Friday, February 29, 2008

Second committee meeting

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Middle of the night
Committee meeting

Yesterday I had planned to go to the second meeting of the official Ballbusting Olympics Committee (BOC). Jockboy Kev and his buddies Ben and Colin had had the idea for an all-out nutcracking competition and had asked me to come on board to care for the media coverage. But then I had witnessed a cruel but funny prank that Ben and Colin had played on Kev that resulted in the drawing of two smiley faces on his ample privates. In the end I had joined in on the fun and had kicked Kev’s poor balls in, leaving him sore and beaten on the ground. At that point we decided to reschedule the meeting…

So today I went to the BOC headquarters again. They were situated at the basement of the guys’ dorm building and were otherwise known as ‘the leisure room’.

When I entered the basement I saw Kev with his pants down at his ankles, showing his genitals to his to Ben and Colin and a five or six of other guys that were gathering around him to have a look at the hilarious image of Kev’s balls with the drawn faces on them…

I heard Kev complain: “… look at them! Nick is all red and Nack is swollen and …” I couldn’t hear the rest of his sentence because his friends laughed so hard. “… try and explain that to Sally when I was …” Again the guys laughed loudly. I walked over to them.

“It looks as if Nick is starting to turn blue”, Ben grinned, causing his buddies – including Kev – to laugh again.

“Looks as if that bruise is his hair-do!” Colin chimed in.

“Well, Nack looks a bit bald to me. Perhaps someone could get him a nice toupet?” Ben laughed and clenched his fist.

Kev turned away to protect his sore balls from another beating and grabbed his balls. The others laughed again.

Then Kev saw me and pointed at me.

“That’s him! He kicked my junk!” he yelled.

The guys cheered and laughed, with Colin screaming: “You left a mark, Alex!”

I grinned and greeted the guys.

“Boy, my junk is still hurting. Are your shoes made of steel?” Kev shook his head.

I shrugged. “It’s not the material, it’s the technique.”

“Well, your technique works…” Kev acknowledged. He was still standing with his pants around his ankles, his bruised junk hanging out in the open, giving Ben the opportunity to land a playful slap right into Kev’s unprotected, sore ballsack. The two precious orbs bounced up and Kev shrieked: “Fuck, don’t do that!” He grabbed his crotch with one hand and raised his pants with the other, trying to get his vulnerable balls out of the line of fire.

“The show is over”, Kev announced, walked over to the table and sat down. Colin and Ben joined him and the others looked a bit disappointed. Obviously they would have loved to get their hands on Kev’s balls, too. But they didn’t argue – appartently Kev was the undisputed leader of the pack – and left the room.

I sat down at the table, too, and grinned at Kev. “That kick was pretty hard, wasn’t it?”

“You bet it was”, Kev groaned. “Normally I can take pretty much. But yesterday…” He shook his head. “I don’t know why…”

“Perhaps your nuts were especially sensitive?” I suggested.

He thought about that. Before he had a chance to answer Ben chuckled: “I bet you jerked off before we met!”

Colin and me laughed.

Kev looked at us. “So what?”

Ben grinned. “My balls are extra-sensitive when I have just shot a load.”

Kev nodded slowly. “Probably.”

“Anyway. Let’s talk about the Ballbusting Olympics”, I said. “We had a few suggestions submitted by our members.”

“Cool”, Ben grinned.

I looked at my notes. “One suggested Roshambo.”

“Rock Paper Scissors?” Colin stared at me.

“No”, Kev laughed. “The Southpark version, I suppose?”

I nodded.

Kev turned to Colin. “Basically it’s nutkicking.”

“Yeah”, I said. “Then another one suggested a tug-of-war.”

“Ouch”, Kev grimaced. “I guess that means our sacs are tied to each other and…”

Ben winced. “Ouch.”

“Okay, last suggestion is Ballbraker. That means we have a piece of wooden crossbar. The athlete jumps on it crotch first. He has three tries to break it. If he doesn’t he’s out. If he does he gets to try it with a thicker piece of crossbar.”

Colin and Ben listened to my explanations with big grins on their faces.

“I guess you like the idea?” I asked.

“Yeah”, Colin said and Ben nodded.

Kev shrugged.

“Well, you are the Ballbusting Olympic Committee. You can think about it and decide which sports will be played”, I said.

The guys nodded.

“By the way”, I said. “The greeks had their Olympic games in the nude.”

Kev, Ben and Colin looked at me.

“You mean we should…” Colin started.

“I’m just saying”, I smiled.

“Okay”, Kev said slowly. Then he grinned: “Why not?”

“Isn’t that a bit too kinky? And what will the college TV station say? They can’t broadcast nudity!” Ben objected.

“I have no problem with nudity. Anybody can see my meat”, Colin announced.

“Yeah, everybody has already seen your meat on the internet”, Kev grinned. “And don’t worry about the TV station. They are just broadcasting to the college dorms. It’s not like they are a public station. I don’t think they’ll mind. Probably they’ll like it. Sex sells. And we got a lot of sex…” Kev grabbed his crotch to prove his point but apparently his junk was still sore. He looked uncomfortable. “Ow. Well, maybe not at the moment…”

Ben didn’t seem too sure about that but Colin nodded.

“Okay”, Kev said. “Nick and Nack will have recovered by then. We have been thinking about the timetable. At first we wanted to do it all within one day. But that might be a little too much for most of the guys’ nuts. We’ll have a big opening, 5 sports competitions and the award ceremony. Then we thought, well, let’s do it in one week.”

“But that’s a bit tricky, too, with all the activity here”, Ben said.

I nodded.

“Now we’ll have the opening ceremony on the 16th of April. On the 17th we’ll do the first competition. Then it’s Ballbusting Olympics Day every Thursday until the 8th of May. And the awards ceremony will be on the 9th”, Kev explained.

“Wow, you have it all worked out…” I said.

Kev, Colin and Ben grinned proudly. “We want do do it properly”, Kev said. “Who knows – maybe the Ballbusting Olympics will be held annually from now on…”

I nodded.

“Okay, meeting’s over!” Kev declared.

I looked at him and raised my eyebrows.

“No need to rush. I have a date tonight…” he grinned and stood up.

I looked down at his crotch and shook my head.

“Do you really think it’s a good idea to let anyone near your junk?” Ben chuckled.

While Kev was beginning to explain how and why he was able to satisfy a girl’s needs even under difficult circumstances, Colin walked over to the fridge to get a beer. After he had taken a can out he turned around and stood directly behind Kev. Colin was no one to pass up a golden opportunity. He quietly got down on one knee and clenched his fist.

Ben and I were having a hard time concentrating on Kev’s bragging about his virility while Colin was gearing up for its temporary destruction.

When Kev was talking about how he was able to transform the pain into additional sexual energy Colin decided it was time for action. He slowly positioned his fist between Kev’s legs from behind and with a sharp, powerful upward motion he rammed it into Kev’s already aching balls like he was serving for a volley ball match. His fist crushed Kev’s poor nuts and smashed them into his pelvis.

Kev’s eyes lost focus and he let out a bloodcurdling scream. He fell down to the floor, cradling his injured manhood and moaning loudly.

Ben laughed out loud and clapped his hands.

Colin grinned at Ben and me and gave each of us a can of beer. He got one for Kev, too, opened it and placed it next to him on the ground.

Kev looked up with a mournful look on his face and whispered: “Date cancelled…”

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