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Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 1 The Suprise Guest written by Jimmy


Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 1 The Surprise Guest


By Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting, and underage characters.  You have been warned.



‘Always, the thorn in my side.’


After losing the qualifying match for state, and on top that losing the state championship to Bartlet the wind was taken from Sam Hell’s sails. Coasting from class to class, he kept reliving how he lost to Logan’s team. 


Now Bartlet is getting ready to battle the other championship teams from other countries and the thought of this makes Sam Hell sick. 


That’s when he started hashing out a plan in the bedroom that he shares with Jake in Bill’s family house. A cruel smile forms on his face as he imagines his plan of ultimate sabotage destroying the Bartlet team and robbing them of their potential next victory. 


Sam Hell is barely aware of Jake’s snores the next bed over, but he knows that Doug will gladly join him and furthermore he will enjoy taking Jayden down just as much as he will. Doug recognized his mistake and is willing to come back into the fold.


The bedroom door creaks open and he spots Bills messy brown haired head poke into the darkened room and his eyes search until he finds Sam Hells in the dark. 


The Devilboys eyes always seem to glow with a fiendish crimson delight; even in the dark. Sam’s blood red eyes are his most prominent feature and with his high cheek bones and windswept jet black hair combed back they stand out unique and utterly captivating. 


“You awake?”


Bill’s voice is quiet with a hint of hopefulness as he peers into the darkness his eyes never leaving Sam’s.


Sam Hell does not answer. 


Instead he taps the mattress with his right palm, the sudden movement forces Bills blue eyes downward and he grins, coyly closing the bedroom door behind him with a tiny soft click. 


Before Sam realizes it Bill is in his bed, under the covers in only his boxers. Bill curls up next to him grinning mischievously.


“Hey….could you?” Bill waggles his eyebrows.


Sam Hell frowns, “Again? That’s twice this week. I thought you and…?”


Bill shrugs and answers “Yeah, that didn’t work out. I think Rex and I are just going to be friends.”


Unsure what to say, Sam Hell acquiesces slipping his hand between Bills legs his fingers moving underneath his foster brothers boxer briefs. 


“It has to be quick, I’ve got a lot to do tomorrow.”


Bill gasps and murmurs “Aren’t I…always?” Already his breathing hitches, catching between his teeth.


Sam Hell says nothing as his fingers wrap around Bills stiffy, the taut member both hard and hot beneath the touch. 




Bill if anything grows harder in Sam’s grasp. The hardon on pulses, and Sam already knows that Bill won’t last much longer. 


“Just stay quiet, we don’t want to wake Jake.”


Bill nods, his penis is so hard that he does not trust himself to talk. 


Sam suppresses a chuckle and runs his thumb across Bill’s tip feeling the pre-cum and running small semi-circles around his stiffened erection. 


Bills breathing starts to become ragged, and Sam does not ask as grasps the boys balls are his base of his rigged pole. Bills mouth opens and a small sound escapes.


“Stay quiet.” Sam warns and squeezes his nuts.


Bill nods his head, his fingers tangling around Sam’s sheets. His chest is rising and falling as his breathing gets more ragged and Bill sucks on his cheeks his blue eyes gazing down at his own cock with vivid concentration. 


Sam leans in a little closer so he can whisper in Bills ear as he squeezes his balls harder, the marbles pulsing in his palm. “I’ve got your balls.” Sam’s voice soft as velvet explains. “I’ve got them, Bill.”


Bill shudders. 


Sam knows how to get results. He licks his lips making sure that he blows hot air in Bills right ear as he pumps Bills cock faster in his fist. The quick jerking fapping recognizable in the small space. 


“Your hard cock won’t last much long,” Sam emphasizes as he pumps him faster, talking dirty. “Your balls are about ready to blow. You think they can hold it in longer?” Sam asks, his lips curling. “I don’t think you can.”


Bill moves to gasp, and Sam Hell worried about Jake waking twists Bills nuggets viciously to the left and Bill freezes his groan stuck in his throat and Sam Hell quickly lifts his shoulder and tells the boy. “Bite me.” 


And Bill does. 


Bill sinks his jaw on Sam’s bare shoulder and muffles a cry as his cock pulses in Sam Hells grasp and it’s then, when Sam rubs his thumb across Bills frenulum that Bill loses all control and he starts to pump out his semen. 


Bills whole body seizes up as his cock explodes with thick white cum shooting up and between them. Sam lowers Bill down to the mattress but Bill’s jaws still are locked onto his shoulder and Sam is forced on top of him and feels the wet sticky goo on his own chest as Bill slowly comes down from his high shuddering uncontrollably as he finishes. All the while Sam gropes and crushes Bills nads and he soon groans and begs coming off of Sam’s shoulder, teeth marks still visible and a smear of spit across the top mound of muscle “Please, let my balls go.”


Sam does not, but he no longer squeezes. Instead he rolls them around Bills tight sac until they loosen, and Bills heartbeat slows down to its normal rhythm. Bills cock is still pulsing every now and then, clear liquid forming at the top. 


“You came good, ready for bed?”


Bill nods. 


“Sorry…I think I left a mark.”


“Heh. That you did.” Sam Hell grins lifting Bill into the air and clutching him to his chest. Sam carry’s him across the room, and opens his closed bedroom door. 


The hallway is dark but Bills nightlight glows faintly and it’s enough light for Sam Hell to bring him to his room and place him in bed. 


“Night, Bill.”


Bills eyes are already fluttering closed. Exhaustion creeping through him. 


“Goodnight Sam.”


Sam closes the door with a soft click. In the hall he spies his chest and moves to the bathroom to wipe the semen off. Starring into his reflection he promises himself that tomorrow he will get his revenge. Tomorrow Jayden will be his. 


The water turns off on the faucet and splashes some on his face. He moves to leave the room but something catches his attention out the window. 


A boy is bike riding at full speed, and as he turns down their street.  The boy shifts his head to look over his shoulder but the helmet must not be on quite right and it falls into his eyes and blocking his line of sight. The boy wobbles, and tries to correct the twisting handlebars but it is too late. He crashes hard into the curb and the bike jerks against the lip of side walk and he goes flying. 


For one moment he is airborne and Sam Hell sees him briefly in the street light above. A flash of blonde hair is fully illuminated on him before he drops to the grass on the green lawn right out front of his house. 


“That had to hurt.” Sam chuckles putting one hand on the screen before he sees three more bikes coming down the street and their shadows falling over the boy. 


“Found you.” 


The boy spins on the ground and looks up at the trio and starts to climb to his feet, fists raised up high looking ready to fight. 


The leader, Sam Hell assumes parks his bike and swings one leg over. He is taller than the other boy, older too as he moves forward towards him. 


“You going to fight me?”


The blonde that seems so familiar says “I’ll kick the shit out of you.”


The voice… so familiar but now that he hears him speak Sam Hell knows for certain he has not seen him before. The boy steps forward getting closer and that’s when his outfit catches his attention. He was about to leave but the bright red singlet framed by the white trim is unmistakable. It’s a Bartlet boy. Not only that but a Bartlet wrestler. One he does not recognize. He is so small that Sam Hell thinks that he must be on the younger middle school team. 


The older boy laughs at him, and his friends climb off their bikes to join him each cracking their knuckles. 


The lead one, Sam recognizes. He is on his team after all… at least he was briefly in a strange revenge scheme of his own. Kim. Kim used to be on Bartlet but turned against his own team because of Jayden… ‘Jayden certainly has a lot of enemies,’ Sam Hell thinks. Kim still goes to Bartlet and really cannot join Midtown High, but it was fun to work with him for a bit.


“Huh. Well look who it is. Things have just got interesting.” 


Sam Hell moves away from the window wanting to get a better view, he opens his bedroom door and says into the darkened bedroom “If you want to have some fun with me Jake, come outside.”


Jake snores on, so Sam shrugs his shoulders and exits his room. But Bill must not have been fully asleep yawns in his doorway still half asleep.


“Where…where are you going?” Bill asks as he yawns scratching his bare armpit. He’s wearing his underwear and nothing else. 


“Outside for some fun. Stay inside. Don’t want you getting mixed up in this.”


“In what?” Bill asks much more awake than a few moments ago. 


Sam Hell sighs. “You can watch from the window. But stay inside.”


Bill follows him down the stairs. “Watch from your room.”




Bill gets to the bottom of the stairs first and moves to the door, noises can be heard now and he grabs the door handle and releasing the lock. 


“I have your back.”


Sam sighs again. 


“At least put your shoes on.”


“You aren’t.”


“I don’t need shoes,” Sam Hell informs him. And he doesn’t. The soles of his feet are so calloused that the gravel of the walkway does not bother him as he turns towards the commotion moving hastily towards the noise. 


The boys stop, the younger one is on the ground between them and they look up wondering if they need to flee into the night. But once the leader spots Sam Hell he smiles. 


“Want to beat his ass too?” 


Sam Hell frowns considering.


“He’s a Krueger, Logan’s cousin.” Explains Kim.


That changes everything, he grins wider and the circle gives him room as Sam Hell peers down at the boy. His hair is a mess with dirt and grass mixed in. One strap of his singlet has been ripped off leaving his left pec visible along with his nickel sized pink nipple. Scraps are along both arms, and he looks like he will have a nice shinier by tomorrow morning on his right eye.


His knees are bloody from when he fell off the bike, Sam assumes and same thing with his right elbow. A small cut is along his bottom lip and he licks his own blood and spits it out. 


“You have a death wish too?” the kid asks.


“You’ve got some pair on you,” Sam Hell laughs as the two lock eyes. “I can see toughness goes through the veins of all the Krueger clan. Not to mention idiocy.” He adds as he moves down to grab him. 


A voice cuts through him and Bill says “Sam, that’s Junior! He’s my friend!”


Sam Hell rolls his eyes and his fingers only swipe at Junior’s chest never grabbing hold as he stands back up. 




“Yeah,” Bill says coming forward. “You three to go home. Or else my big brother will take you all out.”


Sam Hell wants to scream at the kid. He sighs, and wishes Bill had stayed in bed. 


“That loser called you his brother. How sweet. Nice panties, Bill. Did your Daddy give you loan you those tightie whities.” Kim mocks. One of Kim’s friends, gives him a high-five.


Kim’s friends were tall like him, 18 years old and very fit.


The one on Kim’s left is named Chad. Chad has shoulder length dark black hair. He’s thick, almost 6 feet three inches with a massive chest and boxers swing. Sam Hell remembers Chad, and how he really enjoyed punching the punching bag long into the night while his wrestling team trains. Sam imagines that it would hurt to be hit in the face by that boxer. Chad looks like he just came from the gym, in basketball shorts and a stretched out muscle shirt from too many washings both are the same color: black.


On the other side of Kim on his right is Andy. Andy is kind of a goofball, not very smart and very easy to talk into things. Andy is a gym rat and has been for all four years in High School. At 18, he is about to graduate in a few months and the green eyed man loves a good laugh.


Sam Hell dislikes the idea of fighting all three of them, and he hopes after he takes Kim down the other two will back off. No one is allowed to mess with Bill, unless it’s him.


Stepping just past Junior, whose eyes have never left his he gets right up into Kim’s personal space. The Devilboy is short and stocky, and it’s not the first time he has wished for a few more crucial inches. Kim half grins down at him as he approaches and does not back-up a single step, which works for Sam Hell just fine as he moves in to hit him.


But Kim’s face only continues to gloat as a foot finds his way between his legs, and manages to catch both of his nuts in a perfect nut kick. The full force hits Sam Hell just after Andy pulls his foot away and he cracks a joke. “Got you, fucker!”


Sam Hell grimaces, but stays up. He is tougher than that.


Then he hits Kim.


Hell’s fist dents the right side of Kim’s face and he hears Kim’s head crack back as a large amount of spittle leaves forcefully from his mouth as he is knocked back a few steps. Kim grabs his face protectively, unsure how Sam managed to hit him so hard. Sam moves with him and punches him again, this time lower. The punch to the throat makes Kim gag, and eyes bulge as he drops to his knees. Sam Hell enjoys the face he makes looking like a fish out-of-water for a beat too long as another foot kicks him solidly from behind catching his devil coins and driving them up and into his tailbone.


Sam Hell clenches his teeth and turns around, still not going down or even showing a bit of pain.


“I know that I got you that time…” Andy says scratching his head.


“Maybe he’s wearing a cup,” suggests Chad but no one really thinks that. Sam is in his underwear after all and barefoot.


Sam Hell forces a smile on his face, and even Junior from the ground seems impressed. “There is a reason why they gave me the nickname Devilboy, born from hell and feels no pain. Now scram or face my wrath! Nothing you can do can hurt my devil coins!” Sam Hell grabs his balls, giving them a light squeeze and showing off that he is in fact not wearing a cup.


Andy and Chad look at each before cracking up. “Did you prepare that speech, or is that the one you tell to your little friends like Bill. Looks like being a loser rubs off and infects others.” Andy moves to kick him again, but Junior from below reaches up his shorts and gets a really good handhold or something very vulnerable which makes the dumb stud gasp. “Hey! That’s my balls!” Andy wines.


“Yeah, they are. Numb nuts,” Junior scoffs and yanks him hard, causing Andy to drop to his knees.


Chad looks between the two unsure who to attack first but Bill surprises him and launches a kick between the stud’s thighs catching him in the scrotum. Chad drops immediately to his knees and Sam strides forward grabbing both Chad and Andy by the hair and slams their heads together.


The two drop to the grass at his feet.


Junior is still squeezing Andy’s nuts, and his other hand moves between Chad’s shorts and his thigh and grabs another handful. Junior smiles then as he makes his arms flex and the two guys groan in unison.


“Not bad Kruger,” Sam Hell admits.


“Thanks Devilboy.”


Sam Hell smiles, and folds his arms over his bare chest. “So what happened here?”


“These three jumped me. I was training in the gym, getting ready for the spring tryouts coming up at the High School when Kim cornered me with his two associates. I managed to get past them but they caught up to me. I… didn’t think you would help me.” Junior twists his wrists getting Chad and Andy to stiffen and groan again.


Shaking his head, Sam Hell bends down and encourages Junior with “Don’t forget to use your thumbs.”


“This is not the first time I have applied a ball squeeze, Sam. And it won’t be my last.” Junior twists and pulls his hands free allowing the pair to roll into protective fetal positions, which they do as he lifts his arm up palm open towards Sam’s.


Sam Hell licks his bottom lip, and takes a moment before he reaches down and pulls Junior up to standing.


Bill comes up to them breaking the moment. “You okay?”


Junior shrugs, “I’ve faced worse.”


Bill puts his arm around Junior’s shoulders and leads him to the house. “Let’s call your family and get you home.”


Sam Hell moves to follow but a wicked uppercut hits him from behind.


This one leaves a mark and Sam drops to one knee, a grimace on his face as his red eyes stare at the rich turned up grass around Junior’s bike.




Junior and Bill spin around and Sam Hell moves to tell them to keep going, to get to the house he is booted from behind.


Again his devil coins take a hit and this time he crumples down to his hands and knees, groaning he growls “You will regret that…ugh.”


He grabs his balls, and Sam Hell can feel the steady throbbing in each nut in his palm. Four consecutive hits leaves Sam feeling weak, and Kim grabs his head by his hair lifting him up to his knees.


“You should have stayed out of this Hell. Looks like you get Junior’s beating. Thought that you were smarter than that,” Kim snarls.


“Leave my brother alone!” Bill shouts into the night running forward on his thin legs.


Sam grimaces, but not from pain. Bill is about to be clobbered, so Sam Hell does what he always does he attacks.


Using his one free hand, Sam reaches up to grab Kim’s balls but Kim senses the move and twists his hair painfully backwards, causing his head to snap back. Sam Hell takes a funny breathe as Kim shoves his face into the dirt and he manages to trip Bill causing the younger boy to roll into Kim hitting his legs and bouncing off landing with a dull thump.


Bill looks up at Kim, and Sam Hell looks at Bill and sees his eyes widen and mouth open as he shakes his head saying “No, don’t!”


Sam doesn’t even need to guess what is about to happen but the thud of Kim’s foot confirms it. Bill’s sky blue eyes open wide in alarm and he lets out a scream of silence as he gags and groans grabbing the grass and ripping it out in clumps.


“My nuts,” Bill manages to croak. “He…kicked… my nuts.” Before Bill turns inwards and curls into a ball whimpering.


Sam Hell knows that he just came upstairs, but Bill looks so pathetic next to him on the ground groaning that the Devilboy realizes that it’s up to him to make sure Bill doesn’t take another unwanted blow.


Putting down his foot, Sam Hell starts to rise. Only bathed in moonlight he steadily begins to climb to his feet until a swift kick ends the thought and he is on all fours again. Clutching his stinging coins, Sam Hell feels his red eyes cross.


“Fuck,” Sam Hell snarls barring his teeth and peering over his shoulder at Kim. Kim smugly waited for eye contact with the red eyed devil before nailing him in the nuts with another blow.


Rolling onto his side Sam Hell grunts and his other hand grabbing at his middle.


Kim moves towards him but Junior wolf whistles, breaking the silence.


Swerving to meet the younger boy, Junior grins. A faint glint of white in the darkness as he kicks out. Unfortunate for the boy, Kim catches his foot in both hands.




On one foot, Junior teeters trying not to lose his balance. In his effort, Junior sticks out his pink tongue in concentration as Kim yanks him precariously forward. Juniors arms cartwheel, looking more like wind turbines as he tries to stay up. Their eyes meet, and Kim greedy for another ball strike lifts one foot up and lazily boots Junior in his obvious bulge in his singlet. A solid crunch echoes in the night as Kim’s foot makes a connection with Junior’s unprotected bulge. Junior sways on his feet, groaning and his mouth partly open with an “Ahh, ahhh!” escaping from him as Kim keeping his foot firmly planted in his lower region.


Kim’s smile widens, and he slowly tap, taps Junior’s bulge with the tip of his footed sneaker. On each knock against his bulge Junior grits his teeth and groans.




Kim laughs, and pulls back his leg once again and with as much force that he can muster this time, sends his leg straight up aiming for the bullseye.


A soft “Ugh!” escapes from Junior’s throat as Kim succeeds in hitting his intended target and Junior’s bulge flattens once again against his pelvis. Junior’s eyes widen in alarm and he loses all balance and falls to the grass below.


Trying to slow his descent Junior’s arms pinwheel again appearing like lost broken helicopter rotor blades as his elbows brace his fall. Junior’s ripped up elbows take most of the damage and Junior seethes with a furtive gasp. Kim grabs the kids other ankle and opens him up with a wide-legged, fully vulnerable v-shaped opening. Junior’s bulge sits dead center between his quivering legs and Junior just has time to glance up, his blue eyes finding Kim’s darkened ones as he stomps one foot deep into center of Junior’s package.


Junior’s body rocks upwards, his torso taut as he yells out “My Ballllsssssss! Ahhhhhh god!”


Junior grabs Kim’s ankle but it’s too late. Kim squishes and presses his foot deep in between Junior’s thighs and using his ankles as leverage pulls back as Kim crushes Junior’s nuts. Kim tugging on Junior’s legs, and stomping his foot is devastating to Junior. Junior can do nothing but groan as his nuts are plastered against his pelvis.


Pleading Junior whimpers “Fuck…my…my boynuts! You….my boy…nuuuuts!”


“Boynuts?!” Kim glances around almost as if he expects to see someone.


Kim letting up his utter destruction of Junior’s young walnuts demands. “You must be friends with Jayden too! Right? Why else would you call your testes something so ridicules as that!”


Junior breathing hard, tries to catch his breath to respond. Finally Junior explains “Cause I…named his!”


Pausing, Kim thinks about this. “You bust Jayden’s boynuts?”


“All the time.”


Sam Hell enjoying this stays put on the ground, it’s not because his balls have taken a beating…well, that’s not the only reason. The Devilboy enjoys seeing Junior suffer and he takes his time getting ready for his comeback watching with glee as Kim pulverizes the kid’s nuts.


The others around Sam are not as lucky. Neither of Kim’s friends seem as though they are getting up anytime soon. But Bill, always Bill is getting to his feet. He’s on all fours and Sam wants him to stay down… he wants to see how much Kim can do to Junior’s nutbag and how much the boy can withstand.


Feeling like an asshole Sam moves to stand and trips making as if to stumble and his fist shoots out and strikes Bill perfectly in his mound in his underwear. Sam’s knuckle crunch Bill’s nuts solidly until they dig into his pelvis bone as Bill gasps upon the unexpected impact and falls to his chest, grass shooting into his mouth. Sam Hell grabs Bill’s nuts gently rolling the acorns in his palm.


“Shoot…I slipped!” Sam Hell whispers. “Your nuts seem okay… right?” Hell asks giving Bill’s nads an unnecessary squeeze.


Bill spits out a wad of grass from his mouth and winces.


“My…damn nuts, Sam!”


‘At least he’s quiet,’ thinks Sam. “My bad, man. I don’t feel any bumps or contusions.” Sam states continuing to roll Bills nuts around in his ball bag, squeezing here and there. Bill winces at each tight-fisted squash of his nuggets. Bill’s nuts are no bigger than a set of grapes, more likely a bit smaller than that. His nuts fit so easily in Sam’s hand that it’s easy to go a bit harder than one intends as he squishes Bill’s nuts once again. “Yeah, I think they are fine.” Sam finishes pretty sure he can’t get away with any more torturous ball squeezing and moves his hand out from underneath Bill.


Bill groans finally able to cup his spuds and rolls back into a ball.


“You…got me good.” Bill moans, squeezing his eyes shut. “Ohhh….ahhh!” Bill pants, his mouth moving on its own to express his utter discomfort.


“Sorry about that,” Sam Hell says. He tries to mean the words but he thoroughly enjoys busting Bill, so he fakes it as best he can. “I’ll save Junior.”


Bill only nods, his fingers beneath his underwear. Sam is unsure if he has hardened again. He wants to check, but this is not the right place to do so. Instead Sam Hell moves stealthily around so that Kim is in front of him and he faces Kim’s back. Sam Hell wants to make quick work of Kim so he can get to Junior. Sam wants to grab Junior’s nuts himself and compare the set from that of his older cousin Logan. Selfishly he wants to be able to say that he has busted the pair of them.


Kim and Junior seemed to have finished their conversation and Kim is back to beating on the kids nuts again.


Kim has switches tactics and has rolled Junior onto his stomach and is proceeding to kick him between the legs while Junior seems to be gagging with pain, banging his fists into the ground. Clenching his teeth, Junior’s body shudders as Kim smacks his nads against his thigh.


Gasping Junior bawls “Fuuuuck! Oh,  oh….goddammit!”


In his element, Kim kicks off one shoe and with his bare foot moves his toes around Junior’s scrotum rolling the kids balls around their ballsack.


“They feel bloated…I wonder…how many more kicks can you take before you either blackout or beg for me to end you?” Kim smiles as he digs his big toe into one of Junior’s balls making him wince and cry out. “Only one way to find out!”


Junior braces himself for another blow, his legs quiver and his toes bite into the soles of his sneakers as he grits his teeth in preparation but the blow doesn’t come. Instead Sam Hell roars hammering a wicked uppercut that hits Kim so hard between the thighs that his gasp is cut short and his teeth clack together.


Clenching his teeth Sam Hell lifts Kim into the air with his arm muscles clenching Kim’s nuts between the closing of his elbow. Kim tries to keen forward and fall out of the Devilboy’s grasp but Sam grabs the back of Kim’s shirt and keeps him in place. Kim’s eyes cross comically and mouth drops open into a perfect ‘O’ shape as Junior rolls onto his back intent to watch despite how his balls do nothing but pulse deep aching pain radiating through his groin.


Managing a grin, in spite of the pain, Junior says “Take that you fucker!”


Kim gags, grabbing onto Sam Hell’s arm for stability as his red eyes bore into his back flashing with glee as he starts to parade Kim around the front yard making sure all the boys on the ground see Kim being utterly destroyed on his muscled arm as he crushes Kim’s nuts savagely.


Sam Hell wants Kim’s balls to suffer, and with Kim’s full weight upon his arm his body literally and fugitively smooshes his own nuts. Kim whines above him: “Noooo….stop….you…ugh, ugh, ugh! Break…my balls!”


Sam Hell feels only pleasure at Kim’s pleas and proceeds to jostle him on his arm. Knowing full well how tireless it is to keep him in the air Sam Hell makes the most out of this and hurls him up and down so that Kim’s nuts slam into his own body and the crook of his arm with nowhere to go or escape.


Kim can’t control his groans of despair as his body convulses and he pleads again. “Saaaam…have mercy! My nuts! You will breaaaaaaak them!”


Gleefully Sam Hell answers “That’s my intent!”


Kim if anything writhes some more, wanting and needing freedom. Moving uncontrollably until Sam Hell can’t keep him in the air any longer and he falls to the ground in a heap. Kim rolls around in a ball at his feet moaning “My fucking nuts…fuuck!”


Sam Hell looks back at Andy, the dumb jock knows when it’s time to leave and he grabs his bike and turns to leave.


“Don’t leave without me!” shouts Chad stumbling after him.


Junior laughs from the ground and rolls to his side. “Yeah…you better run!” he yells from the ground before he winces a stricken look of pain crossing his brow.


Sam Hell steps over the fallen Kim, his new prey in sight and bends down to one knee putting a hand on Junior’s chest. Junior’s heart beats steadily and Junior eyes him warily, giving the devil his full attention.


“What?” he demands. Junior’s eyes narrow trying to figure him out like one would a puzzle trying to find the right opening.


“I am…concerned about you,” Sam Hell starts, before he takes a breath and gathers himself to continue. “I’m a wrestler and I know how fast injuries can occur.” He can’t help but lick his lips before he continues. “I should check you out…Kim hurt you quite badly.”


Sam Hell rests his other hand on Junior’s hip waiting for permission to slide inside and between Junior’s legs hovering so close to his prize.


“I’m fine weirdo,” Junior spits. “I’ve heard all about you I know your type.”


Sam Hell is so close to Junior know that he sees the faint freckles that dot his cheeks and the bridge of his flailing nostrils as his blue eyes, so bright and full of determination do not falter in his red eyed gaze. Sam gives him credit for being so brave and brazen. But nothing will stop him from getting what he wants, one way or another Junior will give in to him.


“You have never met me before, you can’t possibly know—”


Junior does not let him finish but interrupts him. “I heard the stories. What you did to Jayden. Jayden is my friend, and you are a piece of shit.”


Taken aback, Sam Hell wonders if the only way to get what he so desires is by force but that’s when Bill comes by his side and puts a hand on his shoulder, his other is still beneath his white undies fondling his goods.


“He’s different now…give him a chance Junior. Please?”


Sam Hell stays perfectly still feeling Junior’s heartbeat, slow and rhythmic as his other hand lays splayed on Junior’s hip his fingers itching to move southward.


“Bill” Junior starts but Bill keeps going.


“He saved you, didn’t he?”


“I could have taken them.”


“I’m sure that you would have put up a great fight, but you still would have lost. Three on one are terrible odds. Sam and I took a few blows for you, least you can do is trust him to check you out. Make sure that you are okay.”


Bill’s warms smile seems to seal the deal. Sam knows that Bills words have made an impact as Bill meets the other two on the damp grass. “I will be right here, the whole time. Besides if he does anything funky, you can take him.”


Junior grins then, and chuckles. “Yeah, that’s true.” Junior tilts his head back to Sam and slowly moves his hands away from his junk. “Try anything funny and I will flatten you.”


Sam Hell can’t believe it, and as he looks at Bill he sees a flash of something in his sky blue eyes, something he has not seen before. Bill might be playing his own game here. Sam tries to hide his smile as the two turn back to Junior.


Slowly Sam’s hand glides down Junior’s abdomen, feeling the ridges of muscles, the downward curve of his V-shaped pelvis as hid fingers inch along the path tracing the line below his navel.


All eyes are focused on Sam’s hands descent as his fingers slide across Junior’s coiled cobra, and run across its curved length. Sam’s other hand still on Junior’s pec feels the boys heart rate increase as his fingernails rub the outside of his thick dick tracing the veins down.


A small breath, so quiet Sam barely hears it comes a sigh from between Junior’s pink lips as Sam’s hand slips down his tip to the base of his cock and find the pair of nuts held tight by the stretchy material of the singlet.


Junior’s eyes shift back to Sam’s but all of his attention is focused on the bulge of Junior’s scrotum.


“Be careful,” warns Junior. “They are extra sensitive right now.”


“He knows,” Bill says grabbing Sam Hell’s muscled abdomen in a friendly gesture as he leans his head against Sam’s shoulder, his arm firmly wrapped around Sam Hell’s waist. “He will take good care of your boynuts. Right Sam?”


Sam Hell thinks that he might have oversold it, but he manages a smile and agrees with Bill. “Yeah, I got you,” he says as his fingers run along the scrotums outer edge until his fingers meet and Junior’s plump bulge is enclosed in his fist. Junior’s ballsack reminds Sam of a really large walnut, the wrinkles in the skin are so defined and the deft and weight of the full set feels good in Sam’s hand.


Junior’s breathing starts to pick up as Sam runs fingers along the outer edges of his balls, and Bill puts a reassuring hand on Junior’s shoulder and gives the muscle a squeeze. “Don’t worry, you are in good hands.”


Junior nods once, a quick jerk of his head and he looks up at Bill his dazzling blue eyes finds Bill’s and that’s the moment that Sam gives the pair a light tentative squeeze.


He whips his head in Sam Hell’s direction and growls out, “Hey, watch it!” Junior glare is intense and Sam Hell momentarily looks up to meet the boy’s intensity with his own ruby glare.


“It is part of the examination, trust me.”


Sam Hell does not believe he does, but it matters little now. He’s got the kid by the balls.


The other hand that Sam left on Junior’s rest runs down Junior’s abdomen, flicking the hard nipple poking out as he goes fully enjoying the nub denting in as he passes by it. Junior watches him intently as he swoops past his navel, flickering past the small curved depression of Junior’s belly button until his hand grasps the slightly thicker looped cock before his hand meets the other and they separate each of Junior’s nuggets: one per hand.


Junior seems to stiffen a bit as Sam Hell toys with balls, his deft finger probing the outer walls of each nut clearly making Junior uncomfortable. A slight squeak comes from the boy, and Bill giggles. Junior and he look at each other, and Junior’s lips slightly turn-up before he redirects his attention towards Sam Hell.




Sam Hell weighs the pair of nuts in his hand, they are plump and have a good weight. The devilboy enjoys holding them and does not intend to let go anytime soon.


“The outer shells seem intact, it’s only the innards to explore now.”


One blonde eyebrow shoots up to the boy’s hairline and Junior asks “How?”


“Like this.”


Sam Hell applies a nutclaw to each of Junior’s balls in his hands.


A shocked gasp wracks Junior and he reaches down to get to his balls, but Bill grabs his hands telling him “He’s almost done, let Sam finish.”


“But…my nuts!”


“I have to test to see if they are alright, this is the only way. Just a few palpitations more…”








The bravado starts to cave away from Junior, his dark blonde hair tumbling down along his sweaty brow as he moans and groans, Sam Hell has his balls deep in his fists and his nut claws are powerful. Sam Hell reflects that his grip always reminded him of a metal spring trap. Sam continues to squeeze Junior’s nuts causing the heavy dense orbs to deform and shrink in his grasp as the delicate nutmeat tries to escape his wrath.


Junior is shaking with effort as he fights against Bill’s hands, his arms twisting and trembling with effort to get to his nuts. Bill holds him firmly by the wrists and Junior looks up pleading for mercy.


“My…m…oh, oh, ooooh!” Junior can’t manage to finish his plea as Sam Hell sends in both thumbs deep into the cores of Junior’s nuts sinking them as far as they can go.


Junior lifts his head to the sky and lets out a defeated roar of anguish.


“You are doing just fine, Junior. A few more minutes and this part of the test will be done.”


Junior looks back as him in horror, and that’s when Sam Hell grins and he no longer hides his full intentions. “Your balls are strong, just like your cousin. This test will help me learn how to defeat him…through defeating you.”


Junior shakes his head, sweat droplets hit Bill’s arms and Bill moves to pull Junior’s arms behind his back he is so close to scratching the backs of Sam Hell’s wrists but this extra protection of yanking Junior’s arms behind him seems to doom Junior’s outlook as he starts to whimper.


“Let…go….ugh, ugh, ugh!” he moans lost in the misery in between his legs.


The thing about crushing a guy’s balls is that the pain and the after affects come in waves. Right now Junior is far past the shock of the blows, the continuous ache is already in full affect, and what’s happening right now is the despair. Junior knows that he is royally screwed, he’s just not sure how/when it will end. This is one Sam Hell’s favorite stages to put someone in and he starts to dial up the pain a bit more by increasing his grip and really sinking in his other digits into Junior’s tightly held nuggets now. Too many people go as hard as they can, and as fast as they can. That’s the wrong play…you make them think it can’t get any worse, and you surprise them.


Junior’s eyes start to cross, his intense gaze is broken bits of blue stardust and Sam Hell chuckles at the look of defeat appearing in his mangled eye sight as the boy loses focus staring ahead.


Bill leans in looking over Junior’s shoulder his face so close to Junior that he could kiss him. But Bill is much more interested in what Sam Hell is doing.


“You going to make him… you know,” Bill says wagging his eyebrows.


“Naw…but you could. Kid’s not going anywhere. Hold his wrists with one hand and have fun,” Sam Hell suggests, a wicked grin twisting up the corners of his mouth.


“What…are you?” Junior tries to say, puzzling out what is going to happen next.


Bill shifts Junior’s hands so that he can hold both with one, and uses the other to slide down the planes of Junior’s chest. He does so too quickly, not enjoying the ride like Sam Hell did but it’s his first time and Sam can plainly see from the front of Bill’s underwear that he is excited.


Cocking his head to the side Junior watches Bill and gulps, biting his bottom lip as Bill finds what he is looking for and grasps his flaccid piss tube.


“Nnn…no,” Junior starts to say but a voice cuts through the night.


“You just wanted Junior all to yourselves I see,” Kim says as he slugs Sam Hell in the jaw, spit flying free as he is knocked back to his ass. “You could have just joined me…but no, you had to make things complicated.”


Bill releases Junior, and the boy curls into a moaning ball next to him as Bill stands up ready to fight.


“You leave---ack!”


Kim grabs him by his neck and lifts him high into the air. Bill’s feet dangle and he squirms in Kim’s grasp, but Sam Hell is already climbing to his feet.


“Put him down, Kim.”


Kim looks at Bill’s squirming form and shrugs. “As you wish.” Kim throws Bill into Sam Hell who just manages to catch him in the air before the pair drop to the grass. Bill lands heavily on Sam’s chest and immediately starts to cough, grabbing his neck and looking up at Kim in fear.


“I’ll be taking this,” Kim reaches down plucking Junior by the back of his singlet and hauling him to his feet. Junior is a mess, clutching at his privates and moaning in Kim’s forceful embrace. “You sure did a number on his nads. He’s going to be feeling that for a week!” Kim laughs and starts to drag Junior off to his bike. Junior does not fight him, and Sam Hell thinks he probably has no fight left in him to give.


“Later Hell,” Kim calls over his shoulder as he kicks his bike stand free and swings a leg over the seat on his bike and prepares to takeoff.


It’s then that Kim realizes his problem: Junior. How Kim intends to carry Junior off is unclear, and he seems to pounder this as Sam Hell rolls Bill off of his chest and gets to his feet striding purposely forward toward him.


“Shit.” Kim says, shaking his head and drops Junior across his lap. “This will have to do. Hold on tight kid.”


“To what?” Junior asks as his legs and arms dangle on either side of the bike. Kim does not answer as he kicks off, a spray of dust and bits of broken gravel flowing behind him.


Sam Hell is not fast enough, but he tries to run after them but Kim manages to pedal faster and gain speed as he pulls away.


Frustrated that he lost his prey, Sam Hell grabs Junior’s bike and takes off after them.


“What about me!?” Bill calls out after them.


Sam Hell shrugs, and waves as he turns the corner chasing Kim but he is unsure if Bill can even see the gesture he just made.


BBfan said...


Hey. Thanks for bringing Junior into another cool story. My favorite part was actually Bill's involvement. I really like Bill and Sam's relatioship as brothers. Sam is still a dick and always will be but I like how he is nice to Bill. I mean, nice for him. Can't wait for the next part! Best endings are the two bee continued in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

Awesome story once again. Sam Hell is a good character to have as a contrast to the more "human" characters. But it seems he does have a soft side too 😉

I really like how we're starting to see some stories written from Sam's point of view and to understand the motives behind his evil deeds.

Keep up the great work, can't wait for the sequel.

Anonymous said...

Note to self: If you meet a guy with the word “devil” in his name, don’t put your sac in his hand willingly…

Glad Sam is back and still up to no good! 😈

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi everyone,

I'm so excited to get so many comments on the story!

Thanks for reading everyone. Okay onto the responces to comments.
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Dear BBfan,

I enjoyed writing Bill a lot in this story, and it was fun to bring together some characters that have not been together before. Happy that you liked it!



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Dear Reg,

Hi Reg! Thanks for comments! It was a blast to be so "evil" in the mind of Sam Hell. He's different than the rest, but as you pointed out he does have a bit of tenderness to him, albeit a very small part.

I hope that you enjoy part 2! It will be posted next Friday.



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Dear Harry,

Hahahaha. Yeahm Junior should have known better. The nickname should have been a dead giveaway.

You can count on Sam to be up to more no-good in the next chapter!