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Snapshot: The Paperboy Pursuit Conclusion written by Jimmy


Snapshot: The Paperboy Pursuit Conclusion

By Jimmy

Ballbusting Boys: Rascals (Franklin meets Leo and Tristan) (A familiar character enters the Jaydenverse).


Warning: Includes ballbusting and underage characters.  You have been warned.

Jayden was finally on the move, and he pedals faster heading to the end of the new paperboys route, he tries to catch up to Bill before he ended his job.

So far, Bill has had the jump on him each time he went after him. This time, Jayden plans on catching him unaware and getting some good old fashioned revenge.

Turning down the next street Jayden can see that the neighborhoods are starting to wake up on the soon to be scorcher of a Sunday. Dads and sons are out mowing lawns, the swirling blade chopping grass leaving Jayden’s nostrils full of the strong new grass smell. Sprinklers are starting to turn on and Jayden feels a few drops hit him as he bikes past a condo building. And countless people have started to be up early to work in their gardens and flower beds in their front yards.

Along the way, Jayden passes out some of his papers and gets a few nods, and frequent “Good mornings!”

Jayden is used to this part and responds in kind, as he wipes some sweat from his brow missing his curls again that helped to block out the sun’s rays and to soak up the moisture.

Slowing to crawl, he turns the sun catches his muddy browns blinding him for a moment. Jayden is forced to squeeze his eyes almost shut to avoid the rays of sun as he approaches a set of new houses down an unfamiliar street he hears an older gentlemen yell out.

“Back again, I see!”

Jayden pauses, confused turning to the old man Franklin and stops pedaling his left foot hitting the concrete as he looks to where he heard him speak.

“What? Are you talkin—ahhhh!”

A blast of water hits him Jayden right in the weak spot, full blast, and very potent. Jayden’s muddy brown eyes widen in alarm as the water blasts against his still sensitive gentiles and he is thrown backwards landing in a heap in the grass. His still spread open legs leave him wide open and the old man still laughing shouts:

“I still got it!” as he continually fires the water hose into Jayden’s package enjoying the view as the eggs, swoosh and swish around in Jayden’s tight and easily visible now wet mesh shorts.  The old man tries to keep up with their movement to nail them again, and again as he points the hose directly at Jayden’s weak spots.

The whole ordeal takes moments, but the agony that Jayden feels leaves him gutted as he turns his back curling protectively as the water still soaks him but thankfully not his most precious bits again.

The man yells at Jayden some more, his incoherent words lost in the continuous spray from the hose completely drenching Jayden. Clutching at his throbbing gonads, Jayden can’t believe his luck.

Spitting out water, Jayden blinks away from the stream trying to get his baring’s and stand-up to move out of range from the hose. His balls smart something awful, and he feels slightly sick but he wants to get away from the Old Man’s reach. Slowly, Jayden climbs to his feet careful to keep his back to the water. Bending back down he grabs the bicycle bars but hands grab his own and force him to his feet, while turning his body to face the older man with the hose.

“Get him!” Bill shouts holding Jayden still against his bare hot sweating chest. Jayden can just make out the faint hint of the spicy aroma coming from Bill from his bike ride as his hammering heart thumps wildly in his chest. Jayden looks up at the older gentleman that smiles at him.

“This will teach you to stop throwing my papers at my windows!” he shouts.

Jayden shakes his head, water drops falling off of his nose as he pleads “Not my…not again!”

The neighbor turns the hose on him full force nailing him directly in his balls, pelting him with a full stream of powerful water.

The blast makes Jayden gasp, and Bill presses himself more firmly against him and Jayden just makes out Bill’s hardened nail digging into his backside while Bill slides his erection between his ass cheeks.

“Got you, fucker.” Bill says as he holds Jayden still, keeping his arms firmly behind his back as the water stream continues to hit his balls, making them jingle and dance painfully in his ballsack as his nads try in vain to escape the full flowing force of the water hitting him.

Jayden writhes against Bill trying to get freed, as Bill’s laughter fills his ears. His balls sting with fresh waves of watery painful blasts of agony as the water booms against his testicles leaving Jayden feeling defeated and eviscerated below the navel.

Everything hurt.

“No!” Jayden yells out finally launching himself backwards so that he takes Bill down landing on top of him.

Bill groans as his cock gets shoved even deeper into Jayden’s buttcheeks the barrier of their clothes is the only thing keeping him from penetrating inside of Jayden. Bill wiggles his cock along Jayden’s crack as he catches his breath.

“Got you good,” Bill says pushing Jayden off of him.

Jayden rolls into a ball, slamming his fist into the ground while his other hand slips underneath his shorts. He is keeping his eyes firmly squeezed tight as his body tries to process the assaulting attack on his boyhood.

“Oh…good god…oh shit…ff…f…fuck!”

Bill sits up, wet from his ordeal from holding Jayden so still, with a small tent in his shorts as he smiles at Jayden.

“You should see what I got planned for you next!” Bill says enthusiastically while he climbs to his feet, grinning wide.

Jayden only groans in response a few slurs escaping from his gaping mouth.

Bill waves at the older gentleman. “Don’t worry, I’m the new paperboy.” Bill says, thumb pointing to his thin bare chest. Soaked now like Jayden, Bill walks over his hardened nail sticking straight out as he holds out his hand in greeeting. “I’ll make sure to do your neighborhood and that your paper does not hit the windows or go into the bushes.”

The two shake hands, and Bill starts to head off running to his bike, but Jayden is ready for him and rushes towards him. He’s angry, embarrassed, and with sore testicles Jayden just manages to grab a hold of the strap of his satchel across Bill’s thin chest and pulls him back.

Bill grabs the other end, not letting go as he spins towards Jayden ready to face him head on.

“Oh no, you don’t the fun is not over yet!” Bill says kicking out a foot towards Jayden’s wet shorts bulge. Jayden tries to move back, and he realizes too late that he should have let go of the bag but he does not and Bill’s toe clips him.  Bill’s shoe just hits the outside of Jayden’s nuts scraping along his front and up into his tight abdomen. Jayden’s eyes widen and he winces, his grip on the satchel loosening as Bill pulls free and he falls before Bill on his knees. Jayden grabs his nutsack with a gasping shudder, his eyes crossing comically.


Bill smiles, and blows Jayden a kiss laughing as he speeds away on his bike leaving Jayden behind sprayed him with mud from the wet grass.

Spitting out a bit of Earth Jayden groans, his balls pulsing painfully again and he slumps to his side.

“Goddammit,” Jayden moans, biting his bottom lip.

He’s down for a while this time, rubbing at his sore nuts and considering his next move. Bill obviously planned out more opportunities to get him. The only thing that Jayden has going for him is that Bill is expecting Jayden to continue down this path therefore Jayden decides to do something unexpected.

When he is finally able to get back on his bike he rides carefully through the neighborhood avoiding the paperboy route that Bill is sure to be on. Jayden bikes his way instead to Bill’s house and finds a large set of bushes to hide behind at the back of Bill’s house. He stores his bike there and takes off his shirt ringing out the extra water, and does the same with his shorts. Jayden knows he has a bit of time so he sets them in the sun to dry in just his underwear and lays back in the sun content to wait Bill out.

Jayden dozes in and out waking fitfully as each car passes by the street, but no bike sounds hit him. He wonders briefly if he missed Bill when he hears wheels on the pavement.

Quickly dressing, Jayden heads over to his planned out spot right where Bill locks up his bike and waits.

The darkened edge of the shed provides Jayden with a bit of cover. The paint is peeling, and bits of blue decorate the yard like confetti as Jayden stares through the dusty window in the shed as Bill pulls up to the bike pole and freezes.

Jayden holds his breath, certain that Bill can hear him.

The sun is full power now shinning overhead, its noontime and the sun is so hot and oppressive for June that Jayden’s clothes are mostly dry against his skin. Jayden’s eyes narrow as Bill locks his bike in place and sends the spinning lock spiraling around at the lock clicks in place. Standing back-up Bill enters the shed and puts the satchel down and turns to go, scratching at an itch on his bare chest.

Bill closes the shed and turns to see Jayden. Bill opens his mouth to gasp or yell, but Jayden is upon him one hand clamped over his mouth preventing him from uttering a single sound. Jayden pins him against the door with a murmured growl:

“Now it’s my turn.”

Bill mumbles into his hand, his wet lips trying to speak as Jayden hushes him.

“Here is what is going to happen,” says Jayden pulling Bill further inside the shed and away from the windows on Bill’s house avoiding anyone from within to see what may unravel. Jayden is well aware of the reinforcements that could come out of the house at any time. Already, Jayden saw both Sam Hell and Jake in their bedroom windows and moving about the house earlier and he plans on keeping this just between the two of them.

Bill grabs Jayden’s hand trying to pull it off of his face as Jayden forces the two onto the ground. Bill fights him, growing desperate to get away as Jayden pins him in a schoolboy pin, knees holding down his arms, hand still clamped over his mouth. With his free hand, Jayden carefully wraps his slender fingers around Bill’s throat giving him a bit of a squeeze.

“I am going to bust your balls, then I am going to take back my satchel and you are going to quit being a delivery boy. Got it?” Jayden says.

Bill mumbles into his hand, and Jayden rolls his eyes.

“That did not sound like a ‘yes.’ And I think I know how to get one.”

Jayden slides one hand behind himself until he comes into contact with Bill’s navel and slides down the dip in Bill’s abs until his searching fingers slip beneath the lip of his underwear and shorts.

Bill’s blue eyes wide at the intrusion, and he shakes his head as Jayden finds Bill’s worm all curled up and docile coiled in his light fur above pelvis. Jayden disregards the subject and focuses his attention instead on the small walnut shaped wrinkly nutbag. Jayden takes no pleasure in grabbing Bill’s nuts firmly in his hand. He has a job to do and he wants to do it well. Jayden tightens his fist until not even a trickle of water could come in between his fingers and Bill’s balls.

“I don’t want to do this, but you have given me no choice.”

Bill twists his torso, and kicks his legs but he is unable to stop Jayden as he tightens his fist a bit more feeling the squish of Bill’s balls between his fingers and the wounded plea in Bill’s baby blues as he stares up at Jayden. Jayden shows no mercy and squeezes even harder, as he increases his grip on Bill’s marbles.

A groan rips through Bill, and his lower half shudders as Jayden increases his squeeze, his nuts deforming in his hand. Bill thrusts his hips up and glances up at the skylight in the shed, his eyes reflecting the passing clouds as he mumbles painful sounds into Jayden’s hand, his fingers keeping him from screaming out.

Jayden’s firm grip squishes Bill’s nuts easily, their small size so easy to manipulate as he squeezes Bill’s nuts harder. He’s getting close to how hard he can squeeze and he sees on Bill’s face that the increased pressure, has had an effect. Bill is breathing harder, his fingers squeezing into fists useless beneath Jayden’s knees his arms pinned to the ground.

“Bill are you getting…hard?” Jayden asks, already feeling the answer as Bill’s cocklet grows against his wrists which is so sweaty. The connection rubs Bill every so often and the touch is enough to stimulate the waking creature.

Jayden does not want Bill to enjoy this. That is not part of the plan.

“Fine then, you are making this more difficult.”

Jayden takes his hand off of Bill’s balls, giving him a brief reprieve as he pulls his sweat soaked tank top off of his back and with both hands ties it around Bill’s mouth, forcing the material into his mouth as he tightens it into a knot behind Bill’s head.

Bill looks at him murderously.

Jayden is not done, he hauls Bill to his feet and drags him stumbling behind him to the very back of the shed, searching for a piece of rope or twine.

Bill struggles and fights him, but Jayden has both of his hands clamped together and while Bill fights on he spots what he is looking for against the back-wall.

Pulling the rope free he begins to tie Bill’s wrists and then in one quick move, Jayden hoists the rope up and around one of the beams above. Bill is shaking and cussing into Jayden’s shirt as Jayden tightens the rope and ties to a nearby leg of the workbench in the shed.

The shed is small, but dry and mostly used for storage, and Bill’s shadow falls across the piled boxes as he stares at Jayden in wild anticipation for what is to come.

Bill hangs, his arms stuck above and Jayden changes the gag to a piece of duct tape. The grey tap clings to Bill’s face, and he angrily stares at Jayden, unable to do more than glare at him.

Jayden pulls down Bill’s shorts with a tug leaving them bunched around his skinny ankles as he eyes the bulge and the tented stiffy sticking straight out at him. Smirking Jayden kicks Bill between the legs, Bill’s nuts making a wet splat thud as he nails the testicles underneath his taint with horrid thud. Bill coughs once into the gag, and moans.

Jayden rears back for another kick, but Bill’s wounded eyes find his and his pleading stare makes him pause.

“You going to quit your new job and leave me alone?” Jayden asks.

Bill nods once.


Jayden picks up Bill’s phone from the floor and he says, “I’m going to call the boss. You tell him that you are done. If you do that, I will let stop this. If you scream I will make sure that you regret it.”

Bill mumbles something unintelligible into the duct tape, and Jayden assumes that it is an agreement. He removes the tape and Bill moans. Bill takes a long deep breath in and lets out a scream.


Jayden quickly puts it back over his mouth, but his beating heart jumps in his chest and he stares out the window towards Bill’s house wondering… ‘Did any of them hear?’

Bill looks smug tied up and he mumbles something against the duct tape, and Jayden’s eyes narrow and he quickly backhands Bill with the flat backhand, knocking Bill’s nuts against the underside of his taint squishing the marbles within his small walnut ballsack.

Bill’s eyes widen in shock and Jayden grins pulling his hand back, before he slugs him with a mean punch between the legs that crunches audibly making Bill wretch and gag against the duct tape and hang limp like his fists opening as he sways.

Jayden grabs the boy’s shoulders and lines up his knee, and takes careful aim before he swoops up his thigh making contact with Bill’s small lump and pulverizing his spuds once more.

The quick following jabs after that long squeeze leave Bill hanging limply as he shudders and trembles each blow making its mark causes his head to lull against his chest.

Reaching forward Jayden is still surprised to feel how rigid Bill’s dick still is, and he contemplates how to keep busting him without making him eventually orgasm. It’s a real dilemma, and Jayden slowly runs his fingers up and down Bill’s small shaft wondering how to do so, when the backdoor opens and Sam Hell, the Devilboy himself steps out.

He is looking around the backyard, his red eyes searching for something… or someone. Slowly he brings his phone to his ear and Bill’s phone in Jayden’s hand starts to chime.

Jayden quickly shuts off the ringing tone, but Sam Hell’s red eyes glare at the shed.

Bill starts to scream into his gag and Jayden locks his hand in a nutgrab around Bill’s gonads silencing him with a squeeze.

“Shit,” Jayden mumbles staring around the shed. ‘How do I get out of this before Sam gets here?’ he thinks as Sam pockets the phone and starts to head towards the shed determination in each hurried footstep.

“Bill?” Sam shouts. “You in there?”

He still can’t see into the windows so Jayden does the only thing that makes sense he heads towards the back exit before Sam can get to the front door.

Jayden almost forgets the satchel but grabs it from the hook on the wall. He has moments before Sam arrives, and he turns towards Bill mouthing “THIS is far from over.”

Jayden knows that Sam will see him if he enters through the only door out, so Jayden takes to the window and pulls it up and slips out landing behind the shed and takes off running just as the door to the shed opens and Sam Hell steps inside.

“Bill?!” Sam shouts as he hurriedly heads in.

Jayden grabs his bike and takes off across the back of Bill’s grassy lawn, his head looking once over his shoulder for pursuit. But there is none, for now.

Jayden has got away.

Inside his bedroom, Jayden lays freshly showered on his bed smiling to himself. Next to him lays Bill’s phone still with a recently sent message:

Bill: “I’m sorry but I am unable to follow through with my obligations as paperboy. I have taken another position and will not be coming back in. I cannot give two weeks’ notice. Today was my last day.”

Boss: “I regret to inform you, but if you leave on these terms I will not rehire or give reference.”

Bill: “I understand. Have a good day.”


Grinning at the victory Jayden puts one hand on his chest, his other clutching the satchel. He won today, but tomorrow is another day and Bill does not seem to be giving up anytime soon.

His bedroom door opens, and Jayden looks up at his older brother Gino.


“Hi,” Jayden says back.

“New phone?”

“Nope.” Jayden grins.

“You have your bag back I see.”

“Yup, I do.” Jayden’s smile widens.

“Good job, bro.” Gino sits down on the bed and ruffles his hair, or tries to but forgets and rubs the growing stubble instead. “Tell me the story.”

“Well…it’s a good one. It starts off with…”

Gino is a good audience and gasps in all the right places. Jayden gives plenty of details as he stays on the bed and can tell that Gino is getting excited at the telling of his tale.

“So… what are we going to do about Bill?” Gino asks, his eyes so dark like Jayden’s own twinkle with mischief and the delights of revenge.


“Umm, yeah.”

Jayden smiles weakly, before biting his bottom lip. “I have an idea.”

Gino grins back. “Does it involve me?”

“It can, if you want,” Jayden says with a noncommittal shrug.

Gino grabs Jayden pulling him in, and gives him a noggie on his buzzed head, the poke with his knuckles makes Jayden yelp and push him off. “Fine! You can help.” Jayden laughs.

“Good. Because I want in.”

The brothers stay close on the bed, staying up to discuss, and make their plan. By the end Jayden is alone with ideas swirling around his head. Closing his eyes, Jayden breathes deep the plot a thick in his mind.

‘I’m going to get you Bill,’ Jayden thinks as he drifts into an easy sleep, his midday nap is the perfect way to end his encounter with his ex-boyfriend Bill.




Anonymous said...

Yes!! Old man Franklin is a beast man! Glad you decided to include him. Hope we see him again, where Jayden goes after him and enlists the help of Leo and Tristan.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Morning Anonymous!

That sounds like fun!

I am glad that you also enjoy Old man Franklin, he needed another story after dealing with Leo and Tristan. Here we see that he is up to his old tricks. The water hose is a powerful tool in his arsenal and will do whatever it takes to make sure that the boys: "Stay Off My Lawn!"