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Chase's Discovery written by Jimmy

Chase’s Discovery


By Jimmy


Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,

This Monday short story turned into 12 pages...ooops! Thank you Anonymous for the fun idea, hope that you like the end result!


In the sportswear section of Target, Chase was lazily pushing a shopping cart bored as Jayden shopped for groceries. Jayden had been talking and Chase had spaced looking at all the groceries.

Eventually Jayden had stopped talking and was not looking at him.

Shit. Clearly it was his turn to say something. What was Jayden talking about…oh yeah, they were making dinner at Jayden’s house. I guess I could try to say…

“Damn that’s a great idea, Jay.” Chase kisses Jayden on the cheek, and goes to push the cart again, but Jayden’s foot stops it.

“Are you even listening to me?” Jayden’s crossing his arms over his chest and he looks mad.

Chase tries an award winning smile, flashing Jayden his perfectly ocean eyes at him and lies through his teeth “Of course I was, Jay.”

“So…then let me get this straight…you think as you said that it’s a damn good idea if we have away back to my mother’s home country?”

Chase’s jaw drops open, “Wait… that’s not what…what are you talking about?” Chase is flushed now, his heart is speeding up and fuck…Jayden is smiling now.

“I knew that you weren’t listening to me,” Jayden says and he comes in now kissing Chase on the mouth. Jayden is slow and methodic with his lips, they feel tender and hungry. Chase closes his eyes, and just as he starts to get hard…


Jayden cock knocks him.

“Ugh!” Chase grunts backing up, and cupping his sore throbbing cock.

“What the fuck, man.”

Jayden winks at him, a little smile playing on his lips now. His dark eyes are mischievous and a little sadistic as he tells Chase “Next time pay attention when I talk.” Jayden goes back to picking out groceries and putting them in the red cart, leaving Chase hovering at the back, leaning down as a slow dull throb courses through his bulge.

He looks away for a moment and spots something unfamiliar on the end cap, but the sleek design of the package, and the name catches his eye.

“The Testicle Cooling Device to…” Chase stops reading silently out loud, but his eyes widen.

“What was that?” Jayden asks a little distractedly as he picks out the best taco shell.

“Be right back.”

Jayden smiles “You need to check on the boys?” he asks meanly.


Chase is in front of the box, it’s the only one left and he quickly reads through the description. It’s meant to boost fertility and…size. Looking back over his shoulder Chase quickly heads to the front of the store to buy it, and hide it in his car. Chase does not intend to share his new discovery.


“Where did you go?”

“Bathroom.” Chase shrugs nonchalantly, his shoulders barely moving. He can’t wait to get home and try it on before dinner. Recently Jayden has gotten closer to him in size…and he wants to give himself an extra boost to his growing big testicles. He’s sixteen, and he does not want to slow down his growth spurts. This might be the perfect way to keep his title of ‘Biggest Balls on the Swim team.’

Jayden rolls his eyes “We won’t have time to play today remember…we are cooking dinner tonight for my family.”

“Yeah, of course.” Jayden turns back to finish the shopping leaving Chase to daydream as he pushes his cart.


Chase makes sure that he stops on his way home, to grab a button up shirt.

Jayden had told him, “That’s silly.” But the blush of his cheeks, clearly shows his pleasure at Chase trying to impress his folks.

Chase is naked stripped in the bathroom the black band went easily enough around his waist and the small little open cups are supposed to fit his balls.

Chase gulps…those cups look small. A lot smaller than his testicles. Maybe I bought the small one… I am bigger than most grown men…

Gritting his teeth he grabs his plump big right ball and slowly presses it inside the open cup. His testicle fills it completely and the rubber cuts into his nut meat making it bulge obscenely out and spilling out of the cup. Chase’s eyes water, and he blinks a few times trying to force images of an even larger set on himself and steels his nerves as he takes his favorite nut and does the unthinkable and shoves the bigger on into place.

The slow squeeze at the bottom half of his nuts makes Chase’s knees go weak and he drops to the floor, knees first cupping his junk.


“Everything okay?” Jayden calls from the bottom of the stairs.

“Y…yes…be down…in a minute!” Chase calls out, before he grunts and falls onto his side.

One hand grabs the box and reads: Wear for three hours a day for best results.

He was going to have to wear this throughout dinner. Dammit.

Slowly, hand over hand Chase crawls to his wardrobe. The wide open closet white doors he uses to pull himself up on his dead legs. He’s tired and blinks rapidly trying to figure out how best to deal with this constant, constricting pain between his legs.

Getting dressed is painful and somehow he walks out of his bedroom, but its ever so slowly and he is just finishing putting the batteries into the devise and moves to turn it on when Logan comes out of his bathroom, Ashley is giggling and her hair is a mess.

“Hey bud,” Logan smiles.

“Hi,” croaks Chase putting the devise down on the end table as Logan comes in for a hug.

“You alright?” Logan asks in his ear, “Bug day at Jayden’s house. You’ll be fine. Just be yourself.”

Chase nods, trying to grin but it’s more of a grimace.

Ashley gives them some space and heads into the bathroom to do her make-up and fix her hair “Be right back, baby!”

Still gripping Chase, Logan tells him “You sound like you got your balls knocked recently.”

“Yeah…Jayden did that.”

Logan chuckles, and pulls back and he accidently puts his hand on the remote control and a soothing, pulsing sensation shoots into both nuts. Chase freezes, literally as ice cold air pulses throughout the cups and a gentle prodding swells his balls. The cups start to stretch and give and soon Chase can feel the material warping around his balls and a small smile plays on his face as it fits his nuts perfectly.

“That’s the spirit, Chase. Knock ‘em out with that smile.”

Logan turns away as Ashley comes out of the bathroom and says “Your turn.”

Giving Chase a wink he heads inside.

Ashley slithers up to Chase and buttons the top button of his shirt telling him “Don’t you look dapper.” She presses the shirt on his chest, fixing a few wrinkles and her long nails scrape his nipples for a few extra strokes.

Chase’s breathe hitches and she smiles up at him. “You should wear a tie…blue like your eyes,” her fingers itch their way down his torso and move to his fly and she slowly taps it. “Be on your best behavior tonight.”

Just before the bathroom door opens, she turns back to greet Logan and is already on his arm heading down the stairs.

Chase feels extra chipper, and takes his time getting a tie. He’s a little hard in his underwear but that’s okay.

When he comes down the stairs, Jayden is smiling at him and the tie. His dark eyes soften.

“You…look great.”

“I feel amazing,” Chase admits and he does. He left the remote upstairs on its charger, worried that it might run out of juice. Those batteries were used in another controller. He does not want his balls stuck in this thing or worse for it go back to its original ball crushing state.

The two walk out of Chase’s house, and get ready for the big night.


Chase and Jayden walk into Jayden’s house. They are warmly greeted by Jayden’s folks. Marco immediately starts asking about Chase’s swim scores, and how the old team is doing. Chase never really paid much attention to all that, but he says “Yeah, we doing pretty good!”

“Dad, I am going to need him in the kitchen. He’s helping me make my world famous tacos.”

Marco plops down on the couch, while Jayden’s mom fusses with the plates and utensils at the table.

“You sure you don’t want any help?”


Jayden and Chase start unloading the groceries and start to get going, when Gino walks in. His eyes are on Jayden, and he smiles at the smell. “Smells good little bro, I can’t wait to—Chase. You came to dinner.”

Chase turns back and fixes Gino with a look, “I’m making it.”

“Don’t put too much poison in it…I’ll smell it.”

“I wouldn’t dream of you noticing the arsenic that I add, besides a little bit does the job,” Chase says while grinning widely.

Gino smirks back, the tension rising in the room.

“Guys…Mom and Dad are in the next room…play nice.”

“This is my playground Chase…you’ve been warned.” Gino backs out of the kitchen, his eyes never leaving Chase’s until the door closes.

Jayden lets out a sigh of relief. “Are you two ever going to bury the hatchet and just kiss and make-up?”

Chase ignores the question, and comes up to Jayden and nibbles at his ear with his teeth, before sucking the lobe into his mouth cause Jayden to pause in stirring the meat on the stove. Chase slides his tongue down to Jayden’s neck and scrapes the skin until Jayden moans.

“Chase we…can’t…”

Ignoring his pleas, he puts one hand down the waistband of Jayden’s pants, locating his cock and giving it a tug.

“After dinner, I am taking you home.”

Jayden nods, not trusting himself to speak. Chase tugs on his dong a few more times, until he is rewarded with Jayden’s plumping up. He takes his hand away before Jayden’s erection gets too obvious. He’s wearing basketball shorts and there is no way to hide that big boy.

“Now concentrate on the meat in the pan…and not that big sausage in your underwear that I am going to suck on later,” Chase tells him, his fingers itching up under Jayden’s shirt to tweak the nipples and pull at the tips.

“Chase…please I…oooo.”

Chase is kissing his neck again, and rubbing the areoles on Jayden’s nipples between forefingers and thumbs as Jayden is practically drooling from his moaning mouth. Chase thigh slinks up and bumps and jostles Jayden’s nuts, the heavy orbs crunch as he meanly taps them against Jayden’s taint.

“I don’t know how I will control myself all through dinner, your all I wanna eat.”

Jayden dances on his tiptoes to get away from Chase’s knee, his cock throbs painfully in his underwear and his balls are squished flat all the while Chase starts pinching his nipples harder. When Chase bites him at the neck, Jayden has to clamp his mouth shut so he does not scream out. He’s so turned on, and so fast. The kitchen is hot, and he’s sweating as his body throbs with the intensity as Chase expertly works him over. He presses back into Chase and feels Chase’s own hardness digging into his backside.

“Smells delicious!” Jayden’s mom calls out and instantly the two break apart as she enters the kitchen grabbing a pitcher of water and leaving the two facing the stove and hiding their hardons.

“Thank you both so much for doing this, such a treat!” She retreats to the table to set-up, and the two breathe a sigh of relief together.

“You blue balled me so bad…” Jayden complains, finally fixing himself. Chase catches sight of the redden knob at the end of Jayden’s dick and is happy to see it glistening and wet.

“I am going to do more to your balls later on. Promise.”

Jayden gulps, and looks back worriedly.

Chase chuckles, and goes to mix the salad. “I will leave it to your imagination of what I have in store for you.”

“I have a few ideas…”


Dinner starts and everyone is happy, munching on their tacos, and complementing Jayden and Chase on the spicy hot sauce.

About half-way through dinner, Chase sitting next Jayden leans back in his chair as one hand moves predatorily underneath the table. Hidden with the white tablecloth no one saw Chase’s approach or capture of Jayden’s nuggets.

Jayden in mid conversation pauses “And I…um…” his cheeks redden. Chase’s fingers are rubbing Jayden now, pawing at his goods. Jayden did not expect this and is holding his taco with both hands. He gulps, turning slightly to face Chase his muddy brown eyes are narrowed in a ‘Don’t you dare’ glare.

The problem for Jayden was, Chase did dare.

Chase’s hand closed into a fist, his hands along with most of him has gotten bigger since his 16th birthday and that spells trouble for his younger boyfriend. Jayden’s balls squish in his fist, fingers curling deep into the squelchy sensitive organs crushing one ball into the other. Chase can feel him stiffen, his body growing rigid as it tries to comprehend the invasion between his thick swimmers thighs.

Biting back a moan, Jayden tries to remember what the hell he was talking about and can’t. Chase’s fingers are plunging in and out of him, like a cat would with its scratching post. Jayden tries to breathe, but he is holding his it in. His lungs are full to bursting and he slowly releases his held breath. Chase is eyeing him, his Cheshire cat grin cutting his face wide and here Chase fills in for him.

“I think you were going to tell us Jayden how you…” but then Chase’s eyes bulge and his head twists across the table where Gino is perched low in his seat. Gino’s foot is plunged as far as it can go into Chase’s plump bulge, his toes digging into Chase’s fat nuts but he pauses in contemplation as his toes roam over Chase’s scrotum feeling the cooling sensation under his foot.

Gino smirks as he works over Chase, making his mouth go dry. He’s no longer squishing Jayden’s big boynuts but rather holding them in his palm as Jayden’s older brother works him over. Chase’s nuts are still nestled inside of the devise and as Gino’s toes roam over the tops of them he must have triggered a switch as the coolness, the blessed growth power turns off. Chase’s eyes widen in alarm as the tightness from before is locked onto the bottom half of his testicles.

“Oh…no…” Chase moans. Oh god…he is about to lose his shit in front of Jayden’s folks.

Jayden is looking at him funny, and taking his balls back not sure why his boyfriend stopped squeezing his nuts but he is okay with the end result. He turns back to his parents, shuffling in his seat a bit further away from Chase in case he gets any more funny ideas in his head. His own boynuts are still sore and tender to the touch, but he feels ready enough to continue with their conversation with his parents but they started chatting quietly to each other and the love shared between them as the split the last taco makes Jayden’s heart swell.

Chase is trying to get Gino’s foot out of his groin, but Gino has brought up the other one and his barefoot lands heavily on top of his bulge while his foot is pressing his nards up against the latest intrusion. The end result is both feet squishing Chase’s throbbing testicles in a vice-like grip. Sandwiching Chase’s balls Gino starts to feel the increased pressure press them firmly between his bare feet and a look of horror crosses over Chase’s pretty face. His mouth is hanging open and he shoves his fist in to block out a moan and Gino chuckles quietly keeping an eye out for his parents or Jayden figuring things out.

Gino is loving this.

Combining Gino’s crushing feet, and the squeezing of his testicles in the Testicle Cooling Device, Chase’s resolve crumbles and he closes his bugging out blue eyes and starts hitting the table with his fist drawing the attention of everyone gathered around. The Gomez family are all staring at Chase, and Gino slows his role back a bit and just rubs the contents of Chase’s nuts around his scrotum. Chase’s big balls slide between his feet, and he briefly ponders what Chase is wearing on his balls, they feel like ice cream cones, with his nuts overflowing from the top. Gino tests one out as he presses his big toe into Chase’s left nut, squishing the orb into the already full container below and being amused as the nut squishes flat instead.

“Chase?” Jayden asks.

Chase blinks his eyes open and tries to say something, but his squished bigger left nut has left his rather speechless as he gawks across the table at Gino unable to utter a sound.

Jayden puts a hand on his shoulder, and maneuvers himself to get into Chase’s line of vision and asks “Something wrong?”

Chase nods vehemently, his jaw still slack and Jayden tells his parents.

“I am just going to take Chase to the bathroom…I think he needs a splash of water. The tacos were very hot,” Jayden explains, and tries to pull Chase up but Gino’s feet clutch at Chase’s bulge, his toes hooking around the scrotum and locking in. Chase’s nutsack squishes until the familiar orbs are barely recognizable and as the table cloth shifts Jayden can see exactly what’s wrong.

Jayden moves quickly, his hand sliding down Chase’s stomach, and as his fingers slide over Chase’s prominent erection his cock gives a wild buck and pulses against his palm.

Oh no” Jayden mumbles feeling Chase start to shoot.

Chase sucks in air, filling his lungs to scream and Jayden does the only thing he can think of and locks Chase in a kiss, pressing his lips against Chase’s and sticking his tongue in and grabbing his boyfriends hardened cock and pumping him in his shorts. Chase spews globs of cum, his cock firing into Jayden’s awaiting hand and drenching his underwear as his busy cock shoots cum up and into Jayden’s fist. Chase’s orgasm is violent and he groans into Jayden’s mouth, while Gino squishes and squashes out every last drop.

The Testicle Cooling Device manages to click back on, and giving Chase some brief relief as the half-cups widen and shoot out icy relief into his churning testes. Chase sighs in relief and Gino pulls his feet away and goes back to finishing his taco.

“These are great!” Gino says, his voice loud and booming and his parents turn back to him.

“Do you have to be so loud dear?” his mother asks.

“He always is,” laughs Marco, putting an arm around his wife.

“I’ll do the dishes,” Gino smiles about to take the plates but his parents jump in.

“No way! My son cooked, I will do it. You stay here, Marco will help me.”

Marco pats his belly but stands up with his wife following her out.

The door swishes closed and Gino grins wickedly over the table, his hands twisting the tablecloth as he watches the kiss end.

As Jayden pulls free from the kiss, he asks “You okay?”

“My big….balls…oh fuuccck!” Chase groans, leaning back in his chair clutching himself, his blue eyes rolling towards the ceiling.

Jayden twists in his seat and narrows his dark eyes “You will re—ugh!”

Gino slams his foot into Jayden’s bulge from below and Jayden pushes his chair back grabbing his nuts, and pulling away from Gino’s reach.

“What was that…little bro?” Gino asks standing up.

Jayden grits his teeth, his fingers gently rubbing at his stinging crotch.

“I think…we should have dessert. I think ice-cream with… crushed peanuts sounds appropriate way to end the evening.”

Laughter fills the room, as Gino ducks into the kitchen to get the dessert from the freezer.

Jayden barely manages to get Chase to his bedroom to change his wet sloppy shorts before the rest of his family returned to the table.

Jayden explains to his parents as he helps Chase from his house, that the tacos did not agree with Chase and he would be helping to take Chase home.


The ride back to Chase’s house was a somber affair.

Chase had to drive, but he did so slowly. One hand never left from the inside of his shorts. Chase rather insisted that Jayden’s underwear was too…small for him. Jayden pursed his lips, but kept quiet about it. Dinner was a disaster, and he felt guilty as it was his brother that ruined things.

When Chase parks the car, Chase looks at Jayden and tells him.

“I think I’m gonna head up alone…take an ice cold shower.”

“I could help,” Jayden tries.

“No buddy, not this time. Thanks though,” Chase manages a weak smile as the two leave the car.

Jayden hugs him before departing and kisses his boyfriend on the cheek. “You are one tough stud…biggest balls on the swim team.”

Chase’s Cheshire cat smile tries to return but it turns into a half-cocked grin instead. “You know it.”

“You took those shots like a pro…we will get Gino back. I promise.”

Chase perks up at the idea. “Yeah?”

Jayden winks “Go rest up, I’ll come up with a plan.”

Chase beams now, thoughts already swirling in his head. “You know why he busted me right, Jayden?”

“Why?” Jayden asks, trying hard not to smile.

“He’s afraid that my big balls will get bigger than his own. I’m practically the same size as him the last time we wrestled and fought…by now, with my growth spurt. I know that I got him.”  A determined look crosses Chase’s face and he comes up to Jayden, the cooling device helping the swelling and Chase licks his lips and tells his boyfriend one last important thing. “You’ve got these big boys,” at this part in his statement Chase pulls down his shorts and shows off his nuts.

Jayden looks down curiously and sees what Chase is wearing. “What the—?”

“It’s doctor prescribed Jayden…I’m getting too big, too fast,” Chase’s Cheshire grin is back as he whispers “It’s help cool my balls down, my growth is out of control.” Chase wiggles his eyebrows and pulls the shorts back-up. “Just you wait until I no longer need to wear this. You thought I had big balls before, just wait until I can take this off.”

Chase kisses Jayden fiercely before he can say another word, and then turns and heads into his house. With the door finally shut he falls to his knees moaning, and clutching at his weakened empty balls and finally curls into the fetal position.

“Fucking Gomez…I’ll get you for this.”

A moan escapes his lips, and he closes his eyes as Logan hurries down the stairs.

“Chase?” Logan asks, coming to his side putting one hand on his back. “What happened to you?”

“I’m…fine,” croaks Chase.

“No you’re not. Who busted your nuts? Was it Jayden?”

“Wrong Gomez,” spats Chase his blue eyes blinking back the pain as he rolls onto his back. Logan’s hand stays on him, and reassuringly rubs at his chest.

“You mean, Gino?”

“Y…yes. He got me good…in my big balls, Logan.”

Chase hams it up a bit, and moans pitifully. He does feel like shit, but this might help him more than he thought.

Logan’s expression darkens, and he says “I’ll make sure that he regrets hurting you.”

“You…will?” Chase asks, as he reaches up and puts an arm on Logan’s hand rubbing his chest and pulls it lower to his belly. “Cause…he hurt my big balls. He’s jealous… cause I’m bigger than him now.”

Logan’s eyes twinkle, and he smirks “Is that a fact?” he asks his fingers lowering to Chase’s navel.

Chase nods “Uhuh.”

Logan rolls his eyes but plays along, “Well, I’ll make sure that he knows to keep his hands off of you…especially your nuts.”

“You mean my big balls,” Chase corrects him. “I don’t have ordinary nuts, like some kid.”

Logan chuckles “Of course you don’t.”

“Biggest on my swim team, and biggest at Midtown.”

Smiling, Logan pulls Chase to his feet. “Why don’t you tell me all about it while we watch TV.”

Chase’s smile is huge as he tells him “I’ve measured and got a list!” Chase takes out his phone and starts naming guys that he’s bigger.

Logan sits back, indulging Chase in his fantasy as he runs down all the names on the list finally ending with Gino Gomez.

“He’s pretty big too.”

“Used to be…now that I’m biggest,” Chase bangs his chest loudly with a thump, “He’s just average.”

“I think I am the same size as him…does that mean that you’re bigger than me?” Logan asks, one eyebrow raised.

Chase sighs and shrugs, “Sorry man, I guess so.”

“Dang!” Logan says and peeks into his own shorts. “Too bad, looks like you ae man of the house.” Logan tries to think of unfunny things before he loses it.

Biting his lip, Chase says “Maybe we should compare…after my big balls feel better. Just in case. I want to see how much bigger I am.”

The gloating smile on Chase’s face is almost too much, but Logan stops himself from laughing and turns on a movie.

“Something to look forward to tomorrow,” Logan says as he leans back into the soft couch.

“Yeah,” Chase says, a dreamy look coming over his face. “It most certainly will be.”






Anonymous said...

Great short story.
Still no love lost between Gino and Chase i see, i really enjoy the animosity!

Chase must really have confidence in this device if he feels ready to challenge Logan again! It didn’t work out too well for his big balls last time.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Yeah, Gino and Chase are still in the Not Friend category. Gino will always take an easy win if it is available to him!

Thanks for writing in, I am happy to hear that you enjoyed this one!

We all know that Chase's overconfidence usually gets him in trouble. I also can't imagine this going well for him! Hahaha.