Sunday, August 10, 2008

Big balls training camp: Sunday

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BrandonCalLeoTristan and Zach (click for pictures)

Today was our last day at my friend’s house at the countryside. We had gone here because Zach, George and Cal were desperately in need of a nut-toughening.

Zach was a 20 year old frat guy, blond, blue-eyed and muscular, who the biggest balls of the bunch. He liked to show his body and was very proud of his defined muscles and, naturally, of his beautiful, long cock. His oversized, low-hanging gonads had caused him all sorts of trouble, most memorably the fact that they were cracked very easily. On top of that, he tended to spill his spunk whenever his balls were kicked, punched or harmed in any way.

George was three years older. He was an actor friend of one of our favourite models, Danny, and he had been on a workshop at our studio a couple of months ago. Recently, he had come back to work for us. His balls were not as large as Zach’s, but he easily qualified for the big league. George had curly blond hair and green eyes, and while he didn’t seem to be quite as exhibitionistic as Zach, he wasn’t exactly shy, either.

Black swimmer Cal was 22 years old. He was an acknowledged member of the college’s swim team, and he had the typical swimmer’s build with strong arms and legs, and a muscular torso. On top of his attractive body, he sported a handsome face, and it was no secret that his most of his team members were quite envious of his good looks and his achievements in sports. His genitals were about the same size as George’s. He had an extralarge cock and two plump, juicy balls.

The three guys were the most amply endowed guys we had filmed so far, and their big testicles had proven to be pathetically weak. We had aimed to change that condition by letting three diligent and hard-working boys act as their personal trainers.

Leo and Tristan were two 19 year old skaterboys. Both of them were quite tall and had skinny bodies. Tristan was dusty blond while Leo’s hair was black and curly, and they both used to wear baggy jeans and oversized t-shirts.

Rounding out the trio of dedicated ball trainers was Cal’s swim team mate Brandon. The Asian-American boy was 21 years old and had short black hair. While he was friends with Cal, he seemed to have an ambiguous relationship with him. The day before yesterday, when Cal assumed Brandon would chose him as his training object, Brandon dumped him for Zach, because Zach had the bigger equipment.

Anyway, it was our third day. Yesterday, Tristan, Leo and Brandon had started working with the three biggies in individual sessions. Tristan and Brandon had been especially hard on their wards, and my cameraman Chad and I were quite curious to see if the training had toughened up the guy’s balls.

After we had breakfast together, we went to the large living room.

It was quite a hot and humid summer day, and all of the boys were shirtless and barefoot, wearing loose fitting shorts, boxers or sweat pants.

They sat down on the couches, and I stood in front of them.

“Well”, I said, smiling. “Maybe you’d like to tell us about the progress you have made yesterday?” I looked at their faces.

George, Zach and Cal seemed to be quite exhausted. The extensive training sessions seemed to have taken their toll on them.

“I think we have achieved quite a lot”, Tristan said.

George blinked.

“George and I have been working quite hard. I kicked his nuts and punched them, and I think it was quite a rewarding experience, wasn’t it, George?” Tristan grinned.

George lightly touched his crotch, remembering the torture his nuts had endured. He winced when his fingers made contact with his junk, causing the rest of the guys to chuckle.

“Wanna show us?” I said and sat down.

Tristan nodded and got up.

He stood in front of us and motioned for George to join him.

George grimaced and reluctantly stood next to Tristan. He was wearing nothing but his loose-fitting boxers. He had his hands in front of his crotch and looked at us with a miserable expression on his face.

Tristan smiled. “We decided that it would be best if we continued with out training even after yesterday’s session.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“So we tied his nuts up to keep them in a constant condition of, well, pain”, Tristan shrugged and looked at George.

George nodded. He didn’t seem like it was his idea, though, or like he had had a say in that decision.

Tristan smiled and yanked down George’s boxers.

The 23 year old actor’s large cock sprang up, pointing at us, the tip wet with precum. It was rock hard. I wondered why I hadn’t noticed it before.

George blushed as all eyes were on his package.

It looked painful, very painful.

A shoelace had been tied around the base of his dick, and another one separated his balls from each other. The two huge eggs looked like they were about to burst out of his sac.

Zach and Cal grimaced in sympathy.

I guess they were pretty happy that Tristan hadn’t been appointed to them…

George looked down at his junk and gulped.

Tristan turned to us and smiled expectantly.

Leo and Brandon were obviously very impressed, and they applauded slowly, watching George’s dick twitch every now and then.

“So”, I said. “How are you feeling, George?”

George stared at me.

“I mean, has the training been of any use for you?”

George raised his eyebrows and cleared his throat. “Well”, he said in a low voice. “Tristan is a …” He glanced at the blond skaterboy. “… a very effective trainer…”

Tristan smiled proudly.

He reached for George’s balls and tapped them a couple of times from below, making the two tied globes bounce up.

George clenched his teeth and held his breath. He looked like he was going to pass out.

Tristan smiled. “I guess we can untie your junk, now.”

George breathed out and smiled weakly. “Thanks.”

Tristan untied the knots and George carefully cupped his testicles. He looked miserable and pulled up his boxers again.

“Thank you”, I said.

The two boys sat down.

“Leo and Cal?” I said.

The two boys walked to the middle of the room.

“I decided to take another approach”, Leo said and motioned for Cal to drop his pants.

Cal nodded and revealed his large cock and pendulous balls that dangled freely between his thighs.

Leo smiled and, with a swift motion, backhanded Cal’s naked testicles.

Cal yelped and struggled to keep his hands on his hips and not cup his nuts.

“We did a couple of games”, Leo explained and backhanded Cal’s balls once more.

Cal winced.

The rest of the guys grimaced in sympathy.

Cal lost most of them, and I think he learned a valuable lesson”, Leo explained and brought his hand up into Cal’s dangling gonads again.

Cal gasped and tried to keep a straight face.

“Didn’t you, Cal?” Leo smiled and backhand slapped Cal’s tender gonads.

Cal whimpered. “Yes”, he croaked.

Leo nodded. “It’s all about self-control.” The black haired skater boy grabbed Cal’s oversized balls and squeezed them in his hand.

Cal’s eyes widened and he clenched his teeth.

Leo twisted Cal’s balls, making Cal let out a muffled groan.

Leo grinned and nodded. Then he let go of Cal’s balls.

Cal groaned and doubled over slightly, still keeping his hands on his hips.

“Very good”, Leo grinned.

“Thank you”, I said. “And last but not least, it’s Brandon and Zach.”

The Asian-American swimmer and the blond frat guy walked to the middle of the room.

“Self-control”, Brandon chuckled. “Yeah, Zach could use some of that…”

Zach grinned sheepishly.

“Zach?” Brandon said and looked at his midsection.

Zach nodded and pulled down his pants, revealing his monster cock and pendulous nuts.

The two meaty gonads were considerably red and swollen, indicating that Brandon had done a good job with his work-out.

“Didn’t you have that wine glass yesterday?” I said, suddenly remembering the glass, half-filled with Zach’s jizz.

Brandon nodded and grinned. “A bit of stick and carrot. And I don’t know which one that was…”

“Did he make you drink it?” I looked at Zach. “Or did you behave?”

Zach blushed. His limp cock started to get hard. Somehow, everytime that Zach’s cock was exposed to fresh air, it started to rise. Maybe it was a chemical reaction.

Brandon laughed. “He did behave. But I managed to milk another load out of him… Wait.”

Zach looked miserable.

Brandon walked to the kitchen and opened the fridge. He came back and held up a glass that was containing a certain sticky substance that everybody in the room could identify as Zach’s juice.

The guys, including Zach, grimaced with disgust.

“I thought I’d save it for today”, Brandon grinned.

Zach paled. His cock twitched. It was semi-hard, now.

“No, don’t be afraid”, Brandon chuckled. “We’ll make it a competition.”

I raised my eyebrows.

“I thought”, Brandon explained. “What could be a better way to see if the training sessions worked than to have the three guys compete against each other in a little ballbusting fight?”

Zach blinked.

“What do you think?” Brandon smiled at me.

“Perfect”, I said. “Chad, get the camera.”

Chad nodded and got up.

Brandon turned to Zach, George and Cal. “And to give you a little bit of motivation: The losers will have to drink Zach’s collected works here.” He moved the glass around with his hand so that the white goo inside swashed back and forth.

Zach, George and Cal gulped.

“What’s in it for the winner?” Cal asked.

Brandon thought for a moment. “Fame and glory…”

Leo and Tristan chuckled.

Chad came back, the camera and the tripod in his hands.

“Alright”, I said. “Let’s start.”

Zach was standing in the middle of the room, his pants around his knees. “What are the rules?”

George and Cal were sitting on the couch, eyeing each other.

I shrugged. “No rules. May the best man win…”

Zach blinked.

Suddenly, George lunged at him.

Zach lost his balance, stumbled and fell down.

Seizing his chance, George went for Zach’s nuts. He sneaked his hand between Zach’s thighs and grabbed hold of Zach’s oversized testicles.

He didn’t think of Cal, though.

The black swimmer remembered George’s red, sore plums and quickly jumped at George’s boxers, pulling them down and ripping them off.

With panic in his eyes, George was torn between concentrating on Zach’s testicles and getting his own gonads out of harm’s way.

It took a little bit too long for him to reach that decision.

Cal clenched his fist and punched George’s poor, reddened balls with all his might.

They seemed to be extraordinarily sensitive, as George let out a shrill, high-pitched shriek and quickly let go of Zach’s nuggets. He grabbed his own testicles instead, and rolled to the side, trying to get away from the range of Cal’s fist.

Cal was on a roll, now. He grinned and threw a devastating uppercut at Zach’s extralarge eggs.

Zach’s eyes widened. “Fuck”, he groaned.

“Oooooohhh”, Leo and Tristan cringed in sympathy.

George was lying on his side, whimpering in pain, while Cal and Zach engaged in the battle of the big balls. Cal grabbed Zach’s pants and ripped them off.

Zach’s hard cock bounced up and down and slapped against his abs, leaving a wet trail of sticky precum.

With newfound energy and quite a bit of anger, George got up and walked behind Cal. He grabbed his ankles and lifted them off the ground, causing Cal to fall flat on his belly.

George spread Cal’s legs apart and kicked his nuts with his naked foot. His toes sank into the soft mound in Cal’s pants, crunching his nuts and making Cal moan in pain.

Zach chuckled and rubbed his testicles. “Good one, George”, he said.

“Thanks”, George replied and grabbed the waistband of Cal’s pants. He yanked them down, exposing Cal’s muscular ass, and causing Cal to scream in protest.

George threw the pants away and lunged at Cal.

At the same time, Zach did the same thing.

It was a pile of naked flesh, muscular legs and arms, meaty cocks and ridiculously big testicles. With angry grunts, miserable moans, and high-pitched shrieks echoing in the room, each boy tried to get the upper hand.

Brandon, Tristan, Leo and me watched with fascination, while Chad was filming the whole thing, zooming in on various body parts and catching the devastating fight in close-up.

Suddenly, Zach and George had Cal in a compromising position: They were holding on one thigh each, 
spreading the poor swimmer’s legs wide apart, and exposing his enormous equipment.

Acting simultaneously, Zach and George each grabbed one of Cal’s testicles in their hands and squeezed hard.

Cal screamed from the top of his lungs.

Twisting an kneading the poor guy’s valuables in their strong fingers, Zach and George were determined to put Cal out of the running.

The handsome swimmer’s face was a mask of pain as his large jewels were crushed in the unrelenting hands of his opponents.

“Fuck!” he screamed.

“Give up”, Zach grunted.

“No way!”

While George continued to squeeze Cal’s right nut, Zach let go and clenched his fist. He hammered down on Cal’s exposed, vulnerable babymaker, smashing it into his body full force. His aim was admirable. Once again, he brought his fist down onto Cal’s poor nugget, nailing it dead-on and making Cal cough and retch.

“Give up!” Zach repeated.

“Fuck”, Cal whimpered.

Zach growled and smashed Cal’s poor testicle once again with a well-aimed, well-executed hammer punch.
Cal’s body convulsed.

“Fuck”, he croaked.

Zach lifted his fist again, but before he could smash Cal’s nuts once more, Cal whimpered, “I give! Please, don’t… I give.”

Zach nodded and playfully tapped Cal’s left nut.

George let go of Cal’s right ball and moved away, letting the poor, beaten swimmer curl up in a ball and mourn in silence.

“Alright”, Zach whispered and eyed George.

The two boys circled each other, both of them guarding their naked crotches.

Zach’s cock was rock hard, swinging from side to side, and oozing precum. A fine thread was leading to the ground.

George’s dick, on the other hand, was limp, hanging down in front of his big babymakers.

Both George and Zach had determined expressions on their faces. Neither of them was going to make it easy for their opponent.

Suddenly, Cal made a weird noise that sounded like he was going to puke.

George looked at the curled-up boy for a split-second.

That was enough for Zach to make his move.

He brought his bare foot up between George’s thighs and smashed his tender balls with his toes.

George’s nuts bounced up, and he screamed in pain. After his poor balls had been tied for god-knows-how-long, they seemed to be very, very sensitive, and George collapsed on the ground with a miserable groan.

Zach rushed to follow up with another attack, his long cock swinging and oozing precum. He grabbed George’s ankles and brutally yanked his legs apart, spreading them in a wide V.

George’s eyes widened.

“Please”, George whimpered.

“Fame and glory”, Zach grinned and stomped down on George’s precious nuts, squishing them underneath his bare foot and flattening them to the ground.

George let out a blood-curdling scream, but Zach continued his assault on George’s manhood, grinding George’s balls like he was stomping out a cigarette, the ball of his foot squashing his poor, big nuts and making George squeal and squeak in a soprano voice.

Finally, George managed to whimper, “I give.”

Zach grinned and, with a final twist of his foot, let go of George’s ankles.

He looked at us and took a bow.

Leo, Brandon and Tristan clapped and cheered.

“Wow”, Brandon said. “That’s great! And you didn’t even cum!”

Zach grinned proudly. He stroked his fat cock and nodded. Fondling his low-hanging balls with his other hand, he grimaced for a second. Apparently, the weekend had taken its toll on him, too.

Brandon grinned and grabbed the wine glass that was filled with Zach’s sperm.

“That was the first time that you didn’t cum, right?” I said, quite amazed by this little turn of events. “I had expected you to be out cold, lying in a puddle of your own cum, within the first minute of the fight…”

Zach beamed with pride and stroked his raging hardon.

Brandon walked over to Cal who was whimpering in pain and cupping his balls.

“Here’s the reward”, Brandon grinned at his swim team mate and held the glass at arm’s length.

Cal groaned miserably.

“Come on”, Brandon said. “You lost. Now you have to face the consequences…”

Cal shook his head and looked at his buddy.

“Okay”, Brandon shrugged. “You wanna do it the hard way? Fine.”

Cal grimaced, his mouth clenched shut.

Brandon knelt down next to him and nonchalantly tweaked Cal’s nipple.

Cal gasped, opening his mouth just a slight bit.

Quickly, Brandon held the glass to Cal’s lips and poured the three loads of cum down Cal’s throat.

Cal gagged and tried to move his head, but Brandon managed to get almost all of the sticky spunk down his throat. A few drops ran down Cal’s lips and his throat, and he swallowed with disgust on his face.

Zach was watching Cal gulping down his cum, stroking his glistening cock, and grinning.

“Fuck”, Cal coughed and grimaced. “But George lost, too.”

Brandon looked at the empty glass.

George grinned with relief. He was sitting on the ground, nursing his agonized balls with his hand.

“I’m gonna take care of George”, Zach said, and slowly walked towards the curly haired boy.

George gulped. “What are you---“

Zach grinned and grabbed George’s jaw.

George blinked.

Zach slapped his wet cock on George’s lips.

The rest of us watched them.

George blushed.

Zach looked down at the handsome actor’s face, and smiled gently.

“Open your mouth”, he said softly.

George looked at Leo, Tristan and me.

We shrugged. Then we burst out laughing, realizing that we all had the same reaction.

“Come on”, Zach said, starting to get impatient.

He slapped George’s lips with his cock.

Reluctantly, George opened his mouth.

Zach acted immediately, stuffing the bulbous head of his dong into George’s mouth.

George’s eyes widened.

With long, slow strokes, Zach jerked his cock a couple of times until his balls started to contract.

He was panting heavily.

When we saw George’s eyes widen, and heard him gag, we knew that Zach was feeding him an extensive load of his salty jizz.

It took more than a minute until he withdrew his cock from George’s mouth.

George looked like he was going to be sick.

All of us were quite impressed with Zach’s stamina, and the muscular frat guy grinned proudly.

He wiggled his large dick, letting a few drops of cum rain down onto the ground.

“Phew”, he said. “I could use something to eat…”

I looked at my watch. He was right, it was time for lunch.

George and Cal weren’t too hungry, but the rest of us ate.

After lunch, we had planned to go back home.

I looked out the window. It was raining cats and dogs.

“What a weather”, I sighed.

“Alex?” Zach said.

I turned around and thought I might have spotted a conspiratorial exchange of glances between George, Cal and Zach. But maybe I was imagining.

“Yeah?” I said.

“Why don’t we stay for another night and go back home tomorrow morning?” Zach suggested.

I looked at the others. I didn’t know what the three guys were up to, but I was rather curious to find out…

“Alright”, I said. “Let’s do that.”


Anonymous said...

awsome, can't wait for the next one.

Anonymous said...

Good for Zach! Think his balls are ready for a fight with David? Love to see him really break David.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments!

@ anonymous (2):
I've added a rematch between Zach and David to the "One on one" wishlist.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see Zach get some glory.

Alex said...

Yeah, I guess he deserved a little break after all he had to go through... :-)

Anonymous said...

That story was great! I loved Zach shooting his gizz into Georges mouth, to hot! I would love a story where Zach wins and gets a blow job from the loser. That would be to incredibly hot! Keep up he great work. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the idea about the Zach vs David rematch, the're both quite arrogant. In fact I love all much pent up anger!. But I think it's bad for the plot if Zach wins.
I love stories about David getting hurt (against tough-guy Ben was amazing!) and it's great that his pain threshold is not the highest, but losing to "weak-balls" Zach would be too humiliating for such as arrogant stud....and I think you would compromise your best character. But, of course, the author is the boss!
Not sure if your story is already written, but here are my thoughts / hopes :
Zach demands a rematch because David cheated...kicking his balls before the match started. Zach humiliates David with his superior equipment but is more cautious about undressing first. The fighters are at leasty shirtless. David claims that his balls can take more abuse and he knows Zach is a wimp. As always David attacks first and unfairly.
In the fight Zach demonstrates that the training camp is paying off. But David is also able to fight through pain better these days. My dream ending would have David on the verge of puking and about to give up but then striking out with a lucky kick that ends the fight for valiant Zach. Would love to see David flexing his biceps some day and showing off his victorious balls...preferable both in his defeated opponents face! Hope you appreciate the thoughts even if it's too late for this story.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments!

@ anonymous (1):
I like the blow job idea. I've added a match between Zach and Kev to the "One on one" wish list. Zach wins and forces Kev to give him a blow job...

@ anonymous (2):
Thank you so much! I haven't started with the story, yet, because I couldn't think of a good plot. That's it. It's going to be exactly like you said. And I'll make sure to include the flexing and the showing off.
One question though: Do you mean "in his face" literally, like "rubbing his balls on his face)? I don't want to get it wrong... :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry "In his face" is not very clear. I was thinking very close to his face, but rubbing his balls on his face sounds fun too !!! Looking forward to the story. I hope you can express the shock that David feels when he realises that Zachs huge balls are now at least as tough as his own.
Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

How is Zach going to beat Kev? I'm looking forward to this. Didn't Kev take 20 kicks to the balls in "summer in the city". I guess Zach could take about 3...even after the training. Would be great for Zach to get a real victory but surely he'll need a bit of luck!

Alex said...

@ anonymous (1):
Thanks for clarifying. Sometimes I'm a bit slow... :-)
I hope you'll like the story. I'll try and publish it in September...

@ anonymous (2):
Yeah, it's gonna be a tough fight for Zach. But he deserves a bit of luck, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Another suggestion : in most of you stories, when one guy falls to the ground first, the other immediately follows up with another kick in the balls. This effectively ends the fight.
How about if the guy standing gives his opponent the time to get back to his feet. All this time he can be taunting him with comments like "take it like a man", "stand up and fight me, tough guy", "What's wrong? Your poor little balls hurt" etc. There was some of this in Ben vs David and more would be appreciated!

Alex said...

Yeah, you are right. I'll include that in some of the upcoming stories...