Monday, July 3, 2023

Update: This Week's Stories and Video's


Update: This Weeks Stories and Video’s

Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,


First up is Third Wheel written by me. It’s a story about Chase telling Logan and Ashley how he messed up with Jayden.

Wednesday is Jimmy’s Found Video’s #53. It’s a fun little selection.

Friday brings a new writer to the blog named Bryce. He wrote a very cool four part story called: Chase’s Special Training it will run for the month of July starting on Friday. Bryce introduces a new character called Bryce, the swim team couch has some ideas on how to make Chase a better swimmer.


Hope you all have a great week!



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Anonymous said...

How sad, man. I get sad. Missing unrelated stories. Without being a story that necessarily leads to another. The only one that pays off on the site is when it's father and son. They are the best stories. But that's it. Let's wait. Good job out there!