Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big balls training camp: Saturday

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: BrandonCalLeoTristan and Zach (click for pictures)

When I entered the kitchen at 8 a.m., Chad was standing outside on the patio, smoking a cigarette. We were at a friend’s house for the weekend to toughen up the oversized testicles of George, Zach and Cal.

“Good morning”, I said.

Chad grunted. He was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Judging from the look of his hair that was standing on ends and reminded me of Tina Turner’s 80s look, Chad hadn’t showered, yet.

“Early, huh?” I grinned.

Chad inhaled and coughed.

I started to prepare breakfast.

A couple of minutes later, Tristan and Leo arrived.

Their hair was wet from the shower, and they were shirtless and barefoot, wearing just some baggy jeans.

“Good morning”, Leo said cheerfully. The skinny skaterboy scratched his pale chest. “What’s for breakfast?”

I smiled. “Whatever you like.”

Leo nodded.

“Coffee or tea?” I offered.

“Coffee, please”, Leo said.

I looked at Tristan.

The blond 19 year old opened the fridge and looked around. He found what he was searching for and grabbed a carton of milk.

I handed him a glass and they sat down at the table.

“Good morning”, Brandon stood in the doorway. The Asian-American boy smiled and sat down next to Tristan and Leo.

“How was your night?” I asked.

“Okay”, Brandon said.

“Coffee or tea?” I asked.

“Tea, please”, Brandon said.

I poured him a cup.

Cal limped into the kitchen, his right hand cupping his crotch. “Good morning”, he croaked.

We stared at him. “Everything alright?”

The African-American swimmer shrugged and sat down. He was shirtless, his trained swimmer’s body looking perfect. “Yeah”, he said reluctantly and glanced at Brandon.

“I did a little wake-up call”, Brandon grinned.

The skaterboys chuckled while Cal groaned.

Chad came in and closed the glass door behind him.

“I think I’m gonna take a shower, now”, he said and yawned.

He left the kitchen and almost collided with George, who smiled and said cheerfully, “Good morning.”

“Good morning”, the rest of us answered in unison.

“Coffee or tea?” I asked.

“Coffee”, the good looking curly haired actor said.

“Me too, please”, Cal chimed in.

I poured them both a cup of coffee and looked at my watch. It was 8.15.

“Where’s Zach?” I asked George.

“Still sleeping”, he shrugged.

“Didn’t you wake him?”

“Tried to.”

I sighed. “Chad?” I shouted.

“Yes?” came the answer from upstairs.

“Wake Zach up, would you?” I shouted.

Chad grunted.

A couple of seconds later we heard him open Zach’s door. Then there was a dull thud and a muffled groan.

I looked at George.

“I guess he’s awake, now”, George deadpanned and took a sip from his cup.

A couple of minutes later, Zach arrived. He walked exactly like Cal a few minutes before him, limping and cupping his crotch. The blond frat guy was shirtless, too. He grimaced in pain and sat down next to George.

“Good morning”, George smiled.

Zach nodded.

“Coffee or tea?” I asked.

“Coffee”, Zach whispered and nursed the big bulge in his flimsy shorts.

I chuckled.

“Why didn’t you wake me?” Zach turned to George.

“I tried to”, George said. “You didn’t react.”

Zach groaned and rubbed his aching package.

“I’ll try again, tomorrow, alright?” George grinned.

Zach nodded.

We all had a long, relaxed breakfast, the perfect start for a wonderful day.

At ten, we split up.

Yesterday, we had assigned a personal trainer to each of our three big balled studs.

Brandon had chosen Zach, Tristan was paired with Cal, and Leo was going to take George under his wings.
I showed them the three rooms in the basement.

Brandon and Zach went into the wine cellar. It was filled with hundreds of bottles that were sitting on shelves at the walls.

Tristan and George took the next room, the boiler room.

The last room was a storage room with some tables and chairs and lots of useless stuff.

“Okay for you?” I looked at Leo and Cal.

They shrugged.

“Sure”, Leo said. “We’re not here to enjoy the surroundings. It’s gonna be work, work, work…” Leo clapped his hands and grinned at Cal.

Cal smiled weakly.

“Alright”, I said and looked at my watch. “Chad and I are going to the supermarket now and buy some lunch. You have two hours, then we’ll have lunch and you have some more training in the afternoon, alright?”

The guys nodded.

Zach cleared his throat. “You are gonna leave us alone?”

I raised my eyebrows. “Sure. Come on, get to work…”

Zach grimaced.

Two hours later, all of us were sitting at the table.

George, Zach and Cal looked like their personal trainers had done a pretty good job.

Zach was pale, his eyes were glassy. He was whimpering every time he shifted his weight.

I looked at Brandon. “How did it go?”

Brandon shrugged. “I guess we’ll need a lot more time…”

I nodded.

Tristan grabbed George’s clothed crotch and squeezed hard.

George winced and whimpered.

“You, too?” I said.

Tristan nodded. “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

“I guess so”, I chuckled.

“Actually”, Leo said. “I’m quite pleased with Cal.”

Cal smiled weakly. He looked tired.

“That so?” I smiled and patted Cal’s shoulder.

Leo nodded.

“Great! Chad and I are going to come to each of your rooms in the afternoon”, I said.

We had lunch.

At 2 p.m., we started the next bunch of training sessions.

The boys disappeared into their training rooms while Chad and I cleaned up the kitchen. Half an hour later, I told Chad to get the camera.

“Alright”, I said. “Let’s go see what the boys are up to…”

Chad grinned.

We walked down into the basement.

On our way down the stairs, we heard muffled screams and groans.

“Sounds like a horror movie”, Chad grinned.

I chuckled.

I knocked on the door of the wine cellar where Brandon and Zach were training.

“Come in”, Brandon shouted cheerfully.

I opened the door and we went in.

Zach was naked, leaning against the shelves, his legs spread wide apart. His eyes were filled with tears.

“Hi”, he croaked. His cock was rock hard and pointing at the ceiling. His hands were clasping the shelve in order not to interfere with his personal trainer’s action.

Brandon was kneeling in front of him, lightly punching his pendulous balls in a steady rhythm like he was working with a punching bag.

The sound of his knuckles connecting with Zach’s gonads echoed in the room. Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.

“How’s it going?” I asked.

Brandon shrugged. He continued punching Zach’s balls. The two meaty orbs were swinging back and forth between Zach’s legs.

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.

Zach was panting. His face was beet red.

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.

“Any improvement, yet?” I asked.

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.

Brandon shook his head. He interrupted his punching, allowing Zach to catch his breath and his balls to stop swinging.

Then Brandon threw a mean uppercut at Zach’s balls that made the hot frat guy gasp. His eyes widened and he let out a blood-curdling scream. He grabbed his aching gonads and collapsed on the ground.

Brandon got up and turned to me. He sighed. “See?” He shook his head slowly.

“Okay”, I said. “I guess you’ll need some more time, right?”

Brandon nodded.

I kneeled next to Zach.

“You alright”, I said softly.

Zach grunted.

“Come on, at least you didn’t cum, did you?”

Zach looked at me, embarrassed.

“You did?”

Zach pointed at a wine glass that was sitting on one of the shelves. It was half filled with spunk.

“Twice”, Zach whispered.

“Oh”, I said.

“He’s gonna make me drink it if I don’t behave”, Zach said in a low voice.

I grimaced in sympathy. “You better behave, then, huh?”

Zach nodded and rubbed his sore nuts.

“Come on”, Brandon said. “Let’s continue.”

Zach groaned and slowly got up. He leaned against the shelves and spread his legs, looking at me with desperation in his eyes.

I shrugged. “Let’s look at it this way: If the training is successful it can spare you a lot of pain.”

Zach whimpered.

“Alright, I’ll leave you to it”, I said.

Brandon clenched his fists and looked at Zach. “Ready?”

Zach sighed.

Brandon nodded and started lightly punching Zach’s ballbag again.

Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap.

Zach winced and whimpered.

Chad and I left the room and I closed the door behind us.

I looked at Chad.

My cameraman grinned. “Brandon is quite effective, isn’t he?”

“Quite a sadist, too”, I said.

Chad chuckled. “Zach can take it.”

I shrugged.

We went to the next room, the boiler room, where Tristan and George were working out.

I knocked on the door.

Instead of a greeting, we heard a bloodcurdling scream.

I opened the door.

George was in a spread eagle position, his legs spread wide and his arms outstretched. His ankles and wrists were handcuffed to some boiler pipes so that he had no means to defend himself.

The curly haired actor was panting heavily. Sweat was running down his naked body. His limp dick was tied to his belly.

Tristan was standing in front of him, wearing boots I had never seen him wear before. A large bag was sitting on the ground.

Georges big, juicy nuts were tied and separated with what looked like a shoelace. They were glistening with sweat and looking swollen and red.

With a running start, Tristan brought his boot up into George’s balls and nailed them both dead on. The toes of his boot collided with the two trapped testicles and drove them into George’s body.

George squeaked.

Now, Tristan noticed us.

“Hi”, he shouted, trying to communicate with us over George’s bloodcurdling scream.

“Hi, Tristan”, I said in a loud voice.

Finally, George’s scream turned into a pitiful whimper.

“That’s better”, Chad said and smiled at George.

“Everything alright?” I asked and nodded at George.

Tristan nodded.

“Where did you get those handcuffs?” I asked and walked over to George. I grabbed the metal cuffs and pulled. “They look professional…”

Tristan nodded proudly. “I brought them with me. I thought, well, maybe I could use them.”

“Good thinking”, I nodded and looked at George.

George whimpered. His nuts were looking like two bright red rubber balls.

I grimaced in sympathy and smiled at him. “You okay?”

“Never felt better”, George deadpanned.

Tristan chuckled. “It’s fun working with him”, he grinned.

George grimaced. “Likewise… Now could you please… you know…” He looked at his wrists and smiled at Tristan with a pleading expression on his face.

Tristan shrugged. “We’re making progress, but I don’t think we are finished, yet.”

George groaned. “Come on, Tristan, please, let---“ George paused when he saw that Tristan was positioning himself in front of him again. “No”, he whispered.

Tristan grinned and brought back his leg.

“No”, George repeated.

Tristan kicked his vulnerable balls full force. His toes connected with the two trapped gonads and smashed them hard.

“Noooooo!” George screamed. Then he gagged and retched. He closed his eyes and let out a long, miserable moan.

Chad and I cringed in sympathy.

Tristan looked satisfied.

George’s oversized balls were bouncing between his legs as he struggled against his handcuffed.

“Tristan”, I said slowly. “Maybe you could, I don’t know, untie his balls for a moment? He looks a bit uncomfortable…”

Tristan looked at George’s swollen nuts. Then he nodded. “Maybe you’re right.”

I looked at Chad who had a horrified expression on his face.

We left the room while Tristan brutally grabbed George’s balls and untied the knots in the shoe laces.

“Careful! Careful!” George screamed.

Tristan nodded.

I closed the door.

“Phew”, Chad said.

“Now let’s see what awaits us behind door three”, I said and knocked on the door to the storage room.

“Come in”, Leo answered.

I opened the door, expecting to see another chapter out of a horror novel.

But Leo and Cal were sitting opposite each other, a few feet apart. There was no screaming, and Cal looked like he was pretty relaxed.

Both boys were naked and their legs were spread apart. Cal’s semi-hard dick was resting on his thigh while his balls were hanging between his legs, touching the ground. Leo’s balls weren’t nearly as big as Cal’s. They were dangling between his thighs, with his flaccid dick hanging in front of them.

“Hi”, I said, unable to keep the surprise from my voice.

Leo looked at me and grinned. He had a baseball in his hand and lobbed the ball across the room.

It landed on Cal’s naked dick.

Cal winced.

“You’re playing nutball?” I said.

Leo nodded. “We did some kicking and some punching earlier. I think it’s best to rest now and again. So we decided to make things---“

He was interrupted by a perfect hit by Cal. The baseball came flying into Leo’s balls and hit his left nut dead-on.

“Fuck”, Leo moaned and cupped his gonads.

Cal grinned. “Yesss.”

I chuckled.

“I’m leading 6 points to 5”, Cal explained.

Leo moaned.

“Nice”, I said.

“We made a deal”, Cal said. “If I win, the training is over. If he wins, we’ll carry on with some squeezing.”

I raised my eyebrows. “Well, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of---“

Cal screamed from the top of his lungs as the baseball landed in a perfect arc on his meaty plums, flattening them into the ground.

“Oh yes, that was a good one”, Leo grinned, rubbing his own nuts. “6 to 6.”

“Ouch”, Cal moaned and massaged his extralarge testicles.

“Okay”, I said. “Doesn’t this game defeat the purpose of---“

Cal threw the ball at Leo’s crotch, but it landed way off, hitting his thigh instead. Cal grimaced.

“Guys”, I said. “Doesn’t this---“

Leo pitched the ball full force at Cal’s groin. It landed with a loud smack, hitting both of Cal’s nuggets and making him gasp in pain. He whimpered and covered his aching nuts.

I rolled my eyes.

“Im leading 7 to 6”, Leo grinned. “One more hit and I’m the winner…”

Cal grimaced in pain. With all the force he could muster, he threw the baseball at Leo. Again, his aim was off, and he hit Leo’s abs instead of his nuts.

Leo winced and rubbed his belly. “Ouch.”

Then he grinned at Cal. “Match point”, he smiled and pelted the baseball at Cal’s groin. Cal’s eyes widened as he saw the ball zero in on the target zone.

It landed with a dull thud, crashing into Cal’s testicles and crunching them hard.

Cal moaned. He grabbed his balls and rolled to his side.

Leo stood. He grabbed his crotched and wiggled his genitals. Then he grabbed his baggy jeans and put them on. “I win”, he smiled.

I nodded. “That’s a bit… well… unorthodox”, I said.

Leo shrugged. “Tristan told me that he handcuffed George to the boiler. I don’t like that. I want Cal to give up his balls to me…”

I stared at him. “But if you had lost…”

“Gotta believe in fate”, Leo shrugged.

I chuckled.

“Come on, Cal, fair’s fair”, Leo said and walked over to the muscular black swimmer.

Cal groaned. He stood and faced his personal trainer.

The black haired skaterboy grinned and grabbed Cal’s huge balls with both of his skinny hands.
Cal winced in anticipation.

“Alirght”, Leo said. “Ten seconds. You count.“

Cal nodded weakly.

Then Leo started squeezing. He dug his fingers into the soft ballflesh and kneaded the two precious jewels in his hands.

“Ten”, Cal whimpered. “Nine. Eight. Seven.”

“That’s too fast”, Leo interrupted him and twisted his testicles. “Start again.”

Cal coughed. “Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five.”

“That’s right”, Leo grinned and yanked down on Cal’s sac.

Cal screamed in pain. Then he continued counting. “Four. Three. Two. One.”

Leo interlocked his fingers and ground Cal’s poor nuts between the palms of his hands.

“Zero”, Cal whimpered.

Leo let go and patted Cal’s back.

Cal sank to the ground and held his aching gonads. He moaned in pain.

Leo turned around and smiled at me. “We’re gonna do that another four or five times. And then we’re done, I think…”

I nodded. “Alright. See you at dinner.”

We left the room and walked upstairs.

An hour later, the guys arrived and we had dinner.

George, Zach and Cal looked pretty tired, which wasn’t entirely unexpected. Their trainers had put them through quite an ordeal.

So we decided to banish nutshots from the rest of the day. George, Cal and Zach didn’t seem to be too trusting towards Brandon and the skaterboys. They made sure to guard their balls with their hands all the time.

We watched a DVD that Zach had brought, some 70s Russ Meyer sex comedy and went to bed quite early.

Tomorrow was another day.


Anonymous said...

the begining sorta reminded of high school band trip where we (well the school) rented a hotel, lol, awsome, and I like Leo's idea. Almost like a sort of test. and the whole purpuse of the camp is to pass the tests, lol XD (cal failed)

btw, what do the boys DO for a living? I mean tristans not an official model, so eithier he's a policeman-in-training or something, or he's even kinkier than I imagined. :)

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I haven't thought about our model's jobs. I'll think about it...

Carter said...

What a great way to get somebody up! Much better than an alarm clock.
Anyway the training seems to be going well, the guys are handling it pretty well

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Carter! Yeah, we were very happy with the success of the training. But, truth be told, those big nuts are stll pretty weak... ;-)