Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The nutcracker prince

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Featured in this story: Danny, David and Alex (click for pictures)

Today Danny and David paid our studio a visit.

David, the cute 19 year old ballet dancer, had spoken to me a few weeks ago on the phone. Today he was in town for a performance of Tchaikovsky’s ballet “The nutcracker” (in which he danced the titular character) and he had decided to come to our studio with his older brother Danny, a struggling actor who had worked for us since the beginning of our website.

Last time I had met both of them had been a few days ago when we had organized a little Oscar party. 

David had been a surprise guest and Danny hadn’t been too happy to see him as they had a rather difficult relationship.

In the end it had been a tumultuous night – especially for Danny’s poor babymakers which had been the target for quite some brotherly abuse…

I was lost in thoughts about our Oscar Party and suddenly I remembered that David had announced to kick his brother’s balls in for Eddie Murphy’s triple win for ‘Norbit’ at the Razzies.

I was wondering whether David had already carried through on his promise when the door opened and Danny and David walked in.

David was dressed in black, wearing a classy black suit and a shirt of the same colour. He wore elegant, shiny leather shoes and his black hair was cut short. He looked marvellous. His tanned face contrasted nicely with his stylish clothes and his green eyes were the only elements of colour in his ensemble.

Danny was dressed more casually. He wore jeans and a white t-shirt with a plaid jacket and sneakers. He had the same green eyes as his brother but his scrubby, reddish blond hair and the friendly smile on his face made him look less untouchable than David.

They were unlike brothers indeed.

“Hi, Danny. David”, I said.

“Hi”, David grinned and shook my hand.

I noticed that Danny’s smile seemed a bit forced. He had his arms crossed in front of his body so that his hands were covering his crotch. He didn’t shake my hand.

I raised my eyebrows.

David grinned evilly. “Shake his hand, Danny!”

Danny groaned and reluctantly shook my hand, keeping his left hand in front of his crotch.

David rolled his eyes. “Don’t be a prude! Show him!”

With a glare at his brother, Danny hissed: “There’s no need!”

David chuckled. Then he grabbed Danny’s hand and yanked it away from his crotch.

Danny’s fat balls were hanging out the fly of his jeans, bright red and considerably swollen.

David slapped his brother’s package, bringing a soft moan from Danny’s mouth, and grinned at me: “What do you say?”

I was speechless.

“We were over at the theatre today and I introduced my big bro to the troupe”, David grinned and took Danny’s smooth, well stocked sac of nuts in his right hand, moving the two meaty globes in his palm like stress relief balls.

Danny grimaced and slapped his brother’s hand. “That’s enough, David.”

The black haired dancer laughed and let go of Danny’s nuts. They hung out of his fly like two ripe plums in a bright red bag. Danny made no attempts to hide his goodies in the protective fabric of his jeans.

I raised my eyebrows.

David snapped his fingers to attract my attention. “Stop looking at his junk!” He chuckled. “You’re so predictable… You know what, when we were at the theatre my colleagues were exactly as fascinated by Danny’s mothballs as you are!”

“You mean you had him go there like this?” I was baffled.

David laughed. “Of course!”

Danny blushed. “He made me walk around like this all day”, he said sheepishly.

“Yeah, we had a great day”, David nodded. “After yesterday’s performance I slept over at Danny’s and I woke him this morning with a nice hard punch in the babymakers. That took care of his morning wood…” David chuckled while Danny blushed again. “Then we went to the market and we then it was time to go shopping for shoes.” David turned to his brother. “Your junk was quite an attention getter, wasn’t it?”

Danny grimaced and I looked at his poor abused nuts.

David raised his eyebrows. “And it still is, I think…”

I rolled my eyes.

“Then when I got my new shoes we went to the theatre and I introduced him to my friends. They are not quite as talented as I am but their kicks aren’t too bad, are they, brother?”

Danny groaned.

“They kicked your nuts?” I asked.

“Yeah, they did”, Danny sighed. “David had them all line up and he gave each of them one opportunity to knock them about.”

I grimaced.

David chuckled. “Ten guys, all trained dancers. Muscular legs and fierce determination, you know…”

“Quite a show, hm?” I said.

“You bet”, David said. “Oh, I almost forgot. I have my brand new shoes in the car. I’m gonna get them… Why don’t you unclothe, Danny?”

He quickly walked out of the studio.

I turned to Danny who was rubbing his sore balls. “Why do you put up with that?” I asked him, genuinely interested.

Danny sighed. “If I don’t he’ll show our parents the videos.”

I didn’t understand.

“He has downloaded a few of the videos on the website”, Danny said.

“I see…”

“You know, all the cum swallowing and the ballbusting – I don’t want my parents to see them”, Danny said sheepishly and I could relate to that.

“But he wouldn’t do that, would he?” I asked.

Danny sighed again. “He can be pretty mean.” He tried a weak smile. “When we went to school he threatened to show pictures of me jerking off to my parents. They are very religious, you know. He wanted me to do his homework. Of course I didn’t do it. I never expected him to follow through with it. But he did. He acted all innocent like he wanted to protect me from the evil of carnal desire. And my parents bought into it. I was grounded for two months and he was ‘the good boy’.”

I looked at Danny. “I’m sorry.”

“Yeah”, Danny replied bitterly. “I am, too.” He started to undress. When he opened the top button of his jeans, he grabbed his sore meatballs and moaned. “Fuck, they hurt.”

I grimaced in sympathy.

When David returned with a plastic bag, his brother was in the middle of unbuttoning his shirt. His jeans were lying on the floor and he was just wearing his shirt, briefs and socks.

“Ew”, David grimaced. “Keep the shirt on, bro. I don’t want to see you naked!”

“But you told me---“

“That was a joke!” David laughed. “You’re so pathetic!”

Danny’s face grew red with anger but he didn’t say anything. He buttoned his shirt and grabbed his jeans.

“No, leave it”, David said matter-of-factly.

“What?” Danny asked sharply.

“Well, when you’re already in the mood, I can test my new shoes, right?” David grinned.

“What?” Danny repeated.

“Don’t act dumb! I’m the Nutcracker Prince after all. I’m gonna crunch your nuts with my new shoes”, David smiled at his brother.

“I think your role gets to you”, I chuckled.

“Probably”, David grinned. “It’s method acting, you know…” He turned to his brother. “What are you waiting for? Down with those briefs…”

“David, please”, Danny pleaded.

David’s grin vanished. “Do it. Now.”

Danny sighed and pulled down his briefs, presenting his dick and his ample, swollen balls.

His brother looked at the blond boy’s crotch.

“You know what? I changed my mind. Take off your shirt as well”, David said.

“But you said---“

“Yeah, I know. I changed my mind. Take it off”, David repeated impatiently, prompting Danny to unbutton his shirt again.

He stood naked in front of his brother, dressed only in his socks, his tanned, smooth chest on display as well as his equally smooth genitalia. The poor 21 year old looked vulnerable and uncomfortable while his younger brother was standing – completely dressed and looking stunning in his black clothes – in front of him.

David unwrapped his new shoes, producing a plain and simple pair of shiny black leather shoes.

They looked almost exactly like the ones he was wearing.

I raised my eyebrows.

“You can’t have enough of those, can you?” David grinned and put them on. He walked back and forth between pool table and the weight bench and came back to us, positioning himself in front of his poor brother again.

“Do you like them?” he pointed at his feet.

“Your shoes always look the same”, Danny mumbled, slightly annoyed.

David clicked his tongue. “Trying to make me angry?”

Danny paled. “No.”

With a sneer David lifted his right foot slowly up and nudged Danny’s balls. The two big globes rested on the instep of the shiny black leather shoe. David moved his foot back and forth, massaging Danny’s precious marbles.

“Now, do you like them?” David asked again.

“David!” Danny protested.

“I’m just asking…” David grinned.

“You’re--- ow---“ Danny winced as David applied more force. “Yes, I like them. I like them, okay?”

“Kiss them”, Danny said matter-of-factly.

I raised my eyebrows.

“What? You’re getting way out of line, David!” Danny protested.

David shrugged and brought his foot down again. Then, with a precise and powerful upward motion, he kicked his brother’s poor nuts, catching both of Danny’s naked plums with his instep, crushing them both and sending Danny down on the ground, moaning in pain.

David grinned and held his foot right in front of Danny’s face.

“Kiss them”, he commanded.

“David”, Danny groaned.

“Man, don’t make a fuss! Just do it!”

“Fuck”, Danny cursed and planted a shy kiss on his brother’s shiny shoe.

“See, no big deal, hm?” David grinned. “Now get up again. That kiss has motivated me.”

Danny groaned and rubbed his balls that were newly inflamed with excruciating pain.

“Don’t, please”, Danny moaned.

“Come on”, David grinned.

“Fuck”, Danny cursed again and got up. He recollected himself and stood naked in front of his fully clothed brother.

“Let go of your nuts”, David said softly.

Danny moaned.

“Let go”, Danny repeated.

When Danny moved his hands away from his poor balls, David struck again. His right foot found its way up between Danny’s thighs, striking both of Danny’s sore balls again, rocketing them up against his pelvis and crunching them flat again.

Danny yowled and collapsed. He nursed his abused manhood with his hands, moaning softly and writhing on the ground.

“Those new shoes are really good!” David grinned.

He looked at his brother on the ground. Then he looked at me.

“Want to have a taste?” he grinned at me.

I laughed. “What?”

“Well, you’re getting off on me, aren’t you?”

I was shocked. “I---“

“Yeah, I know. Come on, drop your pants!”

I shook my head. “No way.”

David smiled at me and walked over. I backed away. He came close until I was standing with my back against the wall. His face was inches from mine. He looked me in the eyes.

“Come on”, he smiled.

I cleared my throat. “No way!” I said firmly. “You may be able to get away with that with your brother. But you don’t have any power over me. So forget it. I think you should leave now!”

David showed me a lenient smile and shook his head slowly. “You know what? You are right. I don’t have any power over you.” He paused. “But I could make Danny lose the support of his family completely. He is something of a friend to you, isn’t he? Drop your pants and let me have a kick at your balls. Otherwise…” He grinned and shrugged.

I looked at Danny who was a sobbing mess on the floor. He looked up at me with those beautiful green eyes that were slightly fogged by the tears that had formed due to the pain.

“Listen”, I started firmly, “you are a first-class---“

David waved my protests aside. “Spare me the monologue. You are an even worse actor than Danny.” He pointed to his brother, whose biggest movie role to date was ‘Frightened man #4’ in the critically acclaimed ‘Return of the Killer Bimbos’. “So please let’s get right to the point where you give up and drop your jeans. Okay?”

I was speechless.

David rolled his eyes. He took a step back and threw a powerful kick into my balls. Then he waited for the reaction to kick in. He didn’t have to wait long.

At first it was just a hunch of pain when he foot struck my nuts. The pain in my thighs and my cock was there immediately. Then, the pain grew. My nuts were on fire and the agony started to spread to my abdomen. I coughed and grabbed my crotch, doubling over and falling down to my knees.

“I like those shoes”, David grinned, towering between me and Danny, both of us lying on the floor and groaning miserably. He nudged my ribs with his foot and said: “Get up and drop your jeans.”

I wanted to say something but I wasn’t able to form words. I groaned hoarsely.

David grabbed my arm and yanked me up.

He repeated his order and I felt defeated. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles. I looked at David who wasn’t satisfied, yet. With another groan I pulled down my briefs as well, exposing my equipment to the cruel yet beautiful dancer.

David sneered. “Okay, I can see why you didn’t want to show me that…”

I looked down at my crotch. Granted, my cock wasn’t extraordinarily big but it was above average. And my nuts were big, too. Large, round, low hanging eggs. I was quite proud of them…

David didn’t wait till I had finished my thoughts. His foot found the center of my manhood and crushed my poor, aching nuts again. The tip of his foot squashed my precious jewels into my own body, grinding them between his shoe and my pelvis, and sending more waves of unbearable pain through my brain.

I shrieked and sank to the ground again, stumbling as my feet were held together by my jeans and briefs. I hit the ground hard. I grabbed my poor, damaged testicles, massaging them with my fingers, trying to get rid of the pain, and moaning loudly.

David looked down at me with a pitiful expression on his face. “It’s much more fun to kick my brother’s nuts. You are such a wimp.”

I moaned.

“Did I crack your nuts?” David asked with mock concern.

I nodded.

David chuckled and shook his head. “Damn, your nuts are way too soft!”

David turned to his brother. “I guess it’s time for the two kicks I didn’t give you on Oscar Night”, he grinned.

Danny looked at him, still lying on the ground and nursing his purple balls.
“You know, you got ‘Norbit’ and it won for Worst Actor, Worst Supporting Actor and Worst Supporting Actress at the Razzies”, David explained. “I kicked you for Worst Actor – but those other two wins are still left unavenged…”

Danny groaned.

“Get up and spread ‘em”, David grinned.

Danny did as he was told, letting his juicy cherries dangle between his legs.

“Hold your dick up. You don’t want it to get into the way, do you?”

Danny groaned again and grabbed his cock, holding it up against his belly. His bruised gonads were hanging low in their sac, swinging from side to side between his thighs.

“Worst Supporting Actor”, David grinned and let his foot sink into the sensitive meat of Danny’s bruised balls. Both of Danny’s traumatized nuts were caught by the tip of David’s shoes and crunched against his pelvis.

Danny retched and grabbed his manhood. He doubled over and coughed.

David grinned and looked at me lying on the ground: “See, he doesn’t even fall down. That’s how you deal with nutshots!” He patted his brother’s shoulder.

Danny was moaning miserably. His face had assumed a bright red colour – matching his balls that had suffered a whole day’s worth of abuse – and he was breathing heavily.

“Please, David”, he moaned. “Please….”

David looked at his watch. “Alright, I have to go now, anyway. I have a show tonight. They can’t show ‘The nutcracker’ without the Nutcracker Prince, right?”

Danny and I let out two simultaneous sighs of relief.

“Now, for the grand finale”, David grinned at his brother, “Worst Supporting Actress… Let’s if I can turn you from struggling actor to struggling actress with those shoes…”

Danny moaned.

“Stand straight, we don’t have all day”, David commanded.

His brother sighed deeply and did as he was told.

“Good boy”, David grinned. “Now let’s alter your gender. Or at least let’s alter your sex – because you won’t have any anytime soon…”

Danny rolled his eyes at David’s cheesy remark and right in the middle of his eye-rolling, when his pupil was looking all the way up, Danny’s pitiful nuts were struck magnificently by David’s foot. The timing was perfect.

Danny’s eyes stopped mid-roll and his pupils disappeared into the back of his head. His mouth opened, his lips trembled and little drops of spit came out of his mouth as he coughed dryly. He was unable to move, his nuts swinging innocently back and forth between his legs as if there had been no interference.

David took a step back and admired his work, a vicious grin on his face.

I stopped nursing my own nuts and watched Danny, standing in the middle of the room, naked, his hands on his hips, his mouth open and only the white of his eyes visible inside their sockets.

David looked at me and grinned. He walked behind Danny and said: “I think it’s time to end the spectacle…” With that he aimed a powerful kick between Danny’s legs from behind, catching both of his balls with the tip of his foot, propelling them forward and back again. They bounced inside their sac, terribly traumatized by David’s new, shiny shoes.

Danny’s trance was broken. His pupils appeared again, his eyes watered and he let out an eerie scream, grabbing his poor, beaten balls with his hands, cupping them, as if he was trying to protect them from further harm.

But the harm was done. Accompanied by a long, hoarse groan, Danny sank to the ground, his lean, smooth, naked body covered in sweat, his strawberry blond hair all tousled and his balls bruised and swollen.

David looked at his watch and said to us: “Okay, I gotta go. Danny, it was nice meeting you. We’ll see each other when I’m in town again. Perhaps we could throw a little party with a few of my friends from the ballet, hm? That’d be fun, don’t you think?”

“Probably”, Danny whispered, rubbing his sore nuts.

David grinned at me. “Ciao, wimpy-nuts…”

Then he left the studio.

There we were: Danny and me, one naked, one with his jeans and briefs around his ankles, both of us with a pair of sore, aching gonads.

“Fuck”, Danny whispered.

“Care for a coffee?” I suggested, pulling my briefs back up and tucking by bruised balls carefully inside.

“Yeah”, Danny moaned. “Thanks.”

I buttoned my jeans. It hurt putting them back on.

When I walked toward the kitchen, David appeared in the doorframe.

“By the way”, he said to me, “it wasn’t my idea to kick your nuts. Your cameraman told me to.”

Chad?” I looked at him.

“If that’s his name, the hunky one with the designer stubble”, David shrugged.

Chad”, I nodded.

“So it wasn’t my idea. He said he wanted to get back at you for something”, David grinned. “And he asked 
me for help. You know me – I can’t turn down someone who’s looking for help…”

I raised my eyebrows.

“So – no hard feelings, okay?” He extended his hand.

I shrugged and shook his hand.

Suddenly David’s left hand shot out of nowhere and slapped my poor nuts hard.

I screamed and collapsed.

David laughed. “Now that was all me… See you…”


Anonymous said...

Love it love it love it. All your stories with David are so hot! He is always such a prick and no one ever does anything to him. Its just such a huge turn on. Keep up the good work.

Alex said...

Thanks! I really enjoy working with David and Danny and I'm happy you like the stories. If you have any ideas for them - please tell me!

Anonymous said...

David's character is so hot! I can just picture this handsome, well-dressed stud and the deadly black shoes he uses to inflict so much misery. I used a black pair of shoes to jack off with as I read this story. Would love to hear a story where David get someone face down on the floor with his nuts tied up and sticking out between his legs and then crushes the life out of the guy's cock and balls with the heel of his shoe--smashing them into a bloody mush on the floor. Thanks for the great entertainment!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like the character of David! I'm sure I'll use your idea in a story!