Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Break diary 4

Warning: Contains graphic heterosexuality.

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

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Two weeks ago Kev and his dorm buddies Colin and Ben were celebrating Spring Break at some hotel somewhere at the beach, and they kept a five part video diary. Today Kev mailed me the fourth one.

There is a neat little game going on that involves Ben’s nuts and his buddies’ – and apparently every hotel guest’s – repeated interference with his reproductive abilities…

As of the last video Colin is leading the pack with a well deserved score of 8 points, and with 7 points Kev is tied for second place with another player.

On a black screen the headline SPRING BREAK 2008 – DAY 4 appears.

The camera is filming in night vision mode. Kev is standing in the hallway in front of a door. The night vision device makes his face look green and his eyes and teeth glow in a very unfavourable vampire-like way. His face is very close to the camera and he whispers: “Hi. It’s 2 a.m. and Ben is in the room and making out with a girl he met at a party tonight.” Kev grins. “She is a prize exhibit. I have no idea how he managed to get her…” He shakes his head with a smile and looks at his watch. “They’ve been in there for… let’s see… twenty minutes now…” He chuckles. “This is gonna be the height of the season…” Colin giggles from behind the camera. Kev grins at him and puts his index finger on his lips, then he signals theatrically that he is going into the room now and Colin is supposed to follow him.

Before Kev opens the door, he puts his finger on his lips again and produces a soft “Shhhh”, while smiling mischievously. Then he carefully opens the door.

The camera follows him while Kev sneaks into the hotel room. While we see a close-up of Kev’s naked back we hear the first signs of activity: The make-out session is in full gear and the room is filled with loud moans of pleasure from Ben and the “prize exhibit”.

On the queen size bed Ben is mounting his girl. She is lying on her back with her legs at Ben’s shoulders pointing at the ceiling, while Ben is pounding into her. His hips are moving in a steady, hard rhythm, banging her much to her delight, judging from her moans and little shrieks of pleasure. Ben is throwing his head back in ecstasy as he fucks her with wild abandon, his legs bent at the knees and his upper body leaning onto her.

Kev moves closer and Colin follows him with the camera.

The busy couple is oblivious to them.

Colin kneels down and has a good view of Ben’s sword moving in and out of the scabbard, while the rest of his impressive armour – i.e. his large, pendulous balls – is slapping noisily against the girls ass cheeks.

The camera pans to Kev who seems to be contemplating the best way to end the couple’s sexual activity and bash poor Ben’s balls. He grins and pokes his tongue out at the camera. He points his finger at his shoes and the camera pans down and zooms in on his sneakers, then back up to his face. Kev smiles and nods.

Now Colin pans back to the raunchy scene on the bed.

The couple begins to moan louder and louder, apparently nearing climax.

Kev moves closer to the bed. Then, with a little running start, he jumps onto the bed with his left foot, using is as a sort of trampoline to increase the acceleration and with a swift, hard motion kicks poor Ben’s nuts in with his right foot.

It all happens too fast for the couple to react.

Both of them let out a concurrent wail as their pleasure is abruptly disturbed. But when the girl stops wailing and starts to let out a tirade of obscenities, Ben continues and establishes an all-time record in volume and pitch.

He is still lying on top of her, his body weighing down on hers, his cock inserted into her.

Kev and Colin cheer and Colin has trouble holding the camera steady.

Ben wails and wails, while his “prize exhibit” shows new qualities as she seems to be auditioning for a position of a teacher of street language…

Kev is still standing on the bed, towering over the couple. The girl is trying to get Ben off of her while Ben is trying to cope with the sheer pain that is radiating from his testicles.

Kev grins and throws another kick at Ben’s poor, agonized ballsack.

Ben’s high-pitched wailing increases in volume and finally the girl throws him off of her and off the bed. He crashes down next to it and writhes on the ground, moaning and shrieking, grabbing his abused manhood and nursing the precious jewels.

“You fuckers!” the girl spits at Kev and Colin who laugh at her and at their buddy, while the girl grabs the blanket, wraps it around her body and storms out the door.

Colin films a close up of Ben lying on the ground.

Kev gets of the bed and bends down to his hurting friend to make fun of him.

“If she leaves you, she wasn’t worth it”, he grins as Ben is breathing heavily and glaring at him.
Ben coughs and moans.

“It didn’t look like she was having fun anyway”, Colin chimes in from behind the camera.

“Yeah”, Kev laughs. “Too bad you didn’t have time to shoot your load, though…”

“Blue balls for the rest of the vacation…”

“More like ‘black and blue’ balls”, Kev grins.

“Fuck”, Ben moans.

Kev raises his eyebrows. “No, buddy, I don’t think so… No fucking for you…”

Colin and Kev laugh heartily and the screen fades to black.

The day’s final tally appears: Kev leads with 9 points followed by Colin with 8 – apparently they refrained from issuing another attack on Ben on that day…

Then another title card appears: NEXT TIME ON SPRING BREAK 2008…

Ben is standing in front of the flip chart where the players points are tallied. He looks at Kev and asks: “What is this game anyway? And why don’t I get to play it?”

Fade to black.

I’ll post the fifth and last segment as soon as I get it.


Anonymous said...

disgusting; leave women OUT of it; not nice at all; innocent third party,etc. I'm surprised and disappointed in you Adolf.

Alex said...

Yeah, well, I'm sorry to disappoint you. :-)

It seems to be difficult topic with you, but I think there will be girls in a few (very few) of the upcoming stories... I'll try my best to avoid including them, though... :-)

Anonymous said...

Damn! That was hilarious! Busting Ben's balls while he's fucking was really funny! Great job!

Alex said...

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! :-))

Nud said...

Would love to see Ben turning the table on them next time. But that's probably won't happen considering how much you hate having Ben and Logan on a winning side. The most they get in your stories are draw or just barely winning.

They're the underdogs of your stories, Alex. How about some good underdog stories.

Still hoping I get one, one of these days though.


Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Vili! I guess you are right: Ben and Logan are often on the losing side. I‘ll think about it. :-))

Anonymous said...

“Innocent third party?” Lol but you don’t have a problem with the “innocent” victim getting kicked in the nuts? Kindly STFU, thanks. ;-P