Monday, August 18, 2008


Featured in this story: Phil and the twins (click for pictures)

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Take five 

With the “Soccer balls 2” competition a month away, we met today with Phil and the twins to shoot another teaser.

The premise of the competition was fairly simple: 18 year old soccer player Phil challenges 29 year old veteran Jimmy to a kicking contest. We hadn’t decided yet what the punishment for the loser would be. Surprisingly, both Phil and Jimmy weren’t entirely happy with the idea that the loser would get fucked by the winner… Maybe we’d think of something else.

We had chosen six guys to provide the balls for Jimmy’s and Phil’s kicks: Zach, George and Cal sported the largest packages we had, followed closely by the twins’ sets of marbles. And Brandon, Cal’s Asian-American buddy from the swim team, would complete the lineup.

Now it was the twins’ turn to be in the limelight.

The two blond 22 year old brothers were standing in the studio, naked.

Phil was changing into his soccer gear.

Will playfully slapped his brother’s naked genitals, making them bounce up.

Michael groaned and grabbed his balls, frowning at Will.

Will laughed.

“Alright”, I said when Phil had tied his shoes. He was wearing his green soccer shorts and the shirt with his name and number on it. “Let’s start.”

“Okay”, Phil said.

Will grinned. “You ready, Mikey?”

Michael groaned and straightened. “Yeah, alright.”

Will chuckled and pretended to backhand-slap his brothers dangling sac again.

Michael winced.

“Come on, Mikey”, Will laughed. “It’s---“

He was interrupted by a mean squeeze courtesy of Phil.

The 18 year old redhead had sneaked his hand between Will’s thighs from behind, and yanked them back, hard.

Michael grinned while Will doubled over and grabbed his crotch.

“Let go”, Will whispered hoarsely.

“Say ‘please’, Will”, Phil grinned and squeezed his nuts.

Will coughed. “Please!”

Phil let go and Will cupped his aching balls with both of his hands.

Michael chuckled.

“Guys”, I said and clapped my hands. “We haven’t got all day…”

I nodded at my cameraman Chad who walked into the kitchen.

“I thought we’d take advantage of the fact that you are gymnasts”, I explained while Chad placed two kitchen chairs in front of the camera in the middle of the studio.

“Okay”, Michael said. “What do you want us to do?”

I pointed at the chairs which were standing a couple of feet apart. “You do the splits on those chairs. That way, your balls will be dangling below and Phil will be able to kick them properly.”

Michael stared at the chairs. “One after the other?”

I shook my head. “You’ll have to be close together so that Phil will get all four of your testicles with one kick.”

Michael grimaced. “Okay. But I’ll be the one in the back. I don’t want Will’s dick touching my ass…”

Will groaned. He was still busy nursing his balls. “I thought you like getting fucked, Mikey”, he chuckled weakly. “That’s what your little boyfriend tells me…”

Michael turned his head and glared at his brother. “He’s not my---“

“Guys”, I said. “Calm down. Let’s get it over with…”

Michael grunted. He walked up to the chairs and repositioned them so that they had the right distance between them.

He stretched his legs and got onto the chairs, his legs in the split position with his feet resting on the two chairs. His muscular body looked great.

“Come on, Will”, he said impatiently.

Will rolled his eyes. He walked up to his brother and brought his naked foot up to Michael’s naked nuts, touching them lightly and lifting them with his toes.

Michael gasped. “What the---“ He lost his balance, the chairs moved and he fell to the ground. Due to his unfortunate position, his balls took the brunt of the blow. He landed on the ground and his testicles flattened between the hard floor and his pelvis.

Michael howled in agony.

Will laughed. “Sorry, Mikey, I didn’t mean to---“

“Fuck you!” Michael groaned. He rolled to his back and closed his legs, nursing his aching gonads and moaning in pain.

Will chuckled. “Really, I didn’t mean to---“

“Fuck you!” Michael repeated.

Will shrugged and looked at me.

I rolled my eyes. “Guys, could you---“

“Will, that was totally uncalled for”, Phil said, shaking his head.

“What?” Will raised his eyebrows. “I just---“

“Fuck you!” Michael whimpered.

“Okay”, I said slowly. “Now everybody calm down.”

A couple of minutes later, we were ready to shoot the teaser.

Michael frowned at his brother. “You go first.”

Will shook his head and got onto the chairs in the splits position. His balls dangled vulnerably below his flaccid cock.

Michael wrapped his arms around his brother and got behind him.

As a professional gymnastic team, they were used to getting in close physical contact. But this seemed to be pretty awkward for both of them.

“You have to get really close together”, I said and shoved Michael’s ass so that his cock touched his brother’s back. “Your balls have to be almost touching, so that Phil can get both of them with one kick.”

Phil grinned.

“Eww”, Will said. “Mikey, are you---“

“Shut up!” Michael hissed.

Will was silent.

I took a step back and looked beneath the twins’ legs. Their balls were swinging in perfect unison.

I nodded at Phil and walked behind the camera.

Chad chuckled. “Looks great.”

Michael’s arms were wrapped around Will’s chest while Will’s arms were outstretched to help him keep his balance.

I smiled. “Let’s try to do it in one take.”

The twins stared at me.

“I’m not gonna do more than one take”, Michael mumbled.

“Okay”, I said. “So let’s all give it our best shot. You know your lines?”

Phil and the twins nodded.

“Alright”, I said. “Soccer balls 2, teaser 2, take 1. Action!”

Phil smiled at the camera. “12 balls. 2 soccer players. 1 winner.“

He drew his foot back and let it sail into the twin’s crotches from behind. It struck all four of their balls perfectly, smashing Michael’s balls with the instep and Will’s with the toes.

The twins yelped in unison.

The chairs tottered.

“Fuck!” Michael screamed.

Then they both fell down, their legs spread wide, smashing their precious, low hanging nuggets into the ground.

Their eyes widened and Will let out a long, pitiful moan.

Michael’s eyes crossed.

“When?” Phil grinned.

“September 20th”, Michael whispered.


“On ballbustingboys…” Will moaned. “…dot…com…”

Then Will fell to the front and Michael fell onto his back.

It took a couple of seconds until they had freed themselves from their uncomfortable positions and they both curled up in a ball and began nursing their gonads.

“Yeah”, Phil grinned at the camera, wiggled his crotch, and winked.

“Cut!” I said.

I looked at Chad.

Chad grinned and nodded.

“Perfect!” I said. “That was perfect! That’s it!”

Phil looked like he was disappointed.

I raised my eyebrows. “You want to do another take?”

Michael whimpered in protest.

Phil chuckled. “Nah, that’s okay.”

“Thanks, guys!” I said. “That was just perfect!”


Anonymous said...

Nice warm up for the big event! It's great that the twins are always willing to put their balls on the line and try out new things. I know I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a soccer player's kick!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I like the twins, too. And I agree with you, I wouldn't want to be in their place... :-)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, the twins do loads together, don't they? Perhaps, in the future, a ballbusting match in which one unlucky guy faces down four big feet, hands, knees and elbows could appear? Lol. But, I digress. Yet another great story. This Soccer Balls thing will be gooooood!

Alex said...

Yeah, I like that. You're thinking of a fight where the twins team up to face one opponent, right? Any preferences as to who should be the loser in this one?

Anonymous said...

For 2 against 1 maybe you can consider some kind of handicap ? And how do we know that the twins will win ?
I think 2 guys beating up 1 guy is really boring unless it is 2 weak guys against 1 strong. None of your models could stand up to the mighty twins !

Anonymous said...

Alex...who would you like to see facing the twins?

Alex said...

Hmm, maybe you are right. What about the twins vs. Kev and Ben? Or Cal and Brandon? What do you think?

Anonymous said...

Against Ben and Kev would be awesome. That's a lot of meat everywhere ! Ben is never afraid to show off his nakes body and he's never really been close to the twins. Does he know how big they really are ?
I believe the twins will win becaused they are faster and smarter than the dumb jocks.

Alex said...

Alright, Ben and Kev it is. The guys have met in the Olympics, of course, but I guess he'll be a bit awestruck... :-)
I've added the pairing to the "One on one" wishlist. I hope I'll be able to publish the story in September, but maybe it won't be till October...

Anonymous said...

You're right, Ben and the twins have met, but they never competed against each other and they are never seen close together. In my mind Ben has a bigger set than Kev, he must believe he's in the top league and we know he loves to show them off. I would love to see him strip first and pose in front of the camera. Then he can tell the twins "I remember you guys are pretty huge too, let's see what you've got". A little humiliation for Ben would be great. I'm sure he will get really turned on seeing them naked and having a chance to kick such huge nuts!!! I hope this will be a long painful fight for Kev and Ben. I think the twins will be in no rush to finish them off. Thanks again for the opportunity to expresss my hopes!

Anonymous said...

Another suggestion : in the Ballbusting Olympics, Roshambo, Ben used a "tactic" that you called primal scream therapy. Very funny and very hot !!! Can we please see a return in one of Ben's coming matches :-)

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestions! They are great! I'll make sure to include them into the story!

Carter said...

Man this is hot
Makes me wish I could be on a soccer team, kicking balls all day

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm sure you'd be a great soccer player. But I think you might focus on the wrong ball(s)... :-))