Saturday, September 24, 2022

Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 3 The Encounter



Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 3 The 



By Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, underage characters, and traces of cum.  You have been warned.

(Sorry for the late post this was supposed to go up yetersday but...I was busy teaching. Enjoy everyone!)

This was not part of Sam Hell’s plan.


But the devilboy knows how to improvise.





Following the school bus, Sam imagines the Bartlet team celebrating and maybe still talking about the win that occurred against Midtown. Against his team.


‘No matter,’ Sam grips the steering wheel harder he will get his revenge.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Snapshot: The Dare by Jimmy


Snapshot: The Dare

By Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting.  You have been warned.

Gino grimaces, the poster shows exactly what is expected of him.

Each model at had to reach into a bag and pull out his punishment…scratch that ‘dare.’ Gino thinks he might have received the worst one.

He easily picked Logan to be the one who dealt out the blow.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 2 The Hunt written by Jimmy


Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 2 The Hunt


By Jimmy



Sam Hell races after Kim, pedaling quickly and breathing hard.


Sam is not used to bike riding anymore, but he grits his teeth and pedals faster not letting Kim out of his sight.


Kim managed to get Junior, and takeoff with him. His intention is clearly to kick Junior’s ass, and more than likely bust his balls some more. Sam wants to be the one to do that and he does not inted to let Kim finish the job.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Snapshot: "It's Easy, Gino." written by Jimmy

Snapshot: “It’s Easy, Gino.”


by Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting.  You have been warned.

“It’s easy, Gino.”


Gino looks skeptically at the large pole as Logan sits upon it and easily slides down. 


“Why are we doing this again?”

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 1 The Suprise Guest written by Jimmy


Always the Thorn in My Side: Part 1 The Surprise Guest


By Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting, and underage characters.  You have been warned.



‘Always, the thorn in my side.’

Thursday, September 8, 2022

The Fathers Poker Night written by Jimmy



                    The Fathers Poker Night

                         by Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, traces of cum, and drinking.  You have been warned.


Marco Gomez, father to Gino and Jayden had his head in hands over at Bradly’s house. Bradley is father to Logan one evening after making a… startling discovery. 


“What’s wrong, buddy?” Bradly asks. 


Marco gulps, and lifts his head, taking a long sip from his beer glass. 


“You won’t believe this…but, we’ll it’s kind of embarrassing.” 

Friday, September 2, 2022

Snapshot: Tug of War


A short Snapshot Story. Written by Dominik.

Characters are 18+.

Point of View: Your balls are wrapped with a ribbon that's fixed to this rope. He's just about to give it a good tug.

"All tied up!"

Danny looked down at his poor crotch with an expression of discomfort. The 21-year-old with reddish-blonde hair was standing stark-naked in front of his friends. He had a slim figure and wasn't as muscular as some of his friends. He considered himself above-average looking but couldn't keep up with the handsome appearance of his lads.

Today however, he looked rather ridiculous. The base of his balls had a ribbon neatly tied around it, the other end of which was tightly wrapped around a big rope.

Monday, August 29, 2022

Snapshot: Breakfast Talk written by Jimmy


Snapshot: Breakfast Talk

By Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters,  underage characters. You have been warned.

“So you have a rival?” Caleb asks.


Friday, August 26, 2022

What's the Story ? (10)

I found the following picture online, I forget where but it's a fun one.

Now it's your turn: Who are these guys? What are they doing? What led to this picture - and what happens next?

Monday, August 22, 2022

Best of the Busts 2


Best of the Busts April-August

Dear Ballbusting Boys Community,

It was my intention to do a Best of the Bests every month... that did not happen. It looks moe quarterly. Which is fine, but I am going to try to do this every month. We will see how this goes!

The five(eleven) top rated stories from mid April 2022-mid August 2022 (to earn this category's recoginition the story must be liked with five stars) I put the five star stories in order of when they released to the blog: 

The Break-up written by Jimmy


The Break-Up

Written by Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, traces of cum (like a lot), sappy drama (sorry, not sorry, and underage characters. You have been warned.

Jayden has to pedal faster.

The words on the note he found on his bedstand table still play in his head: It’s over and done. I’m telling him today.

Friday, August 19, 2022

Friday Game Night


Written by Dominik.

Warning: contains chastity. All characters are 18+.

"So, we got enough to drink or what?", Colin said as he looked around the room.

The boys were back together for another Friday game night. Kev, Colin and Ben were semi-roommates in their college dorm – Kev was technically living in a different room a few doors apart but he often was around here aswell. They had also invited Phil and Dominik over for the party. The five boys were excited to get the party going after a long week.

Kev and Ben were hanging on the couch, Ben had his feet up on the table, they both had beers in hand. Colin, Dominik and Kev were preparing the table, along with drinks and snacks.

The boys were dressed in casual clothes. Kev, Dominik and Phil were rocking jeans, Colin and Ben only wore shorts. They were all dressed in tank-tops or T-Shirts.

"Looks fine to me", Kev nodded. "Let's get started, eh?"

"Great", Colin said. "Gonna be to the toilet real quick, you guys get comfy."

As Colin disappeared out of the room, Kev looked at the others conspiratorially. "Someone wanna sack tap him when he comes through that door again?"

Monday, August 15, 2022

Snapshot: Soccer Players, Nuts Cracked written by Jimmy


Snapshot: Soccer Players, Nuts Cracked

written by Jimmy


All photos have been used from busterboy00 Instagram account. Go check out his account for more cool photos and video’s.

Also, this may say 'snapshot' but its ten pages...oops! But as a reader said an earlier snapshot...write to my hearts content. That's what I did with this one. I was planned on three, but my imagination took over. Enjoy everyone!

Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, and underage characters.


The boy's at Midtown were shown a variety of interesting slides this morning in gym class. The class was split into boys and girls, and the boys could not take their eyes off of the screen.

Slide after slide, the boys were shown soccer players on the ground and holding their private parts. Many of the boys were snickering in the gymnasium.

“These images provide clear ideas of what can happen in a soccer game if one is not careful. Soccer balls can be very dangerous to one’s health.” Logan smirks at all of the boys surrounding him, many of whom he knows well.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Beaten Eggs Blog created by Дарксторм Десептикон (blogsport name: Russian Guy)


Good morning everyone, 

I am very happy to share that is  Дарксторм Десептикон (Russian Guy) is running his own ballbusting sight. Russian guy (nickname) has created three stories so far about the world of Percy Jackson. 

Beaten eggs: June 2022 (

His stories are:

Adventures of the balls of the heroes of Olympus. Part 1.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Snapshot: Teen Wolf On Set Accidents Continued... written by Jimmy


Snapshot: Teen Wolf On Set Accidents Continued... 
by Jimmy


On the set of Teen Wolf Tyler Posley portraying Scott McCall had a terrible day on set yesterday and his nuts are still a little sore.

Tyler this time is wearing his lacrosse uniform, and dodging balls thrown by Stiles Stilinski played by Dylan O’Brien. Off set Dylan and he have great chemistry, and it works out well that the two get to be best friends in the TV show Teen Wolf as well.

Monday, August 8, 2022

Snapshot: Teen Wolf: Accident on Set written by Jimmy


Accident On Set 

by Jimmy


On the set of Teen Wolf Tyler Posley portraying Scott McCall leaps into the fight. Tyler is wearing a frayed rip shirt, showing off parts of his pecks and taut abdomen and he takes a wild swing hitting Peter Hayle played by Ian Bohen.

Ian growls, and swings his fist back at Tyler.

Tyler dodges left, trying to hide a grin as he looks up at Ian’s chest and pounds a second punch straight into his guts. Ian sucks in air between his teeth and launches a knee straight up. Tyler tries moves back, but he is not quick enough. Enjoying the accidental contact from his fist hitting Ian in the stomach he is slow in his response and Tyler pays for it.

Saturday, August 6, 2022

....A Very Happy Birthday to Me written by Jimmy


….A Very Happy Birthday to Me

By Jimmy


 Hi eveyone,

It was my own birthday this week so this one comes out a little tardy. This one reads different than many of my other stories. It's intence. I wanted to put that out there before anyone read it. Hope you all enjoy!



Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, and underaged characters.

The morning after with orange daylight streaming through the open windows Jayden helps Esmerelda to clean-up. The festivities last night still bring a smile to Jayden’s face as he remembers the look of joy on his boyfriends face when he surprised him with his birthday gift. Jayden had saved all of his babysitting and newspaper delivering money for weeks. Even after giving half to his parents to pay towards rent for their home he still had enough to buy Chase a memorable gift. Chase more than likely wanted something expensive or glamorous. Jayden being poor could not out buy presents like Adam, Max, or Rex gave him but his gift still gleamed on Chase’s chest. Jayden bought Chase a used pendent that he found a few months prior at a consignment shop. The necklace featured a pendent that was half of a blue glass heart seemingly ripped at the seams. The exposed innards of the heart lay exposed on the pendent and only when the heart is reconnected to the one that Jayden wore on his next, the heart was once again whole.

Jayden still remembers Chase opening the box, and seeing the blue spun glass pendent laying perfectly still on the white pillow. Adam made a joke, but the couple ignored him. Jayden was so happy to see that it matched Chase’s eyes perfectly and the kiss they shared immediately afterward confirmed for him that he made the right choice.

Chase toys with it now as he finishes his breakfast. Esmerelda made him his favorite. Chase is about to help clean-up the leftover birthday mess when the doorbell rings.

“You stay,” Esmerleda says. “It’s your birthday.”

Monday, August 1, 2022

Snapshot: "Now, It's My Turn" written by Jimmy


Snapshot: Now, It’s My Turn

By Jimmy

 Hi everyone,

So again...this turned out to be not a standard 'snapshot story.' 12-pages later and we have ourselves a sequel to last Monday's: 'Snapshop I Can Beat You in One Move'

Hope you all enjoy it!



Ballbusting Boys: Snapshot: "I Can Beat You In One Move" written by Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, and underaged characters.

The next day, Junior keeps his legs spread wide during class.

Every so often he gropes his bulge tentatively with gentle caresses in his desk, hoping to be unseen. Junior made sure to wear one of his older mesh shorts with no underwear. He regrets the later choice, as his boys jostle as he walks. Junior has a painful scowl on his pretty face as his mope of blonde hair falls in his blue eyes as he stares down at the ground thinking about how much he wants to get revenge on Oliver Jackson.

Friday, July 29, 2022

Man of the House: Chase or Logan written by Jimmy


Man of the House: Chase or Logan

 The Defining Moment

By Jimmy


Hi everyone,

I've been asked by so many people for a Logan VS Chase story....well, the wait is over. I hope that you all enjoy it! Please, let me know what you think!



Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, traces of cum, and underaged characters.

Jayden is pressed against the front door, the door knob digging into the back of his ballsack, which is nestled squarely in-between his barely covered nuts. The thin material of his basketball shorts offer Jayden no protection and he groans in Chase’s mouth which is held tightly against his own. Chase seems to grin as he kisses Jayden, his soft lips moving him further against the door until Jayden’s balls clunk against the unforgiving metal, and Jayden pushes him away gasping in air, doubling over one hand on his balls and the other his mouth raw and still wanting more.

“Serves you,” Chase growls, his hard-on evident in his jeans along with the wet pot from where his cock points downward down his left pant leg.

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

What's the story? (9)


It's been a very long time since we have posted a  What's the story? challenge.

I found the following picture on an instagram called: nut_bulge_shot_backup. Doesn't it look like the perfect setup for a balbusting story?

Now it's your turn: Who are these guys? What are they doing? What led to this picture - and what happens next?

Tell us your story - either in the comments section or by sending me an email ( - no matter how long or how short! Can't wait to read what you create! Feel free to use characters from the blog or create your own!

Thank you! 

Monday, July 25, 2022

Snapshot: "I Can Beat You In One Move" written by Jimmy


                 "I Can Beat You In One Move" 

                                 By Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, and underaged characters.

Snapshot Monday! At least it was supposed to be...five pages later...well, you get the idea. Not quite a snapshot. It does have a photo! So does that still count? Not sure. Hope that you all like it regardless! 

One more thing...I made a new character for this story, please let me know what you think of him his name is Oliver 'Oli' Jackson.


“How did you get one of these?”

Jayden looks up, and grins shyly. “Well… it was left in our locker room and I kind of wanted a Midtown one. It does not fit me anymore.”

Junior holds it up, a questioning look on his face. “I think it should fit me…”

Jayden nods in agreement. “I think so too, so are going to try out in a few weeks.”

“Yeah, I have been practicing.”

Jayden smiles, “I would love to have you on the team. Especially when the graduates leave. A lot of vacancies next year. We could really use. I think that Logan is going to make me captain.”

Saturday, July 23, 2022

King of the Ring Part 12 (of 12): Gino VS. Jayden The Finale written by Jimmy and heavily edited by X


King of the Ring Part 12 (of 12): Gino VS.

                      Jayden The Finale

By Jimmy

 Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, traces of cum, and underaged characters.

X graces us again with his presence and edits this final chapter, while also adding in a page and a half of material to this 23 page story. While that might not seem like a lot, this verision reeks of his daft skills. I have had the unique pleasure of working with many writers on this blog and his love and care of these characters and this world makes this one extra special. I hope that you all enjoy, and thank you so much my dear friend X.

Now... onto the finale.

Jayden knew that this was going to happen.

He knew that he would be facing his brother.

Monday, July 18, 2022

Snapshot: The Crazy Cousins Unfortunate Inicident written by Jimmy


      The Crazy Cousins Unfortunate Inicident 

                                by Jimmy

Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, traces of cum, and underaged characters.

Caleb and Junior are brothers, and cousins to Logan.

The pair sit in the audience watching Logan’s match. Junior is completely engaged barely watching around him. Caleb on the other hand is going through Logan’s phone, a bored look on his face.

Caleb finished going through Logan’s bag earlier, looking for money to buy snacks, when he discovered Logan’s phone hidden away in a side pocket. Already knowing Logan’s password Caleb is going through his pictures. One jumped out at him.

A boy is on the ground, Logan is grinning with wet blonde hair falling onto his brow next to Gino and the pair of them are busting another guys nuts in the sand.

Friday, July 15, 2022

King of the Ring Part 11 (of 12) Gino VS Chase VS Junior written by Jimmy


King of the Ring Part 11: Gino VS Chase VS Junior

                              By Jimmy


Warning: Includes ballbusting, gay characters, traces of cum, and underaged characters.

Coming back into the studio Jayden arrives last, much to his annoyance.

“I hate being late,” Jayden says dropping his empty newspaper bag by his chair, and plopping onto his seat. Jayden’s t-shirt sticks to his back and he brushes his damp brown curly hair off of his sticky forehead as he spies Chase, Gino and Junior all in the middle of the ring stretching and talking quietly.

“You have not missed much,” Max says stretching his arms overhead, his t-shirt riding up around his navel.

None of the boys around the ring are sporting singlets like yesterday. Today everyone is in street clothes, besides those in the ring.

“That’s good,” Jayden says with a grin.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Jimmy's Found Video's #25 Whatalowblow

      Jimmy's Found Video's #25: Whatalow.blo

This is @low.blo back-up account. Only 6 video's but all are great!

#1 Greensuit boy. Poor picture quality but a boy dresses up in a full green suit and gets led around by a collar and leash and kicked in the nuts.

@whatalow.blo • Instagram photos and videos