Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Break diary 2

Featured in this story: BenColin and Kev (click for pictures)

Previous parts:
Spring Break diary 1

Last week Kev and his dorm buddies Colin and Ben were celebrating Spring Break somewhere at the beach, and they kept a video diary that they have divided into five parts, one for each day of their vacation.

Today Kev mailed me the second one.

On a black screen the headline SPRING BREAK 2008 – DAY 2 appears.

Kev grins into the camera, standing in the sparsely furnished hotel room. He is filming himself and holding the camera at arm’s length. “Day two in our Spring Break balltag game”, he says in a low voice. The object of the game is to smash Ben’s nuts – as often and as hard as possible. The tally is written down on a flipchart that is seen in the background of the frame. “It’s six a.m. and we are looking forward to a day of endless agony for Ben’s balls…” Kev points to the flip chart. “At the moment Colin and I are neck-to-neck. But I’m gonna pull ahead today!” He chuckles. “The best thing about this game is that Ben doesn’t have a clue about it… He has asked my what the whole flip chart thing is all about – and I’ve told him that he had to find it out by himself…”
Kev moves the camera around so that it shows the two beds in the room. The single bed – probably Kev’s – is unoccupied while two people – presumably Colin and Ben – are sleeping in the queen sized bed.

“Ben sleeping naked”, Kev whispers as he walks closer to his sleeping buddies.

Colin is lying on his side, his face not visible, while Ben is lying on his back, the blanket covering his legs and his crotch. His chest naked as he is lying – conviently – spread-eagled on the bed, a peaceful expression his face that I was pretty sure would be gone in a few moments.

The camera zooms in on Ben’s crotch. The flimsy blanket leaves nothing to the imagination: Ben’s ample endowment is clearly visible – as is an impressive erection, protruding above.

“Ahhh”, Kev whispers theatrically. “There they are…” He chuckles. “Six a.m. – time to chop some wood…”

Then, without further ado, Kev clenches his fist and bangs it down on the soft double mount below Ben’s boner. His fist sinks into Ben’s package and brings a sleepy groan from Ben whose beauty sleep has been interrupted quite brutally… Ben is disorientated and fails to grab his aching goods right away so Kev takes advantage of the situation and punches Ben’s poor marbles again, once more connecting staunchly with his friend’s testicles and driving them into his body.

This time Ben lets out a shrill shriek and grabs his damaged gonads. His boner is starting to shrink.

Kev moves the camera and grins into the lens. “That’s a two-pointer”, he chuckles.

He pans to Ben again who is writhing on his bed, moaning and cursing, and waking Colin in the process.

“Man…” Colin slurs. “What’s---“ He sees Ben and grins at the camera. “Good work…” Then he rolls over again. “Good night…”

“Fuck”, Ben sobs and lifts the blanket to have a look at his agonized genitalia. He rolls his juicy plums between his fingers and looks up at Kev with an accusatory expression. “Why did you---“

“Good night, Ben”, Kev pats his buddy’s sweaty forehead. “Go back to sleep… Tomorrow’s gonna be a rough day… Sorry to have woken you…”

“Fuck”, Ben sobs again.

Kev chuckles and switches the camera off.

Now the camera shows a beach. It's a sunny day and a bunch of guys is lying in the sun. The camera is static, not hand-held, apparently placed on a small table or something like that.

Kev, Ben and Colin are laughing and joking along with a few other guys I don’t recognize. They are all shirtless, with tanned chests – some more muscular than others – and wearing bathing trunks.

When Ben stands up to reach and walks toward the camera to get a soda can from one of the bags that are partially seen, his walk is rudely interrupted by a vicious ball tap.

One of the unfamiliar guys, a suntanned jock with dark hair and a big smile on his face, slaps Ben’s package with the back of his hand, letting Ben’s bulge bounce wildly and lifting the fabric of his trunks up in the process.

The slap is met with a wide-eyed yelp from Ben and a round of cheers from his mates. They high-five the gleeful assassin while Ben sinks to the ground, grabbing his injured gonads and moaning loudly.

“Nice one”, Kev grins, and the dark haired jock smiles proudly.

The screen fades to black and a title card appears: 2 MINUTES LATER.

The picture fades in again, the same setting. Ben is on the ground and being teased by his friends.

“Come on, it was just a nut-tap”, Colin shouts at his buddy.

Ben slowly gets up and rubs his sore package. “Fuck”, he glares at the dark haired jock that caused his pain. “You really got me…”

The jock grins and shrugs.

Ben turns around and reaches into the bag to get his soda. He is standing with the back to his mates and his legs are slightly spread – not a very good idea…

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a fist punches his clothed crotch from behind, ramming his balls up into his body and traumatizing his poor nuts once again.

Ben shrieks and collapses and the owner of the fist appears behind him. It’s the dark haired, suntanned jockboy again, grinning proudly. He brings his fist to his lips and kisses his knuckles.
He chuckles and turns around to his mates who are laughing and cheering wildly.

He raises his fist and shouts: “The Fist of Agony…”, bringing a new round of cheers and laughter from his buddies.

The jock turns around and addresses Ben who is writhing on the ground, moaning in pain and caressing his injured testicles. “Sorry, Ben, you just can’t escape the Fist of Agony…”

The screen fades to black and the second day’s final tally appears.

Kev is leading with 6 points, Colin is close behind with 5, but the other guys are catching up…

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