Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One on one: Cal vs. Brandon

Featured in this story: Brandon and Cal (click for pictures)

Twenty minutes ago, Cal and Brandon had arrived at our studio. The two handsome friends were scheduled to fight each other one on one.

After I had welcomed them, the phone rang and it was a rather long discussion about a future project, a cooperation with the college tv channel that might or might not be greenlit within the month. It was a pretty ridiculous, bureaucratic conversation about definitions of pornography, nudity and violent behaviour, and I was pretty happy when I could hang up after what seemed like an eternity…

I hadn’t paid any attention to Cal and Brandon, so I was reasonably surprised to see that they both had changed their clothes. They were wearing leotards now.

I raised my eyes and looked at them.

Cal, the 22 year old black swimmer, was wearing a skin-tight red leotard that looked quite astonishing on him, accentuating his muscular arms, chest and abs, and highlighting his most prominent asset, the large package that he was sporting between his thighs. His fat cock was impressive even in its flaccid state as was facing up with his two massive orbs clearly outlined below.

Next to him, his buddy Brandon was standing, his hand buried inside his blue leotard, arranging his manhood inside the skimpy fabric. Brandon was one year younger than Cal. He was on the college swim team with Cal. The Asian-American boy was as muscular as his buddy, and his body had the same defined quality, a typical swimmer’s build.

Brandon glanced at Cal’s groin and grinned. “Pointing up?”

Cal shrugged. “Comfortable.”

Brandon grimaced. “And vulnerable.”

Cal grinned.

Brandon pulled his hand out of his leotard and looked at his own crotch. His cock was pointing up, now, too. It wasn’t as large as Cal’s, but it was big nevertheless.

I pointed at their clothes. “Why are you…?”

“Oh”, Brandon grinned. “I got a friend in the wrestling team. I thought it might be a nice idea.”

“It sure is”, I said, looking at the two handsome guys in their wrestling attire.

My cameraman Chad was standing behind the camera and nodded at me.

“Alright”, I said, rubbing my hands. “Let’s go.”

Brandon and Cal nodded.

Cal ran his hand over the big bulge in his tight leotard, caressing his balls and stretching his legs.

He didn’t seem too comfortable with his juicy plums on display like that.

“First, we need a statement for the camera”, I said.

Brandon nodded. “I’ll go first”, he said and smiled at his mate.

Then he faced the camera and waited for Chad to give him the signal to start.

“Hi”, Brandon smiled. “I’m Brandon. I’m 21 years old and I’m gonna fight against my good friend Cal. Cal is taller than me, and he is…” Brandon grabbed his package and winked. “…bigger than me, too. But I have crunched his nuts a couple of times, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll be able to crack them again today. Have fun.”

Brandon looked at me.

I grinned. “Nice. Your turn, Cal.”

Cal smiled into the camera, showing his perfect white teeth that went tremendously well with his handsome face. “My name is Cal, and I’m 22 years old. I’m a pretty good swimmer. I could have brought my trophies, but that’d make me look a bit narcissistic, so you’ll have to take my word for it. I’ve known Brandon for some years now, and I know his weakness.” Cal was unconsciously fondling his manhood while he was speaking. “It’s his ego. And I’ll crush that as well as his nuts.”

“Thanks”, I chuckled.

Brandon grinned and shook his head slowly. “You sure you want to go there, Cal?”

Cal shrugged.

“Alright”, I said and walked behind Chad and the camera. “Let’s start.”

Cal and Brandon circled each other, each of them waiting for their opponent to make the first move.

Finally, Cal lunged at his buddy.

The two boys grappled with each other, their hands wrapped around their opponent’s necks, until Brandon lifted his knee, connecting to some degree with the two oversized testicles that were held tightly by the leotard.

Cal grunted, but he didn’t lose his grip on Brandon’s neck. Apparently, Brandon’s knee hadn’t connected as well as he had hoped.

Both of them started to pant heavily, trying to force their opponent to the ground.

Brandon lifted his knee again, trying to perfect his manoeuvre, but Cal reacted quickly, jumping back and causing Brandon to lose his balance, slip and fall to the ground with an angry scream.

Cal jumped on top of his buddy and elbowed him in the gut in the process.

Brandon gasped for breath.

“Sorry”, Cal muttered and sneaked his hand into Brandon’s leotard, rummaging in the thin fabric
and obviously heading for the two juicy nuggets that were held snug by the blue piece of clothing.

Brandon’s eyes widened when he realized what Cal was up to. He tried in panic to pull Cal’s hand away, but since Cal’s hand was inside his leotard, while Brandon’s was outside, his desperate attempts to save his tender nuts from impending harm weren’t too promising.

It didn’t take Cal very long to find Brandon’s precious jewels, and he grabbed them in a vice-like grip, squeezing the two poor gonads in his strong hand and making Brandon shriek from the top of his voice.

Cal grinned and added more pressure, kneading and twisting Brandon’s babymakers between his fingers and apparently causing unbelievable pain to his buddy.

Brandon was panting and screaming, whimpering and coughing, all the while trying to pull Cal’s hand away from his crotch, or to roll to the side and seek shelter for his troubled nuts.

Cal was doing quite a thorough job squeezing Brandon’s nuts, judging from the tortured expression on his friend’s face.

Eventually, Brandon realized that his defensive action didn’t do any good, and he switched to a more aggressive approach. With a fierce howl, his body bucked and after writhing and moving around a couple of seconds without being able to shake Cal off, his shin found its way between Cal’s thighs. It connected with Cal’s massive gonads and flattened them against his crotch.

Cal let out a surprised yelp.

Brandon brought his shin up into Cal’s crotch again and again, repeatedly striking Cal’s tender nuggets and making Cal loosen his grip on Brandon’s manhood.

Finally, Brandon was able to throw Cal off, making him lie flat on his back. Brandon didn’t lose any time and jumped on top of Cal, his knee making perfect contact with Cal’s oversized eggs.

Cal shrieked in pain.

Both boys were panting heavily.

Brandon rolled to his side and rolled up in a ball, allowing Cal to do the same.

The two friends were cupping their crotches, moaning miserably and trying to make the pain go away.

They didn’t move for several minutes, until Brandon lifted his head and looked at Cal. “You are dead”, he whispered.

Cal didn’t seem to hear him, as he was busy nursing his battered balls.

Brandon slowly got up, taking another moment to gather himself, doubled over, his hands on his knees. Then he turned his attention to Cal.

The black swimmer was slowly recovering. He grimaced in pain and rubbed his testicles.

“You think you can just squeeze my nuts and that’s it, huh?” Brandon said slowly.

Cal stared at his buddy.

Brandon walked up to his buddy who tried to crawl away, sitting on his ass. When he placed both of his hands on the floor to lift himself up, Brandon quickly reached inside Cal’s leotard through the leg opening and pulled out Cal’s large nuts. It wasn’t an easy feat, and Cal did his best to stop his buddy, but he didn’t succeed.

Cal’s pendulous balls were hanging out of the leotard now, wedged against his left leg, while his cock was still pointing up inside. With the two dangling jewels out in the open, Brandon grinned and brought back his leg.

Cal’s eyes widened and he tried to guard his vulnerable testicles, but he was a split-second too late and Brandon’s instep came crashing into Cal’s nuggets, flattening them against his thigh.

Cal shrieked in pain and tried to crawl away, but Brandon followed up with another kick to Cal’s naked plums, once again crunching them viciously, and all but pulverizing them.

Cal coughed. His eyes filled with tears when Brandon brought his naked foot into Cal’s nuts again, his toes connecting dead-on with Cal’s tenderized meatballs.

With an anguished moan, Cal doubled over, his head hitting Brandon’s kneecap.

Dazed, Cal looked up at Brandon, his handsome face distorted and filled with pain.

Brandon hesitated for a moment, then he decided to go on. He placed his naked right foot on Cal’s hefty nuts and stomped down hard.

Cal blinked.

Brandon twisted his foot, squishing Cal’s nuts as if he was putting out a cigarette. The sole of his bare foot flattened Cal’s balls into the ground, and Cal screamed from the top of his lungs.

Deciding to have a little bit of fun, Brandon shifted his weight and lifted his left foot off the ground, so that his body weight was resting solely on Cal’s poor testicles which obviously weren’t build to withstand this amount of pressure.

Cal’s eyes widened and his nose twitched. His mouth opened slowly and he turned his head to look at his buddy with a facial expression that was a perfect blend of nausea and incredulity, fear and sorrow.
Brandon realized that he had taken it a step too far, and he quickly got off Cal’s balls.

Cal whimpered and curled up in a little ball.

Brandon grinned sheepishly. “Sorry, bud. I didn’t mean to--- Well, of course I meant to--- But not like--- Well, are you okay?”

Cal let out a soft whimper.

“Are you okay?” Brandon asked again.

“Yeah”, Cal whispered, almost inaudible. “Yeah, I’m alright.” He was cradling his nuts that were still hanging out the leg opening of his leotard.

Brandon nodded. “Good. We can go on, then?”

Cal stared at him. “What the---“

He was interrupted by Brandon’s foot that playfully nudging Cal’s nose.

Smelling Brandon’s feet didn’t seem to please Cal, as he quickly turned his head away.

“Huh?” Brandon teased him. “Don’t you like it?”

Balancing on one foot, he tried to bring his big toe into Cal’s mouth, nudging at his lips.

Cal gave a disgusted grunt and grabbed Brandon’s foot. He pulled, causing Brandon to lose his balance.

His eyes opened in terror as he landed in the split position on the floor, his poor balls crashing into the ground with an audible thwack.

Even Cal winced as he saw the expression on Brandon’s face. His mouth was open wide in a silent scream as his hands tried to lift his body up and get out of this position that clearly didn’t please him.

“I guess that’s the first time you managed the splits, huh?” Cal mused.

“Fuck”, Brandon whispered.

Cal got up, groaning and massaging his balls.

He stood in front of Brandon who tried fruitlessly to move his body.

Cal grinned weakly, his nuts hanging out of his leotard, and brought his leg back. Then he powered an incredibly hard kick into Brandon’s vulnerable balls. It lifted Brandon clear off the ground, and he curled up in a ball and whimpered in pain.

Cal stood over his buddy and grinned.

He brought his naked foot to Brandon’s lips.

“Open wide”, he grinned.

Brandon whimpered.

“Do you give?” Cal asked softly.

Brandon whimpered.

“Do you give?”

Slowly, Brandon nodded.

“Then suck on my foot!” Cal grinned.

Brandon looked at him, humiliated and in a world of pain.

“Come on”, Cal grinned.

Reluctantly, Brandon opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue.

“Yeah”, Cal sighed and rubbed the sole of his foot on Brandon’s tongue.

The Asian-American boy shuddered.

“Come on, don’t be shy”, Cal grinned. “You know why I’m doing this to you?”

“Because I tried to do it to you?” Brandon said weakly.

Cal chuckled. “Because it feels great. You should try it sometime…”

Brandon coughed.

Cal smiled and ran his hand through his buddy’s hair. He rubbed his balls and grimaced in pain.

“Brandon, you almost busted them”, he said in a low voice.

Brandon bit his lower lips and massaged his own testicles. “I know. I’m sorry…”

Cal shrugged. “Who won?”

“You did”, Brandon said.

“Yeah”, Cal grinned and turned around to face the camera. He weighed his oversized testicles in his hand and smiled. “I won.”


Feel free to add your own suggestions for the "One on one" series to the wish list.


Anonymous said...

Nice story. Not my favourite characters (too nice) but a good close fight with 2 evenly matched opponents. They are both pretty weak in the balls :-)
I would love to see all your characters ranked according to size and toughness of their nuts. I have my own impression based on clues from your stories. Maybe you could encourage your readers to contribute, it could be a great debate and may give ideas for some great stories to settle the arguments !

Anonymous said...

Anon 1: Sounds like fun . And you could expand this to include dick size, muscle size etc.
Here are my thoughts for Ball size from biggest to smallest with plenty of blanks to fill in :

Michael & Will

Anonymous said...

I like it! Foot size would be cool, too!

As for the story...

OMGGGGGG! Soooooooo sexy! The foot things get you an instant ten from me, but the fact that they were both doing it in a way that suggested they got enjoyment from it was just THE best. I loved that Cal was smiling when he used Brandon's tounge as a door mat, and that Brandon was completely beaten at his own game.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, you shouldn't be worried about your footplay writing Alex, not at all... it's great!!! =D =D =D

Anonymous said...

One crazy idea...a game of Top Trumps with the boys. Write the name of each player on a piece of paper. Randomly select 2 pieces of paper to choose 1st and 2nd contestants. 1st contestant chooses one category from a short list (ball size, cock size, feet size, strength, toughness). Then the contestants compare this category. Winner gains points and loser gets sore balls and a dented ego!. For "toughness" you use a 3rd contestant to apply equal punishment to the contestants until one gives...choose kicks, punches, squeezing etc.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments! I love your ideas, especially the "top trumps" story suggestion. I'm sure it'll make a good story! I'll think of something, although it might take a little while...

Anonymous said...

I guess you'll have to do it with a small group (maybe 6 guys) and how about each guy can only use each category one time. Then, for example, a guy like Zach can't win every time with "biggest balls" ? If you're really interested I would love to help select the players for 1st game !

Alex said...

Sure! I'd love you to help me! Why don't you send me an email and we'll work things out?

Anonymous said...

For the Top Trumps idea, assuming 6 players, I would propose :
1. Jock (Ben or Kev)
2. Skater (Tristan?)
3. David
4. Danny
5. Cal or George
6. Phil or Jimmy
This is quite a mixed bunch. I would not include the twins (obvious winners). I'm not sure if you could pursuade David to join. Have a quiet word with him...and maybe wear a cup!

Alex said...

I was thinking of making it a series with more than one episode. Sometimes there could be 3 players or 4 or 5 or six. The ones you suggested sound pretty good! I will think about it... Thank you!

Anonymous said...

A series would be amazing...I didn't know you liked my idea so much ! Would be great to see Danny and David in the same group, especially competing in category "toughness". No chance for David to cheat and all the others watching...are his bigger testicles really tougher.
Also one proposal for a Top Trumps challenge...balls are placed on a table, then a sheet of glass on top and weights are added to the glass. The player feels the pain and sees his nuts flatten (hot!). Who can handle the most weight?

Alex said...

Ouch! :-)
I'll try and use that idea. I'm not sure how it will translate into a written story, but we'll see! Thank you so much for your input!