Monday, July 31, 2023

"Watch this too, bro" written by Jimmy



“Watch this too”



by Jimmy


 Ballbusting Boys: "Watch this, bro" written by Jimmy (Part 1)


“We can do better than that, right mi amigo?”


Aldo comes up from behind Leroy, and puts his arms around his ex boyfriend and nuzzling the back of his neck, his lips just below the hairline and pressing his lips right up to the skin. 


“You smell good.”


Leroy closes his eye, and feels himself hardening. 


“You like that, mi Leroy?” Aldo asks, his voice dark and husky and he smells his skin his nose pressing into Leroy’s ear. 


Leroy sets his phone down hitting record. His dark brown, hazelnut eyes flicking to the lens and grinning. “No, I don’t.”


His foot arches up as the music starts kicking straight into Aldo’s bulge and flattening the contents with one mighty crunch. 


The smile on Aldo’s lips turns sour and he closes his eyes moaning “Papi… mi huevos…mi…. fuck…” 


Leroy spins around and shoved him aside and grabs his phone looking into it and saying. “Top that!”


The screen goes dark.










Anonymous said...

Haha these two did not get much of a build-up. But they’re my fave so I hope they win!!!

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

There is a chance! Apparently the voting poll did not work. I will make a new one!


Thanks for writing in!

Anonymous said...

We don't have enough ballbusting stories with Leroy and Aldo, especially Leroy since he's one of my favorite characters, I really hope he wins, really wanna see him getting his chocolate eggs cracked (or bitten depending if Rex wants revenge for that time Leroy bit his tiny little m&ms in their roshambo session! )

GinoJaydenAuthor said...


The poll is back up, and feel free to vote for them! I have not had Leroy star in a story for quite a long time. If you have ideas for him to share for me to use please let me know!