Monday, December 26, 2022

Adventures of the Eggs of the Heroes of Olympus: Part 5 written by Дарксторм Десептикон (blogsport name: Russian Guy)

Adventures of the eggs of the heroes of Olympus: Part 5.

By that Russian Guy

 Ballbusting Boys: Adventures of the Eggs of the Heroes of Olympus: Percy Jackson Part 4 written by by Дарксторм Десептикон (Russian Guy)

Ballbusting Boys: Beaten Eggs Blog created by Дарксторм Десептикон (blogsport name: Russian Guy)

Three new half-bloods appeared in the camp. Jake, Michael and John. The boys were 12 years old. Three small, hyperactive disasters. Jake was a blue-eyed blonde, Michael was a dark brown brunette with brown eyes, and John was a gray-eyed brunette. Percy was given the task of giving the brand new a tour. It was early morning. Percy slept in Poseidon's house. He was lying on a bunk in just dark green boxers and a T-shirt with the inscription "kick me in eggs."

Friday, December 23, 2022

All Tied Up written by Jimmy


All Tied Up

By Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting, traces of cum. underage characters.  You have been warned.

Note: I don't picture Bill looking like that, but the image does represent how I see Bill tied up in this story.

Bill slowly wakes up, he didn’t even realize that he had fallen asleep.

What seems like not too long ago, Bill had closed his eyes as his history teacher, his double class had put on a movie about the civil war and turned out the lights. Only planning on resting his eyes for a moment he had closed them as the screen turned on and the battles had begun.

A slight giggle catches Bill’s attention, and the fourteen year old stretches his neck to catch his partners attention but Rex is smiling broadly and not looking at him. However, Bill finds that he can’t move his arms, they seem to be stuck to the chair and as he tries to move his hands again he feels a tug. That’s when Bill’s reality feels daunting, he is stuck tied up to the chair. A ziptie is around each wrist and his shirt is hallway ridden up as Rex on one side of his lazily flicks his nipple, rubbing the pink nub between forefinger and thumb.

Bill gulps and asks “What…what are you doing?”

“Shush,” Max whispers on his other side. The twins have pulled their desks so that they are on either side of him. Max’s breathe tickles Bill’s ear as he to grabs his other nipple playing with his right peck.

Monday, December 19, 2022

The TikTok Challenege written by Jimmy


The TikTok Challenge

By Jimmy


“Hey Rex, I saw this cool challenge on TikTok. You’ve got to put your hands over head and look up between your fingers. Go on…”

“That sounds dumb, but okay.” Slowly rising from his stoop, Rex heads over eyeing Chase up and down before he proceeds hands over head and looks up.

As Rex’s hands go up they lift up the hem of his shirt follows, exposing a sliver of abdomen. Rex’s taut abs, are showing more and more definition Chase observes and now that he is staring up at the sky Chase can now see the feint outline of Rex’s two small plums.

Without hesitation Chase kicks his foot squarely into both of Rex’s nuts. The left one getting more pressure as it gets caught up with his toes.

“Hahaha you fell for it! Plus I got it all on camera!” Chase says, wiggling his iPhone.


Friday, December 16, 2022

The Father's Bet written by Jimmy


The Father’s Bet


By Jimmy

NoteThis could have been two parts, there was a perfect spot to make it into two stories as you will see later...but I like the idea of finishing a story in one post. Hope you all enjoy!

Warning: Includes ballbusting, older dudes, gay undertones, and all characters are 18+. You have been warned. 

Bradley Kruger, Logan’s Dad is shuffling the cards at Gomez Family home preparing for the next round.

Around the table sits Marco Gomez, legs spread wide. Marco is dressed only in his skivvies. Gino and Jayden’s Dad is bare chested, and his big chest muscles, and large arms show off his buff Dad bod that he is always so proud to display. Unfortunately tonight, it was someone’s bright idea to play strip poker. Each time someone loses a piece of clothing they had to lose a garment, followed by a… low blow. The groin blow could be anything. No limit was put on this game. Marco seems nervous, and is biting his knuckle while he stares resolutely at his cards. The man seems to have no poker face.

Monday, December 12, 2022

Snapshot: Robin "Who hits harder?" written by Jimmy


Snapshot: Robin "Who hits harder?"

By Jimmy


“I’ve got a story of how I beat the Riddler,” Robin says. Tim Drake is smiling under his domino mask as he starts to tell his tale…

Friday, December 9, 2022

The Devil You Know (Part 4 of 4) written by Reg and Jimmy


The Devil You Know 4

By Reg and Jimmy


Note: The epic conclusion. Enjoy everyone and Reg...I can't wait to work with you again!

Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay undertones, and underage characters. You have been warned.


Chase is shirtless, standing alone in his personal gym and occasionally glancing nervously through the wall of windows that overlooks the indoor swimming pool. After a quick breakfast he came here early to warm up for a special training session and he’s waiting for his trainer to arrive. Today’s training is special indeed because for a change he will not be challenging his gorgeous teenage muscles but instead focusing on a rather weaker area…the plump virile testicles dangling between his legs.

The proud swim-team captain bites his lip as he fondles his beloved jewels through the fine silk of his boxer shorts; they feel impressively bulky as always under his gentle touch but the blond boy’s cocky smile quickly darkens to an angry scowl. It seems utterly outrageous that anyone would dare to target such magnificent manly specimens and yet poor Chase’s beloved nads frequently end up as innocent victims to his rivals punches, kicks, squeezes and worst of all…their crippling knees!

“Those dirty fuckers!” Chase mutters angrily, his handsome face wincing at the memory of every critical knee strike that has ever defeated his virile baby-makers. He shudders recalling that awful helpless feeling of his magnificent teenage muscles turn to jelly, the utter shame of dropping to his knees in front of a worthless rival, crippled, powerless and facing the horror of defeat.

Monday, December 5, 2022

Snapshot: Robin's Greatest Enemy written by Jimmy


Snapshot: Robin’s Greatest Enemy


By Jimmy

Warning: Contains bondage, violence, ballbusting, and superheroes. I did not make these amazing photos, and I don't know the artist if anyone does please let me know so I can give credit where credit is due. Also, I want to see more of their amazing work! 

Alone, in the hands of any Robin’s greatest enemy Tim Drake finds himself in a world of trouble.

Captured, Robin squirms in the binds as the Joker a killer clown, dressed smartly in a suit approached him. Robin gulps as a switch blade is loosened and the grin on the maniacs face grows impossibly wider.

“Scared? I can see you shaking in your boots!” Joker yells, followed by a cackle as he gets closer to Robin.

“I’m going to enjoy this…”

Friday, December 2, 2022

The Devil You Know (Part 3 of 4) written by Reg and Jimmy


              The Devil You Know Part 3

By Reg and Jimmy

Stepping into his palatial villa, Chase is looking unusually haggard with his unkept blond hair falling untidily over his eyes and a troubled expression on his handsome face. Beneath his black Armani jacket he is wearing a pair of silky grey sweatpants and with one hand he gently cups his visibly swaying genitals, not for the sake of modesty but to suppress the dull ache in his teenage testicles.

Odder still is the sight of Sam Hell lumbering a few steps behind him, the notorious red-eyed villain is bare foot, dressed only in a red wrestling singlet that reveals every curve and bulge of his powerful wrester’s physique. Like Chase, the hunky seventeen year old is clutching his privates and grimacing as he limps groggily up the driveway, clearly more bothered by the ache in his groin than the sharp stones cracking under his bare feet.

Chase sighs with relief as he enters the comfort of his home then looks back at the devil-boy with a wistful smile, excited to have the tough badass wrestler on his side. Up until now, he and Sam Hell had been mutual enemies but after today’s events things have changed. Even Chase is unsure what has caused such a dramatic shift…for sure their violent encounter with Doug earlier than day created an unexpected bond but there’s something else too. Chase knows he has changed over the past few months since dating Jayden and one of his new traits is forgiveness. Despite their turbulent past, Chase is now ready to forgive Sam Hell for his former indiscretions.

“Come in big-guy” Chase smiles warmly, holding open the door “Let’s head to the pool to relax, we’ve definitely earned it.”