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"Watch this one, bro. It's the best one yet." written by Jimmy



“Watch this one, it’s the best one yet”


by Jimmy

 Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 1)

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this too, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 2)

 Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this also, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 3)


Shane is tied in Chases closet, the special one with the hooked up chains drip from the ceiling. 


Shane is shirtless, his bare chest glistening with sweat and he’s naked and trying to cross his legs to hide his…groin. It’s not working so well. 


“Don’t worry about that,” Chase tells Shane, one hand on his cheek as Shane mumbles into the gag. Chases finger slips down his chin and the tip glides along the center of his chest until it reaches his belly button. Chase pinches the nub before hooking his finger and tugging Shane out to the meet his knee that he uses to slam into Shane’s bare balls. Shane’s nuts flatten to an inch and he screams into the gag. 


“Adam…did you think you could honestly top this?” Chase asks, the camera pointed to him so that the camera only gets Shane’s bare back. 


“I always win.”


"Watch this also, bro" written by Jimmy

“Watch this also”



by Jimmy

 Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 1)

Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this too, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 2)



Bill and Adam watch both videos and frown. 


“Those sucked,” Adam says, shaking his head. 


“Yeah. Super lame.” Bill agrees, sitting back in his chair in class thinking. “How should we—ooooooOoooo!”


Adam’s hand reaches under his desk grabbing Bills nutsack in his hand. 

"Watch this too, bro" written by Jimmy



“Watch this too”



by Jimmy


 Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 1)


“We can do better than that, right mi amigo?”


Aldo comes up from behind Leroy, and puts his arms around his ex boyfriend and nuzzling the back of his neck, his lips just below the hairline and pressing his lips right up to the skin. 


“You smell good.”


Leroy closes his eye, and feels himself hardening. 


“You like that, mi Leroy?” Aldo asks, his voice dark and husky and he smells his skin his nose pressing into Leroy’s ear. 


Leroy sets his phone down hitting record. His dark brown, hazelnut eyes flicking to the lens and grinning. “No, I don’t.”


His foot arches up as the music starts kicking straight into Aldo’s bulge and flattening the contents with one mighty crunch. 

"Watch this, bro" written by Jimmy


“Watch this”


by Jimmy




“Just stand still and wave your hands in the air.” 


“That’s so lame,” Max scoffs. 


“It’s going viral, afterwards I am going to sack tap you.” 


“Rex, can you just…sack tap me and get it over with?” Max asks rolling his eyes at his twin. 


Rex motions for Max to do the dance. 


Finally Max gives in as the music plays and looks at the camera lens. When his hips sway back toward his brother, his balls shift in his sack the bulge in his shorts showing the exact outline of each testicle and that’s when Rex thumps him hard with a swift backhand, knuckles first. 

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The Juvenile Hall Thief: Your Devil Eyes are Mine written by Jimmy


The Juvenile Hall Thief: Your Devil Eyes are Mine



by Jimmy



Bill prone on the bed groans into the sock shoved into his mouth. He yanks at the binds, his wrists slipping and sliding in the restraints. Trapped, and helpless Bill heaves lungful’s of air into the wet, damp sock his eyes narrow and defiant. Bill should be scared. Instead, he’s angry. And ready to fight. 


Above him looms the thief Jackson. A huge smile is spreading over his face as he takes in Bill on the mattress bound and gagged. His favorite type of playmate. 


“You’re mine, now Bill,” Jackson purrs, his words falling from between his lips like poised daggers ready to strike. His voice is slightly muffled due to his black mask that he wears, keeping his identity unknown to his victim.


Slowly, Jackson climbs that bed getting into position to mount Bill to show his true dominance over the brat when Bill thrusts up a knee deep into his groin, and slipping through the narrow opening in his thighs. Jackson’s scrotum crunches against Bills mean thigh, but the jolt of the blow and look of pleasure in Bills narrowed blue eyes causes Jackson to grunt and fall to his side laying next to Bill on the too small bed.


Jackson grabs his balls feeling like an idiot. Bill nailed him…again




Jackson cusses, grabbing his nads. Bill is like a magnet and this is not the first blow that he has taken from him tonight, let alone the last time that he broke in. He feels weak, and as he careful looks over his genitals Bill is restless trying to pull free of his handcuffs. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Snapshot: "Tag...your it!" written by Jimmy


Snapshot: “Tag… your it!”


by Jimmy




Caleb and Junior Kruger were running around their yard playing tag.

This game of tag was unlike any other game as, the only way to make someone else it was to punch them in the balls. You were also allowed to punch the tagger in the balls to not get tagged. The game was invented by their cousin Logan Kruger when he used to babysit his cousins, and have sleepovers. His cousins got so rambunctious that Logan had to invent new games. This one stuck, and the brothers played it long after Logan stopped playing with him.

Right now, Junior is on the ground cupping his balls. His shoulders are sagging and he glances up at his older brother and tells him “Can you please stop punching me in the nuts?”

“That would mean that I give up…I ain’t about to do that. It’s your own fault for losing at Rock, Paper, Scissors…I think that’s the fifth time I punched your nuts…today!” Caleb says happily, ticking away each finger as he counts the blows to make sure. “Yup, five.”

Caleb chuckles, as Junior rolls into a ball moaning.

“If you give up… you got to be it next time,” Caleb warns him.

“I don’t care…” Junior groans. “Just help me up…so I can take the losing shot.

Update: This Week's Stories and Video's


Update This Week’s Stories and Video’s


Hi Ballbusting boys community,

Friday, July 21, 2023

The Swim Meet Shenanigans written by Bryce


The Swim Meet Shenanigans


by Bryce


The Bartlett swim team under Chase had developed some unsportsmanlike habits, with Chase typically at their center. For one, Jayden had discovered that he could easily provoke Chase’s cartoonish vanity, and cause scenes that would distract and discombobulate the opposing team’s swimmers. While they and other Bartlett boys waited on the sidelines for their races, all it took was a lascivious look from Jayden, a prolonged gaze at his boyfriend’s sky-blue speedo-clad crotch and a waggle of the eyebrows or lick of his lips, and Chase would smirk and cockily flex his muscles in front of everyone while his cock chubbed up, visibly growing and crowding his already totally stuffed swim briefs.

For his part, Chase absolutely loved showing off for Jayden in public, and he happily played along, knowing exactly what effect it would have on their opponents. Chase seemed to have undergone yet another growth spurt, and his already ripped, muscular teen body, with its narrow waist and broad shoulders, was looking more like any of the sexiest male underwear models than that of a swimmer. He seemed to be more cocky and conceited than ever, too, a product of raging teen testosterone coursing through him in hyper drive. When he would bounce his well-developed pecs or strike a stunning double biceps pose on Jayden’s cue, his own teammates would performativity fawn over him – and the boys from the opposing school could reliably be seen with mouths agape, wide-eyed, gawking and, often, popping boners in their own speedos that they would ashamedly cover with their hands or a towel, or sit down to attempt to hide. There weren’t many swimmers in the state – or perhaps any – as astonishingly built as Chase or as handsome, and most of the young men had never seen anything like the way the Bartlett captain and his team performed their sexual horseplay.

Today’s little sabotage had been particularly naughty. On the sidelines with a handful of his teammates including Jayden, Adam, Max and Rex, Shane and others, Chase was hitting a deliciously slow and deliberate pose, pumping his fists down and forward in front of him to push his pecs together and flex them hard. The normally rippling plates of thick, roughly square muscle bunched into powerful-looking, deeply striated, hairless mounds under his pale skin, like rocks straining a stretching cloth. Veins popped out across his chest and shoulders as his breath was pushed out in a growl through clenched teeth.

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Chase's Discovery written by Jimmy

Chase’s Discovery


By Jimmy


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,

This Monday short story turned into 12 pages...ooops! Thank you Anonymous for the fun idea, hope that you like the end result!


In the sportswear section of Target, Chase was lazily pushing a shopping cart bored as Jayden shopped for groceries. Jayden had been talking and Chase had spaced looking at all the groceries.

Eventually Jayden had stopped talking and was not looking at him.

Shit. Clearly it was his turn to say something. What was Jayden talking about…oh yeah, they were making dinner at Jayden’s house. I guess I could try to say…

“Damn that’s a great idea, Jay.” Chase kisses Jayden on the cheek, and goes to push the cart again, but Jayden’s foot stops it.

“Are you even listening to me?” Jayden’s crossing his arms over his chest and he looks mad.

Chase tries an award winning smile, flashing Jayden his perfectly ocean eyes at him and lies through his teeth “Of course I was, Jay.”

“So…then let me get this straight…you think as you said that it’s a damn good idea if we have away back to my mother’s home country?”

Chase’s jaw drops open, “Wait… that’s not what…what are you talking about?” Chase is flushed now, his heart is speeding up and fuck…Jayden is smiling now.

“I knew that you weren’t listening to me,” Jayden says and he comes in now kissing Chase on the mouth. Jayden is slow and methodic with his lips, they feel tender and hungry. Chase closes his eyes, and just as he starts to get hard…


Jayden cock knocks him.

“Ugh!” Chase grunts backing up, and cupping his sore throbbing cock.

“What the fuck, man.”

Jayden winks at him, a little smile playing on his lips now. His dark eyes are mischievous and a little sadistic as he tells Chase “Next time pay attention when I talk.” Jayden goes back to picking out groceries and putting them in the red cart, leaving Chase hovering at the back, leaning down as a slow dull throb courses through his bulge.

Friday, July 14, 2023

The Juvenile Hall Thief: Knock, knock… written by Jimmy


The Juvenile Hall Thief: Knock, knock…


by Jimmy



Getting closer to Sam Hells street Silas Dark sniffs the cool night air, freedom tastes so sweet even among the scattering of nearby cookouts in the early summer heat. Silas Dark amuses himself with images of Sam Hell in front of him pleading with his ugly red eyes when he spots a shifting running individual. He’s shirtless and running proudly, sweat above his brow but Silas would know that frown from anywhere: it’s the Devilboy himself. 


“Keep going,” Silas snarls to the thief. “I want to get there before he returns and give him a tasteful surprise when he gets there. A little… housewarming gift.”


“Anything you say, but I want to hurt the brat.”


“That you will thief that you will.”


Cruising along a nearby street, the thief pulls along until they fall under the shadow of a large pine and cuts the engine. The car takes a moment to cool off, the engine still buzzing. 


“Now let’s go.” 


Doors open and shut, and the pair walk side by side. Silas Dark wears a mask, like the thief but he made sure to put in his contacts. His eyes are pitch black like midnight and he wants this to be the last image that Sam Hell sees before he destroys him, making him kneel in front of him. 


“Back door,” Silas Dark tells the thief. “They will be under the mat, my contact has informed me.”


“Perfect, I’ll kill the power…like before.”