big, bashed balls.

Danny, Lance and Taylor resumed nursing their own nuts but their moaning had stopped, perhaps out of respect for George’s ‘performance’.

Vince eyes were fixed on George’s crotch. He turned to Patrick who was watching the pictures on the camera display. “Patrick, I still have a few problems with the dummy. It doesn’t look natural. I tried all sorts of things, different kinds of rubber, silicone, various citrus fruits… Maybe we could run a few tests with George’s nuts. They look perfect…”

Patrick was still watching the camera display, fascinated by George’s performance.
“Of course”, he said absent-minded. “Let’s do that.”

Vince grinned and rubbed his hands. “Great.”

I walked over to Danny who had slightly recovered but was still fondling his brutalized balls in his jeans.

“Danny”, I said to him in a low voice, “I have to say I don’t completely understand why you had to do your workshop here at the studio. You could have demonstrated your acting abilities anywhere… And Patrick seems to know what he is doing. He doesn’t need my advice…”

“Hmm”, Danny nodded, “yeah, I noticed. I don’t know. I hope we’re not causing trouble---“

“No”, I said quickly and smiled, “it’s okay. It’s kind of fun to see you guys go for it.”

“Yeah. Thanks.” He said sluggishly and grimaced.

I laughed and he joined in.

I looked across the room.

George was still lying on the ground. He was tentatively rubbing his shattered manhood and whispered to himself as if he tried to tranquillize the pain that was still radiating from his groin. I couldn’t hear what he was saying and his face was obstructed by his big, curly hair.

I looked over at Patrick who had finally managed to drag himself away from his camera. Lance and Taylor had grabbed it and watched the pictures of George on the display. I heard them laugh and joke about George’s misfortune.

“Man, look at those testies!” Taylor laughed.

Lance chuckled and said: “I bet Patrick split them right in half…”

That made Taylor laugh even louder. “I bet he can taste a hint of sperm in his mouth…”

Lance laughed and nudged Talor’s ribs. “Ask him… Go on, ask him…”

Taylor put on a serious face and shouted over to George: “Hey, George!”

George looked up, a pained expression on his cute face.

“George---“ Taylor cracked up and Lance roared with laughter.

At the other side of the room Vince had finished his work on the trestle. Chad had walked over to him and looked at the thing suspiciously.

“What exactly is that?” he asked.

Vince demonstrated it to him. The construction consisted of a large beam that was approximately 3 ½ feet long and 3 inches wide. It was positioned on a hydraulic device that was able to shoot the beam up to a height of about 4 feet.

Vince looked at him proudly but Chad wasn’t very impressed.

“I made it myself. I call it ‘vas’”, Vince said.

Chad looked at him with a blank expression on his face.

“It’s short for vasectomy”, Vince explained.

Now Chad got it. “Ouch”, he said and grabbed his groin in sympathy.

“Yeah”, Vince grinned, “we are going to try it out now.”

Chad nodded.

“Guys”, Patrick shouted and announced how he wanted to proceed with the workshop: “I think we’ll have a look at Vince’s ‘vas’ now.”

The guys gathered in front of Vince’s invention. Even George was able to stand up and come over. He was still nursing the huge bulge in his jeans but otherwise he seemed okay.

Vince showed them the ‘vas’ and demonstrated its abilities. The guys were visibly impressed.

“This is for the scene in the car park. You are walking in a row and then you see Natasha. You stop and suddenly the ‘vas’ hits you in the groin”, Patrick explained.

Lance raised his hand.

“Yes”, Patrick said.

“Umm, it hits us all in the groin at the same time?” Lance asked.

“Right. That’s the idea. It---“

Lance raised his hand again.

“Yes”, Patrick said impatiently.

“Umm, what kind of thing is it supposed to be? I mean, I’ve never seen a metal beam rise out of nowhere…”

Patrick looked at Lance. “It’s supposed to be one of those… you know… these things that block a parking lot. However, it---”

Lance raised his hand again.

“Yes”, Patrick said sharply.

“Umm, isn’t that a tad bit unrealistic?” Lance asked.

“It is. But this is comedy. It’s not a documentary. We---“

Lance raised his hand again.

“Yes”, Patrick rolled his eyes.

“Umm, do you think the speed is right? It’s going pretty fast. I don’t think that it would get an approval of a Technical Control Board, because---“

“Listen”, Patrick snapped, “let’s just have a go, okay?”

Lance was silent.

“Good. So you are walking in a row, you see Natasha. You stop. The ‘vas’ hits you in the groin. You make an appropriate noise and look into the camera with that cross eyed look. Lance is the tallest so you’ll be the last one. In front of you is Danny. After the hit you lean to the right. Then it’s Taylor. You lean to the left. The first one in line is George. You lean to the front. We’ll get a nice group picture and everybody’s face will be visible. Okay?”

Danny, Taylor, George and Lance nodded.

“Vince?” Patrick shouted.

Vince ordered the guys to straddle the beam. He punched something into the remote control that he held in his hand and looked at Patrick.

Patrick nodded.

Vince looked at the guys who seemed a bit nervous.

Then Vince punched the trigger. The beam shot up with amazing speed. It didn’t make a noise and the only audible sound was the sound of the impact. The cold metal beam into the soft jeans-clad bulges of the four actors.

All of them yelped at the sudden pain. I couldn’t see the other guys but George’s nuts looked like they had been struck good.

To make matters worse Vince apparently had adjusted the target height of the beam to Lance’s body height. Lance didn’t seem to be very affected by the blow. Apparently the beam hadn’t slammed his balls into his body but instead had struck them only lightly if at all.

The other three guys were worse off: Danny and Taylor were standing on their tiptoes, lifted by the unrelenting beam. They were gasping and screaming from the top of their lungs.

Poor George was lifted clear off the ground. In addition to the force of the initial blow, now his body weight added pressure on his big, pitiful nuts that were being crushed flat between the hard beam and his pelvis. His feet were kicking air, desperately trying to regain contact to the ground and relieve the pressure on his genitals. He was howling in pain.

Patrick and Vince seemed fascinated by the vociferous spectacle. I looked at Chad who was laughing his ass off. I had to smile, too. It was absolutely bizarre.

I tapped Vince on his shoulder. “Erm”, I started. “Perhaps you could lower the beam a bit…?”

“Oh, of course”, Vince said and pressed a button on the remote control. The beam lowered as quick as it had lifted.

Danny, Taylor and George sank to the ground, grabbing their crotches and whimpering. George had tears in his eyes.

Lance remained standing. His balls didn’t seem to have been struck by the beam at all. He scratched his crotch and deadpanned: “I think it works.”

Patrick nodded. “Yeah, but we’ll have to work on the details, don’t you think so, Vince?”

Vince nodded sheepishly. “But we are on the right track. It has struck 6 out of 8 nuts. That’s not a bad figure…”

Danny was sitting on the ground, his hands cupping his agonized balls. Taylor was trying to walk the pain off. 
Occasionally he jumped up and down with a painful expression on his face.

George was lying face-down on the ground. His hands were buried deep inside his jeans and he moaned loudly.

“You’ll have to work on your facial expressions…” Patrick told them.

George moaned even louder and rocked from one side to the other.

Vince punched something into the remote control panel. Then he addressed Patrick: “I think I’ll have to rebuild the whole thing. I didn’t think of the different sizes… I’ll think of something – I’ll have it next week when we’re shooting. But today…” He shook his head.

Patrick cursed and scratched his head. “Okay. I think we’re done for today.”

Danny, Taylor, George and Lance simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank god”, George moaned. He was the only one that was still down on the ground.

“It wasn’t too bad”, Lance said.

“Ha!” George snapped. “You haven’t---

Vince interrupted him: “Actually I wanted to ask you a favour. You know, I am constructing this dummy so that we can film the close-ups. And I need some real-life prototype so that it looks realistic. You have those great big balls and I was thinking…”

“No way!” George shook his head violently.

Vince shrugged and looked at Patrick.

Patrick walked over to George and said: “George, if we don’t have the dummy you’ll have to do all the stunts yourself. Well, you and your friends, of course.” Patrick looked at the other actors.


“No way!”

“Are you nuts?”

Danny, Taylor and Lance protested.

Patrick shifted his gaze to George again who looked mortified.

He sighed. “Fuck…”

The others looked at him expectantly.

George sighed again. “Okay”, he said.

“Great!” Patrick stood up.

“Thanks!” Taylor walked over to George and patted his back.

“Yeah, thank you”, Danny chimed in.

Lance grinned. “It’s a nice feeling to have those supersize balls, isn’t it?”

George groaned and stood up. He cupped his sore nuts with his hands.

“Okay”, Vince said and sat down on a chair. He positioned George in front of him.

The other guys, including Chad and me, gathered behind Vince.

“Let go of your balls, please”, Vince said and put on his glasses.

George let go with a deep sigh and Vince concentrated on George’s packed crotch. He palpated George’s jeans-clad bulge, at times pressing lightly against the soft flesh, every now and then lifting the whole package up. His face was inches from George’s genitals as he thoroughly inspected the texture and the quality of the curly haired cutie’s endowment.

All of us were silent.

After a few minutes of groping Vince looked up into George’s clear blue eyes and asked him:

“Would you mind taking off your jeans so that I can have a closer look?”

George rolled his eyes but he complied. He stripped off his tight jeans, revealing tanned, muscular legs and tight white briefs. His equipment looked even more impressive when it wasn’t squashed into those jeans.

George positioned himself in front of Vince again who continued studying George’s huge, round orbs. He pinched George’s left nut lightly with the thumb and the index finger of his right hand.

George winced.

Vince did it again, harder this time. George yelped.

“Interesting”, Vince said, grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and wrote something down.

Then he pinched George’s right nut again, flattening it between his fingers.

“Owww”, George moaned while Vince added pressure until George screamed: “Stop! Fuck!”

Vince let go and the nut reassumed its natural shape.

George grabbed his crotch and Vince drew a raw sketch of Georges nut pre- and post-flattening.

“Interesting…” Vince and moved George’s hands away from his crotch. “This might hurt a little”, he said without looking up and threw a vicious upper cut into George’s precious balls. His nuts where pushed up inside the white briefs.

George screamed.

Vince wrote something down and made some changes in his sketch.

George was moaning and nursing his agonized balls that had already experienced quite some pain until now. But there was more to come.

Vince punched at Georges big balls again and again.

George coughed and grabbed his balls.

“No, don’t grab them!” Vince said.

“That’s easier said than done!” George moaned.

Patrick tried to be helpful: “Lance, why don’t you hold George’s hands behind his back?”

George looked at him in disbelief.

Lance grinned and walked behind George. He reached around his body, grabbed his arms at his ankles and pulled them back behind his back, leaving George’s bulge completely vulnerable.

Vince nodded. “That’s better, thanks.”

He ground his knuckles into the soft ballflesh again, making George squirm and moan.

Then he looked at Danny and said: “Could you knee his nuts?”

Danny hesitated.

“Come on, we don’t have all day”, Patrick said.

Danny obeyed his director and walked in front of George. Vince looked closely from the side.

Danny looked into George’s eyes and shrugged. Then he lifted his knee hard and ground George’s juicy apples into his pelvis.

The subsequent scream was heartbreaking and made Taylor and me wince in sympathy.

Vince nodded and Danny’s knee struck George’s balls again, eliciting another scream from George.

“Okay, harder”, Vince said matter-of-factly.

Danny raised his eyebrows but he complied and drove his bony knee into George’s crotch with all the force he could muster.

George let out a high-pitched squeal and squirmed wildly. Lance had trouble holding his ankles.

“Look at his eyes!” Patrick said cheerfully and grinned.

I chuckled and heard Chad snicker, too.

“Wow, look at that”, Vince said and pointed to a wet spot on George’s briefs. He touched it with his index finger, brought it to his nose, and sniffed at it.

“It’s precum”, I assisted.

“Oh”, Vince looked genuinely surprised.

He patted Danny’s ass, prompting him to give another knee to George’s balls.

George coughed and retched and more precum oozed out of the tip of his dick, moistening the white fabric of his briefs and creating a large wet spot. His hard dick was clearly outlined in his briefs and the dampness caused his white fabric to become slightly transparent. Vince raised his eyebrows and put his index finger on George’s big, pink glans that was lurking back at him.

“I can do better than that”, Danny said proudly, took a step back and with thundering force brought his sneaker-clad foot up into George’s well-stocked fruitbasket.

“Fuck!” George yelled, squirming wildly and throwing his head back and forth. Lance clicked his tongue disapprovingly and held his hands tightly.

Danny kicked at George’s defenceless apples once more, grinding them into his pelvis.

George was close to crying. “Please, Danny, stop!” he screamed.

Danny smiled at him and threw a last, mean kick into George’s ample nuts, cracking them and causing his dick inside the white briefs to erupt with boisterous force. His dick twitched uncontrollably and George shot spurts and spurts of cum inside his tight, white briefs, drenching them completely in with his messy cum.

George was breathing heavily, spitting and moaning, caught inside his orgasm and unable to grab his sore, aching balls, because Lance was still holding his hands behind his back with his strong, muscular hands and arms.

Vince looked at the chaotic events inside George’s briefs with amazement. It looked like a big, wet bomb had gone off at Georges’s crotch.

George moaned loudly.

“Ewww”, Patrick said disgusted, “that’s not funny, that’s gross…”

Danny looked at the floor.

“Wait”, Lance said. He let go off George’s hands and grabbed his briefs at the waistband. He pulled it up, giving George a major wedgie and exposing the tip of his softening dick in the process.

George shrieked and grabbed at Chad’s hands, trying to pry them away from his briefs.

Chad looked at Danny and grinned.

Danny took the cue. He chuckled and brought his foot up into George’s spent balls, crushing them one very last time.

George let go of Chad’s hands.

Chad let go of George’s briefs.

Slowly, very slowly, George doubled over. His hands found the aching orbs inside his wet briefs.

His dick was still exposed over the waistband.

George let out a long, pitiful moan.

He looked up at Patrick in front of him.

“Look, his eyes crossed!” Patrick grinned. “Now, that’s funny!”

George sank to the ground.

Half an hour later the crew had left our studio.

Patrick was very satisfied with the workshop. He told us that he was going to do a few rewrites on the script and he sounded very confident.

After they were gone, Chad grinned at me and said: “It’s going to be a hit… They should make it a feature length movie…”


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HOT! George sounds awsome, Big Balls, and about the onlt short on here.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like George. Maybe he's gonna make another appearance in the future. I'm not sure yet...