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The Devil You Know: Part 1 of 4 Chase Finds an Ally by Reg and Jimmy


            The Devil You Know: Part 1 of 4

                       Chase finds an ally

                                 by Reg and Jimmy

Hello Ball Busting Boys Community,

Please welcome back Reg as a writer. He has helped me on plenty of projects, but this set of four might be my favorite. I hope that you all enjoy!



Warning: Contians ballbusting and underage characters. 

I do not know who drew this photo, but it is amazing. If you know the artist please message me so I can tag their work.

Jayden is feeling elated after must be the greatest victory in his young fighting career. The fourteen year old wrestler can hardly keep the grin off his face after defeating the notorious Devil Boy, and he stands proudly in the doorway, taking one final glance back at the scene of his triumph.

Groaning off to his right lies Doug, a despicable and rather cocky fifteen year old wrestler from Jayden’s old school. The hunky teenager is now stark bollock naked, his back arching as he squirms in agony on the rubber tiled floor, his strong muscles clenching and twitching while both hands delve deep into the expansive bush of black pubes as he tends to his mangled spuds. Doug is more sexually mature than most of his peers as he loves to remind them at every opportunity but now the defeated bully can only groan in dismay, drooling from the side of his mouth as he nurses his plump throbbing testicles. Poor Dougie has had quite an eventful morning, successfully taking on the whole swim team before getting his balls mangled by Sam Hell and then suffering a final nut-cracking from Jayden.

On the other side and rather less animated, lies the even more impressive form of Sam Hell, aka the Devil Boy! His magnificently muscled frame is now sprawled out on his back and the only sign of life is a gentle rise and fall of his powerful pecs accompanied by his gentle snore. The despicable brute looks far less intimidating in his defeated state partly because his soul-sucking red-eyes are closed shut and his hostile sneer has softened to a vacant, shell-shocked expression. One of Sam Hell’s club-like hands is still flopped uselessly over his battered gonads, a last-ditch attempt to shield his manhood which arrived a moment too late because Jayden had already executed his coup-de-grace: a catastrophic knee drop that proved too much even for Sam’s sturdy devil-coins. Jayden’s emasculating climax had finally sent the tough brute deep into La-La land, from where the notorious Devil Boy shows no sign of returning anytime soon.

There is one more stricken figure in the room also showing the tell-tale signs of testicular trauma but on this occasion Jayden is not the one to blame. It’s Jayden’s hunky boyfriend Chase who is on his knees groaning as he nurses the impressive bulge in his speedos, his beautiful toned muscles are glistening with perspiration and his damp blond hair is flopping over his handsome face. Jayden’s grin turns to a concerned if rather annoyed frown seeing his sexy boyfriend has gotten his fragile jewels mangled once again. With a deep sigh he helps the older boy stagger out of the room wondering when his so-called big balls will be able to function once again.

Jayden pumps his fist triumphantly before he finally slams the door behind him. There is a relieved smile on his valiant face and with Sam Hell’s total defeat, the younger Gomez feels he has finally closed a rather unsavory chapter in his life. With a warm smile he hauls Chase back up to his feet, propping up his heavy athletic frame under his shoulder.

“Nice work, kiddo! We finally beat them!” Chase croaks as he peers down, wincing as his fingers gently curled around his plump throbbing gonads “Ugh! God my big balls hurt!”

“Yeah, WE beat them alright!” Jayden rolls his eyes and chuckles, a little baffled about Chase’s exact contribution, then he reaches his hand around to give his boyfriend’s beefy biceps a friendly squeeze “So tell me big-guy, how did these big muscles fare against Doug before Sam showed up?”

Chase scowls hearing the playful mockery in Jayden’s voice. His beloved gonads are still throbbing in agony and he can’t seem to erase the memory of Doug’s sweaty calloused foot slamming down again and again into his big beautiful testicles. He also has a sour taste in his mouth after being forced to suck on Doug’s rank, hairy bollocks but worse than all this is the shame of being upstaged and rescued by his younger boyfriend: once again. Gritting his teeth, the proud swim team captain manages to shrug off Jayden’s support and stands swaying on his unstable legs, doubled over slightly and still clutching his jewels.

“Actually Jayden, I was doing just fine until Sam Hell arrived” Chase’s icy blue eyes pierce into Jayden’s highlighting his authority “You know full well I could handle either of those fuckers on their own! Oh and by the way, boyfriend, I also showed Doug that my big balls finally outrank his ugly hairy bollocks. You should have seen the look on his stupid face! That was sweet, my growth spurt really changed the pecking order where it really counts!”

“Well I’m hardly surprised, you’re such a big stud now!” Jayden winks back, eager to improve Chase’s mood “Maybe that hairy assed moron will finally stop bragging about the size of his hairy plums. As you know even my boy-balls are…”

Jayden is just about to say ‘way bigger than Doug’s ‘but stops himself as he realizes it may be better to let Chase cherish his little moment of glory.

“Sorry, kiddo, what have your boyballs got to do with it?” Chase scowls, eyeing Jayden warily.

“Oh, er, nothing Chase. I was Just saying my balls feel a bit sore too. Let’s head to the changing room to recover.” Jayden says, eager to change the subject.

Jayden strides briskly ahead leaving Chase still doubled over, cursing and groaning in his wake. It takes a few deep breaths before Chase can follow, limping awkwardly to the end of the corridor. Then, when he finally reaches the door it swings open and Jayden emerges, already changed and heading on his way back out.

“Sorry gorgeous, I gotta go, Gino called, he’s waiting in the car.” Jayden explains briskly, planting a small kiss on Chase’s cheek, then as he heads back to the exit he swings around with a big grin “Oh Chase, make sure those big balls of yours are ready for me later, you big stud! We beat the Devil Boy today so we should celebrate in style!”

Chase sighs as he slumps down on the bench in the changing room clutching his aching gonads with a hangdog expression on his handsome face. The muscles of his fine jawline twitch involuntarily and his mouth gapes open as he rocks back and forth on the bench. It takes a while before the worst of his pain has subsided then he gets up and slips out of his underwear

“There you are my big beautiful boys” he mutters, managing a small smile as he caresses his aching and recently emptied jewels “Come on my beauties, you better reload quick! We’ve got a big evening ahead of us and we’ve got to remind Jayden whose boss!”

Chase decides to slip straight into his sweat pants avoiding the constraint of his tight fitting briefs which he throws in his rucksack then he limps slowly back towards his car. When he reaches the door to the old gym, he can’t resist pausing and peering through the cracked glass. Doug is nowhere to be seen, having no-doubt crawled back to his doghouse with his tail between his legs. A small trail of liquid remains on the floor right where Doug was last seen drooling and wailing about his ruined bollocks and the memory brings a cruel grin to Chase’s face. As he scans the room further, his jaw drops open in surprise. To Chase’s amazement the slumbering body of Sam Hell is still sprawled out in exactly the same position that Jayden left him.

“Shit! Did Jayden kill you?” Chase whispers anxiously to himself as he quietly eases the door open and cautiously approaches the fallen wrestler. To his relief the wrestler’s powerful chest is still rising with each breath and Chase pauses for a moment to admire Sam Hell’s magnificent manly physique and can’t help whispering “Wow Sam, you really are one sexy devil, how the hell did you lose to Jayden?!”

Chase kneels down and cautiously tries to wake the sleeping brute with a squeeze of his muscular shoulder but Sam is still out cold. Suddenly Chase’s ears perk up…tap, tap, tap, tap …a noise in the corridor and he panics ‘Shit! Someone’s coming this way…well you’re not going to get to my treasure!’ Chase considers his options then stands up, jamming the door closed with a heavy kettlebell then he grabs Sam Hell by the ankles and using all his strength hauls his heavy body into the weights room and safely out-of-sight from any peeping toms.

With a sly grin he kneels down and runs his hands along Sam’s corrugated abs, feeling the thick ridges of muscle that feel unbreakable under his touch. Licking his lips Chase reaches further, his eyes sparking with excitement as his slim fingers gently wrap around the Devils coin purse feeling the warm slippery bulges of the tough boys genitals under his inquisitive fingers. Chase can feel his heart beat racing and a sense of immense power as he gropes the sleeping warrior’s sex parts through the stretchy wrestling singlet. Chase’s blue eyes sparkle with curiosity as instinctively his fingers prod and fondle, measuring up the beefy wrestler’s manhood and his lips soon curl into a cocky grin, quickly ascertaining that despite being two years older, Sam Hell’s fully grown package is not quite as impressive than his own.

“Hmm, is that all you’ve got, stud?” Chase peers down with a domineering sneer as he gropes Sam’s prominent coin purse, taunting the sleeping stud. Then his jaw drops as the snoring pauses and Chase feels something ominous begins to stir into life beneath him. He gulps as he realizes that Sam’s limp noodle has started to respond to his taunts, thickening in his hand, gradually broadening and Chase releases his throbbing prize and watching entranced as it throbs powerfully filling out to a truly impressing girth, fiercely probing the tight fabric with it’s broad, rounded head like a battering ram.

“Well will you look at that…the Devil’s pitchfork! I see little Sammie is more of a grower than a shower.” Chase laughs quietly then he gulps as he recalls the feel of Sam’s potent warhead pressing tightly against his bubble-butt when Sam Hell pinned him earlier that morning. Chase can barely hide his relief as he hears Sam’s snoring finally resume and with a wry smile he peers down to see his own towering erection is poking up proudly through the waistband of his pants “Don’t worry buddy, you’re still the biggest in the room! And as for these little Devil Coins...”

Chase glances back and is intrigued to see the two prominent bulges of Sam’s demon-makers are on a steady, bold ascent, being hauled gradually upwards by their tightening nut cords, until they almost reach their goal on either side of Sam’s thick throbbing cock.

“Now where do you think your little boys are going?”

Chase chuckles, shakes his head as he reaches out to gently grasps the two sturdy nuts in one hand before giving them a playful tug but the firm orbs stubbornly defy escaping his fingers with a defiant ‘PLOP’. Shaking his head, Chase grabs both gonads in a more threatening nut claw, cruelly pinching their stretched nut cords together to strangle their lifeline then making an unbreakable grip before pulling them downwards, increasing the force gradually then pausing to shake his head, truly astounded by how stubbornly Sam’s tough gonads oppose him. Chase’s eyes focus, enjoying the challenge and he peers down to admire his sexy biceps which is already starting to bulge magnificently and he grins meanly, knowing that one good hard flex will be enough to rip Sam’s nuts clean off. He watches excitedly as his beautiful muscles harden into rock hard peaks until inevitably Sam’s testicles finally relent, retreating slowly downwards until their defeated cords are stretched to their limits. Chase’s powerful biceps have won this tug of war and the blond boy laughs, suddenly releasing Sam’s nuggets and watching them crawl away trying to escape any further humiliation. To his amazement Sam Hell is still slumbering but Chase is not done yet! To showcase his victory, Chase flexes his guns proudly then leans forward until Sam’s lips touch his rock hard teenage biceps.

“Now, what did you say about having muscles I don’t know how to use?” Chase brags proudly and he pauses, feeling his cock throbbing in his pants and he knows there’s one more thing to check before Sam comes to. With a playful grin he reaches back down to fondle Sam Hell’s exhausted testicles, enjoying the feel of the warm, sturdy balls that remind him of the firm little plums that grow in his garden.

“Damsons in distress!”

Chase laughs just a little too loud, flashing his teeth through his Cheshire cat grin as he carefully fondles one testicle in each hand, rolling the plump orbs between his fingers “Alright tough guy, shall we find out how your big manly wrestler balls measure up against a fifteen year old that still swims in a kiddie pool?”

Chase plants a final gentle slap on the snoring studs junk making the two pebbles jiggle under the blue fabric. Then excitedly runs his fingers up Sam Hells tree trunk thigh and slips his fingertips under the fabric and very gently peels off the tight Lycra coating to expose Sam’s naked gonads which are now somewhat looser after being stretched and Chase watches the dark, heavy orbs tumble out loosely over his muscular leg.

“Hells Bells!” Chase raises his eyebrows, surprised to discover the Devil’s Coins are completely hairless and he has to wonder if Doug has ever seen his wrestling captain naked. He edges forward between Sam’s legs, sliding his own pants down then scoops up Sam’s nuts and rolls them around like stress balls

“Damn your nuts feel solid and heavy, are these made of steel or what?” Chase coos quietly, genuinely impressed by their sturdy feel “Still I bet they’re no match in size for my big balls!”

With a broad brin Chase lifts his beloved danglers until they nestle side by side against the older teenage wrestler. Fait accompli! Chase’s overgrown gonads have a clear advantage in both length the breadth over Sam’s somewhat average pair and Chase beams down proudly. “I knew it! Yet another wrestler that doesn’t have the balls to beat me! I guess that’s why I’m a real man and your just a Devil Boy! Still respect dude, I wish these big balls of mine were half as tough as your sturdy rocks.”

“Now one final test” Chase licks his lips, slipping his balls back in his pants momentarily then reaches down to stroke Sam Hells semi hard tool when suddenly a hand grabs his wrist, hauling him forward where he lands with a thump on his back, his brain ringing as he looks up with horror into a pair of deep red eyes that seem to burn through his mortal soul.

“You!” Sam Hell bellows in rage and instinctively reached down grabbing Chase between the legs, quickly isolating the boy’s overgrown balls in his powerful hand. Then he glances around warily “Where the fuck am I? What in God’s name? Ugh my coins!”

Chase gasps and blinks fearfully trying to find a way to save his already aching testicles from another mauling. If anyone can talk their way out of this predicament, it’s Chase and it’s not long before a mean idea comes to mind.

“Doug!” Chase groans, pleadingly in panic “It was Doug! Dude I swear I…er…look man, I just wanted to save you from that bastard!”

Sam Hell growls and his face cringes as he peers between his muscular legs seeming ignoring Chase’s words “My fucking coins…Bullshit, it was JAYDEN!!! That cheating little fucker! Ugh! I’m gonna kill both of you for this! And now, pretty boy, you’d better have a good explanation for what you were doing to me or I will make mincemeat out of these lovely big balls?”

Chase breathes deeply and groans, feeling Sam’s deathly grip tighten around his throbbing jewels.

“Dude please I can explain! It’s true that Jayden defeated your tough balls but that’s not the whole story. God knows why let that little brat pummel away at your tough nads without trying to get him back. Seriously man, you didn’t land a single shot on his fragile boy-balls and trust me, a few good hits down there is all it takes. I beat Jayden all the time so really you can’t be too mad at him, at least it was a fair fight unlike what Doug did.”

“What the fuck are you babbling about, rich-boy?” Sam’s growl has softened slightly but he doesn’t relent with the piercing stare or the debilitating nutclaw.

“I’m just saying, since you refused to submit, you left Jayden with no choice. Your nuts are so tough he knew you’d get back on your feet unless he could finish you off completely. You were never going to submit to a little boy, so Jayden jumped really high and dropped his knee right on your tough nuts then you finally passed out. I tell you, stud, no mortal gonads could have survived that blow! Then Jayden and I left and it was just you and Doug in the room together…for a while at least.”

“Then…what…happened!” Sam punctuates each word with a crippling ball squeeze that makes Chase writhe and yelp in distress.

“My big balls! Please no more!” Chase begs, feeling like he might puke if he suffers one more squeeze “I’ll tell you everything dude! Look after we left the gym, Jayden got picked up by this brother and I followed a bit later. My nuts were so fricking sore I had to sit in the locker room for a bit, then as I walked back past the gym I heard this voice yell ‘You’re a fucking disgrace’ so I peered in. You were still passed out on the ground and Doug was standing over screaming down at you.

“Well he’s an impudent jerk but so what, Doug was pissed, I yell at him too when he loses.” Sam frowns clearly somewhat piked by Doug’s insolence “I’ll teach that boy some respect but he’s still my team-mate…unlike you, Chase!”

Chase pauses dreading another nut squeeze and decided to keep spinning his yarn.

“Right, but that was just the start! So Doug carries on yelling, you know the normal locker-room stuff ‘a disgrace to the team’ and then he called you a ‘weak-balled faggot’ which seemed rather ironic.”

Sam hell glares down at his prey and begins rolling Chase’s fat testicles between his fingers quickly erasing the small smile at the ends of boy’s lips “So what, you really think I care about Doug’s lies, pretty boy?”

“Dude wait ! That’s just the start…ugh…listen!” Chase croaks, the words catching in his throat and it’s not until Sam let’s up on his nuts that he is able to relate his fantastic tale.

In the old school gym, in a parallel universe

Doug is fuming, doubled over in pain still clutching his aching, hairy gonads as he looks down at the sleeping form of Sam Hell who has just been beaten and humiliated by Jayden.

“You’re a disgrace to the wrestling team! So much for the mighty Devil Boy and his invincible Devil Coins! You’re just another pathetic, weak-balled faggot after all!” Sam snarls, spitting on his wrestling captain then lifting his foot and placing it over Sam’s battered gonads, rolling the beaten man orbs under his toes.

“Puny little Devil Dimes” he scoffs dismissively giving a little toe tap to Sam’s bulging scrotum “Who the hell made you captain with such pathetic, weak little balls? How about I show what a real man’s balls look like!”

Doug grins meanly as he fondles his big teenage testicles which hang low overshadowed by his rather impressive bush of black pubes. He positions himself so his legs straddle the muscular brute’s head and slowly squats down until his hefty dangling scrotum brushes Sam’s nose then he swings his hips, slapping his heavy nuts against Sam’s pale cheeks. “Now these are a real man’s balls! Let’s find out how your beloved Devil Coins compare!”

Doug reaches forward and plants a little slap on his captain’s junk making it wobble under the satiny singlet. Then he moves around and roughly peels off Sam’s singlet to expose his battered jewels.

“Is that really all you got, big guy? And look not a fucking hair in sight, balls like a little boy!” Doug laughs scornfully as he scoops up the two plump orbs and squeezes them casually between his fingers as if he’s testing the ripeness of cherries. “They feel rather squishy too, no wonder you cried when Jayden kicked you down there.”

Doug laughs meanly and finally brings his own big hairy nuts into the fore, nestling his ample gonads right up against his captain’s rather modest set. “Oh yeah my big bollocks rule! I fucking knew it! God, I can’t wait for the next wrestling meet. I’ll wait ‘til we hit the showers then I’ll humiliate your puny coins in front of the whole wrestling team. We’ll see who’ll be made captain after that!”

Chase stands by the door with a look of shock and disgust on his handsome face. His nuts still throb like hell and seeing his bigger rival Doug so angry makes him a little anxious about putting his big balls on the line again. But his anger rises a notch further as Doug grabs Sam Hell by the ankles raising one leg and stomping hard on the sleeping hunk’s naked testicles.

“Wake up fucker” Doug sneers as he raises his leg again and brings it crashing down again, crushing the Devil Coins with a sickening squelch. The muscular stricken wrestler finally responds with a manly grunt and begins to writhe and gag in pain.

Doug just laughs at Sam’s distress as he raises his foot even higher for another ball crushing heel stomp “And now you can go back to sleep, loser”.

As Doug’s foot power down it suddenly changes direction, crashing innocently against Sam’s muscular thigh. Doug’s whole body careers sideways as Chase crashes into him with a perfectly timed rugby tackle. The boys crash to the ground in a whirling mass of limbs but Chase has the initiative slipping his hand between the muscular wrestler’s thighs and seizing his plump hanging testicles. Wasting no time Chase digs in his nutclaw his slim finger thrusting deep into his rival’s hairy meatballs.

“My fucking bollocks!” Doug hollers in anguish, both hands clasped to his tortured testicles, trying to pry the deadly fingers off his manhood, he can feel his own nut-meat bursting outwards either side of the jabbing, stabbing fingers as Chase mauls his manhood and he finally howls “I give! I fucking give!”

“Now, you promise to leave here right now or I’ll rip your nuts off!” Chase demands briskly, hauling the sobbing Doug up to his feet by the balls then marching him out the door “And by the way Doug, Sam Hell is more of a man than you’ll ever be, you hairy-assed cretin!”


In the old school gym, back in the real world

“So you came to save my coins from Doug?” Sam looks down incredulously “But we’re enemies.”

“Oh come on!” Chase risks an innocent smile, feeling rather relieved that Sam seems to believe his story but still nervous about the unrelenting grip on his genitals. “Look big guy, when you mess with my boyfriend I have to get involved, but I’ve never had any gripe with you. To be honest I’ve always been rather jealous.”

“Jealous?” Sam raises his eyebrows

“Well obviously dude! I mean look at you, you’re a fucking badass! One stare from you is enough to make most guys pee their pants and then there’s all your muscles, you’re a beast! I bet you’re even stronger than Logan. Right?”

Sam confirms with a cocky snort and Chase continues.

“And to top it off, Sam, while most guys have fragile man-eggs between their legs, you’re blessed with these bad boys.”

“My Coins!” Sam Hell gasps in shock as he feels Chase’s slim fingers wrap around his naked battered gonads but his distress turns to a moans of pleasure as Chase gives his mighty jewels a very gentle, sensual massage.

“That’s right tough guy! The Devil Coins! I’ve seen you fight dude so I know these are balls of steel! I tell you dude, I would hate to be in Doug’s place when you catch up with him.”

“That fucker’s gonna wish he had never been born with a set of balls!” Sam roars, his face darkening as his thundery rage comes to the fore and Chase shrewdly chooses to release his manhood.

“Yeah you show him, big guy!” Chase cheers as Sam Hell gets to his feet puffing up his barrel chest and flexing every muscle in his magnificent body like the incredible hunk. His eyes are blazing red as he slips on his clothes, pausing for a moment in his underwear to massage his aching Devil Coins, then he slips on his pants and storms out of the room on his quest for revenge.

“What a weirdo!” Chase chuckles as he gathers his rucksack and follows in Sam Hell’s footprints trying to keep him in sight “Oh boy this is going to be fun!”

To be continued...


Anonymous said...

It was so much fun writing this with you, Jimmy! Of course it was inspired by your amazing story when Jayden cracks Sam Hells nuts and i got the idea of Chase conspiring with the Devil Boy!
I hope the readers enjoys it, i certainly had a lot of fun writing it.
More to come in this little series :-)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Reg,

It felt like the great dynamic duo was back again!

You were the first writer that I teamed up with on here. You believed in these characters. Hell you created some of these characters (Leroy, Aldo and Doug). You made Chase as cool as he is with your dynamic Big Balls persona that we all love.

To say teaming up with you for ANOTHER set of stories, is truly amazing and one that I am so very happy that we had the pleasure to do. Everyone on here loves your work, and style and it’s so easily to see why.


Anonymous said...

Excellent story, especially hot when Sam gets groped

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Thanks anonymous! Reg really knows how to tell a story, and he knocked the ball out of the park! The next one might be my favorite. Comes out on Friday.



Anonymous said...

"no mortal gonads could have survived" lol. great story.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Anonymous,

That was one of Reg's lines. Isn't he awesome? Sam Hell is so over the top and ridiculous sometimes. A friend described him to me in this way and I can't not see him in this light: "He is an over the top evil James Bond villian, and he loses being the super villian. He knows who he is and enjoys it." I could not agree more.

Glad that you enjoyed it!