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Snapshot: Club Night Part 2 Conclusion writen by Jimmy


Snapshot: Club Night Part 2 Conclusion

By Jimmy

 Warning: Ballbusting. 18+

Through the strain in his back and arms, Gino looks ahead at the wrestler standing before him the chains in his wrist clinking as his head tilts upwards.

Briefly, Gino remembers how he got in this cage, in a night club and he has to wonder if Parker is okay. More to the point if Daniel is finally pleased after putting him here to be subjected to anyone’s whims.

The evening started out with the promise of fun with a new friend, an experience like none other. Gino had no idea that this would happen.

“This is going to be fun,” Zagan Zeller yells, the pulse pounding music drowning out everything else.

“I’m not scared of you,” spits out Gino bravely. He tries to puff out his chest, despite the shackles holding him still.

“Tough words for someone…all tied up.”

Gino scowls, but Zagan moves closer reaching a hand between the bars in the metal cage to stroke Gino’s cheek, his freshly shaved face is smooth and Zagan’s fingers easily slide across until he grabs Gino’s chin. Forcing Gino forward, Gino’s hips buck-up and Zagan grins at the metal jangles above.

“I’m going to break you Gino, and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it.”

Gino pulls his head back, out of Zagan’s grasp and spits into his face.

“I would like to see you try.”

Zagan wipes the spittle flecks from his face with one fingerless gloved hand and sneers at Gino. “You will regret that.”

Feeling bolstered, Gino sticks out his pink tongue, while he shifts his hands until two double middle fingers are splayed out.

“No… but you will once I get out. I’ll find you.”

Zagan grins, the white teeth showing through his black leather mask.

Gino about to ask why he is smiling when a slap hits him hard across the face. The stinging pain bursts across his left cheek, and creeps to his ears which ring dully.

“What’s the matter baby, cat silenced his little caged bird? I want to hear you swing!”


Gino’s head is cracked across the back of the bars as he is slapped again, this time on his right cheek so that both sides of his face sting sharply.

Grunting, Gino turns his head back giving it a slight shake to clear the buzzing ringing pulsing in both ears now.

“Fuck you!”

Zagan comes in with a reaching hand grabbing Gino’s exposed throat and silencing him with a squeeze.

Gino’s brown eyes bulge as Zagan squeezes his fingers digging into his neck preventing him from breathing. Briefly Gino remembers his phone, out of reach in the safe hands of security and the texts that he ignored from his younger sibling asking if he was okay, and begging him to check in. ‘Would Jayden save him?’ the thought only lasts for a moment as all his attention is drawn to Zagan as he squeezes harder and Gino’s heart starts to pound harder in his chest, sweat trickling down his brow as his lungs beg for the tiniest of breathes.

“I’ll get you to beg for release, one way or another Gino.”

A retching gaging sound rips from Gino, as his face flushes. Zagan comes right up to the bars to watch as Gino struggles to breath but cannot.

A slow chuckle comes from Zagan as he asks “Can’t breathe?”

The laughter increases as Gino struggles to stay with it. His hands rip back and forth, in his shackles the leather cuffs digging into his wrists while his feet kick at the bars. Gino’s whole body convulses with a burning yearning need to get air. His eyes water, and finally after he thinks he can’t take another moment Zagan releases his hold.

Gino sucks in air, never so grateful to fill his lungs, but as soon as he does he starts to cough, his chest shuddering. A burning hatred replacing the need that he had to breathe moments before. Gino still can’t quite catch his breath to retort before Zagan attacks him again. This time he goes lower, much lower.

Zagan slips one leather leg between the bars, having climbed up the hanging metal birdcage and leers in taking aim. The leather boot strikes Gino so hard, that the hard earned air that finally fills his chest is expunged from his insides with one brutal kick.

“Ooooh that had to hurt,”  Zagan mocks as he keeps his foot firmly planted beneath Gino’s taint, his balls crushed sandwiched between his ass and the leather boot.

Gino’s whole body trembles from the jarring blow, and it’s not until Zagan pulls his boot off of him that the full intensity of the blow hits him. The Earth shattering pain explodes in his loins, and his knees buckle inwards as the fight drains from him his face turning white, and ghostlike. Gino gasps, like a fish out-of-water struggling to breathe again for every time he does, he body is wracked with an intense, burning pain. His balls feel fucked, and that was only the first kick.

Gino looks up, the agony pools in his brown soft eyes as he glances up at Zagan, who is already rearing back to kick again. Gino shakes his head, tries to move back to escape…but nothing can get him free of the leather bindings.

The struggling of the eighteen year old does not go unnoticed by Zagan, and he smiles widely as he shouts out a mean “Hi-yah!”

To prepare, Gino grits his teeth, his trembling body trying to prepare as Zagan lifts his leg and kicks straight out.

Zagan makes sure that the imprint of his laces crisscrosses across the bottom of Gino’s scrotum pouch, his underwear’s protection is laughable as the full frontal assault ends him with as Zagan punts Gino’s balls straight up where they thud against his lower abs. The second hit leaves Gino fully drained, and he hangs rather ragdoll like as Zagan disentangles his foot from between Gino’s buttcheeks.

Hanging Gino sways, his body trying to digest the latest kick and Gino mewls like a dying animal as he curses out: “Fuckity….fuck, fuck, fuck! Ohmygod! My baaaaaaaaaaals!”

Zagan reaches out as the stream of swears dance out of Gino’s mouth as his glove hand grabs Gino by the roots, and holds the Gomez pride and joys until Gino focuses on him. The growing look of concern makes Gino gulp.

“Don’t…please.” The last word a whisper.

“I knew that I would get you to plead,” Zagan growls, his voice deep and earthy as he plunges his thumb into just Gino’s left nut, not squeezing the other but allowing it to sit idle in his palm of his hand.

Gino’s eyes widen and his mouth falls open.


Zagan smiles, as his thumb tunnels its way into the center of Gino’s left ball, the nutmeat bulging around the force full plunge into his nut cores dead center.

“Aaaack,” Gino gags, feeling his nut throb and pulse shooting bursts of pain centered in on his one proud big fleshy testicle.

“You don’t need both nuts…do you?” Zagan asks leaning in close.

Gino shakes his head. “Stop…ugh, ugh, ugh…no more!”

The grunts are music to Zagan’s ears, and while he crushes Gino’s left nut mercilessly.

The words of wisdom come to Gino from his brother. "See what happens when you mess with guys balls," Jayden drops next to Gino and hugs him fiercely. "You could have been..." whimpers Jayden squeezing his chest so hard Gino can barely breathe.

"I'm okay," Gino groans. "Thanks to you."

"This time!" Jayden spats. "What about next time! This is what happens when you attack people's balls."

·       from Christmas Week: Ballbusting Boys: Christmas week - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)


“Beg me to stop!” demands Zagan.

Gino opens his mouth to plead but that’s when Zagan’s other hand comes in grabbing his right testicle and applying the same move, with the thumb trying to eviscerate his right ball.

The music fades from Gino’s perception, and so do the smiling, laughing dancing boys that shimmy and gyrate around the cage. Nothing seems to matter but Zagan’s fists devastatingly mangling his large nuts in his strong grip.

Hands reach up, touching and groping through the bars. Fingers sliding across Gino’s tight abdomen, squeezing his sweaty muscles of his calves, and hands squeezing his nipples.

The two eighteen-year’s olds battle has not gone unnoticed, and the crowd pulses around the pair as Zagan Zeller tries his best to destroy Gino Gomez’s gonads. The muscles in Zagan’s forearms bulge, and his veins rise up to the surface like rivers on a road map as he squeezes as hard as he can.


The familiar voice in the crowd catches Gino’s attention, the life raft in the choppy ocean and he launches towards the sound.

“Parker!” Gino croaks.

Parker is standing next to the smug, David both with shots in their hands.

“You are doing good fucking him up,” David says stating the obvious.

“I think he’s had enough,” Parker pleads biting his bottom lip and turning to look at Zagan. “Maybe you can…ah!”

David rolling his eyes, takes his hand away from between Parker’s legs. The quick backhand leaves him doubled over, and coughing at the unexpected strike to his delicate nuts.

“Stay out of it, Parker. This man isn’t finished with what he has started.”

Ignoring everything but Parker doubled over Gino pleads. “Help me.”

“Help you?” David laughs. “Parker doesn’t do anything unless I tell him to do so.” David gloats, briefly looking down at him. “Do you?”

Parker says nothing, but the silence speaks its own truth.

 “No one is coming to save you, Gino.”

Zagan’s words cut like a knife, and he gives Gino’s balls an evil twist making the poor boy gasp.

“But I am merciful…if you want to be a dirty boy you can suck his cock and take his seed from him. Do you want that Parker, to lick his dirty cock?” asks David, the condescension in his voice drips from him like tree sap on a leafy green maple tree in spring.

Gino moans “No…I don’t…”

“No one cares what you want,” David says interrupting him. David gives Parker a kick in the ass, moving him towards the cage. “Now get in there and lap up that cock until he gets the shakes.”

Parker is red in the face, and looking down holding his ass with one hand and his balls in the other. He looks ridiculous.

“Who are you?” Zagan Zeller asks, his eyes narrowing. “Because Gino cumming is not my plan. You can have him when I am done with him. And trust me… he won’t be able to cum when I am done.”

Zagan releases his hand holds on Gino’s balls momentarily to deal with the nuisances that have come up to him.

Narrowing his eyes, David clicks his teeth. “I didn’t tell you to stop hurting his dangly bits.” Snapping his fingers, David points back into the cage. “Go back to that.”

Pausing Zagan considers the dancer, in his leather jacket and the black leotard he is still wearing.

“I don’t take orders from you, or from anyone.” Zagan states plainly, marching up to stand directly in front of David.

David’s face turns tomato red as he considers how to deal with this…individual. He thinks too long because Zagan grabs his shoulders and powers a knee straight into him. David’s balls smoosh against his pelvis and his pretty lips open in a trembling gasp.

“What the actual fuck?!” David says, pushing off of Zagan, and bumping into two dancers behind him on the dance floor the lights of the spinning ball above Zagan seem to glimmer and cast his black leather in broken shards of light.

“I told you what I thought of your plan. Now if you need me to reteach you again, I will be more than happy to do so.”

David, still cupping his goods rolls his balls ever so gently in his skin tight smooth black tights. Every groping finger roll showcases David’s privates for anyone to plainly see. The only one that seems to be watching David’s assessment is Parker and he licks his lips.

Gino whistles to get his attention, and Parker barely glances at him until he half yells his name.

“Parker, get me out of here.”

Parker nods, pulling his focus away from his ex.

“Do you have the key?” he asks.

Gino scoffs “Did you really just ask me that?”

Parker chuckles softly, hitting his head with the palm of his hand. “Not sure why I did.”

“David has the key, he put me here.”

Parker nods and gulps. “Okay…I’ll get it.” Parker loses the color in his face, as he turns back to see Zagan approaching David and reaching out to grab him. He is quicker than anyone expected and has David bent over one knee his crotch facing upwards, his arms and legs dangling uselessly as Zagan holds David still with one hand carefully wrapped around his neck.

“Got you.”

David grunts, but his body convulses when Zagan lines up a perfect elbow hitting him directly in the middle his bony blunted bone thundering into David’s barely covered nutsack.

“Nooooooooooooo!” David yells, as Zagan smoothers his balls with his elbow crunching each nugget against his thigh.

Parker makes a squeamish face, and mouthing ‘Ow!’

“Hurry!” Gino says encouragingly.

Parker stumbles forward on uneasy feet but Zagan notices him coming and spins around, picking David up and throwing him at Parker.

Wide-eyed Parker holds out his arms just barely catching his ex-boyfriend. A grin slowly spreads over Zagan Zeller’s face as he steps up to Parker and says “I have to put you out of commission to, I’m afraid.” Zagan does not look at upset about the idea at all as he kicks straight up his boot annihilating Parker’s gonads with a snap kick that drops him to his knees where he drops David onto the dance floor. The red head grabs his nuts, howling in pain and he glances down at the defeated David now curled into the fetal position.

Zagan heads back to Gino pocketing the key and smiling, giving him a quick wink. “Now, where were we?”

Gino shakes his head “No, you can’t.”

Zagan grins and rears his arm punch, a slugger punch as takes carefully aim ready to fire.

“Say goodbye to your balls.”

Gino is wide-eyed as Zagan throws his punch, the music blasting a new song that makes the crowd scream in ecstasy as Zagan’s fist slams full force into Gino’s nutsack hitting straight through until his back hits the cage with a sickening thud.

“Remember to tell your brother, that this was for him. You just got in the way, so you can be my message…loser.”

Hanging by his wrists Gino feels his balls explode with pain, and he opens his mouth to scream but nothing comes out. The thundering throbbing in his balls overtakes him, and his head lulls dangerously close to unconsciousness as his head again cracks against the back of the cage. A thin line of spit drips from his bottom lip as he gazes dully at Zagan who comes at him again with another punch.

Zagan hollers like a wild beast as he throws his next punch, this one an uppercut. The barren wasteland of his eyes beneath his hooded leather mask reveals how little he cares about the destruction that he is applying to Gino as his arm like a rocket detonates straight into Gino’s bulge smooshing the contents dangerously flat against his taint.

Gino’s cheeks puff out and he gags, his body convulsing with another low blow scored against his eggs, shattering his ego and pride as he screams high-pitched and blood curdling. The sound makes the nearby dancers return and hands touch and grope his sweaty muscles. But one hand reaches around to the front and grabs his cock, but Gino’s big dick is useless in the hand of the dancer. The floppy appendage does not want to harden as pain flows through Gino and he rolls his head up staring at the lights swirling above. Gritting his teeth he tries to form words, or coherent thoughts but he does not get a chance to before Zagan punches him again.

Both wrestlers start to lose count as fist, after fist pound away at the fork between Gino’s legs. Gino’s balls swell, and bruise but still Zagan does not let up until warning lights flash overhead blinking the end of the evening.

“Saved by the bell,” Zagan Zeller says. He’s tired, and sits on the raised box near the cage, breathing hard. “You have one tough pair of balls. Resilient little fuckers. I need another few rounds to finish you off. Looks like you are saved…for now.”

Gino hears none of the threats, he is so out of it.

Zagan leaves him, with one last back handed slap across his nutsack. The crack makes Gino scream as the lights come on.

“See you next time, loser.”

Zagan Zeller starts to leave but Parker asks him.


Zagan turns to fix him with a stare, and spots Parker covering his genitals with both hands protectively.

He smiles. “I’m sure that you will think of something to get him down.” Zagan does not turn back, but walks straight out of the door leaving Parker to curse him beneath his breath as he hurries over to Gino.

“I’ll…think of something.”

“Bro…ther…call Jayden,” Gino whispers in a moan.

“He won’t have a key, what’s he doing to do? I’ll be right back. Maybe one of the bouncers have a spare.” Parker runs off.

The club kids start to head off, leaving Gino alone.

Gino’s arms ache, and he just wishes to get down as his brother walks into the room. He is not alone.

Jayden has a headlock on Zagan, and is slamming his fist into his abs repeatedly. “You. Fucking. Will. Give. Me. That. Key!” orders Jayden.

Warning: Underage character has entered the story.

Never has he seen Jayden so angry.

Jayden unleashes a flurry of punches that drops Zagan onto the floor and Jayden is forced to release the head lock. But he kicks Zagan in the head so hard that the crack reverberates through the walls of the club and he is thrown back onto the floor landing with a huff.

The key falls from his closed fist, and Jayden picks it up and steps onto Zagan’s crotch with a stomp that crunches the poor manhood underneath under his sneaker with a sickening squish.

“Stay here, Gino will take a turn when he is free.”

Jayden runs over to him, worry and concern in his dark eyes.


The name is said so softly, as Jayden reaches through the bars and touches his brothers leg tenderly.

“I’m here. I’ve got you.”

Jayden climbs the cage, and opens the door. Gino looks up and tries to smile, but it comes out more like a grimace.


Jayden reaches overhead and unlocks the lock with a small click. Gino falls limp against his younger brother and the two stumble out of the cage. Chase is there to catch them.

“Man he’s heavy!”

“Thanks Chase. Let’s get Gino out of here.”

“I collected his stuff, let’s hit it.”

Jayden smiles at him and the two half carry Gino out of the club.

Parker never comes back but they see him outside, nervously pleading with David for the key. He lights up when he sees Gino and comes running over.

“You must be the brother. Jayden?”

“Yeah, that’s me. You must be Parker the one who got him into this mess.”

That stops Parker. He blushes and looks down scolded.

“Yeah, I guess I did.”

“I think Gino had enough fun for tonight,” Jayden says helping to put Gino in the back of Chase’s car. Jayden turns to face Parker and sees that the red headed looks concerned for his brother, so Jayden adds. “I’ll take care of him, it’s what I do.”

Parker nods. “Okay.”

Parker leans into the car and says “Sorry about tonight.”

“Notyourfault,” Gino says running his words together as he lays down in the back seat, the soft upholstery feels so soft and cool against his brow.

“I’ll see you later?”

Gino briefly waves goodbye as Jayden gets into the passenger seat, seat buckle clicking as he turns to face his brother.

“You should have answered you phone…I would have…I’ll give you this lecture tomorrow,” Jayden finishes turning back around.

“Thanks Jayden…for coming.”

Jayden nods his head. “I always will…if I know where you are.”

Chase puts a hand on his shoulder, “He knows that he fucked up. He needs sleep. Talk to him tomorrow, Jayden.”

“Are you…trying to help him?” Jayden raises his eyebrows as the car starts up and Chase starts to back-up and head onto the road. “Wow.”

Chase half-smiles. “Me? Never. I figure if you get into lecture mode I’ll get one too.”

Jayden punches him on the shoulder and laughs along with him, but the snores from the back seat make the couple pause.

“He’s out.”

“Yeah.” Jayden grabs Chase’s hand, lacing his fingers with his. “Thank you for the fake I.D. I can’t believe you already had one made…”

“You can’t?” Chase laughs. “Next time we have fun with them.”

“Yeah. Not this.”

They settle into a silence as they drive Gino home, their hands never breaking contact until the Chase parks the car, helping Jayden get Gino into the house and under the blankets.

Jayden supplies him with a cold ice pack between his brother’s big thighs, and kisses Chase goodbye at the doorway.

Jayden clicks off the light whispering “Goodnight,” as he closes the door. Gino is already asleep, and Jayden closes his eyes leaning protectively against his brothers bedroom door the hard wood keeping him upright. He’s dead on his feet, the adrenalin that coursed through him seems to have evaporated leaving Jayden drained as he stumbles to his bedroom and crashing onto his bed, not bothering to take off his clothes as his eyelids fall and the world goes dark. He sleeps hard, and dreamless his body barely moving from when he first laid down. His brother is safe, and that is all that matters.




Anonymous said...

Awesome story with so many of my favorite characters...David, Parker and my new fave Zagan (and in a sado mask too...mmm)!!!
I expect Zagan's "big" balls may soon regret messing with the Gomez family assets....the way he targetted Jayden's boyballs in the ring and now trashing Gino's huge plums in the cage is asking for trouble! So far all he got in return is one nasty stomp from Jayden.
I think Zagan deserves a more humiliating experience next time he messes with our heroes...and we still don't know how his goods stack Zagan really as big as he claims?
Can't wait to read more.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Reg,

Zagan is such a targeter, and he has his sights on Jayden (as so many do). Poor Gino was a means to an end. The Gomez brothers never back down from a fight and I think that Zagan better watch his back they absolutely know that he is a threat!

I am happy that you liked this one, Reg. And I was happy to bring Zagan back in with this one.