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Adventures of the Eggs of the Heroes of Olympus: Percy Jackson Part 4 written by by Дарксторм Десептикон (Russian Guy)

Adventures of the eggs of the heroes of Olympus. Part 4 

 by Дарксторм Десептикон (Russian Guy) 

Hello everyone,

Here is the second story posted on Дарксторм Десептикон (Russian Guy) website. Please give him lots of love and feedback and hopefully he will be back to write more stories! 

Enjoy everyone!



Jason walked around the camp wearing a T-shirt that said, "Kick me in the eggs." Everyone turned to him. Jason didn't feel very comfortable.

"Haye, Jay, the T-shirt is gone," said one of the boys, Ares' sons.

"Thank you," Jason said, and immediately the toe of his thigh dented the bulge on Grace's jeans and pressed his balls into his pelvis. Jason gritted his teeth in pain and fell to the ground. Soon the first autograph appeared on his T-shirt. Jason quickly got up and walked on. And then on his way came the sons of Apollo from the baseball team. The guys approached Jason.

-- "Hey, Grace, shall we play the game?"  suggested one of the guys.

"Which one?" asked Jason in disbelief.

"In baseball. Do you care about the autographs on the T-shirt?" one of the guys concluded.

"Well, yes," Jason said.

"Well, you're going to be our target, and we're going to sign on the shirt," the team captain said.

"In what sense aim I the target?" asked Jason.
"Well, not your whole body, just your eggs," the captain said, patting Jason on the bulge on his jeans.

"Okay," Jason sighed, and the guys went to the training ground.

"Well, spread your legs," said one of the guys. Jason spread his legs. The guy was wearing blue jeans. There was a noticeable bulge in his groin. Grace removed his hands behind his head and strained his abs. The first blow was a hit from the youngest of the guys. The sock of his sneaker crushed the bulge. Jason gritted his teeth, but persevered. A second autograph appeared on his T-shirt. Next, the bump on Jason's jeans crushed the bat.

"....Ugh... it's hard," Jason said, bending in pain and holding onto his balls. A third autograph appeared on the T-shirt.

"Hmm. I have an idea," one of the guys said, looking at the tree

"Maybe you don't have to?" asked Jason.

"But in one blow there will be a bunch of signatures," the guys said.

"I didn't... — grace didn't have time to agree when he was picked up and carried to a tree.

"What the hell," Grace said as he was carried to a tree.

- No, no, no... AAAA... — yelled the son of Jupiter when his eggs crashed into the trunk of the tree.

"— Aaa... my balls, Jason yelled, bending in pain. Half a minute later, he had a dozen signatures.

Jason got back on his feet after a while, croaking and groaning in pain. On the way to Zeus' house, Jason met the guys from Hephaestus' house.

"Hey Jason, hi," the guys told Grace as they approached him.

"Hi guys," Jason said smiling.

"Cool T-shirt," one of the guys said.

"Yeah," the second said.

"Exactly," the third one added and punched Jason in the 
balls, "Khah," Jason said bending over. Another autograph appeared on the guy's back. As soon as Jason stood up, he got an egg from the second.

"Oh-oh-oh- My balls, Jason groaned, bending in pain. Two more autographs soon appeared on his T-shirt. Jason limped into Zeus' house holding on to the beaten eggs.


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