Saturday, September 24, 2022

Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 3 The Encounter



Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 3 The 



By Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, underage characters, and traces of cum.  You have been warned.

(Sorry for the late post this was supposed to go up yetersday but...I was busy teaching. Enjoy everyone!)

This was not part of Sam Hell’s plan.


But the devilboy knows how to improvise.





Following the school bus, Sam imagines the Bartlet team celebrating and maybe still talking about the win that occurred against Midtown. Against his team.


‘No matter,’ Sam grips the steering wheel harder he will get his revenge.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Snapshot: The Dare by Jimmy


Snapshot: The Dare

By Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting.  You have been warned.

Gino grimaces, the poster shows exactly what is expected of him.

Each model at had to reach into a bag and pull out his punishment…scratch that ‘dare.’ Gino thinks he might have received the worst one.

He easily picked Logan to be the one who dealt out the blow.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 2 The Hunt written by Jimmy


Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 2 The Hunt


By Jimmy



Sam Hell races after Kim, pedaling quickly and breathing hard.


Sam is not used to bike riding anymore, but he grits his teeth and pedals faster not letting Kim out of his sight.


Kim managed to get Junior, and takeoff with him. His intention is clearly to kick Junior’s ass, and more than likely bust his balls some more. Sam wants to be the one to do that and he does not inted to let Kim finish the job.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Snapshot: "It's Easy, Gino." written by Jimmy

Snapshot: “It’s Easy, Gino.”


by Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting.  You have been warned.

“It’s easy, Gino.”


Gino looks skeptically at the large pole as Logan sits upon it and easily slides down. 


“Why are we doing this again?”

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 1 The Suprise Guest written by Jimmy


Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 1 The Surprise Guest


By Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting, and underage characters.  You have been warned.



‘Always, the thorn in my side.’

Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Fathers Poker Night written by Jimmy



                    The Fathers Poker Night

                         by Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, traces of cum, and drinking.  You have been warned.


Marco Gomez, father to Gino and Jayden had his head in hands over at Bradly’s house. Bradley is father to Logan one evening after making a… startling discovery. 


“What’s wrong, buddy?” Bradly asks. 


Marco gulps, and lifts his head, taking a long sip from his beer glass. 


“You won’t believe this…but, we’ll it’s kind of embarrassing.” 

Friday, September 2, 2022

Snapshot: Tug of War


A short Snapshot Story. Written by Dominik.

Characters are 18+.

Point of View: Your balls are wrapped with a ribbon that's fixed to this rope. He's just about to give it a good tug.

"All tied up!"

Danny looked down at his poor crotch with an expression of discomfort. The 21-year-old with reddish-blonde hair was standing stark-naked in front of his friends. He had a slim figure and wasn't as muscular as some of his friends. He considered himself above-average looking but couldn't keep up with the handsome appearance of his lads.

Today however, he looked rather ridiculous. The base of his balls had a ribbon neatly tied around it, the other end of which was tightly wrapped around a big rope.