Friday, August 15, 2008

One on one: Danny vs. Leo

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Danny and Leo (click for pictures)

Danny was the first one to arrive at the studio. The struggling actor (whose latest “hits” included memorable direct-to-DVD-movies like “Las Vegas Himbos in the Wild Wild West” and “My Dad is a phone booth”) was wearing jeans and a shirt. His strawberry-blond hair was tousled as always, and he was wearing brand-new sneakers.

“You look good”, I said.

“Thanks”, Danny smiled.

Before I had a chance to ask about his brother David, the door opened and Leo rolled into the studio on his skateboard.

“Hey”, Leo grinned. At 19, he was 2 years younger than Danny. The lanky boy with the curly black hair leaned his skateboard against my desk. He was wearing sagging jeans and a long-sleeved and a short-sleeved t-shirt on top of each other. His sneakers looked well-worn and he had a baseball cap on his head.

I looked at my cameraman Chad and saw that he was waiting for us.

“Okay”, I clapped my hands and walked behind the camera. “Why don’t we start?”

Leo and Danny smiled and nodded.

Leo took off his cap and placed in on top of his skateboard.

“Do you want to introduce yourself first?” I asked.

Leo shrugged.

Danny smiled. “Sure, why not.”

He took a step forward and waited for Chad to give him the signal to start.

“Hi, I’m Danny.” He started casually unbuttoning his shirt. “I’m 22 years old and I’m sure you know me by now.” He took his shirt off and threw it away. He ran his hand over his smooth, naked chest and played with his nipples. “I have been with ‘Ballbusting Boys’ for more than half a year now.” He opened the fly of his jeans and pulled them down. “Today I’m gonna fight little skater boy Leo.” He took off his shoes and threw them away. “He may be a bit taller than me, but I’m sure I can handle him.” Danny grinned and took off his jeans. He was standing in the middle of the room, naked except for his briefs and his socks. He grabbed his crotch and squeezed his manhood lightly. “Those nuts won’t be cracked tonight.” Danny lifted his feet one after the other and took off his socks. “But I’ll do my very best to crack Leo’s…” He threw his dirty socks at Leo, hitting him in the face and laughing.

Leo winced and grimaced, wiping his face with his arm.

“Your turn”, Danny grinned.

Leo sighed and addressed the camera. “I’m Leo. I’m 19 years old.” He paused, looked at Danny, and shrugged. Then he stripped, too, taking off his t-shirts, his sneakers, his jeans, and his socks, revealing his pale, skinny body. He rubbed his abs and grinned sheepishly. With a wink at the camera, he lifted the leg opening of his boxer shorts and pulled his large dick and his low-hanging nuts out into the open. “Do you like those goodies? I do, too.” He patted his naked genitals and tucked them back into his boxer shorts. “May the best guy win.”

Danny grinned.

The two guys were standing next to each other.

“Oh, I almost forgot. This is a ‘loser gets fucked’ match”, I told them.

Danny and Leo stared at me.

Then they stared at each other.

I noticed a barely visible twitch, both in Danny’s briefs and in Leo’s boxers.

“Here”, I grinned and threw a pack of condoms at them.

Danny caught them and looked at me.

Leo seizes his chance and brought his bare foot into Danny’s crotch. His toes connected with Danny’s package and smashed his balls into his pelvis.

Danny coughed and doubled over, letting go of the condoms and grabbing his groin. The condoms landed on the floor. The strawberry-haired actor groaned and massaged his crotch.

“Fuck”, he croaked.

“Yeah, right, I’m gonna fuck you”, Leo grinned and walked behind Danny.

He reached inside his briefs and grabbed Danny’s nuts from behind.

Judging from the look on Danny’s face, he had them in a pretty optimal grip. Danny’s eyebrows rose and he formed an O with his mouth while Leo was standing behind him, clenching his teeth and kneading Danny’s precious family jewels.

Danny groaned and tried to pry Leo’s hands away from his balls, but Leo’s grip was tight. His knuckles were visible through the thin fabric of Danny’s briefs, squashing his balls and making Danny scream in agony.

“Fuck!” he yelled and brought his heel up behind him, catching Leo square in his nuts and making the skater yelp and lose his grip on Danny’s balls.

Danny groaned stumbled away.

Both boys were dealing with the pain in their respective testicles, now. They were standing doubled over, cupping their gonads and grimacing in pain.

Danny eyed his opponent.

His heel had hit Leo’s dangling fruits dead on. Leo looked even paler than he usually was, and he was panting heavily.

Danny grimaced and rubbed his nuts. “”Fucker”, he muttered and closed his eyes. He inhaled sharply and quickly walked behind Leo.

Before Leo had any chance to prevent Danny’s attack, Danny powered his foot up into Leo’s crotch from behind, bringing his bare foot up into Leo’s groin, lifting his boxers up and smashing his delicate low-hangers into his pelvis.

Leo shrieked.

Danny grimaced and followed up with three more hard kicks, catching Leo’s poor testicles dead-on each time, and making Leo’s cheeks puff and his eyes bulge.

Leo collapsed on the ground, lying on his belly and nursing his nuts.

Danny was standing behind him, looking down and massaging his own throbbing balls.

He reached down and grabbed the Leo’s boxers. With a swift motion, he depantsed him, leaving the groaning skater naked on the floor. Leo’s ass was sticking out as he was writhing on the ground and caressing his agonized testicles.

Danny smiled weakly and sat down on Leo’s back, facing his ass and his feet.

“Do you give up?”

Leo groaned. “No way…”

Danny slapped his ass hard a few times.

Leo screamed in pain.

“Do you give up?” Danny repeated.

“No!” Leo screamed.

Danny chuckled. He reached between Leo’s legs and grabbed his naked nuts.

“Do you give up?”

Leo’s face was a mask of pain and fear. “No, no, no!” he screamed.

Danny sighed and gave Leo’s balls a hard squeeze.

Leo cried out in pain.

“Do you---“


Danny continued squeezing poor Leo’s balls, kneading the two delicate orbs in his hands and squashing them mercilessly.

“Fuck!” Leo cried.

“Yeah, right, I’m gonna fuck you”, Danny muttered and twisted Leo’s balls in his hand.

Leo let out a blood-curdling scream.

“Give up!” Danny shouted and let go of Leo’s nuts.

He balled his fist and punched his opponent’s testicles hard.

Leo gasped.

Danny repeated the move, hitting both of Leo’s nuggets dead-on.

“Noooo”, Leo wailed.

Danny shook his head, sighed, and punched Leo’s nuts again.

Moving quickly, he got up and stood behind Leo. He grabbed his ankles and spread his legs apart.

“No”, Leo whispered.

“Give up, and I don’t have to do this”, Danny grinned.

His tight briefs were noticeably tented, and there was a damp spot where the tip of his dick seemed to be.

“No”, Leo shouted.

Danny brought his bare foot in between Leo’s legs and kicked his nuts hard.

Leo wailed.

Another kick and another agonized wail later, Danny changed his tactics and stomped down on Leo’s naked nuts. His bare foot squashed the poor skater boys testicles into the floor, and Leo screamed in pain.

Danny shifted his weight and lifted his other foot off the ground, standing solely on his right foot now, the one that was standing on Leo’s tender testicles.

An ear-shattering shriek indicated that this was more than Leo could bear.

Quickly, Danny stepped off of Leo’s balls.

“I give”, Leo whispered.

“Can’t hear you”, Danny grinned.

“I give”, Leo said, louder this time.
Danny let go of Leo’s ankles and smiled. He looked to the floor and spotted the condoms. He reached inside his briefs and pulled out his cock and balls, tucking the waistband of his briefs underneath.

His right hand stroked his dick. His fat cock was fully hard and glistening with precum. His left hand grabbed the condom. He brought the condom to his mouth and ripped the package open with his teeth. Then he rolled the condom over his throbbing erection.

He returned to Leo who was lying on the floor, sobbing and moaning.

Danny knelt down next to him and ran his hand over his face.

“You alright?” he asked, almost tenderly.

Leo looked at him and groaned. “You won”, he whispered.

“Yeah”, Danny grinned. “And I’m gonna fuck you now.”

Leo grimaced and massaged his balls.

Danny looked around, searching for something. Then he looked up to me and said, “Where’s the lube?”

I stared at him from behind the camera and blushed. “I--- I---“

“Don’t tell me you forgot to buy lube?” Danny said, looking disappointed and appalled.

Leo looked at me, sweating and exhausted.

“Sorry”, I said.

Danny grimaced and stroked his hard dick.

“You can’t go without lube”, Leo said slowly.

Danny jerked his dick and nodded. “You’re right.”

Leo looked assuaged.

That expression changed, though, when Danny said, “Okay, we’ll have to improvise.”

Leo blinked.

Danny grinned and rolled Leo onto his back. “We’ll have to produce our own lube, won’t we?”

Leo blinked again.

Danny grabbed Leo’s nuts and squeezed hard, renewing the pain and making Leo scream from the top of his lungs.

His dick was half-hard, and Danny jerked it with his right hand, squeezing Leo’s balls with his left.

Leo was alternately panting and moaning, screaming in pain and gasping.

Patiently, Danny kneaded Leo’s nuts and stroked his big dick.

“Come on”, Danny muttered.

Leo sobbed and groaned.

A few moments later, his cock erupted with a healthy load of hot, white jizz. Leo moaned, caught in a dilemma of pain and pleasure.

Danny looked pleased and let go of Leo’s nuts. He caught a few jets of spunk with his hands and smeared them on his cock.

He didn’t wait for Leo’s cock to stop shooting, and brutally rolled him onto his belly, while jets of spunk were spurting out of his dick.

Leo screamed in pain.

Danny ignored him and inserted a cum-greased finger into Leo’s asshole. He moved his finger, and inserted another one, impatiently widening his hole and lubing it up.

Leo moaned.

“Ready?” Danny asked, mounting Leo and lining up his sloppy dick with Leo’s hole that was dripping wet with his own cum.

Leo coughed.

Danny was squatting over Leo, who was lying on his belly. He slapped his cock onto Leo’s hole and bit his lower lip in anticipation.

“I haven’t fucked a guy in a long time”, Danny said, breathlessly. Then he pushed his rock hard dick into Leo’s hole.

Leo screamed.

Danny rammed his cock all the way in until his nuts touched Leo’s ass cheeks. He threw his head back and moaned with pleasure.

Leo’s face was contorted with pain.

“You’re tight”, Danny moaned and brought his sticky fingers up to Leo’s mouth, sticking them into his mouth.
Leo had his eyes clenched shut and sucked on Danny’s fingers.

“Yeah, lick your cum off of my fingers”, Danny moaned and began fucking Leo at a steady pace. His cock disappeared into Leo’s hole up to his balls, then he pulled it out halfway and slammed it back in.

Leo started to relax, moaning along with Danny.

“Yeah”, Danny whispered, fucking the curly haired boy’s ass hard.

Leo whimpered, sucking on Danny’s fingers and lying motionless while Danny powerfucked his ass.

“Fuck”, Danny panted. “I’m gonna cum!”

He increased the pace of his thrusts and slammed the poor skater’s ass with all the force he could muster. “I’m gonna cum!”

Danny slammed his dick all the way in, burying it in Leo’s ass, his head thrown back, sweat running down his body. He let out a long, guttural moan and unloaded his spunk into the condom inside Leo’s ass.

The skater boy was panting heavily. His head sank to the floor and he groaned.

After what seemed like an eternity, Danny looked down at him, giggled, and carefully pulled his dick out of Leo’s hole.

Danny was spent. He slapped Leo’s ass hard, rolled off of him and collapsed on the floor next to him, lying on his back, the cum-filled condom on his hard dick.

“God”, Danny moaned, running his hands over his sweaty body. “That was good.”

Leo groaned and curled up in a ball, one hand comforting his aching nuts, the other one feeling up his wide open asshole.

“God”, Danny moaned again. Exhausted, he reached for his dick and pulled his condom off with a sloppy smack. He brought it to his lips and let his cum run into his mouth, gulping up the sticky juice and swallowing it lazily while stroking his greasy cock that started to inflate slowly.

He sucked on the condom to get the last drop of juice out of it. When he was finished, he threw the condom to the side and licked his lips. He giggled. “That was good.”

The spent actor grabbed his glistening cock and played with it, jerking it a few times and sqeezing its tip. He looked spent but happy, his eyes closed half-way, grinning lazily.

Leo groaned and looked at him. “Danny?”

Danny turned his head and smiled. “What, sunshine?” He slapped Leo's nuts playfully.

Leo groaned and grabbed his aching plums. “I want revenge”, he whispered.

Danny laughed. “Sure, anytime you like…”


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Anonymous said...

Loved the loser gets fucked ending! Also no lube was hot. Danny the strawberry blond is hot. Is he cut or uncut?

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you liked the story and the character of Danny. He is cut, buy the way...

Anonymous said...

Awesome story. Glad to see that Danny finally won one. He dosnt have bad luck all of the time. :)

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I guess if Danny is much more confident when David is not around... :-)

Anonymous said...

Yesssssss!!! Socks, barefeet, and mean sex! I loooooove it! Sex doesn't seem to come around as much as involuntary cumming (the best kind!) does, but that just makes it all the more sexy when it does! =D

Yet another great one!

Alex said...

Thanks, Chris! I haven't written many stories involving actual sex, yet. Next month's poll is gonna deal with that topic...