Friday, October 24, 2014

Fun and games: Don’t lose your load!

Thanks to an anonymous reader for the plot idea.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BenKevLogan and Zach (click for pictures)

“I hope you don’t have any action planned for the weekend”, Kev grinned. The handsome 20 year old jock was shirtless and barefoot, wearing just a pair of tight jeans that accentuated his ass and the big package in his crotch.

Zach shifted uncomfortable. The muscular stud was as old as Kev, with blond hair and blue eyes. He was stark naked, his huge, semi-hard dick and his oversized, low-hanging nuts swinging between his thighs.

Zach’s reaction seemed to amuse Kev. “Oh no, don’t tell me you have a date!” he burst out laughing. “Oh man, by now you should know that you’ll walk out of here with a pair of empty nuts.”

Zach blinked. “Maybe we’ll win”, he said weakly.

Kev chuckled. “Maybe you will. But your balls will be sore and bruised no matter if you win or lose.”

Zach sighed. “You’re probably right”, he mumbled.

“Hey”, Kev said cheerfully, “maybe I should take over.” He grabbed his fat package and winked at Zach. “My cock may not be as big as yours, but I’m sure the chick won’t mind.”

Zach stared at him.

“Maybe we’ll let you watch while you are trying to nurse your wounds”, Kev chuckled. He patted Zach’s shoulder and walked over to his friend Ben.

“You did what I told you?” Kev asked.

Ben had just finished taking off his clothes. The black-haired stud looked at Kev and grinned. “Sure”, he said. He put his hands on his hips, proudly showing off his massive, limp dick and the pendulous sack of balls dangling below.

Kev chuckled and grabbed Ben’s naked junk, giving his balls a playful squeeze. “Yup, they’re ready”, Kev mused.

The two buddies burst out laughing.

In the meantime, 18 year old Logan had walked over to Zach. The blond high school wrestler was the youngest in the group. Like Kev, he was wearing nothing but a pair of jeans. He looked at Zach and smiled encouragingly. “This is going to be fun”, he said.

Zach grimaced. “Yeah, for you…”

I clapped my hands. “Alright, guys, we’re ready to start. Here are the handcuffs. Why don’t you apply them to your teammates?” I gave one pair to Kev, the other one to Logan.

While Kev was applying the cuffs to Ben and Logan did the same thing to Zach, I explained the rules. “We’re gonna play ‘Don’t lose your load!’ The object of the game is pretty simple: Kev, you try to force a load out of Zach; Logan, you try to make Ben cum. The first one to spill his spunk is the loser.”

Zach grimaced in anticipation while Ben was looking confident and cocky.

“Of course”, I continued, looking at Logan and Kev, “the dicks are off limits. You gotta work those balls over to get your prize…”

Logan and Kev nodded.

“Alright”, I said, “have fun!”

Logan and Kev looked at each other and grinned.

“May the best man win”, Logan winked at Kev and chuckled.

Kev laughed. “Well, I think we came well prepared…”

Logan raised his eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

Kev chuckled. “Well, I expected something like this, so I told Ben last week to jerk off a couple of times a day.” His grin widened. “Good luck busting a load out of his balls…”

Ben cleared his throat. “Ummm… There might have been a little misunderstanding”, he mumbled, blushing.

Kev looked at him.

Ben’s head turned purple. “I thought you told me not to jerk off for a couple of days.”

Kev stared at him. “What?!”

Logan grinned at Ben. “So your balls are nice and full?”

“To the brim”, Ben muttered.

Kev shook his head. “I can’t believe you got it wrong!”

Ben looked at the floor.

“Now look at that!” Kev pointed at the Ben’s dick that had gone from limp to rock hard during their conversation. “We’re dead, man.”

Ben mumbled something unintelligible.

Logan grinned and rubbed his hands. “Well, may the best man win”, he chuckled, taking his position in front of Ben.

Kev sighed and walked over to Zach. He looked at the two huge, fat babymakers below Zach’s monster schlong and cracked his knuckles. “Okay, let’s crunch a load out of those suckers…”

Zach gulped.

“Ready, steady, go!” I shouted.

Immediately, both Logan and Kev started to work on their respective targets.

Logan dropped to his knees and grabbed Ben’s bulging sack with both of his hands.

Ben’s hard dick was rock hard as Logan’s fingers closed around the two fat orbs, their fingertips digging into the soft flesh of Ben’s tender testicles.

Kev tried in vain to find a way to grab Zach’s nuts without touching his dick. Zach’s huge, semi-hard dong was hanging limply in front of his sack, making it virtually impossible for Kev to reach Zach’s nuts without breaking the rules.

“Fuck”, Kev muttered. He looked up at Zach. “Get that fucking monster out of the way.”

“Huh”, Zach grinned, “looks like you got a problem…”

A shrill scream from Ben made Kev’s head turn. He grimaced in sympathy as he saw Logan crunch his friend’s nuts with his bare hands. Logan had both of Ben’s nuts in a vise-like grip, making the poor stud scream from the top of his lungs as he wrung his poor testicles like a wet towel.

With an alarmed expression on his face, Kev turned towards Zach’s junk again.

The problem hadn’t gone away: Zach’s majestic dick was protecting his precious jewels from Kev.

Zach looked down at Kev with a satisfied grin. “You know, it’s kinda funny – you’ve been making jokes about my dick for ages. And now it’s the reason why you’re going to lose this game…”

Kev bit his lower lip. Suddenly his face brightened. “Not so fast”, he chuckled.

He looked up and gave Zach a thumbs-up gesture.

Zach looked puzzled.

With a mean grin, he reached between Zach’s legs and rammed his thumb up between Zach’s ass cheeks in one swift motion.

Zach’s eyes grew wide and his mouth formed a surprised “O” as his hole was suddenly invaded by Kev.

Much to Kev’s satisfaction, Zach’s dick visibly fattened. After a little strategic wiggling, Zach’s huge cock was pointing to the ceiling within seconds, giving Kev a direct shot at his dangling plums.

“There you go”, Kev chuckled and withdrew his thumb with an audible “Plop”.

A blissful expression appeared on Zach’s face – but it was short-lived.

Kev balled his fist and threw a mean uppercut into Zach’s crotch, changing Zach’s facial expression dramatically once again. Kev’s knuckles connected perfectly with Zach’s dangling meatballs, ramming them into his body and making Zach look like he was about to throw up as he let out a dry cough.

With his hands tied behind his back, Zach had no way of defending his most prized possessions as Kev threw punch after testicle-shattering punch into Zach’s poor babymakers.

The room was filled with high-pitched wails and agonized screams as Logan continued squeezing Ben’s nuts while Kev was using Zach’s balls as a speedbag.

It didn’t take long before both Ben’s and Zach’s massive boners were dripping with precum.

Logan let go of Ben’s balls and got up.

Ben’s handsome face was crunched up in a pained grimace and his body was wet with sweat.

“Come on, spread your legs”, Logan smiled. “Let me kick that load out of your nuts…”

Ben looked miserable.

Kev glanced sideways without stopping the assault on Zach’s testicles.

With all the force he could muster, Logan kicked Ben in the groin. His instep collided with Ben’s hefty, cum-filled balls, ramming them into his body and lifting him off the ground of a second. Ben’s cock twitched and Ben let out an ear-piercing scream.

Kev stopped to observe his opponent’s technique, giving Zach a brief moment to catch his breath.

The second kick to Ben’s tender testicles was just as hard as the first one. Ben screamed from the top of his lungs as Logan’s foot connected with his beanbag, flattening the two swollen meatballs like pancakes.

A grin appeared on Kev’s face.

Zach’s face was contorted in pain as he watched Kev get up and walk behind him.

“Oh no”, Zach whispered in a toneless voice before Kev’s foot slammed his huge, delicate eggs into his body with a well-placed kick from behind.

The sound of bare feet kicking bare balls echoed through the room, mixing with Ben’s and Zach’s screams.

Their cocks were rock-hard, the tips dripping wet with precum.

“We’re close!” Logan announced happily, throwing another devastating kick between Ben’s legs that flattened his balls and made Ben gag and retch.

“We’re closer, right Zach?” Kev replied with a laugh as he kicked Zach’s fat babymakers as hard as he could, eliciting a remarkably high-pitched scream from Zach.

Both Ben’s and Zach’s dicks were twitching and throbbing.

“Right, Zach?” Kev repeated before crunching Zach’s supersized gonads once more.

Apparently, Zach was too busy screaming and wailing to voice his opinion. His eyes were clenched shut, his mouth wide open as he yodeled like an overly motivated school-girl at the talent portion of the Little Miss Switzerland pageant.

Zach’s mammoth dick was twitching violently and a huge grin appeared on Kev’s face.

Logan watched Zach with growing concern. A few more kicks and the room would be flooded with Zach’s semen. He quickly dropped to his knees and positioned his head below Ben’s nuts.

Ben was screaming in pain, his nuts swollen and bruised, his cock dripping with precum.

Without further ado, Logan opened his mouth wide and closed it around Ben’s hefty gonads. His mouth was filled with the meaty orbs, Ben’s dripping dick hovering above his forehead.

The wet, warm sensation on his nuts caused Ben to sigh in relief.

Logan made sure that this feeling didn’t last. He immediately sank his teeth into the soft, tender flesh of Ben’s testicles, chewing down on Ben’s swollen nuts with all his might.

Ben froze. His eyes crossed and his jaw dropped, turning his face into a pitiful, bizarre grimace.

Kev stopped kicking Zach’s balls, and raised his hands. “Hey! What the fuck is he doing?!” he shouted. Apparently misinterpreting the situation his buddy was in, he looked at me and protested, “He’s giving him a balljob! That’s against the rules!”

Logan continued chewing Ben’s balls, making him groan and moan as his eyes crossed further and further.

“Hey!” Kev shouted, “stop sucking his balls! You’re supposed to bust that load out of his nuts!” He looked at me, gesticulating wildly. “Do something, man, that’s against the rules…”

Logan was grinding his teeth, crunching Ben’s nuts between his jaws. Ben’s dick started twitching violently.

“Erm, I don’t think Logan is sucking Ben’s balls”, I said slowly.

“No?” Kev raised his eyebrows.

I winced. “Look at his eyes.”

Kev walked up to his friend and stood in front of him while Logan was squishing and squashing Ben’s fat balls with his strong teeth.

Ben’s crossed eyes were teary and red, with a tormented, haunted expression.

The sounds that came from Logan gnawing at Ben’s nuts reminded me of a dog working on a bone.

Kev burst out laughing. “Ew, you’re right, that’s definitely not---“

Suddenly, Ben’s cock erupted with a huge spurt of semen that splattered against Kev’s abs.

Kev stared down and watched jet after jet of creamy spunk splosh against his body before running down and soaking the waistband of his jeans.

“Fuck”, he sighed.

Ben was screaming from the top of his lungs as his abused babymakers pumped a week’s worth of pent-up jizz against his friend’s muscular body.

Logan let Ben’s nuts out of his mouth and watched the spectacle from his position on the floor, grinning happily at result of his work.

Ben’s bruised, red balls were contracting wildly, shooting load after load of hot, salty cum against Kev who looked at him with an annoyed expression on his face.

Finally, Ben’s orgasm ended, and he stopped screaming and collapsed on the floor, curling up in a ball.

Logan got up and grinned at Kev. “Looks like we won”, he chuckled.

“Congratulations”, Kev shrugged and walked into the kitchen, leaving a slimy trail of Ben’s cum behind him as he walked past Zach.

Logan turned to his team-mate.

Zach was standing doubled over, his hands on his knees, his bruised balls dangling between his thighs. His dick was still rock-hard and dripping with precum.

“Wow”, Logan chuckled. “I guess we were lucky. Looks like one more kick and we would have lost.”

Zach looked up at him with a pained expression on his face. “My nuts”, he said in a strained voice.

Logan grinned. “Look at the bright side. At least you still got your load. Maybe you won’t have to cancel your date after all.”

Zach let out a groan.

“Want a beer?” Logan said.

Zach nodded.

“I’ll get you one from the kitchen”, Logan said and walked past Zach.

I saw the slimy trail of cum that had dripped down from Kev’s body. “Careful, the floor is---“

It was too late. Logan stepped into a large puddle of jizz, slipped, and landed on the floor with a loud yelp. In a comical – or tragic, depending on your position – turn of events, Logan’s leg went up as his body went down, his bare foot flying up between Zach’s thighs and connecting with his huge, bulging balls, ramming them into his pelvis.

Zach’s cheeks puffed and he let out a gurgling groan as his nuts were flattened like pancakes.

“---wet”, I mumbled.

At the same moment, Zach’s huge, fat dick started spurting like a fire hose. It was like a dam had broken. Zach’s ridiculously big dick was twitching and jerking as he flooded the floor with his pent-up sperm. Spurt after spurt of Zach’s precious juice landed on the ground with loud, wet splashes.

“Oops”, Logan said with a sheepish smile. “Sorry.”

Zach was looking down at his junk, his eyes open wide in disbelief. “No!” he yelled, but his bruised babymakers ignored him, happily pumping all that pent-up sperm out into the open.

It seemed that Zach’s orgasm lasted for an eternity. Kev returned from the kitchen and handed Logan a beer.

“Wow”, Kev mumbled.

“Yeah”, Logan replied.

The two handsome guys raised their glasses and took a sip from their bottles, watching Zach’s dick coat the wooden floor with a wet, sticky layer of spunk.

Finally, it was over.

“Oh no”, Zach whispered as he watched the mess on the floor.

Logan cleared his throat. “I guess you’ll have to cancel your date…”

Kev burst out laughing as Zach shot Logan an angry look.


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Carter said...

Pretty good. Although I wanted to smack Kev when he stopped kicking. And I was hoping Zach would lose and Logan would get busted as a penalty.

I really like when Logan's nuts are pulverized.

Also I think you meant to say Logan
“Erm, I don’t think Kev is sucking Ben’s balls”, I said sowly.

Of course my typos are way worse when I write.

Anyway loved it. Looking forward to next week.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter! And thanks for pointing out the Kev/Logan mixup. I corrected it.

Anonymous said...

Dig this, man! Love the hard abuse and sexy Ben losing the game. He's always bee my favorite and I love seeing him lose his load, eyes-crossed and all.

Right fucking on!

Alex said...

Thank you, Corsair! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))