Friday, February 22, 2008

Committee meeting

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

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Middle of the night

The address that Kev had given me was a large, rather ugly dorm building. It was one of several buildings that looked exactly alike. He had told me that the leisure room was in the basement and that we’d meet there.

A few days ago Kev had called me and told me that he and two of his buddies from the dorm had an idea for a competition. He called it “The Ballbusting Olympics”. I was pretty intrigued and today he and his buddies were going to tell me their ideas.

When I came into the basement I saw that Kev and the two guys he was with had already emptied a few cans of beer. They were a rough bunch.

“Hey”, Kev yelled and came over to bearhug me. “My man…”

I smiled at him.

“That’s Colin and this is Ben”, Kev introduced his friends to me. Colin had dark blond hair and Ben was black-haired. They were all roughly the same height and were dressed in sweat pants and t-shirts.

I shook their hands and said to Kev: “I had a look at your website. You know, the dorm’s site. I found the photos.”

Kev laughed. “Yeah. Did you see the one with me passed out on the couch? Minus my bush?”

I grinned. “Looked like a nice party…”

“Our parties always end like that. Someone lies naked on the couch and the others write something on his ass or do other things”, Colin chuckled.

“Sounds like fun”, I said.

Ben shrugged. Then his face lit up. He grinned and me and asked: “What’s the capital of Bangkok?”

I looked at him. Colin and Kev looked at him, too.

Ben grinned at me. “Come on, what’s the capital of Bangkok?”

I shrugged. With a swift, quick motion I kicked him right between his legs, sending his sweat shorts up and crushing his precious balls with the toes of my foot.

Ben yelled and coughed. “Fuck, that was mean….” He doubled over and rubbed his sore balls.
Kev laughed out loud and Colin joined in. They patted my back appreciatively.

“Fuck, you’re stupid, Ben”, Kev laughed. ”You can’t even tell a lame joke. It’s ‘What’s the capital of Thailand?’”

“Bangcock!” Colin shouted and backhanded Kev in the nuts, hitting them dead on with a resounding slap.

Kev groaned and grabbed his crotch.

I quickly guarded my groin in order not to fall victim to another sack attack.

Colin grinned and nodded at me.

Kev and Ben were bent over, their hands clasped around their injured balls, both of them moaning and rubbing their poor balls.

“Let’s sit down”, Kev groaned and pointed towards the table.

We walked over to the table that was surrounded by a couple of chairs in different colours and sizes.
Kev groaned when he sat down and chuckled: “I should have known… Fuck, my nuts are killing me. You got them both with that backhand of yours. Fuck!”

“I work out”, Colin grinned proudly.

I decided to change the topic. “So – what about this ‘Ballbusting Olympics’ thing?”

Kev cleared his throat. “Colin, Ben and I were having this party the other night…”

“Yeah, I know, you called me at six o’clock in the morning”, I reminded him.

“I didn’t wake you, did I?” Kev grinned. “Anyway. We were watching a few of the videos on your website and that’s when Colin had the idea.”

Colin nodded. “I said: ‘Let’s have some kind of competition’, you know? The ‘Ballbusting Olympics’.”

“I came up with the title”, Ben interjected. “I---“

“It was my idea”, Colin said.

Ben looked at him in disbelief: “It was---“

“Guys”, Kev said, “it doesn’t matter. Anyway. We thought we’d have a few guys over and compete in a couple of disciplines. Then we thought that we could ask our college TV channel to air live footage. And then we thought we could ask you to help us organize it and put the whole thing on air.” He grinned at me. “We already formed an Olympic Committee.”

I laughed.

“I’m president, and Colin and Ben are vice presidents”, Kev grinned.

“Have you thought about what kind of sports you’ll have?” I asked.

“Nutball, definitely”, Kev grinned.

“The president’s not allowed to compete”, Colin shouted.

“Yes, he is”, Kev looked at Colin. “I’m the president. And I say I’m allowed…”

Colin groaned.

“Then we thought something like weightlifting”, Kev continued.

“… with your junk …” Ben chuckled.

I smiled and nodded. “Good, what else?”

Kev was silent. “That’s all.”

“Well, we’d need at least two or three other disciplines”, I said.

“Yeah”, Kev said. “We thought maybe you could help us?”

So, do you have any ideas?

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