Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer in the city 13: At the rock concert with Tristan

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Tristan (click for pictures)

We stood at the entrance of the park. My cameraman Chad had already started filming.

It was another hot summer day, the sun was shining brightly and the air was hot and humid. It was the perfect day for a day out.

People were walking towards the stage, goofing for the camera, flexing their muscles and having a good time. Most of them were young men, nearly all of them shirtless, wearing baggy jeans and sneakers or walking barefoot. A group of guys had stripped completely naked and used their t-shirts as makeshift loincloths, their bodies tan and lean and glistening with sweat.

They all were heading for the stage where some skater band called “Useless” – apparently one of the hottest bands around – was to start playing any minute.

We were waiting for Tristan, as this was his day in our “Summer in the city” series.

“Look at all those people”, I said, watching the crowd walk past us.

Chad shrugged. “Useless are hot.”

I stared at him. “You know this band?”

Chad grinned. “Sure. The singer is Craig Lipsons. They are piping hot. Never heard of them?”

“Hey!” Tristan shouted and walked towards us. The dusty blond skater boy fit in perfectly with the rest ofthe crowd. He was shirtless, wearing sagging blue jeans and sneakers, and carried a backpack.

“Hi, Tristan”, I said.

“Sorry I’m late. Are they playing already?”

“No, they haven’t started yet.”

“Good”, Tristan said and looked in the direction of the stage. He took off his backpack and reached inside. “A few preparations, then we can go in.” He produced a large black pen and gave it to me. “Could you help me?”

He stood in front of me and held out his chest.

“What do you want me to write?” I asked.

Tristan thought for a moment. Then he grinned, “Let’s keep it simple. What about ‘Kick my nuts!’?”

I chuckled. “Sure.”

I wrote “KICK MY NUTS!” in large letters onto his chest.

“And on my back as well”, Tristan said and turned around.

I did as I was told and gave him the pen.

He put it back into his backpack and grinned.

“How do I look?”


We walked into the park and towards the stage. Maybe a thousand people were populating the area, sitting down in small circles or standing in front of the stage.

The band’s equipment was already set up on stage and some music was playing over the loudspeakers.
Tristan didn’t draw any attention at first.

But then the group of tanned loinclothed guys spotted him, laughing and pointing at the writing on his chest.

One of them, a tall blond, approached us and grinned at Tristan, “That for real?”

Tristan smiled. “Sure. Wanna have a go?”

The guy shrugged and motioned for his friends to come join him.

Five guys were standing in front of Tristan now.

Tristan looked at them.

They were barefoot and had well defined bodies with lean but muscular chests and abs, smooth bodies and handsome faces.

Tristan blinked and looked at me.

“Last chance to back out”, the blond said.

Tristan gulped. “I don’t know if---“

“Come on”, another guy said and clapped his hands. “He’s literally asking for it. Let’s bust his balls…”

The rest of the guys cheered and a small crowd was forming around us.

“Hike your pants”, the blond grinned and pointed at Tristan’s crotch.

Tristan complied and spread his legs, his hands pulling his jeans up so that the crotch seam touched his tender nuggets.

“You wearing underwear?” the blond asked.

Tristan shook his head.

The crowd cheered.

The blond took a step forward and reached inside Tristan’s jeans.

“Ewww”, he said, grimaced and pulled his hands out of Tristan’s jeans again. “No underwear. Just plain nuts.”

The crowd whooped and laughed.

“Okay, buddy”, the blond grinned and drew his leg back. He sent it flying into Tristan’s crotch at rapid speed, crunching Tristan’s nuts with the instep of his bare foot and making Tristan shriek and double over.

The crowd went wild.

Tristan coughed and grabbed his balls.

“Say ‘thank you’, buddy”, the blond smiled.

“Thank you”, Tristan croaked.

The blond laughed and patted Tristan’s shoulder.

One of his friends, an attractive guy with curly black hair, stepped up to Tristan and unceremoniously kicked Tristan’s nuts hard. His toes sank into the bulge in Tristan’s jeans and flattened them into his pelvis.

Tristan’s eyes bulged and he doubled over instantly. He cupped his agonized testicles and moaned in pain.

The crowd roared with approval and laughed at Tristan’s pain.

A red-haired guy from the crowd sneaked up on Tristan from behind and quickly kicked his poor nuts in with his sneaker-clad foot.

Tristan shrieked and collapsed on the ground.

A few guys cringed and grimaced in sympathy, but most of them laughed and pointed at the hapless skater boy.

“Come on, Tony, your turn”, the blond guy said and winked at one of his friends.

Tony grinned and took a step forward.

He stood in front of Tristan and pointed at his crotch.

“Get up”, he said.

Tristan groaned and writhed on the ground in pain.

“Hurry up, man, they are about to begin”, Tony said impatiently.

Tristan grimaced in pain and slowly got up.

“Spread your legs”, Tony said matter-of-factly.

Tristan groaned and complied. “Please go---“

He was interrupted by Tony’s bare foot smashing into his poor marbles. His toes connected perfectly with his groin, smashing both of his tender nuggets into his crotch.

Tristan blinked and opened his mouth slightly. His eyes lost focus and he collapsed on the ground once more.

The crowd cheered with approval.

Tony grinned proudly and high-fived the blond leader of the pack.

Suddenly, a loud noise clanged from the loudspeakers.

We turned our heads towards the stage.

The band was checking the sound and grabbing their instruments. There was a singer with a guitar hanging around his shoulders, another guitar player, a bass player and a drummer. They looked young and wild. The singer looked about 22 years old. He had short black hair and a cute face.

The crowd quickly stormed towards the stage, leaving Tristan lying on the ground.

The two loinclothed hotties who hadn’t gotten their chance to crunch Tristan’s nuts, pouted for a brief moment, but they quickly joined their friends and walked towards the stage.

“Hey, guys”, the singer said into the microphone.

The crowd cheered and clapped.

“We’re Useless. I’m Craig Lipsons. Let’s go.”

The band started to play their first song, filling the park with their guitar rock music.

I looked at Tristan who was lying on the ground, his hands clutching his precious testicles.

“You okay?”

“U-huh”, Tristan moaned and nursed his balls.

“Those guys were good, weren’t they?” I grinned.

Tristan grimaced and nodded.

We sat next to each other for the length of four or five songs while Chad filmed the concert.

After one song had ended, Tristan got up and bit his lower lip. He hand caressed his aching gonads. “I think I’d better go home and get my boys some rest…”

I chuckled. “Sure.”

Tristan limped toward the exit, when the singer suddenly addressed him. “Hey!”

The crowd turned their heads and watched Tristan who was heading for the exit.

“Hey!” Craig repeated.

Tristan didn’t react and continued limping out of the park.

“Hey, ‘Kick my nuts’ guy!” Craig shouted.

“His name is Tristan”, I heard Chad scream.

“Tristan!” the singer shouted.

The skater boy turned around, irritated.

All eyes were on him.

“Wanna come on stage?” Craig asked.

Tristan blinked.

The crowd cheered.

Tristan didn’t move.

“Come on, Tristan”, Craig chuckled. “I bet we can get some guys up here to help you get what you want…”

Tristan slowly turned his head, searching for the fastest way to the exit.

Then he began to run.

A few guys from the crowd shouted for him to come back, and some ran after him.

Before Tristan could make it to the exit, he ran into a young guy who didn’t look like he was older than 18 years. The boy had lifted his knee and Tristan had run into him at full throttle. A ear-shattering scream came from his lips and he collapsed on the ground.

The young boy grinned proudly and took a bow as the crowd cheered and clapped.

The blond guy and his friend Tony from the loincloth group walked towards him, grabbed his wrists and ankles and carried him to the stage, accompanied by laughs and cheers of approval.

A few members of the audience managed to punch Tristan’s gonads when they passed them, and Tristan was moaning and panting heavily when Tony and the blond guy let him fall to the ground on the stage next to Craig.

“Hi, Tristan”, Craig dead-panned and the crowd laughed and cheered.

The singer put his guitar into the stand and grabbed his microphone. He walked to Tristan and helped him get up.

Tristan grimaced in pain and cupped his nuts. His backpack was lying next to him.

“’Kick my nuts!’”, Craig read and chuckled. “That’s quite an invitation.”

He held the microphone in front of Tristan’s face.

“I guess it is”, Tristan mumbled.

“You have to speak up, Tristan.”

“I guess it is”, Tristan repeated.

Tony and the blond guy were standing next to them, wearing nothing but their t-shirts around their waists.

The crowd watched with amusement.

The singer addressed the crowd. “You wanna see what he has to offer?”

The crowd went wild with cheers and applause.

Tristan looked slightly uncomfortable.

“Okay, guys”, Craig turned towards Tony and the blond. “Strip him.”

Tristan looked at him with panic in his eyes.

The two guys grinned.

Tony grabbed Tristan’s arms and held him tight.

The blond pulled Tristan’s sneakers off of him and opened his jeans. He yanked them down and threw them off the stage into the crowd.

Tristan was stark naked now, his large dick and hefty balls on full display, and the audience clapped and cheered.

“Well”, Craig chuckled. “You got a nice set of cobbles there. You sure you want to have them trashed?”

The crowd cheered and clapped, while Tristan shook his head violently.

“Seems like you got no choice”, Craig continued and sighed in mock-sympathy. “Tie his hands, guys…”

The blond guy and his friend looked at the singer with blank expressions. “With what?”

Craig grinned and walked between the two guys. With a swift motion, he yanked on the t-shirts that were wrapped around the guys’ waists, exposing their equipment and causing the crowd to go wild once more.

The two guys blushed but they didn’t seem too uncomfortable.

Tony was still holding on to Tristan’s arms.

Tristan looked like he couldn’t believe what was happening to him.

The blond wrapped the t-shirts around Tristan’s hands, tying them behind his back.

Craig laughed and looked at the three naked guys.

The writing on Tristan’s chest was a bit daubed but still clearly visible.

”Yeah. You look great, guys.”

The audience cheered and clapped.

All of the three boys smiled uneasily, their balls dangling between their thighs, their cocks beginning to stiffen because of the attention they were getting…

Tristan looked miserable. His nuts were slightly reddened and now his cock started to grow and point at the audience.

“Now, who wants to have a kick?” Craig shouted.

The audience cheered and shouted. A few hundred hands shot up.

Craig and the rest of the band members laughed along with the two naked guys who were standing next to Tristan.

Tristan didn’t laugh. His face was pale and he looked like he was about to puke.

“Okay, okay, this won’t work”, the singer chuckled.

Tristan sighed in relief.

“Twenty guys can get up here and kick his balls. Then it’s our turn.” Craig looked into the audience and picked two dozen guys – “What the hell – a couple more guys won’t hurt…” – to come up and deliver their kicks to Tristan’s naked balls.

One after another stepped up to poor Tristan and threw their feet into Tristan’s crotch, kicking him barefoot, with sneakers, with boots or with flip-flops.

Half an hour later, the guys had left the stage and Tristan was lying on the ground, his testicles hurting like hell, his hands tied behind his back, writhing and sobbing.

The two naked guys were standing on either side, unconsciously stroking their rock hard dicks.

Craig looked at them and chuckled. “Having fun?”

Tony and the blond guy blushed and let go of their cocks.

“Now it’s our turn”, Craig said and pointed at the guitar player, a tall, lanky guy, about 20 years old, with long blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a t-shirt, blue jeans and boots.

He looked at the audience and motioned for them to clap rhythmically.

Tony and the blond helped Tristan get up and stand spread-legged in the middle of the stage.

Taking his time, the guitar player looked at Tristan’s crotch.

The skater boy’s reddened testicles dangled invitingly between his thighs underneath his rock hard cock.

The guitar player chuckled and kicked Tristan’s nuts with a running start.

Tristan screamed in pain as the guitarist’s sneaker-clad foot connected with his naked nuts and slammed them into his crotch.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Neil Zinman on the guitar!” Craig shouted.

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause and Neil took a bow while Tony and the blond had trouble holding him.

“Now it’s the best bass player of the world, ladies and gentlemen, Nick Dickinsen!” Craig shouted.

Nick grinned and waved at the audience. He put his bass guitar down and walked towards Tristan. He was wearing blue jeans, a plain white t-shirt and leather boots. His hair was shoulder-length and dusty blond, almost the same color as Tristan’s.

Tristan looked at him, a miserable expression on his face.

Nick decided to put on a show. He stood in front of Tristan and looked at the crowd. He grabbed the big bulge in his own crotch and cringed, grimacing comically. Then he laughed and powered his foot into Tristan’s groin. His heavy boot collided with both of Tristan’s hefty testicles, lifting the poor skater boy off the ground and making his hard dick slap against his abs.

Some guys in the crowd winced. “Oooooohhh…”

Others laughed and cheered.

The bass player ran his hand through Tristan’s hair and laughed. Then he walked back to his place.

“And now put your hands together for our drummer”, Craig shouted. “The one and only… Chaz Beddingfield!”

The drummer was a rather small, muscular guy with black hair and a baseball cap. He was shirtless, wearing black shorts and sneakers. He had a couple of tattoos on his pecs.

He got up from behind his drum set and walked towards Tristan, his drum sticks in his hands.

Tristan was panting heavily, his body limp and his hair wet with sweat.

Chaz stood in front of him while the crowd cheered frantically. He got down on one knee and grinned. Then he placed Tristan’s sac between his drum sticks, right below his hard cock, and squeezed them together. He pulled down, making Tristan’s eyes bulge and his testicles bulge as well as they were pulled down in their sac, stretching the skin to its limit.

Chaz pulled hard, bringing screams from Tristan’s lips that were outdrowned by the cheers of the crowd.
Tristan’s plums looked pitiful, bright red, almost purple.

Chaz had his hands on either side of the drum sticks, pulling down mercilessly.

Tristan struggled against Tony and the blond, but to no avail. They were holding on to his arms and legs, and Chaz seemed to enjoy squashing Tristan’s nuts to their limits.

Finally, Craig had mercy. The singer walked over to Chaz and patted his shoulder. Then he slapped Tristan’s two trapped fruits hard.

Tristan let out a blood-curdling scream.

Chaz chuckled and let go of the drum sticks. The fell to floor and Tristan’s balls pulled up again…

Chaz shrugged and walked back to his drum set.

“And last but not least”, guitar player Neil shouted into his microphone. “Our guitar god and singing angel…”

The crowd shouted the singers name alongside with Neil: “Craig Bennett!”

Craig waved at the crowd and stuck out his tongue.

The audience loved it.

He turned around and faced Tristan.

The skater looked like he was on the verge of passing out.

Craig had Tony and the blond bring Tristan to the edge of the stage, facing the crowd. His legs were spread wide and his juicy plums dangled between his thighs.

Taking five steps back, Neil ran towards the hapless boy and planted his sneaker-clad foot in his crotch from behind, connecting with both of Tristan’s precious balls and ramming them into his crotch.

“Oooooohhh”, some guys in the first row grimaced in sympathy as they had the pleasure of having the best view of the crushing of Tristan’s nuts.

Tristan’s eyes opened wide. His nose twitched. His mouth opened. And his cock started to shoot jets of creamy whit cum into the audience.

The first jet flew in a perfect arc and landed in the open mouth of one of the young spectators, a cute boy with a pierced nose. He looked nauseated and spat immediately. The second jet landed on his nose, the third one got him on the back of his head as he doubled over.

The park was brimming with cheers and applause as Tony and the blond guy turned Tristan around a bit, changing the direction of the flying spunk and having great fun aiming for members of the audience.

Craig watched from the sidelines, chuckling and shaking his head.

When Tristan was done shooting, he knelt behind the naked trio and grabbed the nutsacks of Tony and the blond, making the two unsuspecting guys gasp in shock and let go of Tristan.

Tristan collapsed on the ground, nursing his battered balls and sobbing in pain.

Craig squeezed the two pairs of balls hard, to the delight of the audience who cheered and clapped. Twisting his hand viciously, Craig let go of his victims.

The two guys fell to the ground next to Tristan.

Craig got his microphone and grinned, “Wow, that was a happening, wasn’t it?”

The crowd cheered with approval.

“Twenty years from now, you are gonna tell your kids about it! ‘I was there when Craig busted those jerks’ balls.’” The singer chuckled.

The audience cheered and laughed.

“Well”, he turned to the three naked guys who were lying on the ground. “You won’t tell your kids, of course. I doubt you’ll be able to take charge of creating offspring…”

The audience laughed.

The band finished the concerts with a few more songs, while Tristan and the two other naked boys were lying on stage, moaning and cupping their balls.

Suddenly, Chad stood next to me.

“Got it on camera?” I asked.

“Sure”, Chad grinned. “That’s it. The last episode of our Summer Special.”

“Grand finale, huh?”

“You bet…”


Anonymous said...

Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Hot Hot Story! Would like to know what sizes of dicks & balls everybody had. Also if cut or uncut - pubes or shaved.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ anonymous (2):
I'm sorry, I didn't have my tape measure with me... :-)
I know that all of them have pretty large cocks and equally large testicles. I don't want to specify, because I think it's best left to the phantasy of the reader. I don't want to start a "what's big? what's small? what's average? what's too big? how big is big?" discussion... I hope you understand... :-)