Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter preparations

We have decided to have a little party on Easter Day, you know, play a few games, have an Easter egg hunt, things like that. I have called our models to see who is available.

Unfortunately the jocks, Kev, Ben and Colin, are away because apparently Easter Day is the last day of Spring Break. Jesid had to cancel because he is visiting his parents in Mexico for the weekend. The twins are unavailable, too, and Danny’s brother David is busy playing Tchaikovsky’s “The nutcracker”.

So that leaves us with my cameraman Chad, our ever reliable Danny, skaterboys Leo and Tristan, indie hottie Parker, geeky Simon, and me. I have thought about a few games we could play and I decided to invite a few more guys we all haven’t met yet for an original game called “How many eggs are in the basket”…


Carter said...

I can't wait to see the rules.

Alex said...