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Video links: Game show ballbusting - Brazil (updated)

Original date: 10/21/2014

A couple of days ago I started the very ambitious, entirely scientific attempt to compile The Comprehensive History of the Chinko Machine. There has already been one very helpful reader who pointed me to a glaring omission (thanks again!) and I'm still hoping that there are some of you out there who know of more appearances on TV worldwide. If you do, please leave a comment or send me an email ( The ballbusting community and the game show community will thank you! :-))

But let's forget about the chinko machine for a moment (I know it's hard once you've seen its utter ballbashing perfection, but let's try...).

If we look at the world of silly entertainment, there are lots and lots of other game show related ballbusting videos. Follow me on a journey around the world to take a look at nuts getting crunched, sex lives getting ruined and sperm counts getting lowered in the name of entertainment.

Our first stop: Brazil.

This wonderful country has a lot to offer, especially when we look at their television shows.

Panico na band is one of several completely whacky TV programs that featured a segment called Quem ri se ferra which roughly translates to "Who laughs gets screwed" according to the almighty Google Translator. Unfortunately, this segment doesn't seem to be a part of the show any longer, which is very sad because the "getting screwed" part of the title often referred to testicular mayhem. Let's not bother with the "laugh" part. Let's have a look at the "getting screwed" part. It's much more interesting...

In this clip, some poor guy gets pelted in the nuts by his team mates (and the show's host) with rubber balls that are attached to his waist with rubber balls. What a neat idea!

(skip to 6:00)

Another clip (that has made the rounds in the f/m ballbusting community) stars a nice, gentle dominatrix kicking two guys in the nuts with her bare feet (maybe keeping on the high heels wouldn't have been family friendly enough?):

(skip to 5:50)

Since we're now knee heel deep in fetish territory, we might as well go all the way. This one's from Panico na band's precursor Panico na TV You ever wanted to see fat, old men dress up as school girls and get hit in the nuts by a giant high striker that's operated by some women dressed as men? Neither did I. But apparently there's an audience for it in Brazil...

There was another segment on Panico na band that was called O maior arregao de mundo (no idea what that means...) which gave us this wonderful clip of a guy sitting on a pool table, his legs spread wide open. Guess what happens next?

(skip to 2:55)

Now, I've tried to find other ballbusting videos from Panico na band/Panico na TV but I haven't been successful. If you know of any more please let me know and I'll add them to this post.

But Brazil isn't all Panic all the time - oh, no, there's also Amor e sexo, a nifty little show about, well, love and sex. In this segment, they make a group of hot, muscular, half-naked guys lie down on the ground and have two men step on their crotches in what can only be described as the "egg walk". You have to see it to believe it... (Unfortunately I can't seem to find the clip anywhere else than the official website - and I haven't found a way to embed it. Click on the link, be patient while the commercials run, and skip to 3:30 for the first round, and to 7:45 for the second round. It's worth it!)

Here are a couple of screenshots:

Oh, these guys are hot...

...especially when they are lying on the ground,
getting their balls stepped on.

This guy REALLY enjoys his job as a TV personality.

In case you haven't noticed:
Yes, those are bull's eyes on the guys crotches.
Oh, and this subtle little sign the host is holding in her hand
 shows a couple of hen's eggs getting stepped on. Nice!

(If you'd like to see one of the female penalists - no, unfortunately it's not the hot host - try the "egg walk" after the taping of the show, there's this little outtake.)

Okay, that's it for now. We'll soon continue this series with ballbusting game shows from another part of the world.

In the meantime: If you know of any more ballbusting clips in game shows - be it in Brazil or anywhere else in the world - please let me know and I'll feature them in a blog post.

Oh, and if you speak Portuguese and can shed light on what the hell is happening in Amor e sexo and what they are talking about in the clip I'd be very, very interested...

Update 10/23/2014:

More on Amor e sexo:

Here is a direct link to a compilation of the interesting parts - without commercials and without the boring stuff in between and including the third "egg walk" that I totally forgot! - provided by the author of HotMaleScenes and Brincadeiras de Homens. Thank you very much for that!

And Brazilian reader Lucas sent me an email providing some context:

Apparently, this part of the show is a game where the couples gets a question and answer by raising one of the signs. If their answers differ, the guy (first TV actors Otaviano Costa, then his colleague José Loreto) does whatever the drawing on the back of his wife's sign says. In this case, it's what is referred to as "to walk on eggs", a Portuguese metaphor similar to the English "to walk on eggshells".

Unfortunately the subject of the show was PMS (of all things!) and most of the dialogue is dealing with that. There appears to be only one brief moment of interest: After the José Loreto (the second guy) has stepped on the guys' balls, the host asks them if it hurt. And every one of them answers "Yes".

Thank you very much for your help, Lucas! I really appreciate it!


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clip from Amor e Sexo:

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Not a gameshow
But have you heard of Tony Lee

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Thanks for the link, Carter! I've seen other Tony Lee clips but the guy's reactions on this one are way better! :-))

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Thanks for your comment, spiralqq! Unfortunately, I didn't save a copy. I'm really sorry. :-/

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Egg walk is so hot! I want to do it.

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