Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tristan fixes a date

Featured in this story: Leo and Tristan (click for pictures)

Today Tristan came by the studio. He is one of Leo’s skater buddies, a very good looking young guy with dusty blond hair. He was wearing baggy jeans with plaid boxer shorts underneath and a wide black t-shirt with some interesting artwork on the front: It showed the colourful cartoonish drawing of a skaterboy getting sacked on a railing. His eyes were bulging out and his exaggeratedly big bulge that had his privates graphically defined through the fabric was visibly crunched on the steel railing. The were even little cartoon damage lines radiating from the guy’s crotch and two small bright red bubbles with jagged edges that read “CRUNCH” and “THWACK”. The text above the drawing was “NO RISK NO FUN” and the text below read “BE A MAN”.

Tristan noticed me looking at his shirt and he grinned: “I thought I’d dress for the occasion…”

I laughed. “Nice one…”

“It’s from my large collection of cartoon nutcrunching t-shirts”, Tristan smiled and I didn’t know whether he was joking or not…

I offered him a coke and we sat down on the couch.

“It was really fun hanging out with you on Oscar Night”, he said.

“Yeah, it was a night full of suspense and surprises”, I grinned.

Tristan nodded. “My balls are still aching…” He grinned. “But hey, I liked that casting session with Leo and that Mexican guy Jesid even more…”

“Well, thanks to you. You were a great help!” I grinned.

Tristan laughed. “It was fun. Remember the sounds Leo made when I kicked that Jesid guy in the nuts and drove his dong into Leo’s ass? Ouch…”

I smiled. “By the way – we didn’t talk about it on Oscar Night: How was Leo the day after Jesid’s casting?”

“Oh”, Tristan grinned. „He was doing fine. His nuts were sore for a couple of days and on the day after the casting his hole was still gaping open.”

I shot him a disbelieving glance.

Tristan reacted with a Sphinx-like smile. “Believe me. He showed it to me”, he grinned – and again I wasn’t sure whether he was serious. “But now he’s okay again.”

“That’s good”, I said slowly.

“Oscar Night was a bit of a set-back, though. Oh, and yesterday”, Tristan chuckled. “yesterday was bad, too. We were at the skate park and Leo ended up looking exactly like this.” Tristan pointed at the drawing on his t-shirt. “Complete with the bulging eyes and that funny look on his face.”

“Poor Leo”, I said.

“Yeah”, Tristan grinned, “poor him. The other guys and me had a good laugh, though. And I told them about Leo’s work for your website. Most of them knew because Leo had shown them a little video that you gave him. And the others were quite interested, too. So we went over to Leo’s place and watched it. I have to say, it’s a crowd-pleaser…”

I smiled.

“And then Leo told me that he had talked to you about a possible shoot at the skate park”, Tristan looked at me and I nodded. “But you never fixed a date for it. I know Leo. He’s a lazy son of a bitch. So I thought I’d come by and we’d appoint a date.”

“Sure”, I said.

“What about the 14th?” Tristan suggested.

“Great”, I replied. “How many guys will be there?”

“Oh, let me see, I think we’re gonna be five guys including Leo and me”, Tristan said.

“And what are you planning to do?”

“Well, I don’t know, perhaps we’ll just show you a few of our moves. There are always a few nuts that get cracked when we’re skating”, Tristan grinned. “And it’s worth it, believe me, I’ve seen a few of the guys’ equipments – maybe they don’t come close to that Mexican in size. But they have tough nuts, just like me.” He grabbed his crotch and smiled.

Then he stood up, grabbed the skateboard that was leaning against the wall and walked out the door. “See you then.”


Guess Who said...

God I love a good accidental nutcrunch and skaters seem to be perfect for that.
My cousin used to have a Tony Hawk video game. Not quite as good as real people, but I loved making the skaters hit their nuts on the rails.

Also, that shirt sounds hot. Does he have a baseball themed shirt by any chance?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I agree with you, skaters are very fun to watch... And I love their attitude towards testicular damage: They joke and laugh and tease each other - it's like getting their nuts crunched is just part if the fun... :-))

Oh, and I managed to sneak a peek into Tristans wardrobe: He has a t-shirt with a baseball theme. A pair of nuts hanging low in the sack, with a baseball bat below it. The caption says "Hit 'em out of the park!" ;-)

Carter said...

Oh , that sounds hot

Alex said...