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Snapshot: The Dare by Jimmy


Snapshot: The Dare

By Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting.  You have been warned.

Gino grimaces, the poster shows exactly what is expected of him.

Each model at had to reach into a bag and pull out his punishment…scratch that ‘dare.’ Gino thinks he might have received the worst one.

He easily picked Logan to be the one who dealt out the blow.

Gino wears his usual Bartlet High singlet. The bright red looks good on his pale skin. Unlike his brother Jayden, his skin is a few shades lighter, and while both boys sport a mop of black hair on top (or Jayden did before he had to buzz it) Gino looks drastically different than his younger brother. Gino’s shoulders are wider, with bulging biceps that ripple underneath his skin as his muddy brown eyes look at his blonde coach Logan running a hand over his laced boot.

“Feels kinda funny, but I imagine that it will leave quite an impression.”

“I’m sure it will, Logan.”

Logan chuckles as he rushes up and fake kicks Gino’s nads, just stopping short as he bops them lightly. Still Gino flinches, and Logan’s smile widens. “I’m putting you on the floor.”

Gino rolls his eyes. “Show me what you got, Krueger.”

“Challenge accepted, Gomez.”

Logan gets into a stance, legs spread wide and eyes the hanging bulge between Gino Gomez thick thighs, and runs one finger down the outline of Gino’s balls making sure that he’s got the full measure of his target.

“Hope you weren’t planning on getting laid tonight.”

“Naw, Francisco and I broke up, remember?”

Logan thinks for a second, scratching his head. “Oh yeah, I remember that. Well than I need not worry.”

Gino huffs out a breath, “So are we doing this or…what?”

“I’ve been rolling,” interrupts Chad the cameraman.

“You have no sense of drama, the pair of you. Fine let’s get down to business.

Stepping forward Logan, toe taps Gino one more time making sure that he has the best angle and he enjoys Gino soft balls bounce a bit on either side of his foot.


Gino nods, “Give it your best shot.”

Logan does, and swings his foot all the way back and kicks up and out as hard and high as he can. The laced boot, red like his singlet swipes straight up into Gino’s plump bulge. The slap of Logan’s boot rings around the studio, and Logan winces at the sound saying “That has to hurt.”

When Logan pulls his foot back, his eyes glace up and meet Gino’s. But it’s as if no one is home. Gino hisses out a low moan and moves in to grab his balls but hesitates as if he is afraid to find out the full measure of the damage done.

Gino moans and says “Fuck.”

Logan laughs, “I got them both.”

“Fu…fuck.” Gino finally bends over, his face scrunching up as he finally cups the devastation between his legs and feels the pulse between his fingers. His balls beat with rage, and Gino sways unsteadily on his feet as Logan turns to face the camera Chad narrowing in on Logan as he does so.

“That will teach Gino here to pick ‘Dare,’” Logan smiles and Chad turns off the camera.

“That’ll do, thanks guys.” Chad starts to pack-up ignoring the moaning teen, as Gino sinks to his knees in front of Logan.

Peering back at his friend Logan puts one foot on his shoulder and gives a little push. Gino falls over onto his back with loud thump on the mat, closing his eyes and grimacing “My nuts man…goddamn it.”

“You liked it,” Logan says stepping between his spread out thighs. “I can see that outline clear as day above your cupped hands. You like this.”

Gino moans, but a finger leaves his cupped genitals and traces the outline of his straining erection. “Yeah…but damn…not…like that.”

“Beggers can’t be choosers. You ain’t getting laid so you can use this for your fantasies later tonight.” Logan winks at him as he grabs his bag ready to leave the studio. “Have a fun night, I’m off to see my girl.”

Gino tries to do a mini wave, but nausea hits him, and he drops his hand lamely back to his lap.

The laughter rings out, as Logan leaves.

From one of the changing rooms at the back of the studio, a light flicks off and Gino turns to look at it.

“Hey Gino.”

“Hi.” Gino croaks back.

“I couldn’t help but over here, if you’re single…and looking come with me this Saturday to the club. It’s the once a month 18 plus night. You might get lucky.”

Gino glances up, propping up on his elbows starring at one of Alex’s models that he has not really gotten to talk to very often. It was one of the twin’s friends, Gino was not sure of his name.

“I’ve…never done something like that.” Gino admits.

The red headed boy with emerald eyes, bends down to look at Gino in the face. “Well, if you are interested come meet me. We have not formally been introduced. I’m Parker Potts.”

Gino smiles, it’s slightly a grimace his balls still ache. Logan can sure kick.

“I would like that.”

Parker pulls Gino’s arm and writes on the back of his hand his phone number.

“Text me.”

Gino blushes, and Parker stands up.

“See yeah.”

Gino’s heartbeats faster, “Yeah. Yeah, you will.” Looking down at the number Gino can’t help it, he wishes it was Saturday already.


~End…for now.

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