Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break diary 4

Warning: Contains graphic heterosexuality.

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

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Two weeks ago Kev and his dorm buddies Colin and Ben were celebrating Spring Break at some hotel somewhere at the beach, and they kept a five part video diary. Today Kev mailed me the fourth one.

There is a neat little game going on that involves Ben’s nuts and his buddies’ – and apparently every hotel guest’s – repeated interference with his reproductive abilities…

As of the last video Colin is leading the pack with a well deserved score of 8 points, and with 7 points Kev is tied for second place with another player.

On a black screen the headline SPRING BREAK 2008 – DAY 4 appears.

The camera is filming in night vision mode. Kev is standing in the hallway in front of a door. The night vision device makes his face look green and his eyes and teeth glow in a very unfavourable vampire-like way. His face is very close to the camera and he whispers: “Hi. It’s 2 a.m. and Ben is in the room and making out with a girl he met at a party tonight.” Kev grins. “She is a prize exhibit. I have no idea how he managed to get her…” He shakes his head with a smile and looks at his watch. “They’ve been in there for… let’s see… twenty minutes now…” He chuckles. “This is gonna be the height of the season…” Colin giggles from behind the camera. Kev grins at him and puts his index finger on his lips, then he signals theatrically that he is going into the room now and Colin is supposed to follow him.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Spring Break diary 3

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

Previous parts:
Spring Break diary 1 
Spring Break diary 2

Last week Kev and his dorm buddies Colin and Ben were celebrating Spring Break somewhere at the beach, and they kept a video diary that they have divided into five parts, one for each day of their vacation.

Today Kev mailed me the third one.

In the last two instalments of the guys’ diary Ben’s nuts had been the center of attention: Kev, Colin and the guys they met in the hotel and at the beach are playing a funny little game where they try to hit Ben’s valuables. If they succeed they get a point. The tally is noted on a large flip chart in the boy’s room – in plain view for everyone including Ben who doesn’t have a clue about the game…

On a black screen the headline SPRING BREAK 2008 – DAY 3 appears.
The camera shows Colin inside the hotel room. He is tying a rope to the neck of a large plastic bottle that used to contain 2 l of Pepsi Cola, judging from the label. Now it’s filled with clear water.

Colin grins at the camera. “We are planning a little surprise for Ben…” He climbs a chair and fastens the other end of the rope to some clamp in the ceiling, directly in front of the doorframe. He lets go of the bottle and it falls down, stopped mid-fall by the rope. But apparently the clamp in the ceiling isn’t strong enough – or the bottle is too heavy. Anyway, the clamp rips out of the ceiling and the bottle crashes to the ground.

“Oops…” Colin grins sheepishly. He looks up at the little hole in the ceiling. “Charge that to my account…”

“Hurry up, man”, Kev says impatiently from behind the camera. “He’ll be here any minute…”

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break diary 2

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

Previous parts:
Spring Break diary 1

Last week Kev and his dorm buddies Colin and Ben were celebrating Spring Break somewhere at the beach, and they kept a video diary that they have divided into five parts, one for each day of their vacation.

Today Kev mailed me the second one.

On a black screen the headline SPRING BREAK 2008 – DAY 2 appears.

Kev grins into the camera, standing in the sparsely furnished hotel room. He is filming himself and holding the camera at arm’s length. “Day two in our Spring Break balltag game”, he says in a low voice. The object of the game is to smash Ben’s nuts – as often and as hard as possible. The tally is written down on a flipchart that is seen in the background of the frame. “It’s six a.m. and we are looking forward to a day of endless agony for Ben’s balls…” Kev points to the flip chart. “At the moment Colin and I are neck-to-neck. But I’m gonna pull ahead today!” He chuckles. “The best thing about this game is that Ben doesn’t have a clue about it… He has asked my what the whole flip chart thing is all about – and I’ve told him that he had to find it out by himself…”
Kev moves the camera around so that it shows the two beds in the room. The single bed – probably Kev’s – is unoccupied while two people – presumably Colin and Ben – are sleeping in the queen sized bed.

“Ben sleeping naked”, Kev whispers as he walks closer to his sleeping buddies.

Colin is lying on his side, his face not visible, while Ben is lying on his back, the blanket covering his legs and his crotch. His chest naked as he is lying – conviently – spread-eagled on the bed, a peaceful expression his face that I was pretty sure would be gone in a few moments.

The camera zooms in on Ben’s crotch. The flimsy blanket leaves nothing to the imagination: Ben’s ample endowment is clearly visible – as is an impressive erection, protruding above.

“Ahhh”, Kev whispers theatrically. “There they are…” He chuckles. “Six a.m. – time to chop some wood…”

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break diary 1

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

Last week Kev and his dorm buddies Colin and Ben were celebrating Spring Break somewhere at the beach. They haven’t told me where they were going – and apparently it didn’t matter to them, anyway, because they were at some holiday resort and spent their time drinking and partying. Maybe geographical landmarks and museums were none of their priorities during Spring Break…

Anyway, they were away for five days and yesterday Kev phoned to tell me they had brought Colin’s video camera and shot some footage that could be of interest for our website. Apparently they are goint to edit it into five short films, one for each day of their vacation. Today Kev mailed me the first video. I will tell you about the next installments as soon as I get them from Kev.

On a black screen the headline SPRING BREAK 2008 - DAY 1 appears. Then the camera shows Kev looking into the camera.

“Hi there”, he grins, we’ve just arrived here. This is the room that I’m gonna share with Ben and Colin.” The camera pans around, showing a standard hotel room with a two beds, one queen sized, one single. There are some cheap paintings on the white walls and the floor has a wall-to-wall carpet of some indistinct colour, probably beige or brown, definitely pretty ugly.
There’s a flip-chart at one side of the room and the camera zooms in on it.

“We’ve already set up shop”, Kev says.

On the flip-chart there are ten columns with names on top, Kev’s and Colin’s are among them. Below are some lines.

“We have already made some friends”, Kev explains. “And we have started a game. It’s called---“

The screen goes black and the words NUTS ABOUT BEN appear. Then it’s back to Kev again.

“---and it’s… well… it’s about giving Ben nutshots…”

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter egg hunt

Previous parts:
Easter preparations

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: ChadLeoSimonDannySammyParker and Tristan (click for pictures)

I had prepared everything for a nice Easter themed party in German tradition: nice, old-fashioned wicker baskets filled with bright green, artificial grass and a variety of coloured hard-boiled eggs, chocolate eggs and jelly eggs were spread around our studio, with chocolate Easter Rabbits guarding them, and I had even baked a cake in the shape of a lamp. I was pretty satisfied with the results.

I had scheduled our party for 10 a.m. so we’d have a nice brunch – I had organized that, too – and a few hours of party time.

It didn’t take long for the guests to arrive. Unfortunately some of our models weren’t able to make it, so we weren’t as many people as I had hoped we’d be.

My cameraman Chad was there, dressed in jeans and a shirt, looking very handsome as usual, albeit a bit hung over. Apparently he had partied heavily with some girl yesterday night, so now he was quaffing off a few glasses of water and trying to look dignified… Actually he was looking even hotter in this state, with his three day stubble and the ‘I don’t want to be here’ expression on his face…

Black haired skaterboy Leo had brought two of his friends, blond Tristan and redhead Sammy. All of them were wearing their trademark sagging jeans, sneakers and t-shirts. Tristan’s t-shirt had a strange picture on it. Obviously it had been tempered with. It showed an eggcup, but instead of an egg it had one – slightly hairy – testicle in it. It looked outright bizarre. Next to the cup there was a metal spoon and above the picture a small writing read “Happy Easter!”

I pointed at the t-shirt and grinned at Tristan. “Custom-made?”

“Nah”, Tristan replied. “I bought it on the internet. But I bought it just for today… Like it?”

I laughed. “Yeah…”

Friday, March 21, 2008

Something completely different?

In the poll about your favourite type of ballbusting more than 25% (as of today) have chosen "Something completely different" (i.e. different than kicking, kneeing, slapping, squeezing, punching, biting or objects).

It would be great if you cold specify. Apparently I completely forgot about something...

Please comment on this post and tell me what you mean.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sammy the ball doctor: Treating Danny

Featured in this story: Danny and Sammy (click for pictures)

Chad and I arrived at the practice at quarter to ten p.m. A friend of mine had lent us his rooms as a location for our little series of “Sammy the ball doctor”. Chad had brought the gynaecological chair and we placed it in the middle of the room.

The walls and the furniture were white and there were framed art prints on the walls – everything looked perfect.

Our protagonist, cute redhead Sammy, arrived a few minutes later and we gave him the white lab coat. He put it on and while he didn’t look very doctor-like – at 18 years he was far too young for that – he looked positively hot in it with a stethoscope around his neck and a determined look on his face.

He watched himself in the mirror and was beaming with joy.

“This is gonna be fun”, Sammy grinned, posing in front of the mirror. He was the equivalent of the cliché nurse fantasy, caressing his body and looking lasciviously at his reflection. “Wanna see my license?” he aspirated at himself, unbuttoning his coat. “I do home visits…”

Chad and I chuckled.

“Hey”, Chad said suddenly. “Why don’t we shoot a short introduction? You know, close-ups, some cheesy one-liners, that sort of stuff?”

“Good idea”, I nodded.

Chad grabbed his camera and filmed Sammy smiling, Sammy frowning, Sammy grabbing and squeezing his bulge, Sammy turning around to face the camera and so on.

“Get your junk out”, Chad said after a few minutes.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sammy the ball doctor: Setting the stage

Featured in this story: Danny and Sammy (click for pictures)

A few days ago we were at the skate park watching Leo, Tristan and his skater buddies crunch their nuts in various ways. One of the skaters was Sammy, an 18 year old redhead, freckles all over his face, with an impish grin and obvious delight in getting his hands on his mates’ nuts.

He had – half jokingly – suggested to star in a little series as “Sammy the ball doctor”. Chad and I had talked about it and we thought it might be a nice addiction to our website. Sammy had given me his phone number so I called him today.

“Hi, Alex”, he said. “I wondered if you’d call me.”

“Well, of course”, I replied. “I want to take you up on your offer to star in our original series ‘Sammy the ball doctor’.”

Sammy laughed. “You sure?”

“Absolutely. We thought we’d have a different guest patient in every episode and you’ll… well… ‘cure’ them…” I explained.

“By crunching their nuts, I suppose?”

“That’s the idea.”

“Sounds fun”, Sammy chuckled.

Chad has access to a gynaecological chair and we’ll get you a white lab coat and a few other things so that you can properly treat your patients. We’ll be shooting in the practice of a doctor friend of mine.”

“Great”, Sammy rejoiced. “That’s so cool!”

“The episodes will be pretty short. Five minutes tops.”


“And we thought it’d be best if the first patient was Danny, with him being an actor and all…” I suggested. “Chad and I’ll think of some symptoms that we’ll give him right before we start shooting and the two of you will improvise on that, okay?”


“Fine. Why don’t we shoot the first episode the day after tomorrow?”


“I’ll have to talk to Danny to see if he’s available. I’ll send you an email with the exact time and address, alright?”

“Yeah”, Sammy said quickly. “I’m looking forward to it!”

“Me too”, I chuckled. “Bye.”

Now I dialled Danny’s number and told him about the project.

He was reluctant at first. But his attitude changed after I had told him that his acting skills were called for.

“Oh, I’m good at improvisation”, he said. “Don’t worry.”

I suppressed the urge to tell him that his nuts were going to play the starring role and his acting was just a nice addition.

Danny started to think about his role. “I’ll make him someone who doesn’t go to the doctor’s very often so that he is a bit intimidated by the place. Or--- perhaps he’s a hypochondriac. Maybe he--- Do you already have a name?”

“Erm. I thought we’d call him ‘Danny’.”

“Oh.” Danny was disappointed. “I see.”

“But that’s a big challenge, isn’t it?” I said hastily. “Playing a different version of yourself…”

Danny was silent. “Maybe. Is Sammy going to have a role name?”

“No, he’ll be ‘Sammy the ball doctor’.”

“Okay. I’ll think of something…”

I sighed. “Alright. So you have an appointment for the day after tomorrow.”

“I’ll be on time. See you then.”

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter preparations

We have decided to have a little party on Easter Day, you know, play a few games, have an Easter egg hunt, things like that. I have called our models to see who is available.

Unfortunately the jocks, Kev, Ben and Colin, are away because apparently Easter Day is the last day of Spring Break. Jesid had to cancel because he is visiting his parents in Mexico for the weekend. The twins are unavailable, too, and Danny’s brother David is busy playing Tchaikovsky’s “The nutcracker”.

So that leaves us with my cameraman Chad, our ever reliable Danny, skaterboys Leo and Tristan, indie hottie Parker, geeky Simon, and me. I have thought about a few games we could play and I decided to invite a few more guys we all haven’t met yet for an original game called “How many eggs are in the basket”…

Friday, March 14, 2008

Skaterboys derailed

Featured in this story: LeoSammy and Tristan (click for pictures)

Previous part:
Tristan fixes a date

When my cameraman Chad and I came to the skate park, we immediately saw two familiar faces: skinny black-haired Leo and his blond friend Tristan were sitting on a bench inside a small, weather-beaten pavilion, that consisted mainly of said bench and a roof. Both of them were wearing their usual outfits, sagging jeans with the waistband of their boxers showing above, t-shirts and sneakers. Tristan once again displayed great taste in t-shirt fashion: I had seen his cartoon ballbusting shirt the last time we had met, now the front of his shirt featured a stylized, drawn nutcracker with two walnuts next to it, one cracked in half. The caption read “skate – don’t think about tomorrow”. I grinned.

The two skaterboys had invited us to come to their favourite hang out place and bring the camera with us so we could film them doing their thing with the boards and without much doubt crunching a few nuts in the process…

We walked over the skate park toward the pavilion, passing a big half-pipe, a few stairs and handrails, some ramps and an area with a wild lunar landscape created out of concrete. There wasn’t much action going on, two BMX riders working their magic on the stairs, and a group of skaters lying lazy in the sun in the middle of the moonscape.

“Hi”, Leo grinned when we reached the pavilion.

Tristan smiled.

After some small talk – “nice weather” – “nice skate park” – “nice t-shirt” – we put down the camera and tripod on one side of the pavilion and sat down.

“Where’s the rest of the gang?” I asked.

“They will be here any minute”, Tristan said.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another committee meeting

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

Previous parts:
Middle of the night
Committee meeting
Second committee meeting

One week after our last meeting, the Ballbusting Olympics Committee (BOC) had arranged another date to talk about the plans for the upcoming Ballbusting Olympics.

I was very busy so I had talked to Kev and asked him to come to the studio with his buddies Colin and Ben so that I didn’t have to drive to the guys’ dorm.

They were on time and I offered them a cup of coffee.

“Don’t you have a beer?” Colin asked.

“Erm, it’s three o’clock in the afternoon”, I said slowly.

“Yeah”, Colin nodded.

“Okay”, I sighed. “I’ll see what I can do.”

I walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. There was a six pack of beer inside, maybe my cameraman Chad had put it there. I decided to replace it later and brought the beverages inside. Kev had walked over to Chad’s weight bench. Sometimes I saw Chad use it but most of the time it just stayed in the corner and attracted dust...

Ben and Colin followed Kev across the room. They were all wearing jeans, sneakers and t-shirts with various artwork on the front. Kev’s t-shirt showed the logo of his college. Ben was wearing a green t-shirt with some snack maker’s logo on it. I remembered seeing it in the background of one of the pictures on the guys’ website. It had been the sponsor of their nutball competition. Colin’s t-shirt had the Jackass skull and crutches on it. It was exactly the same shirt Tristan had worn when he had been here for Jesid’s casting. Jackass seemed to be pretty popular around here.

“Look at that”, Kev said and pointed to the bench. He took off his t-shirt, exposing his smoth and tanned chest and abs, and grinned at Ben and Colin. He flexed the muscles and winked at them. I saw both of them rolling their eyes at Kev’s antics.

Kev lay down and grabbed the barbell. He easily lifted it up.

“Come on, put some more weight on it”, he grinned. “I am no girl...”

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Your suggestions: Special Guest Star

We are planning to invite a guest star to our studios. With Danny being an actor - though neither a very successful nor a very good one... - we are pretty sure we can get a celebrity to star in one of our videos.

But we need your suggestions: Who do you want to see as Special Guest Star?

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Revenge on Chad

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Chad, Danny and Alex (click for pictures)

When I came to the office today I was still sore from the two nutkicks I had received from Danny’s younger brother David. The cute but arrogant 19 year old dancer had had a field day kicking Danny’s and my nuts yesterday. Danny had taken the brunt of the kicks, as he had been nearly knocked out by his brother’s cheerful – and harmful – antics. But David had made a point of humiliating me after kicking my poor balls in, making fun of my allegedly far too sensitive testicles.

Before David had left he had told me that he hadn’t acted just of his own accord (he certainly enjoyed it, though) but that my cameraman Chad had asked him to do sack me to get back at me for a minor incident a few weeks ago.

I surely didn’t want to let the matter rest so after David had left to star in Tchaikovsky’s “The nutcracker” I had talked to Danny and convinced him to help me.

So today I was at the office early. I knew Chad would come at around ten o’clock. I had asked Danny to come at 9.30 so we could overpower Chad together.

Chad is 30 years old – looking younger and quite handsome with his attractive face three-day stubble – and he is quite athletic. He has placed a weight bench in our studio for god know what reason (I don’t think it belongs into this place, but nevermind), and he works out a lot, usually at the gym around the corner, sometimes, very rarely, at the weight bench in our studio. Anyway, I figured that I wouldn’t be able to stand a chance against him, so I asked Danny to help me.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The nutcracker prince

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Featured in this story: Danny, David and Alex (click for pictures)

Today Danny and David paid our studio a visit.

David, the cute 19 year old ballet dancer, had spoken to me a few weeks ago on the phone. Today he was in town for a performance of Tchaikovsky’s ballet “The nutcracker” (in which he danced the titular character) and he had decided to come to our studio with his older brother Danny, a struggling actor who had worked for us since the beginning of our website.

Last time I had met both of them had been a few days ago when we had organized a little Oscar party. 

David had been a surprise guest and Danny hadn’t been too happy to see him as they had a rather difficult relationship.

In the end it had been a tumultuous night – especially for Danny’s poor babymakers which had been the target for quite some brotherly abuse…

I was lost in thoughts about our Oscar Party and suddenly I remembered that David had announced to kick his brother’s balls in for Eddie Murphy’s triple win for ‘Norbit’ at the Razzies.

I was wondering whether David had already carried through on his promise when the door opened and Danny and David walked in.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tristan fixes a date

Featured in this story: Leo and Tristan (click for pictures)

Today Tristan came by the studio. He is one of Leo’s skater buddies, a very good looking young guy with dusty blond hair. He was wearing baggy jeans with plaid boxer shorts underneath and a wide black t-shirt with some interesting artwork on the front: It showed the colourful cartoonish drawing of a skaterboy getting sacked on a railing. His eyes were bulging out and his exaggeratedly big bulge that had his privates graphically defined through the fabric was visibly crunched on the steel railing. The were even little cartoon damage lines radiating from the guy’s crotch and two small bright red bubbles with jagged edges that read “CRUNCH” and “THWACK”. The text above the drawing was “NO RISK NO FUN” and the text below read “BE A MAN”.

Tristan noticed me looking at his shirt and he grinned: “I thought I’d dress for the occasion…”

I laughed. “Nice one…”

“It’s from my large collection of cartoon nutcrunching t-shirts”, Tristan smiled and I didn’t know whether he was joking or not…

I offered him a coke and we sat down on the couch.

“It was really fun hanging out with you on Oscar Night”, he said.

“Yeah, it was a night full of suspense and surprises”, I grinned.

Tristan nodded. “My balls are still aching…” He grinned. “But hey, I liked that casting session with Leo and that Mexican guy Jesid even more…”

“Well, thanks to you. You were a great help!” I grinned.

Tristan laughed. “It was fun. Remember the sounds Leo made when I kicked that Jesid guy in the nuts and drove his dong into Leo’s ass? Ouch…”

I smiled. “By the way – we didn’t talk about it on Oscar Night: How was Leo the day after Jesid’s casting?”

“Oh”, Tristan grinned. „He was doing fine. His nuts were sore for a couple of days and on the day after the casting his hole was still gaping open.”

I shot him a disbelieving glance.

Tristan reacted with a Sphinx-like smile. “Believe me. He showed it to me”, he grinned – and again I wasn’t sure whether he was serious. “But now he’s okay again.”

“That’s good”, I said slowly.

“Oscar Night was a bit of a set-back, though. Oh, and yesterday”, Tristan chuckled. “yesterday was bad, too. We were at the skate park and Leo ended up looking exactly like this.” Tristan pointed at the drawing on his t-shirt. “Complete with the bulging eyes and that funny look on his face.”

“Poor Leo”, I said.

“Yeah”, Tristan grinned, “poor him. The other guys and me had a good laugh, though. And I told them about Leo’s work for your website. Most of them knew because Leo had shown them a little video that you gave him. And the others were quite interested, too. So we went over to Leo’s place and watched it. I have to say, it’s a crowd-pleaser…”

I smiled.

“And then Leo told me that he had talked to you about a possible shoot at the skate park”, Tristan looked at me and I nodded. “But you never fixed a date for it. I know Leo. He’s a lazy son of a bitch. So I thought I’d come by and we’d appoint a date.”

“Sure”, I said.

“What about the 14th?” Tristan suggested.

“Great”, I replied. “How many guys will be there?”

“Oh, let me see, I think we’re gonna be five guys including Leo and me”, Tristan said.

“And what are you planning to do?”

“Well, I don’t know, perhaps we’ll just show you a few of our moves. There are always a few nuts that get cracked when we’re skating”, Tristan grinned. “And it’s worth it, believe me, I’ve seen a few of the guys’ equipments – maybe they don’t come close to that Mexican in size. But they have tough nuts, just like me.” He grabbed his crotch and smiled.

Then he stood up, grabbed the skateboard that was leaning against the wall and walked out the door. “See you then.”

Sunday, March 2, 2008

New poll: What's your favourite?

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