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Snapshot: "It's Easy, Gino." written by Jimmy

Snapshot: “It’s Easy, Gino.”


by Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting.  You have been warned.

“It’s easy, Gino.”


Gino looks skeptically at the large pole as Logan sits upon it and easily slides down. 


“Why are we doing this again?”


Rolling his eyes Logan starts to pull on his t-shirt over his head before he explains himself. When he straightens and looks up at Gino he explains. 


“It’s a new add for the Ballbustingboys Website. Every model is supposed to pose on a pipe, the idea being all it takes is one false move and….bam! Peanut butter!” Logan claps his hands loudly at the word ‘Bam,’ making Gino feel even more uneasy. 


“Plus you’re the new model, everyone is going to want to see you Gino Gomez. So get down to your skivvies and give everyone a show!” 


Logan had put on a few different outfits, and Gino only was supposed to do one: a jockstrap. He was not self-concise. Not him. He was more worried about the peanut butter part. He quite liked his balls and had seen the guys on this blog do a lot of stupid things. He did not want to be like them. 


Sighing Gino grumbles, “Fine. But if I do go splat you better kiss it and make it better.”


Logan laughs. “You got it.”


Gino is handsome in the white jockstrap the material covers him just barely but if he turns to left or the right you can see a little sliver of his brown ballsack. 


“Here goes nothing,” he says more to himself than to Logan. 


Chad the cameraman is ready for the shot and aims the lens at him as he puts one foot on the pipe. He’s high off the ground, almost ten feet. Not as high as the photos make out but still the ride down would suck if he fell.


Tentatively, and very carefully he puts a second foot out and hovers in the air. Gino’s heart beat quickens as he moves further out to the taped black ‘X.’ 


Gino walks very carefully, and he only glances back once to see if Logan is still looking at him. He is, but that glance costs him.


Gino slips free, feeling his feet stagger and glide down the sides of the pole. His arms pinwheel at his sides as he tries to right himself but it’s far too late and the slip brings him down. He feels the air swish against his bare thighs until the inevitable landing. Gino feels the vibrations of the landing before the ache, but once feel feels it he knows that it’s going to be bad. 


Logan runs out asking if he is okay, he is laughing as he asks.


Gino grips the pole with both hands and he vaguely hears Chad murmuring, “Thank god I turned on the camera.”


A low groan is emitting somewhere and Gino realizes that it’s coming from him. Below his buttocks Gino’s balls are throbbing, shooting pain right into his lower abdomen but he does not dare move for fear of making it worse or falling off. 


“Gino, you have to try to get off the pole. Crawl across or jump down!” Logan suggests. 


Nodding his head once, he agrees. At least Gino thinks he nodded his head, he’s not sure. The ache deep within his balls is all consuming and it makes him sick to think about. Gino moans now, his voice louder and he shifts. 


“I think I’m going to hurl…” 


Logan winces. “Maybe I should climb up there…?” 


“Please do, and fall right next to Gino that would be great!” Chad suggests. 


Ignoring him Logan reaches up and he barely is out of reach of Gino’s ankles. 


“I’m going to jump and pull him down.”


Logan nods his head, before he bends down and shouts up, “I’ll get you down!”


Gino shouts “No!” 


It’s too late, Logan is already airborne and as he registers the plea for him not to touch Gino Logan almost miss hears it and grabs both of Gino’s ankles instead. The mistake costs Gino. 


A scream rips from his lungs as he takes the full weight of Logan’s body all centered on his groin. 


Quickly Logan let’s go falling to the ground, but it’s too late. 


Gino’s eyes roll in the back of his skull, the pulsations one each nut almost is unbearable and he falls off his perch. 


The landing is soft and when he looks around he finds that he is on top of a groaning Logan. Gino begins to curl into a protective ball, his nads pulse between his fingers when he finally is able to grab a hold of himself. He immediately lets go, the barest of touches sends of a wave of intense gripping pain and he closes his chocolate brown eyes blocking out the hot sun from above. A dull moan comes from him, as Gino holds his abdomen instead.


“Fuuuuck,” Gino whimpers.


Logan groans again, and asks from below Gino. “Your balls, okay?


“Fuck me…no…no they are not.”


Logan tries to laugh, but it hurts way too much. Tentatively he reaches one hand up and feels better the valley of Gino’s thighs. He barely touches Gino when he sucks in a breath, trying hard not to scream.


“Shit…they are bloated Gino.”


“Yup!” he seethes hoping that Logan will let go.


Logan gives a tiny squeeze and Gino almost cries.


Rolling off of him, Gino curls up on his side still not touching himself but facing away from Logan just in case he gets anymore funny ideas liking checking on him.


“That was so great!” Chad is beside himself and runs up to Logan grabbing his arm. “I’m going to text Alex, we should redo each shot but have you all fall instead! Logan get down to your boxers and…!”


Logan grabs Chad’s shoulders and knees him directly below the balls, so that his knee comes up from underneath Chad’s testicles hitting the cameraman with a dull thud.


Chad blinks stupidly and drops to his knees with a gasp.


“Bad idea, Chad.” Logan says shaking his head. “I think we are done for today. Gino I’ll see you at practice tomorrow?”


Gino does a little finger wave from the ground.


Laughing Logan tells him that he will “See you later,” as he leaves. Before Logan gets too far away he hears both Gino and Chad groan at the same time and Logan recognizes that he had the better afternoon than either of them.




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