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All Tied Up written by Jimmy


All Tied Up

By Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting, traces of cum. underage characters.  You have been warned.

Note: I don't picture Bill looking like that, but the image does represent how I see Bill tied up in this story.

Bill slowly wakes up, he didn’t even realize that he had fallen asleep.

What seems like not too long ago, Bill had closed his eyes as his history teacher, his double class had put on a movie about the civil war and turned out the lights. Only planning on resting his eyes for a moment he had closed them as the screen turned on and the battles had begun.

A slight giggle catches Bill’s attention, and the fourteen year old stretches his neck to catch his partners attention but Rex is smiling broadly and not looking at him. However, Bill finds that he can’t move his arms, they seem to be stuck to the chair and as he tries to move his hands again he feels a tug. That’s when Bill’s reality feels daunting, he is stuck tied up to the chair. A ziptie is around each wrist and his shirt is hallway ridden up as Rex on one side of his lazily flicks his nipple, rubbing the pink nub between forefinger and thumb.

Bill gulps and asks “What…what are you doing?”

“Shush,” Max whispers on his other side. The twins have pulled their desks so that they are on either side of him. Max’s breathe tickles Bill’s ear as he to grabs his other nipple playing with his right peck.

Bill feels so exposed, his navel on display as the twins toy with his pink, now fully erect nipples and that’s not the only thing that starts to harden as Bill’s heart hammers in his chest.

“We got bored,” Max explains tracing his fingernail around the tip of Bill’s rigid right nipple, toying with the sensitive hardened nub.

“And you were sleeping so soundly,” Rex fills in.

“So we thought that we would play a little game,” Max continues.

“To see who could make you mess your underwear first before gym.”

Bill gasps as the twins both pinch his hard nipples and heat rises in his face and upper chest.

“Guys don’t…” Bill pleads.

Max and Rex’s free hands dance down his navel sending goosebumps down his abdomen as they reach beneath his desk, each locating his crotch and rubbing him firmly.

Bill shudders at their groping touches, and caresses while their fingers above tickle his nipples. Bill is trembling in anticipation, and getting more turned on and praying that no one notices around the classroom. The room is darkened, but his white skin of his chest is on display and seems to glow in the dark classroom.

“Someone will see…Mr.--!”

“He’s sleeping,” Rex says turning to face him, as he grabs Bill’s hardened knob giving his dick a squeeze, while he also squeezes with his other hand.

Bill freezes fighting back a groan from ripping from him. Bill looks over at his teacher’s desk and sees that he was not the only one to take a nap. He was not sure what he was hoping for but seeing his teacher snoring slightly, head back he knows that he will not be helping him out of this situation.

Helpless and getting more and more turned on. The stimulating situation causes Bill to start breathing faster. Rex is polishing his knob and and doing the same circular motions on his left nipple and he feels himself throb under Rex’s attention. Max on the other hand gropes and searches for a bit until he locates and grabs Bill’s nutsack.

“Finally! I found them!” Max announces, a little too loudly. "That toow waaaay too long, hahah."

Worriedly he glances over one shoulder, his amber eyes scanning the room to see if anyone heard of noticed.

Thankfully their classmates are either playing on their phones, or sleeping. Some of them left the class all together after their teacher passes out.

“What are you going to do…?” the question lingers in the air as slowly Max swivels his back to face Bill.

Max’s light brown eyebrows rise up.

“That was seriously a question?”

Max’s fingers plunge like a bear trap crushing Bill’s sac in a tight embrace that makes him gasp.

Max covers his mouth with his other hand, letting go of Bill’s right nipple.

“Shhh” he whispers. “It’s not the first time I have done this. And this time you deserve it. I heard what you did to Jayden.”

Ballbusting Boys: Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 5 My Final Revenge written by Jimmy

Bill’s cheeks redden some more, and he trembles, his cock is being caressed so smoothly by Rex that he feels the buildup coming, and Rex tweaks his left nipple concentrating on the tip more so that ever. Sticking his tongue out Rex brings his face closer and sticks out his hot, wet tongue the tastes and licks the very edge of Bill’s left pink nipple before he sucks in the whole thing greedily into his mouth.

Bills eyes widen, and he moans against Max’s left hand covering his cherry red lips and knows that he is in fact fighting a losing battle.

He is going to cum.

In class.

In front of everyone. Oh fucking hell.

Bill whines low, his cock started to throb as he is worked over by the devilish twins. He tries to threaten them with Sam Hell’s, aka the Devilboy’s name but it’s lost against Max’s fingers keeping his quiet.

Max seems to catch the meaning behind his mumblings and tightens his grip on his precious balls, squeezing them harder and driving his thumb deep into slightly larger marble; scerewing his favorite nut. Bill groans low, because at the same time Rex sucks hard on his left nip, and embraces his cockhead with a full hand grasping enfolding grasp.


Bill arches his back, and pulls his feet underneath his chair as his erection throbs in Rex’s hand, his rigid nail pulsating and spewing out more pre-cum wetting his underwear and gym shorts.

He can’t hold on much longer.

Bill closes his sky blue light eyes, and sucks in air through his nose as he can’t through his mouth and feels like his whole body seems electrified as if someone has just tasered him.

“You going to make a mess now?” Max whispers, his breath is warm against Bill’s earlobe and Max keeps talking so close that he can smell his cologne. “My brother is going to milk you dry. And me…I’ll squeeze out every…last…drop!”

When Max finishes speaking his hand gives a wicked twist with Bill’s balls inside and Bill yanks hard against his binds feeling his balls being crushed flatter in Max’s hand. Then as he is straining against his bines he moans low and threatening his eyes turning to see Rex still on his left peck with his eyes closed and his fully engorged pecker squirms once, than twice in Rex’s tight grasp and he can’t help it. His cock throbs, and Bill looks up at the ceiling as he lets loose inside his shorts.

“Uggggghnnnnnnnnn!” he groans.

Max senses the change and bears down on his balls, and it’s not all pleasure for Bill and Max makes sure of that crushing his spuds in their small now ascended ballsack just beneath his spewing spike.

“Oh shit,” Max laughs in his ear. “I forgot how much you can cum…were you saving that…. For someone special?” Max asks as Bill drenches his gym shorts, and feels the squish globs seeping down between his thighs as his butt gets all slippery and his busy cock keeps pumping out his load.

Sadly Max was right, he was saving that…but no more.

Rex comes off his nipple, his mouth slightly swollen and he grins. Rex keeps jacking him off, as Bill’s penis finally starts to fold down losing its rigidity and only small dribble comes out of his wet tip.

Bill is breathing hard, his chest rising and falling rapidly as Max finally lets his balls go.

Rex keeps a steady pace until he is pretty sure that nothing is left inside of his swollen nuggets. Then he too stops playing with Bill.

Still tied up Bill sits in a pool of his own semen as the twins admire their handiwork.

“Class is almost done,” Max says pushing his auburn hair off his forehead. “Better untie him.

Rex nods and starts to untie his wrists. Bill can talk now…Max has removed his hand but he finds that he is speechless. It’s not until his wrists are free and the bell rings that he makes his move and with his blue eyes blazing he leaps at Rex.

“I’m going to make you regret this!” Bill hisses.

Max catches his raised fist and yanks it behind his back pulling him in close against his frame.

“Big mistake,” he whispers.

Rex standing up now with the whole class watching this unfold rears back his sneaker and Bill’s eyes widen as Rex’s determined face.

You wouldn’t,” Bill says so quietly.

“I would.”

The kick to his groin is horrendous as the wet splat of his soaked underwear sloshes as Rex’s foot connects with his recently drained balls. Bill gasps and Max releases his arm and he falls onto his hands and knees, everyone laughing around him.

“Looks like he peed himself!” someone yells.

Finally their teacher starts to stir, and he stands up rather stupidly blinking in the brightened classroom. Someone had turned on the lights to see Bill more clearly.

“Oh shit, he did!”

Bill looks up to curse at Max and Rex, but the twins are nowhere to be seen near him but when he looks at the exit he sees their smiling faces as the door closes.

“I’m recording this!” another kid says laughing.

“Settle down now,” their teacher tries to regain order, but the chaos is in full steam ahead mode.

Bill gets up and tries to sprint to the door, but someone trips him and he falls flat on his face.

The air rushes out of him, and he gasps on the ground.

Then he turned over.

“That’s…not pee.”

“Oh shit!”

“Bill Brady had a little too much fun watching the movie!”

“Ewww, gross!”

Bill rolls into a ball, as insults are hurled at him from all sides. His face is so red, and he can’t wait for this day to be over.

 ‘I will get Max and Rex back for this,’ Bill swears on his life.





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