Monday, February 18, 2008

Oscar Night ahead

Featured in this story: Danny (click for pictures)

Today I got a phone call from Danny.

“How are you?” I asked.

“Fine, thanks”, he replied politely.

“What about that short film of yours ‘Rocks/Off’? It’s been a while since the workshop…”

“Yeah, but we haven’t even started filming. It’s a bit… well, I don’t know. Let’s talk about something else, okay?”

“Sure”, I said.

“You know, it’s the Academy Awards show on Sunday. I thought maybe we could get together and watch it on your beamer”, he suggested. “I’m in the mood for a bit of light entertainment…”

“Well, yeah, why not?” I said.

“Oh, and we could do a drinking game. I’ve done it with a few buddies last year. It was fun!”

“Erm, okay”, I replied. “What kind of game?”

“Everybody gets one film. And when that film wins an Oscar that person has to drink a shot”; Danny explained.

I thought about it. “Why don’t we change the rules and adjust the game to our website?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, instead of drinking a shot, the winner gets a hit in the nuts from one of the losing nominees”, I said.

Danny was silent. “Ouch”, he said. “I wouldn’t want to get ‘No country for old men’…”

I laughed. “Yeah, that’s gonna be the jackpot…”

Danny chuckled. “Okay, let’s do it. I’m gonna call the other guys. Maybe they have a few friends they want to invite, too.”

“The more the merrier”, I said.

“Great. I’m gonna make the calls.”

“Don’t you want to invite your brother David, too?”

Danny was silent again. “Erm, I don’t think he’ll be in town. They are touring with ‘The nutcracker’ at the moment.”

“Ah, yes, you are right. Well, perhaps he is gonna come another time”, I said.

“Yeah. I’m gonna call Kev, Simon, Leo and the twins, now. Do you have the phone number of that new guy?”

“You mean Jesid? Yeah, wait a moment”, I gave him the number.

“See you on Sunday, then”, Danny said.

“Yeah, see you”, I replied and looked into my address book to search for David’s telephone number.  Perhaps he had a day off on Sunday…

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