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Speedos VS Singlets written by Reg and Jimmy


Speedos VS Singlets



By Reg and Jimmy



Dear Ballbusting Boys Communiuty,

Reg and I have been writing this story since the summer. Lots of rewriting, editing, and slowly adding as we worked towards an epic story that will start today and run through December. This story takes place just after Chase's Revenge which was originally posted in March 2020.

Ballbusting Boys: Chase’s revenge - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

The new story reimagines what could have taken place and I find that it works well within the current continuity. I hope that you all enjoy this first part!


"It's bullshit guys! Complete bullshit and we are not going to stand for it!"

The fifteen year old swimmer growls angrily, his firm chiseled muscles twitching as he clenches his fists fuming and seething with rage.

Chase DiPetrio is clearly not in a good mood today.

The blond teenager snarls as he vents his frustration at the shivering team-mates that have huddled around him at the far corner of the locker room. Of the four swimmers, Chase is the oldest and has by far the most eye-catching physique. Taller that the others, his growing muscles are fuller and more defined. His smooth teenage torso glistens under the lights, still smooth as an eel but already forming an attractive Vee that tapers down from his broad shoulders to his slender hips, show-casing a prominent and rather manly bulge in his tight speedos.

The boys have just finished an early swim practice and their shivering teenage bodies are still dripping, forming chlorinated puddles on the cold tiled floor beneath.

“You’re damn right, Chase, this extra training totally sucks!” Adam huffs as he gazes up in empathy at his idol “It’s so unfair! How come WE have to get up so damn early while HE can just lie in bed…jerking off his stupid fat cock?”

“Well, if I were Jayden that’s what I’d do!” Max pipes up excitedly “Did you guys notice how BIG he grew?”

The awestruck boy holds his hands out several inches apart then moves them slowly wider like a fisherman bragging about his catch. Max’s eyes begin to bulge and goggle comically as the gap widens making his twin brother chortle and finally grapple him, tickling his bony ribs.

“Enough!” Chase hisses at the giggling twins, silencing both with an angry scowl “What are you implying, Max?”  

“I meant his, er, his shoulders!” Max gulps, quickly back-tracking to save his skin “His shoulders have grown THIS broad… that’s why he’s so quick in the water!”

The shivering boy bites his lip but he can’t stop his eyes slowly glazing over as he recalls seeing Jayden emerge at the poolside after the holiday break. Poor Max had almost drowned in his swim lane, his limbs falling limp in the water as his hungry eyes devoured the jaw-dropping bulge that threatened to rip Jayden’s straining speedos asunder! His jaw had dropped wide open, flooding his mouth leaving the boy choking and spluttering in the pool.

Max staggers a step backwards still lost in his daydream and stumbles clumsily back into the slim body of his own twin brother. With their identical bodies now nestled snugly together, Rex can’t help chuckling in empathy as he gives Max’s pert butt a cheeky squeeze to bring him back to the moment.

“Max does have a point, guys. Jayden is a better swimmer than us now… I heard he was at the pool every day during the Christmas break. I guess we’ll just have to suffer this training to keep our places on the team.”

“Yeah whatever Rex, it’s still bullshit!” Chase snaps angrily “Anyway Jayden’s little growth spurt doesn’t impress me? His puny muscles have got nothing on mine, right guys? Check these out!”

Chase peers around, making sure he has everyone’s full attention before slowly flexing his arms. He glances arrogantly at his guns with a cocky grin then strides forward displaying his rock-hard biceps even closer to their gaping young faces.

“Go ahead guys, feel them!” Chase hisses. It’s an order, not an invitation but his adoring fans are more than happy to obey.

“Dude!!! Wow I see someone else had a growth spurt!” Adam gushes as he pushes the twins aside to wrap both of his hands around the rippling balls of muscle.

The blond stud flexes even harder as Adam squeezes and fondles his rippling biceps. Chase is grinning proudly as he shows off his latest gains from working out in his private gym. His sexy muscles can almost compete with the biggest guys on the wrestling team and the sight of the modest boners popping up in his friends’ speedos is proof enough to Chase that he is still the hottest stud in school.

“Feel the power of my muscles. I added a whole inch to my guns over Christmas!” Chase brags arrogantly “I should organize another arm-wrestling contest. God! I really want a rematch against that fugly brute that beat me last time.”

“You mean Doug?” Rex asks.

“I dunno, whoever!” Chase huffs in irritation “Anyway the point is I’m clearly more of a man than Jayden will ever be….which brings me to my main point!.

Chase pauses and peers deeply into the eyes of his loyal followers.

“See boys, it’s high time we put Jayden in his place. We’re going to show that jumped up little squirt where he stands in the pecking order and…ADAM!!! Wha…what the hell are you playing at?”

Chase splutters in confusion, swinging his head side to side trying to see what Adam is doing behind him then he peers down blinking in confusion. Adam’s hands are now gripping Chase firmly by his slim hips and he is softly moaning. Overcome by his lustful urges, the stocky teen starts rubbing himself sensually up against his idol, his fingers releasing his sturdy hips to explore Chase’s beautifully muscled torso trying to memorize every succulent inch of his sexy body. The blond stud gasps in horror as he feels Adam’s throbbing boner press deeply between the crack of his bubble-butt, jutting upwards as hard and stiff as a ripe young carrot.

“Hey, can we go next!” Rex and Max shriek in unison then collapse against each other, racked with laughter.

By now poor Chase is almost choking with panic as Adam’s rock-hard boner threatens to spear his virgin ass with every thrust of his hips with only the slenderest film of Lycra keeping his virtue intact. All the while Adam’s hungry fingers are clutching at him like tentacles, worshipping his teenage body with lustful abandon, caressing his slim square-cut pecs and tweaking his small erect nipples before slithering down, lower and lower devouring every ridge and trough of the young stud’s rippling six pack, swirling an index finger playfully around Chase’s shallow belly-button before delving further south over his taut smooth pubis before shamelessly groping Chase’s magnificent boy bulge.

“Adam! Oooooh! No! That’s my…ugh…fu, fu, my fu….!” Chase splutters, folding over and writhing, struggling to find his voice before suddenly blurting out “That’s my fucking man-junk!”

Chase stares down boggle-eyed as Adam’s audacious hands begin to fondle and caress his beloved teenage schlong through the taut Lycra of his speedos. Chase fervently shakes his head in defiance but he can’t hold back the first powerful throb between his thighs that makes his cock-head twitch under the repugnant touch. Adam grins, taking it as an invitation to continue and Chase can only moan as he feels the same cold hands slipping under his waistband in a blatant invasion of his most private realm. Eager teenage hands slowly wrap around his flopping, naked penis and begin stroking and caressing his sleeping snake. Adam whimpers as he feels Chase’s boyhood respond to his touch, pulsing gently as it engorges and stiffens until soon the warm smooth shaft is thrusting upwards hard as a rock. Adam gasps in amazement letting his fingers loose on their prize as they worship every throbbing inch of the fifteen year old’s blossoming manhood.

“Chase!!! Oh Fuck!  Wow…you’re such a stud now!” Adam groans from behind him “Holy shit! It’s…it’s so BIG!”

“Adam! That’s enough!” Chase gasps trying to regain his composure. As he grabs the enraptured boy’s wrists he can’t help feeling a little proud of his endowment, even the boys can’t keep their hands off him. Slowly regaining his cool, Chase takes a deep breath and clears his throat.

“Let me go, Adam! My big dong is for the ladies only” Chase looks down at his tenting speedos and scowls but can’t resist a final gloat “But you’re right, it is fucking huge! Seven inches now…probably eight when I’m fully hard! It might be the biggest in the whole damn school!”

Chase gushes with pride, feeling no qualms about exaggerating his assets but his voice cracks slightly as he realizes Adam’s hands are still groping his privates and the twins are still watching on avidly!

Chase once again tries again to extract the invasive hands, finally peeling them off his towering, throbbing manhood but his relief is short lived as Adam recklessly delves deeper and Chase freezes in abject terror as he is clutched by his most valued treasures.

“B…B…BAAALLLLS!” Chase splutters out the word in alarm his bulging eyes staring at the twins in disbelief as fingers close around both of his precious teenage testicles. He squirms, thrusting his hands uselessly to his groin trying to peel them gently from his plump man-eggs utterly terrified of cracking them in the process. Chase can only wince and groan impotently as Adam continues to fondle his plump rubbery orbs, feeling up their impressive size and weight.

“Dude, don’t! My…ooooooh! Oh shit!” Chase pants and begins to sweat, his words dying in his throat as he cringes then exhales hard “Ufffffff! Adam don’t owwww! you’re squeeeeezing them!!! Careful…my goddam big nuts!”

“Wow big guy! Dang you really have got a huge set, Chase!” Adam exclaims in wonder “Fuck me! I can’t believe they’re still growing!” Adam gushes with desire as he returns to dry humping his friend “What a stud! You’re almost as hung as my older brother…and he’s seventeen!”

A furious mist suddenly darkens Chase’s visage and he growls, twisting his neck around to get his bearings then storming backwards, smashing Adam back against the locker behind him. It’s still not enough to free his precious balls so he rolls his hips forward then thrusts them back smashing his clenched right buttock right into Adam’s horny boy bulge.

“Huuuuggh!” Adam exhales, doubling over, cringing in pain but still refuses to concede his treasures until Chase spins him around, hauls him upright under the armpits and fires a knee deep into his horny, bloated boy-bulge.

Adam shrieks, collapsing onto Chase’s shoulder in a tragic embrace, both hands now clawing and gripping desperately at the blond boy’s solid biceps, feeling the muscles rippling under his fingers, hoping to absorb enough of Chase’s manly power to help him withstand the pain…wanting only to show his hero that he can take a knee like a man.

But Chase has other ideas! Dropping Adam to his feet his hands whip forward and with one deft tug Adam’s swimwear are sent flopping down his thighs rendering the shocked boy butt-naked from the knees up, stunned and gaping like a landed fish with all eyes watching on. Adam blinks, deafened by the sudden awful silence with only his balls still screaming in pain. He standing exposed, stark bollock-naked his wet swimwear left dripping limply from his bony kneecaps. His throbbing five-incher bucks and jerks in the openair like a wild animal above his plump pubescent balls strung up painfully tightly under the root of his quivering boner.

Adam has little to be ashamed of but Chase is now leering down at the lesser mortal with utter contempt. He grins as he suddenly reaches down to seize Adam’s firm young testicles in his fingers, pinching the squishy orbs meanly between his thumbs and forefingers. His mean lips curl at the sides, please to discover that Adam’s gonads are just big enough to painfully manipulate and torment between his cruel fingers. The tender squishy orbs are certainly beefier than the puny pips of the cherub-like twins, Max and Rex, who are now watching on with evident glee.

“Hmm not bad, not too bad at all, Adam!” Chase grins as he rolls the slippery orbs between his fingers “Still tiny compared to my big balls of course, but still…I think you might have grown. Tell me buddy, have these little fellows dropped yet?”

The terrified boy blushes in shame and slowly nods nervously, then gulps and grits his teeth as Chase tugs harder on both of his tender gonads, stretching their delicate ball chords until they are strung out a frightening distance from his pubis. With a wink at the twins, Chase releasing them like a catapult and laughs as Adam’s tender testicles ping back to home-base with an audible POP-POP followed by a girlish shriek of pain.

“My poor nuts! No more…..Chase please!”

Adam hollers, shaking his head, still gripping Chase’s thick upper arms tightly. Then he whimpers as Chase shakes his head in disappointment then brutally grabs him by the balls again and now Adam’s eyes bulge in terror as he feels the older boy’s trained muscles bunching up under his taut skin. Chase’s biceps are growing firmer and thicker under his fingers as the muscles fibers gliding together until they form a solid warm mound, big and hot like a freshly laid goose egg bulging menacingly under his fingers.


Adam’s world explodes as fiery pain engulfs his groin and he screams, staring down in horror to see his tender testicles disappear under Chase’s crushing grip. His desperate fingers clench tight but making the barest dents in Chase’s rippling biceps with no hope of quelling the ball-wrecking nut-claw.

With a satisfying growl, Chase relents letting Adam slump barely conscious to his knees where he rocks then keels over to writhe and groan on the floor, his young body convulsing, thrashing his legs uselessly in the air. Chase ruthlessly ignores his throes of agony as he switches his attention to the twins.

“As I was saying guys, we are going to get revenge on Jayden and NOW!” Chase states the order in a calm but forceful voice “Those Gomez boys may have humiliated us…especially that dickhead Gino… but now it’s payback time!”

Max and Rex both blink back, nervously fondling their little pouches and turning a little pale at the mere mention of Gino’s name. The painful memory of their first encounter with Jayden’s older brother is still etched deeply in their minds bringing back a nauseating, aching sensation to their tender boy-bits.

It was just a few weeks back when Gino came to watch the team training. As usual, Jayden had continued swimming laps in the pool after training and Gino had made his move, confronting the rest of the team in the locker room, offering $10 to anyone interested in busting Jayden’s balls. The twins had instantly signed up. The extra pocket money was a nice incentive but nothing could match the prospect of getting their hands on Jayden’s ripening plums! Chase couldn’t resist the chance to although his motives were completely different. He obviously didn’t need Gino’s cash and had never shown any interest in boys, but he DID love proving he was the top dog so belittling an upstart like Jayden was going to be real fun. Predictably Adam had instantly followed suit like a devoted pup on Chase’s leash. In fact, only Bill had raised any eyebrows when he joined in. His motives were a real mystery and he had always been a shy, timid kid.

The rest of the team had roughly dismissed Gino’s offer, some out of loyalty to Jayden while others simply preferred to stay out of trouble. As it turned out, their prudishness had been a very smart move.

As soon as the five swimmers entered the Gomez residence things had started going horribly awry.

“Fucking Gino!!!” Chase reflects with a scowl, glaring across at the twins “It was a set-up…and I reckon Jayden was in on the act too! God, did you see what that sick brute did to me?”

“Well, er, actually we didn’t stay to the very end. We were kinda scared…Gino is way bigger than us.” Max bites his lip guiltily unwilling to look Chase in the eye.

“Oh yeah, you two chickened out half-way through! You just left me there in his clutches….great friends you are!” Chase berates them, huffing in annoyance then stabbing a hard toe punt into Adam’s guts for emphasis.

“Oh come on! Gino hurt OUR nuts too!” Max and Rex chime in together in protest, clearly stung by the accusation.

“Yeah I know, I know guys…Gino is just a filthy cheating BASTARD!” Chase snarls in frustration “He just went way harder on me ‘cos he saw I had the biggest nuts… he was probably scared of my muscles too so he tried to take me out first. I only went to shake his hand and he grabbed me right by the balls! Filthy cheating fucker…you saw that, right?”

The twins nod their heads silently.

“Filthy pervert! He fucking groped me…That sick creep was clearly jealous when he felt what I was packing! He just stood there squeezing my big balls and fondling my cock…I really tried to…but I…Fuck!” Chase scowls and falls silent, cringing with shame.

“Yeah we saw it Chase! He made you…cream yourself!” Max splutters, trying to sound sympathetic but unable to hide his excitement “To your credit, you pumped out one hell of a load Chase! Man, you were stood there, legs spread with that huge hose of yours spewing out jizz like a fireman!”

“Yeah that was one hell of a nut!” Rex butts in excitedly, his eyes sparkling “Erm…and isn’t that when Gino busted you….”

“Yeah! He fucking kneed me!!! Right in my huge churning balls!…I tell you kids, when you finally grow a pair you’ll know how bad that sucks!”

Max and Rex step forward silently to console the humiliated teen, reaching up to massage his strong shoulders, unperturbed by his belittling slur. Both twins tilt their sweet empathetic eyes upwards to meet Chase’s crestfallen gaze.

“But you… you finally made it back to your feet, Chase. You went after Gino like a boss! We saw it!” Max reminds him with a firm grip of the blond teen’s solid shoulder “You took that knee like a real man!”


Chase’s jaw hardens as he fondles his offended testicles then his thin lips slowly curl upwards at the edges. His formidable pride may have been cracked but it’s clearly not completely shattered.


“Yeah, I did, didn’t I! Truth is …I’ve never taken a knee that hard to the balls before…it fucking wrecked me for a while…still I guess these big boys are way tougher than I thought!”


Chase can’t resist the chance to praise his heroic genitalia, grabbing his man-bulge lovingly as he gazes down lovingly at his blossoming boyhood.


“I showed Gino that I’m a real man now! He may have floored me once…but when I got my shit back together I really laid into his worthless balls!”


“Really? Oh man I can’t believe we missed that!” Max sighs in disappointment and wraps a friendly arm around his brother’s neck “Jayden’s brother is a fricking beast too…it takes some balls to face up to a hulking brute like that”


“Yeah, well I’ve got the balls alright!” Chase gloats soaking up the admiring glances “Gino might be seventeen and one of the biggest wrestlers at Bartlet…I bet he’s got 20 pounds on me, but I still made him scream like a teenage girl when I finally got my hands on his worthless balls. I tell you boys, I had him on the ropes, howling in agony, about ready to beg me for mercy. That big fucker should be my bitch right now if only….that sneaky SHIT hadn’t taken me out!”


Chase suddenly falls silent, his head lolling despondently by the neck, sadly nursing his plump testicles.


“WHAT? BUT HOW?” Max and Rex yell out unable to handle the suspense, their thin stiff cocks tenting their speedos like two tiny jiggling popsicles.


“A fucking baseball bat!” Chase growls tragically “Fucking nailed me full-force from behind, right in my big swinging ballsac! Chicken shit coward didn’t even show his face!”


Chase’s strong legs begin to fold inwards at the horrific memory and the twins move in to brace him as the bigger teen staggers briefly, holding his forehead with one hand while still caressing his family jewels with the other.


“No way dude! Your poor balls… well they are such a big juicy target!” Rex gulps, staring at Chase’s delicious bulging orbs, fantasizing about the heavy wooden club squishing them flat “But who? Who would dare do that to you?”


Chase shakes his head sullenly, ignoring the question and stands stooped over, biting his lip, his proud eyes glistening in shame and frustration. With a loud sniff he mutters to himself in frustration.


“Fucker! I was going to score with that chick too!”


“Er, what?” Rex blinks back in confusion.


 Chase scowls, his big chest rising and falling a few times then he looks up and decides it’s safe to revel his little secret.


“I had a date that same evening, Rex. With that, that cheerleader.” Chase confides cautiously.


“No way! Melisssa?” Rex’s eyes almost burst out of his skull “But she…isn’t she eighteen!”


Chase shrugs nonchalantly, always pleased to impress his peers then his face darkens again and he shakes his head before continuing glumly.


“What a fucking train wreck, man! I tried it on with her, Rex but…my fucking balls hurt so bad…both of them all bruised and swollen. God he crushed them so bad I couldn’t even get hard…even when she sucked me off.”


“No way! Then what?” Rex blinks back in wonder.


“After a few minutes the bitch went crazy! She slammed a fist right into my busted balls and left me there curled up and retching at her feet. Then she just glared down at me and called me a…gulp…she called me an impotent little boy!”


Chase shudders at the indignity then turns his gaze to meet Rex’s innocent gaze, feeling a little better after sharing his shameful experience.


“Older chicks are real bitches, bro!” Rex empathizes, pretending to have some knowledge of the matter.


“Yeah I guess…anyway I’m hooking up with Cindy on Friday. Don’t fret, I won’t have blue balls for long!” Chase winks, unable to resist a little more bragging before turning back to the matter at hand as he addressed his little nest of conspirators.


 “Listen up guys. Now you know why we can’t let this stand! No one busts my balls….I mean OUR balls…and gets away with it!”


“But Chase, we still don’t know who swung that bat into your nads!” Max shakes and squeezes the older boy’s solid muscled shoulder frantically “I bet it was Bill! He hates being called ‘baby-balls’…maybe he finally flipped.”


“NO! Bill doesn’t have the balls. It was JAYDEN, I’m damn sure of it!” Chase grits his teeth angrily “It was HIS house, it was HIS fucking bat and it was HIS brother’s worthless balls being mashed under my foot!”


“So what are you….I mean what are WE gonna do?” Max gulps nervously.

“We going to teach LITTLE Jayden a few important facts that he will remember for the rest of his miserable life!” Chase peers at both twins purposefully, clenching his fist for emphasis “And you, my loyal friends, will make sure he doesn’t escape my little masterclass!”

Chase sneers down pleased to see the loyalty in his friend’s eyes. Without any prior explanation he raises his right arm and flexes his tennis-ball sized biceps, turning his head to the side to admire his sexy peaked guns, squeezing the hard ball of muscle between his fingers before raising one single digit high in the air.

“See this is fact ONE: I’m bigger and way stronger than that jumped up little squirt.”

“Yeah!” The twins shriek and even Adam manages a thumb-up as he rises gingerly to his feet. Chase smirks and reaches down to ruffle Adam’s hair like a good dog. He waits a moment until Adam looks up and this time he raises a second fingers on his left hand while his right hand delves downwards to grope his prominent speedo bulge.

“Fact TWO: Any loser that messes with my big balls ends up wishing they had never been born a boy!”

The twins cheer excitedly and Adam now grins broadly, pumping his fist in delight.

Chase’s handsome face darkens and the watching boys fall silent as a third finger is slowly and purposefully raised.

“Finally…fact THREE” Chase pauses to glare deeply into each of his friends’ eyes, his piercing gaze searching for the slightest trace of treachery then he growls before blurting out “I’m gonna prove that Gino is a big FUCKING LIAR!!!”

Chase yells out the last words with such ferocity that his friends fall back cowering in fear.

“Wha…wha…what do you mean, Chase?” Adam stammers and gulps nervously.

“How about I show you!” Chase growls.

His fists are clenched by his sides and every muscle in his body quivers and ripples with pent up rage. He takes a very deep and slow intake of breath, his icy gaze never leaving his quivering stooges as his hands slowly delve into the waistband of his swimwear then he turns his back to them and dramatically tugs downwards, yanking his pale blue speedos below the tan line of his smooth athletic thighs, revealing his pert and beautifully toned butt cheeks. The watching boys gasp, amazed that Chase’s masculine beauty could be enhanced any further then they gasp louder still as he turns around to reveal his smooth opulent genitals swaying heavily between his well-built thighs.

“Oh wow dude! Do I ever get tired of seeing that!” Max coos, almost fainting in his brother’s arms.

“Tell me, what do you see?” Chase asks coldly.

“Those balls!” Rex exclaims “So big!”

“And check out that sausage!” Max adds with a grin.

“Impressive, huh?” Chase states it like the cold fact then grits his teeth as he weighs his heavy nut in his hands “Check out the size of my big nuts! So did you boys hear what Gino said?….That filthy fucking LIAR! He said my balls are… smaller than Jayden’s!”

For a brief moment Chase looks crestfallen, like a valiant warrior stabbed through the heart. He shakes his head trying to clear the scandalous words from his mind, exhaling loudly. His breath shuddering out of his lungs as the muscles on his jaw-line clench tight. Gritting his teeth he struggles to quell his frustration and anger then slowly inhales, filling his beautiful chest again before raising his face like a defiant, wounded boxer readying for the next round.

“Just look at my balls, guys! I’ve always had the biggest set on this swim team, right? I’ve challenged you all so many times and my big boys have always won, there’s no way in hell that Jayden…”

Chase’s voice cracks with emotion as he peers down quickly to reassure himself. With an angry scowl he rocks his hips making his dangling genitals sway heavily between his legs.

“It’s just a fucking lie, right? There’s no way Gomez could out-grow me!”

Chase surveys his audience carefully. Behind his angry glare, the deep hurt is visible in his cold blue eyes, almost pleading for validation until, faithful as ever, Adam steps in to reassure him.

“You’re damn right! Jayden’s worthless balls are nothing compared to yours Chase!”

Adam steps forward boldly and his face darkens at the mere mention of the Latino’s name.

“I’ve had it up to here with Jayden too! Remember last time he came to training? That smug brat really thought it was funny, trying to shove his bloated junk into that worn-out old speedo of his. Well it really pissed me off!  He knows my balls were bigger than his and now he has this growth spurt and tries to rub it in my face. Well I don’t give a shit if he is bigger than me now, at least MY mum can afford clothes that fit me!”

Adam scowls sullenly, fondling his own bulge in frustration trying to put on a brave faces. Unfortunately his furious rant has only set the twins off in fits of giggles. The brothers quickly turn away trying to compose themselves out of Adam’s view. Annoyed by the distraction Chase clears his throat loudly to regain their attention.

“It’s OK Adam! Don’t think I haven’t noticed it too….” Chase glares back then continues with a determined expression “Our Mexican friend may have finally grown a pair, but he’s still no match for me! I’m going to remind that little runt what a REAL man keeps dangling between his legs! That’s right boys…I’m going to put him in his place and send him squealing back to his dickhead brother with his little tail between his legs!”

“Yeah Chase! You show him!” Adam yells out in excitement forgetting his own aching plums for a while “Jayden’s got nothing on you, stud!”

Chase shrugs and nods.

“But when…and how?” Rex starts to ask.

“Right now, Rex! We are going to mess up his balls right fucking now!”

Chase pounds his fist into his hand then turns to Adam and winks.

“See Adam has been doing some spying for me and it seems Jayden has taken up a new sport. He should be down here any moment to change. I’m gonna lay him out and as soon as he submits I’ll prove once and for all who has the bigger, manlier set of balls,” Chase exclaims boldly with one final fondle of his dangling junk before finally tucking himself back into the sky blue fabric.

The swimmers high-five excitedly then Chase starts directing them to their hiding places around the locker-room so that he can be first to confront Jayden when he comes in the door.

To be continued....


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh is Doug coming back for a rematch??? Last time he defeated Chase 😏

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon. I too would also love to see a rematch of Doug vs Chase…Doug seems to be Chase’s nemesis and the only classmate brave enough to question Chase’s manhood. This story is not the place you’ll find it (spoiler alert) but i would love to know if you have an idea for a story.

Anonymous said...

Hi again, thank you for your answer!

Several possibilities come to mind haha. For example:

When the boys finish swimming practice and go to the locker room, they are surprised to hear that someone is taking a shower. And it's Doug!, who has gone to shower there after his own training to annoy the boys for a while.

Some can't help but look at him with too much interest (Doug is not gay, but he loves others to admire his body) and Chase feels jealous, so he confronts Doug, who of course is still naked.

Doug initially brushes him off, but Chase starts making fun of how he "destroyed" him the first time they fought. And when Chase laughs at the last kick he gave him that day, Doug can no longer control himself and goes after him.

They start fighting and there are several twist plots... and of course some of the other guys get involved or try at some point, for the benefit of Chase or Doug.

One or both of them uses some sports equipment that could be in the locker room at some point (for example, a ball or a stick, or any other object) to hit the other in the balls.

One of them is about to win, but the other tricks him and gives him a devastating uppercut there.

And in the end they either leave it to a draw because neither of them can fight anymore (which would surprise the others) or one of them wins completely unexpectedly leaving the other writhing in pain.

It would be a chapter with references to "A new cock rules..."

I hope you like the idea, if not, don't worry haha.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is such an awesome idea.
I recall a few Chase/Doug fight encounters…in their first meeting Chase was shocked to discover that Doug outranked him where it counts (story : A new cock rules the roost) and Chase needed luck and some help to send Doug packing.
Then there was the arranged wrestling match at school where Adam cheated with the lights to gift an easy win to Chase.
Their last fight was when Doug took on the whole swim-team and won, finally defeating Chase (story : Midtown’s hairiest balls).
It could be fun to go back in time and do a rematch story (after the arranged wresting match). This is a time before Chase hooks up with Jayden and before his latest growth spurt…the blond stud may actually be nervous about getting lured into another comparison against Doug’s big hairy bollocks.
Anyway it’s a great fantasy idea.

owen said...

hi jimmy: great start. what made you go back and write a story folling on from chase's revenge after all this time? owen.

Anonymous said...

Hi Owen,
Perhaps Jimmy will add his voice, but our idea was to go back to a time when Chase and Jayden were rivals (not lovers). I kinda miss that angry rivalry from the early stories.
Also a small correction : this story actually takes place immediately BEFORE the Chase Revenge story (not after).
Hope you enjoy anyway, it is always a blast being co-author with Jimmy.

Anonymous said...

It would be very sad if someone applied hair removal cream to those big hairy bollocks... really sad 🤭

Ginojaydenauthor said...

Hi Reg and Owen,

Yes, this story does take place right before Chase’s Revenge. That’s a great question Owen. Reg had this great idea of going back and telling this epic story, and really who was I to say no? Reg always has such great ideas, and I found that this story did not really mess with continuity at all so I was all for it. Plus, I got to write with Reg and that’s always a huge plus. He’s so talented and this story shows his style so well. I am happy to see that so many of you are enjoying it!


Ginojaydenauthor said...

Hi Reg and Anonymous,

That does sound fun! Plus, I really enjoy the rivalry between Chase and Doug (Chase does get on the wrong side of many of the boys). It’s been awhile since we have seen Doug but I am including him in that story that’s coming down the pipeline in mid-January so you will see him soon!


GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Dear Anonymous,

Hair removal cream? Hahaha. That does sound fun! Doug would absolutely hate that! He is so proud of his thick forested bush and hairy balls. If someone were to use hair removal cream on him he would be very upset indeed…how diabolical and evil. Sounds like something some of the boys would do indeed!


Anonymous said...

Here is a possible scenario : Doug is grumbling to Aldo about getting his bollocks busted in a recent wrestling match.
Aldo proposes a special cream that reduces pain and swelling…but the products get mysteriously mixed up. Maybe Chase is involved somehow haha

Ginojaydenauthor said...

Hi Reg,

That does sound like fun!

Doug would be sooo mad! No one would want to be near him when the fizzling starts happening down under and he loses all his hair!