Saturday, August 2, 2008


Last month we got a suggestion for a series of role play episodes. With “Sammy the ball doctor” we already took a step in that direction, but in the new series we’ll try to expand the scale, i.e. there will be more people involved (opposed to a one on one situation in “Sammy the ball doctor”) and the stories will be longer.
All we need now is a couple of scenarios in which our guys will take on different roles. Please tell us your ideas in the comments section, the more details the better.
This is what we have so far:

1. The coach disciplines the water polo team
[updated 08/05/2008] [published 09/30/2008]
Kev stars as the coach of a water polo team who isn’t quite happy with the team’s performance and decides to teach them a lesson by busting their balls. The water polo team will be played by the twins Michael and Will, black swimmer Cal and his Asian-American mate Brandon, big balled frat guy Zach and equally well endowed newbie George.

2. Trouble at the office [published 11/13/2008]
Cute actor Danny stars as a shy office-worker with a wild side. He stays late in the office and joins his co-workers in a wild night of partying and fucking, before they get interrupted by their angry boss. Danny’s co-workers will be played by up-for-anything skaters Leo and Tristan, and young and hung fan-favourites Zach, Cal and George. The no-nonsense boss will be played by Danny’s brother David Xander. [Sorry, I had to change it. It just didn't work out with David...]

3. An ordinary day at school [added 08/03/2008] [updated 12/23/2008] [published 12/09/2008, 12/20/2008, 01/17/2009 and 02/05/2009]Geeky Simon and big-balled actor George star as two shy guys at school. During the day, they get bullied and busted by a couple of their school mates. In geography, skater boys Leo, Sammy and Tristan are envious of their undeniable skills (part 1); in gym class, they meet jock boy Ben and his lackeys Colin and Kev (part 2); and on the schoolyard, Danny and the twins humiliate them in front of the whole school (part 3). Finally, the geeks get revenge: they lure the leaders (Leo, Ben and Danny) into the locker room, tie them up and bust their balls (part 4).

4. En guarde! [added 08/05/2008]
Jock boys Kev and Ben star as two fencers in a fierce training session.

5. Props [added 08/05/2008]
Set at the dress rehearsal of a drama group on the night before opening night, Danny stars as a likeable and talented actor who is attacked by a group of envious supporting players (Tristan, George and Simon). Fortunately for Danny, the janitor (Chad) interrupts them and helps Danny to get revenge.

6. At the playground [added 08/05/2008]
Gymnasts Will and Michael star as two twin brothers who have fun busting each others balls on a public playground.


Anonymous said...

Hey Guy your stories are great! Love it when you get busted too. Have you ever described your balls? Would sure be hot to have pictures of all the guys!

Anonymous said...

Uhm... anon1... the guys on this blog are fictional, so no pictures exist... or so I understand. Still, if they were real, it'd be too good to be true~ ^^

I like the swim team idea, for obvious reasons. :P Also, perhaps a school-bully idea? I mean, some of the guys have got to be quite fresh-faced, and school shoes/socks are fun. XD

Then theres, like, a Karate club idea. It kinda, sorta, offers more of a 'combat' or 'fighting' atmosphere, and it'd give you a way of including the more... aggresive characters...

Then again, I only say Karate because people are barefoot a lot. Wrestling would perhaps be a better idea, since it's a bit more close-contact, and perhaps even sexual, and, while it takes a lot to be a good wrestler, everyone can have a go at it. Karate, however, requires certain amounts of balance and flexibility that not all the characters could have.

Still, roleplays of any sort are very hot. Keep up the amazing work! XD

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ anonymous (1):
On 08/07 there I'm gonna have to take another (minor) shot to the balls in the story "One on one" rematch between Ben and David...
I agree, it would be hot to have photos. I've thought about that a lot. But I don't want to include those celebrity pictures (like XY looks like Adam Brody or something). And I don't want to post ordinary guy's pictures for legal reasons, obviously.
If you have some idea that might work out, let me know...

@ Chris:
I like the school bully idea! Do you have any idea about a short plotline or characters you'd like to participate?
I'm a bit weary about the Karate/Wrestling idea since I don't know the proper words, the technical terms to describe the holds/movements etc. But there's gonna be little wrestling in the Cal vs. Brandon episode of "One on one" which is coming up on 08/20. And there's gonna be a bit of footplay in that, too... :-)

Anonymous said...

A short plotline... well, it could be a simple case of two people on radically different ends of the school's social spectrum. The people being bullied should, I think, remain pretty faceless except for one. That one person should, really, be quite... uhm... weak-willed. Like, they won't like the bullying, but they won't be able to control their dick in certain scenarios. I'm not too sure who would fit that bill, so I'd have to leave that up to you... :P

As for the bullies... well, given the wide range of classes taken in school, you could have virtually anyone with a dominatory attitude. I mean, for Gym, lots of the guys will fit. You could have sections both while playing sports, and in the locker-rooms, with the chance for more than one guy to be busting the victim at any one time. Obviously, in certain lessons, you'd have to think outside the box. I know you could have at least one lesson where one of the bullies sits across the table from the victim, while he's being boxed in by the bully's lackies. Then, a few kicks from the bully's shoes, some light conversation, and the shoes could come off, leading to a sexy set of socked feet wanking the victim off, and leaving him with an embarassing cum-stain on his pants and the bully mentioning how small the guy's dick was in comparison to his massive feet, and...

Yeah, sorry. I'll stop. ^^;

As for a plot... hows about it's just, like, a school-wide vendetta against this unpopular guy? You could, of course, give everyone unique reason... but most bullies do it for popularity, and because they enjoy the power it brings them. Public humiliation would play a big part in it, too...

Those are just my ideas, though... as for people who would appear... anyone that would fit. They'd have to look relatively young, be quite suited to domination work, and enjoy busting/generally having people at their mercy. I'm sure the skaters would fit then... as might Danny... perhaps Ben as 'leader of the jocks' or something?

Anonymous said...

Have you ever considered perhaps a fencing match? A bit more versatile ways to bust with a foil sword [no sharp edges.] Or perhaps a theatrical story allow the characters to get busted with various props? Allows more variety as to what hits them..

Would like to see more stories with "you" getting busted or Chad getting busted -- though Tristan is always great, too.

Love the role playing idea... will post more ideas shortly, if you like.

Anonymous said...

well I like the swim-team idea, mainly because i want to see more of Brandon.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some of us could send you pics and a release. Would that work? Would you be willing to use yur own pic oR pics of friends who are willing to sign a release?

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ Chris:
Wow! I've addded your suggestions. It's gonna be a long story, maybe I will have to split it up into smaller parts. What do you think of my summary? Would that be something you had in mind? Including some footplay, of course... I really like the footjob/cum stain idea... :-)

@ anonymous (1):
A fencing match. Hmm, I'd have to do a bit of research for that. I'll think about it!
I like the props idea. Do you have any suggestion about a setting or about people you'd like to see in that one?
I'll see if I can think of a way to get more involved. But I don't know if I like to be busted more often... :-)

@ anonymous (2):
You'll see more of Brandon in next weekend's "Big balls training camp". I hope you'll like it. And I'll make sure to feature him prominently in the "Role play" story...

@ anonymous (3):
Yeah, well that'd be a possibility. I'd have to see the pictures, though, to see if they fit the characters. Fell free to send them to my email address. I don't want to guarantee anything, though...
Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, that summary is brilliant! I'm really looking forwards to the story, even the parts without foot play! It's just a sexy idea in general~ :P

I like the fact the skaters would be the ones in the geography classroom... and I assume they'd keep the stereotypical skater feet and socks, too? XD

Anonymous said...

How about the water polo team instead of the swim team? they could be on a losing sreak beause the opposing teams were busting their balls. the coach could teach them some dirty tactics and they could practice on each other to get tougher nuts

Anonymous said...

The research wouldn't be that hard. It helps that in foil fencing the target is your torso.. which includes the area in question we like to see hit.

For the props idea, either a movie or a play would work. Though a play would give more leeway as to what props to use -- as well as allowing ropes to be involved. Hmm...

As to people being involved, anyone would do. It's more of the setting that makes it interesting, you know?

A final thing.. though this is the wrong post to put it on. Loved the Richard & Paul stories. Any hope for more of them at some point, hm?


Alex said...

@ Chris:
> "I assume they'd keep the stereotypical skater feet and socks, too?"
Sure, they do! :-)

@ Anonymous:
I'll change the swim team to the water polo team and I'll make sure to include your ideas. Thank you!

@ Anon1:
I'll think about both of your ideas. I guess I'll have a short summary by tomorrow.
I'm afraid the "Richard and Paul" storyline is pretty much finished for me. Maybe I'll write some more episodes next year, but for now, they are "living happily ever after"...

Anonymous said...

I really like scenario number 1

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to read scenario number 1 tha just sounds to hot. I love the idea of doing a play and having random props and busting balls. Or acting out a ballbusting scene. All your stories are awesome, keep up the good work. :)

Anonymous said...

Ever considered a playground brawl? See-saws, monkeybars, slides with those horrible metal cogs sticking out..

A One on One scenario there might work well.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I've added the fencing idea, the props idea and the playground idea to the post.

Anonymous said...

Zach has a physical for the baseball team
Goes to the doctor: description of the physical, but in the end he refuses to give the sperm sample. [strong attitude]
He goes back to che coach who is pissed, kick him in the nuts and says that without a complete physical he's out
Zach goes back to the doctor, his attitude has changed now, he says he's here to cum and give the sample, but the doctor is angry with him and refuses. Scene where Zach prays for that in the end the doctor says he'll do that only in case of blue balls to have a good sample.
2 weeks of chastity: description
Than Zach goes back: first cumshot wasted because out of the petridish, too violent and fierce; second one extracted by pounching and kicking.. third one...?

Alex said...

Thanks for your suggestion! I'll think about it! :-)