Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break diary 1

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

Last week Kev and his dorm buddies Colin and Ben were celebrating Spring Break somewhere at the beach. They haven’t told me where they were going – and apparently it didn’t matter to them, anyway, because they were at some holiday resort and spent their time drinking and partying. Maybe geographical landmarks and museums were none of their priorities during Spring Break…

Anyway, they were away for five days and yesterday Kev phoned to tell me they had brought Colin’s video camera and shot some footage that could be of interest for our website. Apparently they are goint to edit it into five short films, one for each day of their vacation. Today Kev mailed me the first video. I will tell you about the next installments as soon as I get them from Kev.

On a black screen the headline SPRING BREAK 2008 - DAY 1 appears. Then the camera shows Kev looking into the camera.

“Hi there”, he grins, we’ve just arrived here. This is the room that I’m gonna share with Ben and Colin.” The camera pans around, showing a standard hotel room with a two beds, one queen sized, one single. There are some cheap paintings on the white walls and the floor has a wall-to-wall carpet of some indistinct colour, probably beige or brown, definitely pretty ugly.
There’s a flip-chart at one side of the room and the camera zooms in on it.

“We’ve already set up shop”, Kev says.

On the flip-chart there are ten columns with names on top, Kev’s and Colin’s are among them. Below are some lines.

“We have already made some friends”, Kev explains. “And we have started a game. It’s called---“

The screen goes black and the words NUTS ABOUT BEN appear. Then it’s back to Kev again.

“---and it’s… well… it’s about giving Ben nutshots…”

The laughter of Colin – who is apparently filming – interrupts Kev.

“Shut up, Colin”, Kev chuckles and lunges below the camera – apparently at Colin’s crotch. “Or you’ll be the target for our next game…”

“Okay”, Colin says.

“So – the rules are…” Dramatic pause. “There are no rules… It’s just that. Give Ben a nice and hard nutshot and you get a point. The one with the most points at the end of the week wins.” Kev smiles slyly. “It’s that easy… And the best thing: Ben doesn’t know about the game and he thinks the flip-chart is just---”

“Here he comes”, Colin whispers.

“Time to improve my score… Kev grins.

“Hi guys”, Ben enters into the room, shirtless and dressed in bathing trunks, apparently coming directly from the beach.

“Hi, Ben”, Kev smiles at him.

“Oh, what are you fil---“

His question is interrupted by a mean kick into his nuts, courtesy of Kev. His sneaker digs into Ben’s bulging crotch, smashing his nuts into his pelvis.

“Fuck!” Ben screams and doubles over.

Colin zooms in on his face.

“You got me again!”

Kev chuckles and high-fives Colin behind the camera.

“Yep. Seems like I did”, he grins at his buddy.

“Fuck!” Ben nurses his balls and weakly grins into the camera. “That was a good one…”

“I know”, Kev grins.

“God…” Ben trudges toward the bed and lies down, reaching inside his trunks and caressing his balls. “You fucker…”

Kev looks into the camera. “End of transmission…”

The scene changes.

Now Colin, wearing a pair of bathing trunks and no shirt himself, is in front of the camera and he stands next to the flip chart where Kev already has 4 points, some other guys whose names I don’t recognize have 1 or 2 and Colin has 3 points. It accumulates to more than 15 nutshots. I felt sorry for poor Ben.

“Kev’s leading”, Colin stated the obvious. “But I’m close behind… It’s ten p.m. and Kev is in the bathroom. And I’m gonna pull up to Kev…” He grins and puts his index finger on his lips. He sneaks toward the bathroom door and opens it carefully.

Ben is inside, peeing into the bowl, shirtless again, his trunks at his ankles and his legs slightly spread. A perfect opportunity for Colin.

He grins and puts his index finger on his lips again. Then he holds up a beer bottle, gives a cheerful thumbs up, and sneaks up on Ben, who doesn’t notice his buddies.

Colin’s bends down, positions the bottle between Colin’s knees and with a swift upward motion slams it – mid-pee – into Ben’s naked ballsack with a loud slap. Judging from the sound the bottle flattened both of his balls…

Ben shrieks and swears. “Fuck!” Then he tumbles, slips on the floor, and falls down. “Fuck!” Some more swearing is drowned out by the laughter of his buddies who are obviously more than satisfied with the slapstick effects of their prank. Ben’s naked genitals are on full display as he is lying on the cold bathroom floor. He grabs his balls and his dick is flopping around. Ben moans loudly, his eyes clenched shut. When he opens them he sees the camera. “Fuck!” He cups his balls and his dick and tries to turn away from the camera.

“Come on, show us your face”, Colin shouts.

“Fuck off!” Ben spits at him.

“Teabag him!” Kev laughs.

Colin grins into the camera, lifts his swimming trunks and pulls out his impressive set of nuts. He straddles Ben and lowers his body so that his big, hairy balls touch Ben’s face.

Ben writhes and struggles. “Fuck off!”

His buddies are clearly having a great time humiliating Ben – they are laughing and cheering as Ben is lying naked on the floor, nursing his battered balls, and trying to avoid getting tea-bagged by Colin.

Kev turns the camera so that his face is in close-up.

He has a big grin on his face. “That’s it for now, folks. See you tomorrow.”

The screen goes black and the day’s final tally appears.

Kev and Colin are leading with 4 points each.


Tsbio said...

Thanks for re-posting. This is one of my favorite stories

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Tsibio! I‘m glad you like the story! :-))

Anonymous said...

OMG, this is the first time i have access this web, Unbelievable i was cum in pants twice just by reading your story. Love this web so much

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! You made my day! :-))