Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Fathers Poker Night written by Jimmy



                    The Fathers Poker Night

                         by Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, traces of cum, and drinking.  You have been warned.


Marco Gomez, father to Gino and Jayden had his head in hands over at Bradly’s house. Bradley is father to Logan one evening after making a… startling discovery. 


“What’s wrong, buddy?” Bradly asks. 


Marco gulps, and lifts his head, taking a long sip from his beer glass. 


“You won’t believe this…but, we’ll it’s kind of embarrassing.” 


Bradly looks thoughtful at his friend, but their is a knock at the door and he turns his head in the direction. “That must be Will Brady, I’ll be right back Marco.”


Marco gives a non-committal shrug of his shoulders and takes yet another sip. He’s on beer number three, and he’s only been here for a few minutes. He glances at his watch but looking down makes him feel a little lightheaded so he doesn’t bother to check. 


Entering the kitchen is Bradly, and with him in accompaniment is Bill’s Dad Will Brady. 


“Hi,” Marco says lamely into his bottle. 


“What’s got you so down? Kids I’m assuming.”


Ignoring this, Bradley says “Still can’t believe you took in two more. They are the hooligans of the neighborhood too.” 


Bills Dad bristles a bit but states “They may be rough around the edges, but no one’s kids are angels. How often is Logan in detention again Marco?”


Laughing Bradley jumps in trying to lighten the mood. “Logan’s the worst sometimes, but they grow out of it.”


“Grow” scoffs Marco shuffling the cards and getting ready for their poker night to begin. 


“Come on spit it out, otherwise we will never play!” Bradley says dealing out the chips. “Max and Rex’s Dad was unable to make-it. It will just be the three of us tonight.”


“Figures, he’s always so busy.”


“Alright,” after downing another large gulp Marco burps, and lifts his shirt up to wipe his mouth, long lean abs come into view with a long trail of dark hair centered in his abdomen. 


Bradley whistles. “Still have time to hit the gym I see.”


“Helps to have a home gym, that’s for sure.” Marco explains, glancing down at his still fit tummy and grinning a bit, his lips curving up. “If only that helped with my…well it’s a bit embarrassing.” At this Marco shifts his legs uneasily underneath the table. 


“Spit it out man, it’s always best that way.”


Bills Dad nods his head agreeing. “Absolutely.”


Taking a deep breath, Marco finally explains “My boys…both of them, they are well… how do I put it.” He thinks for a moment finding the right words. “They are well-endowed.”


“That’s great, it sounds healthy. You should be proud.” Bradley says as Marco starts to deal the playing cards for poker. The old beat-up deck easily slides across the table, as Marco deals. 


“The thing is, they are… both bigger than me.”


The room grows quiet, and finally Marco clears his throat. “It’s kind of humiliating.”


Bradly laughs a bit and says, “My sons getting big too, I’m still positive that I’m bigger.”


“But you’re not sure?” Will Brady asks.


“Well… it’s pretty close.”


“That means he’s bigger. I’m sure it will happen to all of us, my son is nowhere near me. He’s still this big.” Bills Dad puts up a pinky and everyone laughs at that. 


“So how small are you?” Bradley asks jovially.


Marco immediately turns beat red, his heart jackhammering in his chest as he plays with his cards, and tosses them on the table. Standing up, chair legs scrap across the tiled floor loud and screeching. 


“I’m not small!” Marco declares. 


He grabs his junk, his package easily fitting in one hand with what looks like a lot of room to spare. Marco wears a pair of mesh gym shorts and he can easily feel his balls roll between his fingers, the orbs are his pride and joy. 


“Looks like a small handful you got there,” Bradly says cooly. “Do your kids know, that they are bigger. Even the younger one, Jayden?”


Marco is steaming mad, his anger is coursing through him and the veins along his neck pulse as his hands turn into fists. “I’m not small.” He repeats. 


“Prove it.” Bills Dad says. “Drop them drawers.”


“I will not subjugate myself to that!”


Bradley and Will share a look and both nod at the same time, a message clearly passed between them. 


“Let’s just take a peek,” Bradley says and the two Dads stand up and move to grab Marco. 


Marco leaps back and puts up his hands ready for combat but the two each grab an arm, muscling Marcos arms to his sides. Marco struggles and pulls, belligerent in his mouthing off as Bradley reaches for the drawstrings below Marcos navel. 


Kicking his legs and shuffling his body Bradley found that he couldn’t quite grasp the drawstrings as they bounced and moved freely whenever Marco did, which was constant in his attempt to get free. 


“Dammit! Stay still!”


Bill’s Dad nods and says, “Go a little lower and that will stop him to the quick.”


Unsure what Bills Dad meant, Bradley looks puzzled at him trying to figure it out as he tries to keep Marcos left arm still. 


Sighing Will takes the initiative and using his free hand swings a punch right in between Marcos wide splayed legs. A soft audible squelch reverberates in the air and Marco stops his thrusting and gasps in their held embrace. 


Marco moans now, hanging limply in their arms. “You…hit my balls,” states Marco both plainly, and accurately.


Bill’s Dad nods his head, his glasses sliding down his nose, his face a bit flush. “That I did. Now check Bradley, he’s not going to put up any more of a fight right?” he asks, tapping his knuckles underneath Marco’s scrotum feeling the orbs jiggle and bounce on his command.


Turning to look at him Marco is slack jawed and he grunts, “Fuck…that really hurt. You got them both.”


“It was an easy target to hit,” Bills Dad admits with a quiet chuckle. 


With Marco distracted now, Bradley grabs the black drawstrings drawing them around his fingers and slowly, and he pulls them southward. 


Turning to look at Bradley now he moans again, “Be careful…my balls…they ache.”


“I’m aware,” Bradley says as the dark dense bush of Marco’s pubes come into view. Curly and black, and thick like a forest. The air is pungent in a rich aroma that hits Bradley as he continues to tug the drawstrings down. The shorts stop short, as if hitting a road block but are quickly pulled free as Bradley’s expertly tugs one last time. 


A small thump sound comes from Marcos privates as his dick gets unstuck and comes swinging into view, his balls drawn up quite close in his scrunched scrotum. Marco appears to be thick, but stunted as if his dick were sharpened in a crayon sharpener until all that was left was the stumpy base. Unfortunately for Marco, that is all he seems to have. The pink crowned head flares out a bit but both Dads can tell that neither of them have been as small as Marco since before they hit double digits. 


“It’s not…well, that small.” Bradley says lamely. 


“Yeah…and maybe your nuts are bigger!” Trying to put a good spin on things, Bill’s Dad Will says. 


“It gets bigger… when I’m standing tall.” Marco says rather lamely.


“I bet!”


“Let’s see those nuggets!” Bills Dad reached for and grasps Marcos nads.


Quickly Marco says “Carefully, they still smart!” His words slur a bit, the drink must be effecting him, but he looks pleadingly at Bill’s Dad in return. 


“I’m just checking…” Bills Dad starts to say. But Marco sucks in a breath as he gets a good hand hold accidentally squeezing the right one in the process, not much of a scrotum to weave his fingers around. 


Marco sucks at his cheeks, “Rightie…”


Bradley stares right back at Marco seeing the grief play out on his face. “So what’s his size?” asks Bradley. 


“No bigger than a pair of grapes,” laughs Will, the light of stars playing across the lenses of the glasses from the moonlight streaming in from the window give Bill’s father a peculiar look as he toys with his prize.


Marco flushes. “Li…liar!” he groans, his eyes crisscrossing as Bill’s Dads fingers probe right into his scrotum: crushing Marco’s balls expertly. 


Bradley harrumphs telling Bill’s Dad, “That can’t be right, move over.”


Bill’s Dad gives in quickly with a shrug, but not before giving Marco a long squeeze. The request gives Marco a bit of reprieve as his sore, throbbing balls hang in the air but not for long. Bradley swoops in hitting him with a solid punch. 


“Oops lost my balance for a second, you’re alright. Right Marco?” teases Bradley his knuckles succinctly crunching Marcos tight walnut sac up against his ass cheeks with a hell of a wallop. 


Marco’s mouth falls open in a silent ‘O,’ and the guys laugh at his distress. 


Marco is still gazing forwards trying to process what the fuck is happening when Bradley grabs his reddened nutsack with an expertly applied nutclaw. His searching fingers find their intended targets easily enough as he locks in his grip pulling Marco’s balls as far away they can go in their tight scrotum and closes his hand into a embracing fist. 


In trouble now Marco seethes, “Ahhh ah ahhh ahhh! Fu… fuck!”


Cursing Marco drives his hips forwards and back, but to no avail, Bradley is locked in and he is not letting go. 


Then Marco unbelievably starts to feel his dick start to rise.


Both of the other Dads notice immediately. 


“Oh shit!”


“You got that right, the Gomez nightstick is on the prowl!” jokes Bradley. 


Marco’s fully enraged cock seems to throb next to Bradley’s fist and he looks down at the same time as the others and sees how short and stubby does not rise much higher when erect than when he was flaccid. If anything the brunt crayon is only more noticeable in its stunted full form. 


“Marco…is this as big as well…it gets?” Bradley asks tentatively. 


Marco groans, his shaft is rigid and he starts to leak unwillingly on the back on Bradley’s closed fist. The pre-cum leaks in between Bradley’s fingers, while he smoothers Marco’s nuts in his big hand. The balls so dwarfed in size are overwhelmed by Bradley’s powerful grip and Marco moans low. His voice dripping with a need, as his cock betrays him plunging against Logan’s Dad’s hand wanting to be touched. 


“You’re not going to make a mess… are you?” Bradley asks. The old schoolboy in Bradley starts to take over, and he crushes Marcos nuggets with wild abandon. 


Bradley nods and tells Bills Dad. “Should we milk him?”


Bills Dad laughs. “I suppose I got this job?” he asks spitting into his hand and reaching down grasping Marco’s rigid plumped nail. 


Marco let’s put a sigh, and bits his bottom lip. 


“Fuck guys.”


“He won’t take too long, he is rather short and stubby.”


Marco moans again, trying to double over, but the two Dads have him spread out his limbs locked in place and his body wide open to be used. 


“Nope,” Bills Dad says as he uses a two finger grip, Marco continues to leak as his fingers roam up and down Marco’s erection. Marco’s fat throbbing dick radiates heat as Will squeezes the knob after each trip back up the pole and Marco starts to stiffen already he is not going to last too much longer, and everyone can tell. 


 Bradley makes sure that things are not a walk in the park for Gino and Jayden’s father, his thumb skewers Marco’s right nut that he remembers made Marco sing and he gets the same reaction. 


Marco bellows out a scream full blasted, and Bradley is happy that his wife is still at work and Logan is sleeping over at Chase’s place. He thinks maybe his neighbors might hear. 


“Keep it down, Marco. Those nuts can’t possibly hurt that much. Their so small.” Bradley is really getting into this, and he relishes the pain coming from Marco’s facial expressions as he sobers up his friend with another long squeeze. 


Marco bolts in their grasp, his feet unable to hold him up any longer as Bill’s dad pumps him quicker. He’s starting to pulse in the hand clutching at his dick and Marco does not want to cum. He refuses to give up his seed. Marco tries to hold it back, to keep from spewing. He moans, but clenches his teeth, and tightens his abdomen. But it’s no use. 


Marco’s cock gives a shudder and Bill’s Dads eyes meet Bradley’s. “It’s time,” he says gravely. 


Bradley nods. “We knew he would.”


“Let’s see you make a dribble Marco, cum for us. Show us that Daddy drip drops!” Bradley mocks crushing Marco’s nads and twisting them for good measure. 


Bradley and Bill’s Dad feel Marco buck in their grip and then, the reddened steel pole trembles and jerks. Marco let’s out a breath through his clenched teeth and he fires. 


Thick ropes of semen shoot out from Marco’s knob landing on the card table and hitting the hand that Marco had faced down. 


Marco moans, as he spasms in their arms but Bradley keeps up the long squeeze to his nuts and gives them a little shake trying to help dislodge any backups that he might have. 


Marco’s orgasm continues and he shakes in his friends arms, as his pulsating dick starts to falter and curve down. Bill’s Dad expertly still jacks him off this time using his whole hand which covers Marco from root to tip. The pleasure is indescribable and pushes Marco over the threshold of containing himself and he gasps once before another jet, a second orgasm hits him spewing out one long thick rope of white as pearl semen before he hangs lose and spent in their arms. 


“Shit!” Bills Dad exclaims. “Two orgasms…in a row!”


“Well, he can certainly cum! I guess that explains his boys. Man oh man, that’s a lot of cleanup!”


The Dad’s laugh and someone clears their throat. 


No one heard the front door open. 


No one noticed that the kitchen is now occupied by another person. 


“Hey Dad… I’m just, gonna go.”


A brief flash hits the fathers and they look up at Logan grinning meekly, at his phone a sly smile playing on his face. “This is blackmail for later Dad.”


“Hold him!” Bradley says thrusting Marco upon Bill’s Dad chest. 


Bills Dad barely can, Marco outweighs him and the pair sink to the floor, Marco in between Will’s thighs.


Bradley grabs the hem of Logan’s shirt pulling him back into the room. Logan seems to let him and grabs his Dads shoulders, bracing himself and launches a knee straight up into his Dads full scrotum. 


Bradley’s eyes widen in alarm, and then pain as the all too familiar burst of agony rips through his testes. 


“Shiiit!” he bellows, folding over at the waist. 


Logan makes a quick exit but not before he says “I’ll tell your kids that you all say hello!”


The front door slams.


Bradley drops to his knees clutching at his nuts, they pound fiercely in his hands and he looks over miserably at the other two. 


Marco looks curiously back at Bill’s Dad. “You weren’t kidding,” he rubs his backside against Bills Dad groin. “You’re huge!”


Bills Dad looks away before he pushes Marco off of him. “Yeah, I know. It’s shame that my son is not. He must get it from his mother’s side.”


Standing up Will looks around the room, “Not too bad for our first game night. Hopefully Max and Rex’s Dad can join us next time.” He opens a beer, listening to the other two Dads groan on the floor. Grinning he looks at the ruined playing cards and then at his friends. 


“Next time let’s make sure we put the cards away before we get handsy.”




Anonymous said...

The stories are a lot better with adult characters. Great job, Jimmy. looking forward to how Logan is going to try using this against his dad but it backfires and the whole Dads gang team up on him and bust a couple of load out of him.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for writing in. I am happy to hear that you liked the story, at this time I have not planned for a sequel. I had a few readers asking me for a while to write a Bradley story and I hope that they too enjoy this one.



Anonymous said...

This was fun. I'm not even into Daddies at all but Jimmy's stories are always entertaining.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

Not mine either. But this story popped into my head and I had to write it down. I know that there are some Marco Gomez and Bradley fans out there so I hope that they enjoyed them. Thanks for giving it a read even if its not "your thing."



Anonymous said...

Definitely one of my favorite stories in a while, looove the dad's getting involved, would 1000% want to see Marco getting teased more about his small cock

Anonymous said...

yea!!!!!! I'd like to see all the parents spanking logan's balls!