Saturday, August 30, 2008

One on one: David vs. Ben - the third match

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One on one: David vs. Ben
One on one: David vs. Ben – the rematch

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Ben and David (click for pictures)

A few weeks ago, 20 year old jock boy Ben had defeated cocky dancer David, who was one year his junior. Ben had quite literally wiped the floor with David, cracking his nuts and busting his balls.

David, being the arrogant bastard that he is, didn’t take the defeat too well. One week later, he challenged Ben to a rematch where he got revenge on the handsome, buff jock.

Today, the two boys were at the studio again.

David was wearing his standard clothing, black trousers, a black shirt, and black leather shoes. His black hair was cut short, and the 19 year old dancer looked as elegant as ever.

Ben didn’t look like he was intimidated by him, though. Granted, he had been defeated by David the last time, but before that, he had held his own against him. He was wearing grey sweat pants and a wide-cut shirt. His hair was as black as David’s but it was considerably shorter.

“You got lucky”, Ben grinned, sitting on the couch and chewing on a gum.

“Pardon?” David said with a bored voice.

“I said, you got lucky last time”, Ben said.

David raised his eyebrows and smirked. “Sure, dickhead.”

Ben shrugged. “I’m gonna crack your nuts again today.”

David laughed. “Yeah, whatever.”

I cleared my throat. “Guys”, I said. “You sure you wanna do this?”

Ben and David turned their heads and stared at me.

“Okay”, I said quickly and guarded my nuts with my hands, remembering what happened the last time I tried to intervene in a conflict between the two of them…

My cameraman Chad nodded at me.

“We’re ready to go”, I said and walked behind the camera. “A quick statement? Ben?”

Ben stood in front of the camera and grinned. He grabbed the bulging package in his sweat pants and said, “Hi, my name is Ben. I am 20 years old and I have the honor of making sure that David’s nuts are thoroughly trashed after this match.”

David laughed.

Ben ignored him and continued, “I guess it’s an act of humanity to destroy the demon seed.” He grinned. “When I’m through with him, he’s gonna wish he had already fathered children, because his sperm is gonna be useless.” Ben wiggled his package and winked into the camera.

I stared at him. “Thanks”, I said after waiting to see if he was finished. “David?”

David smiled and stood in the middle of the room, his legs spread apart, both of his hands grabbing his crotch. “I’m David.” He looked down at his groin. “Ben want’s to destroy my manhood. Good luck, Ben!” He laughed and faced the camera again, shaking his head. “Befor you know it, you’ll be lying on the ground, holding your pathetic little nuts, crying for your mommy, begging me to stop bashing your balls.” David doubled over, grimacing comically, holding his nuts and whining in a high-pitched voice. “‘Mommy, mommy, my balls, my balls! The bad man has hurt me! My balls!’” Grinning, David straightened and continued, “You testicles are gonna be history…”

“Thanks”, I said. “Do you wanna strip down to your underwear?”

David and Ben looked at me. Ben had an amused expression on his face, while David was shaking his head, smirking.

“Ooooh, what a great idea”, David said with a thick German accent, imitating my voice, and mocking me.

I raised my eyebrows. “I just---“

“He wants us to strip down to our underwear”, David continued with his exaggerated accent.

Then he dropped the accent and said sharply, “Thanks, Alex, I guess we know what to do…”

I sighed and decided to keep my mouth shut for the rest of the session.

Ben grinned.

Both boys took of their shirts, revealing their muscular chests and washboard stomachs. They took off their shoes and their trousers, too.

Both of them had muscular bodies, but Ben’s physique was a bit more impressive. One could tell that he worked out on a regular basis.

David’s body was trained and muscular, but – being a dancer – he didn’t concentrate on muscle growth. He had a well-proportioned body with muscular legs and a great frame. I had never seen him perform on stage, but I was pretty sure that he was spectacular.

They were standing in the middle of the room.

Ben was wearing plaid boxers and white socks, while David was sporting tight-fitting black boxer briefs. He had taken his socks off, too, so that he was barefoot.

David looked at Ben’s crotch and grinned. “You’re having a boner, already?”

Ben shrugged and grabbed his crotch. His hard dick was creating a considerable tent in his boxers. “Impressed, huh?”

David rolled his eyes and chuckled. “Enjoy it while it lasts. It might be the last time you have an erection…”

Ben laughed. “You wish.”

“Believe me”, David said in a bored one of voice. “My wishes do certainly not include your cock…”

Ben reached inside his boxers and pulled out his massive, hard cock, holding it in his hand and pointing it at David. “It’s bigger than yours, remember?”

David frowned at him. Then, out of nowhere, he kicked at Ben’s crotch.

Ben jumped back, avoiding David’s naked foot. He stuffed his hard dick back into his boxers and chuckled. “Whoa, easy, Sugar Plum Fairy, you don’t want to---”

David lunged at him, sinking his fist into Ben’s gut and lifting his knee into his groin.

Ben’s eyes bulged.

David quickly took a step back and followed up with a well-placed kick into Ben’s valuables. His naked instep connected with the two juicy plums that were dangling inside his boxers.

Ben coughed.

David threw another kick at Ben’s groin, hitting the tip of his hard cock with his toes. The tenting boxers deflated, and Ben doubled over, screaming from the top of his lungs.

“Dickhead”, David chuckled with contempt in his eyes. He slapped Ben’s face with his palm.

Ben growled, nursing his aching cock and balls, doubled over, and breathing heavily. His face was turning red, and he realized that he had to counter David’s attacks before it was too late.

David grabbed the waistband of Ben’s boxers and pulled them up, giving Ben a wedgie and trying to rip them off his body.

Ben screamed and grabbed David’s naked nipples with both of his hands. He twisted them in opposite directions, causing David to shriek and let go of Ben’s boxers.

Ben didn’t let go of David’s nipples though. He twisted them with his hands, while David was screaming and trying to pull Ben’s hands away from them.

“Let go, dickhead!” David grunted, but Ben continued to twist and tweak his sensitive nipples.

Finally, he let go.

David immediately held his hands over his nipples and rubbed his palms over them, grimacing in pain.

Seizing his opportunity, Ben reached inside David’s boxers and got a good hold of David’s nuts.

When he realized what Ben was doing, and when the pain hit him, David’s scream turned up a notch in pitch and volume, filling the studio and making Ben cringe.

Ben’s fist was closed around David’s balls, and, judging from the look on Ben’s face, he was putting all his strength into this grip.

David’s face more than validated that assumption. His eyes and his mouth were wide open. He was screaming from the top of his lungs, and his eyes were starting to fill with tears.

He was standing on his tip-toes, while Ben was gnashing his teeth and crushing David’s testicles.

Finally, David was able to break free. He slammed his palms onto Ben’s head, making the jock boy stumble backwards and lose his grip on David’s balls.

David grabbed his groin and nursed his aching gonads. He was standing doubled over, his hands cupping his crotch, moaning in pain and cursing at Ben.

Ben was rubbing his head with his hands. It took a couple of seconds before his head seemed to be clear again. He looked at David, who was groaning in pain, his knees pressed tightly together, his hands clutching his nuts, moving up and down with his upper body, trying to make the pain in his throbbing testicles go away.

Ben grinned and absentmindedly reached inside his boxers, slowly stroking his hard cock that had sprung to attention again. His other hand was outside his boxers, caressing his dangling balls, while Ben watched David squirm in pain. He had a satisfied grin on his face, obviously enjoying David’s misery.

“Hey, Sugar Plum Fairy”, Ben smirked. “Felling good?”

David moaned in pain. He lifted his head and shot Ben an angry look.

Ben laughed and continued stroking his cock inside his boxers. He ran his hand through his hair and grinned.

Suddenly, David’s fist dashed forward, catching Ben’s crotch dead-on. Ben coughed and let go of his cock. The tent inside his boxers remained while he grabbed his balls with both of his hands.

David grinned weakly.

Both guys were doubled over now, cradling their aching plums.

David was silent, biting his lips, trying to find a way to win this match, while Ben was moaning miserably, his attention focussed solely on his traumatized testicles.

A couple of seconds passed while neither of them made a move.

Ben was busy nursing his battered balls. His cock was still rock hard, pointing upwards, now. The head of his dick was lurking over the waistband of his boxers while his hands were cupping and comforting his tender nuts.

A sudden angry scream indicated that David was in attack mode again.

Ben lifted his head to find David lunging at him.

The black haired dancer grabbed Ben’s wrists and pulled them away from his crotch. His aching nuggets were dangling vulnerably inside his boxers while his hard cock was held tightly by the waistband, pointing north, its meaty head completely exposed.

David brought his naked foot into Ben’s crotch, ramming his testicles into his body.

Ben shrieked.

David’s face was a mask of anger and determination as he brought his foot up again. His instep collided with Ben’s meatballs, knocking the wind out of him, and making him squeal in pain.

David grinned. “This is it, dickhead…”

He brought his leg back and sent his foot flying into Ben’s crotch once more, crushing his poor balls into his pelvis and eliciting a bizarre soprano wail from Ben’s mouth.

Ben’s eyes filled with tears, his eyebrows raised, and his mouth was hanging open. He looked as if he didn’t understand what David was doing. The head of his hard dick was twitching violently while David kicked his delicate eggs again and again.

The sound of David’s foot connecting with Ben’s poor balls echoed across the room, accompanied by a high-pitched, wheezing moan, creating a cringe-inducing symphony of pain.

“I’m gonna kick the cum out of your pathetic balls”, David hissed while he kicked Ben’s nuts at a steady rhythm.

“No”, Ben croaked.

David chuckled. “I don’t think that you have a say in this…”

Another kick found its way into Ben’s crotch.

“Please”, Ben whimpered.

The exposed head of his cock was red and moist. A slender trail of precum was running down, soaking his boxers.

David’s chuckled and drove his instep into Ben’s vulnerably nuts once again.

Ben’s eyes crossed slightly and he coughed.

David grinned. “Three…”

Ben’s nuts were smashed by a forceful kick.

David’s toes sank into the soft flesh of Ben’s plums and drove them into his pelvis.


Once again, David kicked Ben’s vulnerably testicles.

His instep connected perfectly, catching both of his juicy babymakers dead-on and making Ben whimper in pain.

“I give”, Ben whispered.

David ignored him and brought his leg back, holding on to Ben’s wrists to deliver another kick.


Ben inhaled sharply, waiting for David’s foot to slam into his nuts.

But David took his time. He looked at Ben’s cock that was twitching uncontrollably. The head was fiercly red, aching to release the load that was stored inside his testicles. It was oozing precum now, creating a large wet spot on Ben’s boxers.

David’s gaze shifted to Ben’s face.

He was looking miserable. His eyes were teary and red and his nose was running.

David shook his head slowly and grinned. “Loser”, he said in a low voice before he kicked Ben’s crotch with all the force he could muster. His instep collided with both of Ben’s agonized testicles, ramming them into his crotch.

Ben’s eyes bulged, and his lips trembled.

David grinned and let go of Ben’s wrists.

Ben was frozen in pain.

Suddenly, Ben’s cock started shooting loads and loads of thick white cum. It was like watching an erupting geyser. Ben’s cream shot up to his chin and dropped down onto the floor with a wet splat. It hit his chest, slowly running down his body, coating his navel and his abs. Another jet hit David’s face right on his nose, running down over the tip and coating his lips with a thick layer of salty juice.

David grimaced and wiped the sticky semen off with his hand. “Dickhead”, he grunted. He looked at the creamy jizz on his hand. Then he grinned and stuffed his fingers into Ben’s mouth.

Ben groaned, still paralyzed and unable to move.

“Yeah, dickhead, eat your own cum”, David grinned.

Ben gagged.

David took a step back and looked at Ben’s cock. The last waves of his orgasm produced a steady stream of thick white cum to ooze out of its top, running down and soaking the fabric of his boxers.

“Loser”, David chuckled.

Ben groaned. He seemed to regain his senses. His face was a mask of pain and he whimpered. His hands slowly approached his crotch.

Before they reached his poor genitals, though, David sent another hard kick into Ben’s nuts, connecting with his soaked boxers with a sick thud.

Ben let out a blood-curdling scream and collapsed on the floor.

David chuckled.

He turned around and grabbed his clothes. Putting them back on, he watched Ben squirm and writhe on the floor. David grinned and tied his shoes.

When he was finished, he walked over to Ben. Towering over him, he smirked and playfully kicked Ben’s leg, causing the defeated jock to groan and roll to his side.

David raised his eyebrows. “See you”, he grinned. “Loser.”

Turning to me, he grinned. “Bye, Alex! Thank you, that was fun!”

I stared at him. I hadn’t seen David this cheerful before.

“Bye”, I said.

David nodded and walked out the studio, whistling happily.

Ben was sobbing and cradling his aching testicles.

I grimaced in sympathy and knelt down next to him.

“Fucker”, he whispered. “I’m gonna make him pay…”


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Anonymous said...

David should loose again. He needs a permanet attitude adjustment.

Anonymous said...

Excellent story ! David and Ben are great characters and this series is one of my favourites.
While I love every re-match, I'm not sure this series should go on forever. David needs to find the next challenger !

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ anonymous (1):
Storywise, I don't like the idea of changing David's character. Almost all the other guys are nice and friendly. When David's character gets changed, it will be the last story with him. So I'm gonna delay that story until I'm finished with the site - which won't be any time soon, I hope... :-)

@ anonymous (2):
You might be right. David is going to take Zach on again in another rematch next month. Do you have any ideas who might be a good opponent for David apart from Ben, Zach and Danny who have fought against him a couple of times?

Anonymous said...

Loved this story, it was incredibly hot! Having David kick the cum out of Ben was great, and the perfect ending. Also loved the come back Ben made on David. That shows a little competiton in the matchs.

I like the idea of David moving on to fight other guys, and I really prefer him fighting the macho guys (Zack,Kev,Ben) and showing them that they are really not all that macho. But it is your site so I say you do what you thinks best. :)

I did love how happy David was at the end with what he did to Ben. Maybe you can make him start to have a slight attraction to Ben? He becomes a little infatuated with him and wants nothing more than to make Ben misarable and hurt his balls any way he can. This of course could lead to him making Ben give him blow jobs or hand jobs and possibly even David returning the favor. This of course is all just suggestions; however, I do think this could lead to some incredibly hot stories and make so of the readers around here (including myself! lol) really happy. :)

Anonymous said...

Way hot when Ben grabbed David's nips & twisted. Got me hard! Would have been hotter if Ben gave David a couple of knees while holding him up by the nips! That would teach arrogant David a lesson!

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that Ben "the straight guy" is so gay. Very funny!
Personally I think David should stay as a queer-bashing straight guy. Kicking the cum out of Ben's balls is great...a blowjob is to much.
As for next opponents...I would also prefer a muscular, tough guy. Maybe Kev, Parker or one of the twins. I think David should be brutally beaten very occasionally...just give him the chance for a revenge rematch or 2.
I love the fact that David really suffers when his balls are hit (maybe more than the other guys) I love the fact that he loves to bust but hates being busted. I also like it whwn David is humiliated, eve if he comes back to win.
Keep going with these great stories and enjoy your vacation.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! It's great to hear your thoughts and suggestions! I'll make sure to take your ideas and work them into some of the upcoming stories!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, David! Why didn't I notice this story sooner???? He kicked him in the dick!!! Totally hot, totally cocky (heh) and totally mean... the perfect man... *sigh*

Erm... yes... I liked it! Kicking the cum out of someone is a massively erotic idea, second only to FJs, which aren't ball-based at all, really... so... yeah...

Whooo! Good stories!!!

Alex said...

Thank you, Chris! I really enjoy writing stories with David and Ben, and I'm more than happy that you like them, too!